Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Fantasy

We had an idea to collaborate writing a little piece of saucy fiction. The story below was written by Cara (aka Brightpink0) and myself. Enjoy!

Sue absentmindedly placed groceries on the checkout counter belt. She glanced at the line behind her and froze. His head was turned away, but it was Jim. She had no doubt. She instantly felt the thrill of excitement remembering his hot peppermint breath on her bare skin. She couldn't decide if she should avoid him, or try to catch his eye. After all, she was in a serious, committed relationship now. Again looking up briefly from her basket she found his penetrating gaze looking toward her. She quickly looked away, not sure what to do. Without even realizing it her feet were gliding slowly toward him.

"Jim?" she asked tentatively trying to hide the desperation and longing in her voice. He nodded and smiled almost shyly.

"Sue," he said in return and his voice sent her mind spiraling into memories long put away.

She shook from the shock and intensity of seeing him again. She had longed for his touch from the moment they had parted, but had set that lust aside when she had met Mary. She was so certain that her connection with Mary on every level would erase his memory, but seeing him here brought all those old feelings rushing to the surface.

Raising a hand she watched her trembling fingers gingerly touch Jim’s arm. His eyes stared steadily into hers and the corner of his mouth pulled into a half smile. Mary returned to her mind. She immediately thought of how much fun the three of them could have together. Her mind raced while her panties got more wet by the second. “Jim, there is someone I would really like you to meet. Would you like to come back to my place?”

The words just tumbled out before giving them much thought. She pulled her eyes from his, dazed as a panicked thought flashes through her mind, What will Mary think? Her heart jumped to her throat as her eyes returned to his. Emotions roil within her. Awaiting his answer, the tension swallowed everything around them.

Jim winked then reached out a hand smoothing her hair and said, “Sue, I’d love to.” She found herself melting beneath his warm smile.

Jim slid into the passenger seat as Sue climbed behind the car’s controls. As they pulled away Jim casually laid a hand on her thigh. Sue clutched the steering wheel. Her mind spun but was unable to focus. Every cohesive thought evaporated under the heat spreading through her under the warmth of his hand. Suddenly she was walking through her front door with Jim in tow.

Mary rounded the corner and saw Jim. Looking at Sue her eyebrows rose, sending the silent question, Who is this?

Sue says, “Mary, I’d like you to meet Jim.”

Mary’s eyes widened and her eyebrows climbed a little higher. The look asked, You mean that Jim?

Smiling, Sue nodded her head, eyes casting a mischievous glint. Mary replied with an impish grin. Sue relaxed only to find one stomach butterfly replaced with a larger one. Her heart began to pound. She thought, Oh my god is this really happening?

To be continued....

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

HNT - We Just Can't Get Enough of BrightPink0's a shade early, but it's Thursday somewhere, right? So, here's this week's Half Naked Thursday pic. Yeah, we just can't get enough of my friend BrightPink0. Isn't she lovely?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

What? No Sex?!?!

The minute I'm told I can't have something I start to want it even more. For example, my doctor once told me that I could not drink alcohol with a particular medication I was taking. Now, I haven't had a drink of alcohol for over 20 years, but as soon as the doctor told me I couldn't, that was all I could think about.

My doctor did it to me again. I had a medical procedure done on Friday and my doctor said, "No sex for two weeks."

Nooooo! Are you kidding me?

If I were in-between prowling stints, it wouldn't really matter. Two weeks without sex with hubby is normal. In fact, if we had sex at least every two weeks I might not be the sex crazed, constantly horny Kat you have come to know and love (Nah...I'd still be horny). But since I've really embraced my prowling side, two weeks without sex seems like an eternity.

Hubby is not helping at all. As soon as he heard I couldn't have sex, he got horny and started touching, caressing, cuddling, kissing. WTF???!!!! It only took me a few hours to figure it out (assisted by his cock slipping into my mouth) -- For hubby, sex is all about him (I know, shocking, isn't it?). A two week moratorium for me means a party for him. He gets all the oral and anal he can finagle out of me without having to make even a tiny effort to please me. 

