Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Our 100th Post!

Time goes by so quickly when you're being slutty, doesn't it?

The very first post on Prowling with Kat, Why Kat Prowls, was posted on January 7, 2011. Four and half months later, you're reading our one hundredth post.  What an incredible and fun journey this has been!

I started Prowling with Kat as a way to share with others the stories of my prowling and the things I have learned along the way.  Encouraged by my beloved friend and best cheerleader, DauntlessD, I jumped in with both feet. Two weeks later, Dauntless jumped in with his first post, Nice Guys Are NOT Attractive. Then in April, sweet Cara quit lurking in the shadows and contributed the first of many very popular HNT photos.

 So, what does the future have in store for us? Heck, I don't know. I can tell you there will be more of what you have come to expect and love about Prowling with Kat.  There will be more naughty stories, more HNT pics, more advice for prowlers.

To celebrate our 100th post, we're about to have a Prowling with Kat Trivia Contest!  (cue applause and cheers)

I know, the excitement is thrilling, isn't it?

Here's the deal. On Thursday, May 26th (that's tomorrow for those of you reading this in real time), I'll post the official rules and the questions. Entries will be accepted until Tuesday, May 31st at 5:00 p.m. (Pacific time). There will be fabulous prizes for the winners - A $25 gift certificate from and several gift cards. Yes, real prizes!

All you have to do is answer a bunch of questions about Prowling with Kat.  The answers can all be found in the blog, so you have just as good a chance as anyone else. You'll email your answers to me before the deadline on May 31st, and 4 winners will be chosen. I'll add a tie breaker essay question at the end that will only be used if more than 4 people get all of the answers right. Simple enough?

Darn right it is!

And no, Prowlers, you won't have to give up your anonymity to play; however, I will need an email address to get you your prize.  You know I can be trusted with it.  After all, I'm Kat.

Watch for the rules and questions to be posted tomorrow.

And thank you for celebrating our 100th post with us!

Please, add a comment and say "Hi!" I'd love to hear from you and see who's out there prowling with me.


Anonymous said...

Fun Fun Fun!

You're a blast to read very smart, witty and very talented writer. I am the same person who wrote comment in "waiting on the inbox" (yea live in your city and D").

Do you both know about Riff's blog? He is an AM expert and extremely talented writer (blog for many years)..Has thousands of followers. Great reading and funny like yours!


Anonymous said...

How exciting a contest AND the obvious commitment to making this a successful blog by marking the 100th post milestone!!!

Love you blog, love your advice, love you stories!!!

Please keep it going for as long as it serves your needs, wants, and desires.