Monday, June 13, 2011

PWK Trivia Contest Results!

The winner of the Prowling with Kat Trivia Contest is....(drum roll please).....

Ryan Beaumont!

Ryan is author of The Ashley Madison Adventures of a Regular Guy Gone Bad. He is also a regular PWK reader. Ryan didn't get all of the questions right, but he did pretty well. He will now get to choose between and Eden Fantasys gift card or an Amazon gift card.

Here are the correct answers....
  1. What was the title of the first post on Prowling with Kat? Why Kat Prowls
  2. What is Kat’s number one tip related to cheating on your spouse? If you haven’t cheated yet, don’t. (From 10 Tips for Cheating on Your Spouse) If you said, "No single guys," you also got credit for this one.
  3. How did Kat meet DauntlessD? They met on Ashley Madison (from Prowling Friendships)
  4. Which of Kat’s lovers wrote a post about his version of their first meeting? J (from J’s Version of His First Time with Kat)
  5. Who wrote the post, “The Window - Erotic Fiction?” DauntlessD (from The Window - Erotic Fiction)
  6. DauntlessD illustrated that men are dogs with what movie? When Harry Met Sally (from Nice Guys are NOT Attractive)
  7. Which of Kat’s lovers was “The Contender?”  P (From The Contender - Another Naughty Adventure)
  8. Which other blogger’s pics will Kat go stare at for fun? Adam the author of the The Mind of a Married Man blog (from Kat’s 5 Favorite Bad Boy Blogs)
  9. Pick a sex toy from EdenFantasys ( that you think Kat would particularly enjoy. Post a link to that toy as your response, along with a brief description of why you think she would like it.  The correct answer will have a link to a toy and a description of why they think Kat would like it. (Answers varied...all right!)
  10. What two women have posted HNT Photos on Prowling with Kat? Kat and Cara
  11. Give one of the reasons why Kat likes to shop online. Convenience, flexibility, privacy (from Why I Like to Shop Online)
  12. Kat wrote a post titled “Four Inches of Happiness.” What was she she referring to in that post and it’s title? Rocket and Lubricant 4-Way Pleasure Kit---  4” rocket vibrator
  13. At one point, Kat was considering breaking one of her own prowling rules.  Which rule was she considering breaking? No single men (from Breaking My Own Rules)
  14. Which lover is mentioned in the most of Kat’s naughty posts? JJ (mentioned in 5 naughty posts)

Tie breaker Question - How would you entice Kat or DauntlessD (depending on your preference) into a naughty sexual encounter (in 100 words or less)?

Here are Ryan's answers:

Jesus Kat, you want to have sex again – can’t you ever stop thinking about sex……oh wait, that would be your husband

Hey babe, I’m Ryan – yep that Ryan. How about you come over here and take a ride on the Von Ryan Express – it leaves and arrives quickly…. Oh wait that doesn’t sound too good either.

Try: Kat my dear, every time I think of you I think of me as Burt Reynolds and you as Sarah Miles. Yes, we are on the plains, in a teepee and you are dancing naked around a roaring fire and then we roll passionately together on a bear skin making love (you mentioned that once). And I realize that I am “The Man Who Loved Kat Dancing!” Would you dance for me now? And then we will make love all night long!

Dauntless D: For a guy all you really need to say is “Hey you're cute, how about we get a hotel room and screw! You say your hungry, let’s go out for a burger after – I know a great sports bar and the NBA Finals are on tonight so I’m sure you want to watch. In the morning, I’ll cook you breakfast – when do you want your massage?”

I was particularly impressed with how the Von Tyan Express and the way Ryan nailed Dauntless.... figuratively, of course.

Congratulations, Ryan!

As for the rest of you, good luck next time. ;-)

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