What happened to his lack of interest in sex? What about his performance difficulties? Trust me. They will magically reappear on day 14 of my doctor-imposed chastity period. 

In the meantime, I can't close my eyes without a delectable picture of my naked and sexy honey popping into my head. 

The doc said the two weeks would be no big deal because I wouldn't even want sex for a couple of weeks. Who was she kidding? 

Clearly, she forgot who she was talking to.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Fantasy in the First Person

You've explained to me that things are going to be different this time, and that you want my full obedience. You know I will do whatever you want, that it excites me to do what you want, so I have no trouble agreeing to obey you. You send me an email telling me that when you knock on the door, I am not to answer it. Instead, I am to slide the key under the door for you, and then sit on the edge of the bed with my eyes closed, hands behind my back, and legs spread open.

I hear the knock, and I rush to slide the key under the door. Then I sit on the edge of the bed like you told me. I'm wearing a black lace see-through negligee with nothing underneath, and a short satin robe. I open the robe so I'll be exposed to you when you enter. I feel the wetness between my legs as I open then wide.... waiting for the door to open.

I hear you enter room, but I resist the urge to open my eyes and look at you. I hear you moving around the room. I think I hear you undressing but I can't be sure. I just wait. I feel you approach me. You slide my robe off my shoulders and then pull the neckline of my negligee down, fully exposing my breasts. Then you touch my breast. I gasp and arch my back to press against your hand. You kiss me and I return your kiss hungrily. You start pinching my nipples, gently at first, then harder... harder. I wince a little bit, but you don't step away and come back quickly. I feel you attaching nipple clamps to me. I moan at the pain. "Sshhhhh," you say. I bite my lip to stay quiet as you pull on the chain between the two clamps. You drop the chain, and a whimper escapes my lips. The pain focuses my attention entirely on my breasts, so I'm caught unaware as you step between my legs and put your hard cock in my mouth.

You grab my head with both hands, entwining my hair in your fingers, and force me to take you all the way into my throat. Then you slowly, but roughly, fuck my mouth deeply. I try to move as you are directing me to, both to please you and to keep the chain between my tits from moving....every time you push your cock into my mouth, the chain jerks and pulls on the clamps, hurting a little more each time. I change my approach. Instead of trying not to let the chain move, I decide to comply with what you want, and I suck you as hard as I can, in spite of the fact that this makes the chain jump around, tugging on me hard..... I hear you moan with approval. I can feel your cock hardening even more in my mouth as you start to cum. As you pull me onto you hard by the hair, releasing into my mouth, you reach down and grab the chain, pulling up on it hard. I squeal....

It's then that I realise I have been grinding my pussy against the bed wantonly.

You pull out of mouth and I lick you gratefully.... You gently tug on the chain, guiding me to move all the way onto the bed.... I keep my legs open and my eyes closed. You gently remove the clamps from my nipples and I cry out because each hurts more in the second the pressure is removed....then you gently suckle each nipple to relieve the pain, first one, then the other. The pain gives way to even more arousal.... I squirm a little and feel your hand slide between my legs. I tilt my hips slightly to press against your hand. You kiss me and whisper in my ear, telling me not to move. I stop rocking my hips, as you told me. Your fingers start exploring my pussy, teasing my clit, sliding in and out of me....

I moan, knowing that I won't be able to stay still much longer. Your fingers are moving faster, I start to shake.... You stop suddenly and remind me not to move. I apologise. I'm trying. You ask if I want more. I nod my head... Yes, please. Your hand goes back to work. I start to purr....
I start to shake again. You stop. You whisper to me, "Whose pussy is this?" "Yours," I answer. I know I answered correctly because you reward me with a deep kiss and your hand moves on me again.

I start to moan into your mouth... You stop...wait.... Start again , bringing me close to orgasm and pulling back over and over again. I can feel you smile as you kiss me. You're enjoying this torture. Soon, the intensity is so high that I just start begging, "Please...please....please." You ask me, "What do you want?" I'm breathing heavily, speaking in between moans as I shake involuntarily, "You. I want... You...Please...please....fuck me....please..."

