Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Come on Over to ProwlingwithKat.com

Hi all,

If you're still reading here, you haven't made the transition with us yet. There's a new post up, some come over to:

Once you're there, you can subscribe either through email or in a reader and you can be notified of new posts as they come up. There is a lot of new content planed for PWK over the next couple of months, so don't miss it!

See you there!


To my blogging friends:
If you haven't updated your blog rolls with the new URL, please do.  I've got my blog roll up on my new site so I'll keep sending you readers, as always.

Monday, October 20, 2014

International Fisting Day

October 21 is International Fisting Day. Read what I have to say about it at our new home:

Another note....

Some of you have tried to subscribe to the email feed on the new site and you found that you couldn't.  That problem has been fixed, so please make the move with us and subscribe to the feed over there.


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Be sure to subscribe!

When you visit the new site for the first time, be sure that you subscribe to the email feed or subscribe in a reader ASAP. Just look at the right sidebar.

It's Moving Day!

Hi, Prowlers! The new site is up!  From this point on, all new posts will be posted at the new site.

I still need to recreate the back pages and add the blog roll and a sew other things, but all the back posts have been migrated.  My email is the same as it has always been, so you can send your ideas and suggestions, like always.

Don't worry.  This site will remain here for a few months.

Come on over to the new place and sign up for the RSS feed.  

See you there!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Even Numbered Years

I've been saying this all year and people have treated me quite badly for it, but today I am close to vindication! This decade, the even numbered years are owned by my San Francisco Giants.

They won the National League Championship Series tonight and will be heading to the World Series to play the Kansas City Royals.

The World Series. For the third time in five years.  Can you say "dynasty?"

I have a good friend who is a Royals fan, and it's pretty exciting for both of us that our teams will be playing each other in the World Series. I don't think either of us thought it would ever happen, but here we are. It's just awesome.

Okay, now that I got that out of my system.......

Don't forget! The PWK migration off Blogger is coming.  It will happen this weekend on either Saturday or Sunday, so be prepared.

The official new URL will be 

If you go there now, you'll see an empty WordPress theme, but over the next few days, it will start to take shape and then on either Saturday or Sunday I'll attempt the migration.  By then, http://shackledkat.com should also point to the new site.

Yes, we're really doing this. Our new home is going to be fantastic!

Now, Prowlers, I have a question for YOU.  Since we are at a new beginning, we can make this place into whatever we want it to be.  Do you have any ideas?  What would you like to see more of?  What do you like best about PWK that you want to make sure we continue? Is there anything we should let go of?

Tell me in the comments.....

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

We're Moving!

Hey, Prowlers! It has been a very busy week.  As I mentioned before, PWK is moving to a self-hosted site.  Not that Blogger hasn't been wonderful, but Google's restrictions are becoming a bit constricting, and not in a good way.

The migration will happen in about a week or so, but don't worry!  You'll be able to find us easily. The new URL is http://shackledkat.com.  That's the same URL we have now, just without the "blogspot"in the middle. Http://prowlingwithkat.com will also point to the new site.

My hope is that we'll maintain as much of our content as possible so your favorite archives should be safe. Once we move, PWK will continue to be what it has always been - a place to share my naughty prowling exploits and a place where we can meet and comment and share without judgement.

Other than the URL, the only thing that will change (besides the site design, of course) will be that I'll be able to sell some writings and products if I choose, something that has become forbidden on Blogger.  Frankly, I don't have any big plans for that at this time, but it could happen.

However, access to PWK will always remain free.

In related news..... I launched a brand new site today - http://katconfessions.com

Kat Confessions is not intended to replace PWK. It will be much more of a commercial site and it targets a much wider audience than our family of prowlers. I hope that you would subscribe to it as well as PWK and help me get it off the ground. I'd be grateful.

If any of you would like to submit a post for publication on Kat Confessions, just let me know or, heck, just send it to me. The theme is sex. I think most of you can remember that. ;-)

And the final bit of news for today.....

Do you remember my musing about phone sex in my last post?  Well, I did it! And....I have Hubby's blessing.  I think he might be regretting giving his blessing right about now, but it's too late. Hehe.  So, you can find my NiteFlirt profile here. You should know I've got an extra special LOW per minute rate posted until this Saturday.  After that, it goes back up to the "You should be grateful you get to chat with Kat" level. 1-800-863-5478, Ext. 1054-5353.

After today, there will be no more mention of that information until after the migration.  We want to leave quietly, not because Google chased us out.

Wow. PWK is growing up!  In just a week, off come the water wings and we start swimming out in the ocean.  I can't wait!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Phone Sex, Anyone?

Some very interesting things have been happening at home, Prowlers.  Unfortunately, I can't share them all with you because, well, I just can't, but I will share the biggest one.

I'll just jump in and say it.  I'll be starting a phone sex site soon - with Hubby's blessing!

I know!  You are shocked, aren't you? Here's what happened....

Hubby has been bitching at me a lot lately to bring in more money.  At the same time, he's doing things that make it nearly impossible for me to do so. Part of the reason we're in this position is because I quit doing the kind of work that brought in obscene amounts of money because I decided to only do work that I actually like. The stress of the other was killing me, almost literally. It's his opinion that I made the change that cut my income (which is the income that supports us, by the way) so I should do something to fix it.

I thought and I thought.  I made a list of things I would like to do that could bring in some additional money, in addition to the freelance writing I currently do. Phone sex was on the top of that list.

I'm good at it.  I enjoy it. And there is potential to make some decent money, particularly if you open your own business, rather than work for someone else.

I took the idea to Hubby and he was initially angry. Then I told him I was serious and I asked him to think about it.  A few days later we discussed it again.  He said one of his concerns was that I would use it as a way to meet men.


I said, "Do you really think I have trouble finding men?"  He agreed that was a very silly argument.

Then we started talking particulars - formats, services, costs, earning potential, how we could work out schedules at home (child care, etc.) Of course, I had done my research.  He asked a few questions I couldn't answer, so I agreed to do some more research and he was going to think about it some more. When we came back together again, I had his answers, and I assured him that I wouldn't do it behind his back.  We both needed to be 100% on board with it or I wouldn't do it.  I also told him that if he nixed it, I'd like him to do some research about how we can bring in more cash. Then, he agreed.

So, KatCalls Phone Sex and Text Chat Service should be up an running in a week or so, maybe a bit longer. I'll have phone, SMS, text chat and email services, but unfortunately, no cam. Cam services will still be reserved for my very closest friends, and always free.

As you know, though, I can't advertise through PWK because Google has a policy that no Blogger sites can make money off anything related to sex. The truth is that even though Blogger allows Adult (over 18) sites, it doesn't like us and the day may be coming when you'll all see that sad little "504 - Page Not Found" message when you type in the URL. So, I'll be making the shift to self-hosting within a month or so.  Don't worry, you'll have plenty of notice.

In the meantime, if you would like me to email you information about KatCalls (or whatever I may re-mane it) when it is up and running, please send me an email through my profile here, and I'll send you the information and some free minutes. If you are a phone sex operator and you have some advice for me, please send an email, too.  I'll take all the help I can get!

Someone asked me yesterday if PWK will continue being free?  Of course! Will there ever be a scenario in which I may add a paid, Members Only area?  Maybe, but that is not in the works now and I'll be busy enough with KatCalls for quite a while.

PWK is a special little corner of the universe. For many, it's the only place they can come to be reassured that there is not something wrong with them for needing more than they can get in their marriage. Others use it as a place where they can live the fantasy here and stay faithful at home. I met my best friend here, not to mention many other really wonderful people.

Change is a-comin'! But it's a good change. I promise.