Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Toy for DauntlessD - We Need Your Help!

It's time for another review of a toy from EdenFantasys, but I thought it might be fun to pick a toy for DauntlessD this time. I have always been intrigued by masturbation sleeves for men, but I've never had the occasion to use one (I've never even seen one in real life). Since many of our PWK readers are men, I thought you might be interested in a review of one of these interesting little toys.

The problem is that we have to pick two or three favorites and EdenFantasys will send us one to try.  Well, they'll send one for DauntlessD to try since he has the necessary equipment for one of those things.  Then Daunt can write the review and let all of you dogs know if it's worth it to get one or not.

We need some help making the choices, so we thought we'd ask you, Prowlers. Below, I've listed the choices with links to the Eden Fantasys site for each product so you can see each one.  Then, you can vote on the one(s) we should pick for Daunt to try and review.  How does that sound?

Here 's the poll (try not to laugh at the names).  You can vote for up to three choices. The links to photos and descriptions of each toy are beneath the poll.  Thanks for your help, Prowlers!

Head Honcho
World Virgin Stroker
Pussy Palm
Tube Love Glove
Deep Throat Cup
Tenga Egg Masturbator
Ribbed Stroker
Air Cushion Cup
Soft Tube Cup
Super Sucker

1 comment:

Asian Girl said...

I've used a couple of these before (Head Honcho and Tenga Egg) on guys and they love it! I've also used the Fleshlight, which made the guy cum in under 2 minutes. It was quite eye opening! I'm sure DauntlessD will like whichever one he tries! :)