You stop touching me again. I whine... But you nudge me to roll over and you get behind me. I lift my behind for you and look back at you... I'm so wet that you slide inside me easily. I purr as you enter me and press back against you. You slap my ass---HARD---- and tell me, "Now you move." You kneel behind me still as I move forward and back, impaling myself on you cock ... Again, again.... Shaking again.... I think about cumming without asking for permission because I couldn't bear it if you said no, but I know I must have your permission first, so I ask. You grab my hips and start pounding me. I ask again. No answer. Soon, I'm begging again. Finally, when I think I can't wait any longer, you grant me permission and I let go... cuming hard, screaming as I buck against you. Feeling you pull me back on you hard as you unload into me. I'm still cumming, still shaking.

After, you lay next to me... Pull me next to you, kiss me.

I open my eyes and smile at you....

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Why I Like to Shop Online

I jumped online yesterday to buy some lingerie. I found a couple of really cute things  and they will be discreetly sent to me at my office within a few days. I love shopping online because I can peruse the selections at my leisure, in the privacy of my office, without the prying eyes of others. When I've made my choices, I can have them sent to my office so my husband never sees my purchase, unless I want him to, of course. 

Also, it's easier for me to be objective about things when I'm shopping online. It's really hard to fall instantly in love with something just from a photo and basic description, so I can make more rational decisions. I can't tell you how many times I've made an impulse buy at a department store  because I fell in love with an outfit on a mannequin only to realize later that maybe it wasn't all that great.

If I don't like something once I've seen it in person, I can send it back before I even try it on. If I try it on and it's not the right fit, I can still send it back. As most women know, sometimes you don't know that something doesn't really fit right when you try it on in a store; sometimes, it's only after you've worn it for a day that you notice that rides up on this side or rubs you the wrong way on the other side. When I've bought it online, I can still easily return it at that point without having to drive to the store and have the sometimes awkward experience of dealing with sales people while returning it. Because I live in a fairly small town, I hate having to worry about the gossip (unfortunately, there is no obligation of discretion for employees of retail establishments). "Did you know that Kat returned a size xyz camisole? Yeah, she exchanged it for a pair of crotchless panties!  Can you believe it? I wonder who she's gonna wear those for?"

Shopping for playmates is very similar.  I much prefer to shop online. I can shop in private, and a man doesn't even know I'm looking unless I decide to tell him. Nobody is watching as we strike up a conversation, as they might be if we had met in person at the mall or the grocery store, so I don't have to worry about someone casually mentioning to my husband that they saw me chatting with another man.

I can be more rational about my choices online.  I don't experience any of the rush of pheromones that I might at a bar or club (who am I kidding? It's more likely to be the sporting goods store or golf course) that causes me to lose my head and feel like I must have a guy, approaching him less than cautiously and making decisions to jump into bed faster than is prudent (that would be right then, because those of you who know anything about me know that I tend to be quick into the sack as a matter of practice. If you're looking for great sex, why wait for three dates and two months of chatting to find out if it's going to be any good?). Those lust driven, in-person, on the spot encounters tend to turn out badly - like finding out a month later that the amazing looking guy with the big dick that you fucked behind the trees off the 8th tee turned out to be your kid's new school principal. Not that anything like that has ever happened to me....ahem....

As I was saying....

Online shopping allows for much more discretion. If I'm not comfortable with an online choice, I can choose to stay anonymous and not meet him. If, however, we decide to meet, then we can select the time and place, picking a place where we are unlikely to be discovered. Once we meet, I can still comfortably walk away (as can he) - no harm, no foul. It's unlikely that emotions are involved or that I have to worry about awkward meetings at Boy Scout council meetings, soccer practice, or school events.

If we do hit it off and decide to go further, we can, but if it's not a fit after that meeting, it's still very easy to step away.

As much as I love the thrill of feeling the sparks fly with someone when you first meet them around town by accident, I prefer the control and discretion of meeting online first. I still get the thrill of the first kiss and the incredible fulfillment of first penetration, but it's much more on my terms.

Yeah, online shopping is definitely the way to go.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Quick Parking Lot Surprise

M and I had just finished having lunch.  We were both just too busy with work for anything more than a quick bite, but that was fine with me because I enjoyed his company so much. After we ate, he walked me to my car and we kissed.  I'm sure you remember what a great kisser M is, right? After the kiss, he opened my car door for me and motioned for me to get in.

Then he leaned over, put his head inside the car and kissed me some more, but now his hand wandered between my legs and he started rubbing my pussy through my pants.  I moaned and squirmed in protest a bit.  I had to get back to work.  This was a very public and busy parking lot. But he wasn't interested in my concerns.  He kissed me harder, pushing my head back against the headrest and thrusting his tongue in my mouth so I couldn't say anything even if I wanted to. I pressed against his hand as he rubbed me, wishing we had time for more.

Eventually, he backed up and stood up right next to me.  I could see that his dick was hard and I instinctively reached out to stroke him though his pants. I looked up at him and he was smiling approvingly. A moment later I noticed some movement out of the corner of my eye. When I turned to look, I saw a couple sitting in the car directly in front of us, watching us. I quickly looked away and pulled my hand back from M's cock.  He laughed. "What's the matter?" he said. "It's not like you're ever going to see them again, is it?" He clearly didn't have the same fear of getting arrested for lewd acts in public that I did.

He saw that I was embarrassed and concerned, so he leaned inside the car and kissed me again.  For some reason, it felt more private and secluded in the car than just outside it.  As we kissed, he slid his hand between my legs again and continued rubbing like he was doing before, but then he slipped his hand inside my pants and panties and slid a finger inside me.  I gasped and opened my legs a little wider. Between his intoxicating kisses and his finger circling my clit, I forgot all about where we were and I focused completely on him and the sensations in my body.

"Do you want to cum?" he asked quietly.

"Yes, please," I moaned.

"Do you deserve it?" he asked.


He went back to kissing me, moving his finger faster, causing me to start rocking my hips and moaning. A moment later, he said, "Are you going to ask me?"

"Please.....may I cum now?"

(long pause while I squirmed some more)

"Yes, you may."

He kissed me harder and I moaned into his mouth as I came.  He smiled into our kiss, rather pleased with himself, I imagine.

When I stopped shaking, he pulled back and leaned out of the car, putting his fingers, wet with my cum, into his mouth.  Then he kissed me again.

As he turned to walk to his car, he looked back, smiled again and said, "Thanks for the dessert,"

10 Random Lessons I've Learned as a Prowler

I've been prowling, on and off, for a long time. I had my first affair 15 years ago. I've had wonderful experiences and a few pretty hideous experiences, but it's safe to say that I've learned a few things along the way. Many of those things are shared through the advice posts you'll find here, but others are random, strange things that don't seem to fit easily into a post category or I think of them after I wrote the post on a particular topic.

This morning, a few of the random things I have learned just popped into my head, so being the sharing and giving Kat that I am, I've decided to share them with you. Several are specifically for women, but many are applicable to both male and female prowlers.
  1. Most hotel clerks are either stupid or they enjoy acting stupid. Things like needing an early check-in time or checking out just a few hours after you checked in just don't seem to register with most hotel clerks. I can't tell you how many times over the years I've heard hotel clerks tell me, "We can't do that, Mrs. Kat." I just want to slap them and tell them that I know they can do it because I've done it (early checkout, late checkout, paid cash...whatever) at this very same hotel 3 times before, but I don't because I know that discretion is the watchword for all prowlers.
  2. Always be prepared for anal sex even if you aren't expecting it. This lesson really only applies to the ladies.  I learned it the hard way and it's an embarrassing lesson to learn. Ladies, you know what I'm talking about, right?
  3. Disposable douche kits work quite nicely for anal prep and they fit in your purse, too. Sorry, guys.  I know you don't want to hear this stuff, but it's valuable info for the women whose asses you'll be fucking.
  4. KY makes a nice line of purse-sized lubes and massage oils.Very nice stuff. Yes, I always carry a small bottle of lube in my purse. I have convinced hubby of the many uses for it and every now and then I'll whip it out and use it (in a non-sexual application, of course) to prove to him that it has "legitimate" value.
  5. Men sometimes get struck with pangs of guilt, too, but it doesn't always mean it's over. Months ago, I got a "Dear Kat" email from one of my favorite fuck buddies saying that he just couldn't live with the guilt and he wasn't going to see me anymore. I was bummed because the sex was really good (I mean really, really good), but my pal Dauntless said that it wasn't over and I should just give him some time. He was right.  A few weeks later, he was back and ready to go.  He just needed a break - and some time to deal with his guilt.
  6. Caution is good, but paranoia is bad. I think extreme paranoia is a sign that you really don't want to cheat. It's good to be cautious and even a little nervous because that will keep you from being sloppy and doing something that will get you caught, but paranoia actually makes you more likely to be caught because you'll look and act nervous.  If your partner or prospective partner is acting really paranoid, back away.
  7. Always leave a tip for the cleaning crew. If you plan on returning to that particular hotel, you must do this, but even if you are not going back to that hotel, it's still the right thing to do.  The bigger the mess, the bigger the tip. Start at $5.00 if you think there is no evidence of sex left in the room when you leave and go up from there based on how much bodily fluid, blood, or other stuff needs to be cleaned up.
  8. If the relationship lasts more than a short period of time, there will be feelings involved. Having tender feelings for each other is not a bad thing, but it definitely complicates things. Sometimes he'll have those feelings and you won't and sometimes it will be the other way around, or maybe you both have them. Proceed very, very carefully. Remember, men and women often have different definitions of the "L" word (I'm talking about love, not lust) and what it means. Communicate clearly and don't assume that it means the same thing to your partner that it means to you. And don't assume that all tender and caring feelings lead to love with a capital "L." That's simply not true. In spite of all I just wrote, having an emotional connection with your prowling partner is a very cool thing, in my opinion.
  9. Google Voice is very cool. If you don't want to (or you can't really afford to) get a separate mischief phone, try Google Voice.  It's free.  You'll get a separate phone number that you can direct to your cell phone so you don't have to give out your real number.  Also, you can use it for both calling and text. I have found that call quality can be spotty if you don't have a strong WiFi or cell connection, but texting works well in most (not all) conditions.
  10. Be prepared with an explanation at all times. No matter where you are, there's a chance that you'll be seen with your honey by someone that one of you knows and you need to be ready with a reasonable explanation of who s/he is and what you're doing. The worst thing you can do is act flustered and nervous when confronted with that situation. Prepare your story (and an alternate) in advance.  If you're the nervous type, practice saying it out loud a few times so you can hear yourself actually saying the words.  Then it won't be so hard when you really have to say them.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Attitude Reset, the "Plate of Cookies" Mentality

I am often bewildered when I try and understand women. Being a thoughtful person and a bit of an intellectual typically serves me well. However, in the arena of women and Prowling I often find myself lost down a rabbit trail, tricked by my own mind. I have discovered that with Prowling relationships this state of bewilderment and confusion can often be amplified.

There is an odd dance that occurs when Prowling. Each party takes a step trying to find out the other's motivations while at the same time protecting themselves. Recently I had began communicating with a woman I met via Ashley Madison and was sharing a concern with our delightful Kat. We were IM'ing each other but I could see her eyes rolling just before she said, "Good grief Daunt, you're totally over thinking this! Just send her a note telling her you'd like to see her again." I took her advice and, lo and behold, I quickly got a response, "Yes Daunt, I would love to see you again." *sigh* Clearly, I'm a very silly man...

I mentioned to Kat that I really need to work on keeping my frame of mind on the "Plate of Cookies" concept. Years ago I had heard this promoted as a sales concept but it works for me in this context, too; it helps me stop over thinking things. The idea is that if you have a plate of cookies, and you hold it out to someone. Whether the person chooses to take a cookie or not is up to them. If they choose not to take a cookie, you're not upset, there's nothing lost; you just move on to the next person.

How does this apply to Prowling? Simple! Don't think, be friendly, be yourself and make your offer -- hold out that plate of cookies. And by this, gentlemen, that doesn't mean saying, "Yo, wanna fuck?", when first meeting a woman. The cookies you're offering need to be appealing for the state of the relationship in that moment.

If you are turned down, don't take it personally! All they did was pass on a cookie. Just continue to be friendly and don't let it affect you. Maybe the other party will offer you a cookie before you have the chance to offer another of your own. If not, move on to the next person; the last one just got you that much closer to finding the person that does like the cookies you're offering.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

HNT - A Friend

I have a sweet treat for you today, Prowlers.  A friend of mine gave me a pic to post for HNT this week. She is a daily Prowling with Kat reader and a wonderful gal. Comment and let her know you love her pic.  Also, I think she might be able to be convinced to get a little more naughty with the next pic. So, come on Prowlers, do your best to convince her!

Just a Heads Up from Kat about Blow Jobs

I was going to call this post, "10 Things Kat Wants Men to Know about Blow Jobs," until I realized that the simple fact that I wrote it implies that these are things I want you boys to know about blow jobs. Then I thought of calling, "Kat's Advice for Men about Blow Jobs," but I thought all the straight guys out there would think it didn't apply to them, which is not the case. So I asked  a good friend and reader for her ideas, and she and her significant other saved the day.

While I was writing about thoroughly enjoying licking and sucking P's delightful cock (see Like Cool Water in a Desert - Another Naughty Adventure with P), it occurred to me that there are many things men should really know about being recipients of BJs that would make the experience more pleasurable for them and their partners.

I know, you're thinking, "Uh, Kat....what do I need to know? I'm the passive recipient of a BJ.  Women are the ones who need the advice." First of all, if you use the word "passive" in reference to any part of the sex act, I'm glad you're not my lover.  Second, if you don't want to read on, don't. Not everyone is into optimizing pleasure.

Now it's time for my typical disclaimer - Everyone is different.  All women are individuals. So are men. Any set of rules or suggestions is bound to miss the mark for somebody for one reason or another. All I have to offer is the opinion of a woman who has given over 5,000 BJs over the past 25 years.  Oh god, that makes me sound and feel old and used.  To be accurate, the vast majority of those were for Hubby. Also, I have talked with many women about giving BJs.  In short, I've learned a few things.
  1. Many women don't like giving blow jobs because they simply don't know how to do it. Women are not just born with this knowledge or skill. For the most part, we come across it through experience and practice. Every once in a while, we ask for guidance (see 10 Tips for Wives to Keep Your Husband from Cheating). The more inadequate a women feels in this area, the less she'll want to do it.  Over time, this attitude becomes more and more entrenched. You may think she does it really well and she has no reason to feel inadequate, but you need to communicate that.
  2. Unless you know your lover loves to swallow your cum and doesn't mind it in her mouth, you should probably give a warning when it's coming. Over time, she'll know when you're about to cum, but if she's young or the relationship is new or she hasn't sucked your cock very much, she'll have no way of knowing unless you give her a clue. Unexpected cum in the mouth is one of the biggest BJ turnoffs for women who are new to "the craft."
  3. Don't take the gag reflex personally, but learn about it and respect it. FYI- Our throats were not intended to swallow big cocks whole. I know that must be a terrible disappointment to you, but it's just the way it is.  The gag reflex is the body's attempt to forcefully expel from the throat anything it doesn't think should be there. In order for a woman to take your cock into her throat she needs to have learned how to suppress the gag reflex. It's not easy to do. For some women, it's easier to suppress at the beginning of the BJ, but then the throat just closes up when it the body figures out what's happening.  For others, it's easier later in the BJ because they can slowly relax their throat. Trust me, it is in your interest to be sensitive to this and to not force her to take it in her throat if she isn't ready or if she hasn't mastered this skill.  You do so at your own peril. If you don't believe me, ask me to tell you the story of the guy in college who kept forcing it. All I'll tell you now is that I had been drinking - a lot - and my gag reflex kicked in and did it's job and he was not very happy.  He didn't ask me out again, either, but once you've vomited all over a guy's dick you pretty much know the relationship is over.
  4. A woman can't cum from giving a BJ. I know you've seen porn flicks in which a woman magically cums and moans with pleasure while giving a BJ.  That's not reality. That's not how female biology works. Now, there may be an unusual woman out there who swears that she can cum while sucking cock. I won't call her a liar, but it's not the case for 99.9999999999% of women. So guys, what this means to you is that if she blows you and you cum, sex isn't over unless you helped her reach orgasm before sliding your cock in her mouth.
  5. Small cocks are much easier to suck and please than large ones. The corollary to this is that thin cocks are easier to suck than thick ones. If you have a big cock, you're just going to have to be more patient as your lover learns the logistics of your equipment. Sucking a thick cock for a long time can really make a gal's jaw sore. Also, the act of having to hold her jaw open that wide causes her to be less able to do other things with her toungue, lips, and soft palate. Try it.  Hold your mouth open as wide as you can for a long time and then try to move your lips and tongue in different ways.  Now try it with your mouth open about 3/4 of the way.  Big difference, right?
  6. If you want her to spend lots of time on you and not want it overwith right away, be patient with her efforts. Be tolerant if she suddenly stops sucking you the perfect way.  It could be that her jaw is in more pain than she can handle, or maybe she feels her gag reflex kicking and she is doing you a favor by pulling back a bit, or maybe she can't breathe and she's opting to back off a bit before she passes out.
  7. Recognize that breath control is an important part of giving good head. If a gal has a cold, she'll have trouble because breathing through the nose is important (I've done it while breathing only through my mouth, but it's difficult and very uncomfortable). Also, you may think that the way you're pumping her head up and down on you really fast is very cool, but if she doesn't get her breathing under control, it's not going to last very long.
  8. Giving feedback really helps. Some of you guys are totally silent during the sex act, and that's ok, but it's very difficult for a woman to know if you like the way she's sucking you unless you tell her.  This is especially true for younger women and those with less oral experience, but feedback is helpful for all of us. And I'm not just talking about a breathless, "That was great, Baby" after the fact. The more feedback you give during the act, the better it will be.  "Oh, that's perfect." "Yeah, Baby, just like that." Verbally expressing what you like will make sure you get more of it.
  9. A woman can be great at giving oral, but suck at 69. I explained this in detail in my post, Why I Suck at 69.
  10. Don't be a jerk. Gee, this little tidbit of advice seems to come up in almost all of my advice lists, doesn't it?  There's a reason for that, ya know. Pushing on a gal's shoulders trying to force her to her knees to suck on you when she's resisting is not sexy. Fucking a gal's mouth so hard that she can't breathe and has to fight her way free is not sexy. Demanding oral when a woman is reluctant because she doesn't know how or she doesn't like it is not sexy. All of these behaviors will make the average woman not be into pleasing you. Remember, if you please her, she'll want to please you.  If she's reluctant to do something to please you, the first place you should look is in the mirror to make sure you're doing as much to please her as you can.
Stepping down from my soapbox now, wondering how long it's going to be until my sweet honey-on-the-side lets me suck his cock again. Mmmm....not soon enough!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

DauntlessD Meets Hubby

In my post, When Worlds Collide, I shared how difficult it can be sometimes to keep my Kat world separate from my more respectable world. Well, today those two worlds came face to face, shook hands, and introduced themselves to each other, in a manner of speaking.

DauntlessD met Hubby.

First, let me back up for a moment and tell you who DauntlessD is (for those of you who don't already know). I met DauntlessD (let's just call him D, for short, shall we?) on Ashley Madison 6 or 7 months ago. Yes, our relationship started out as most others on AM do - flirting, getting to know each other, meeting - but it quickly developed into a wonderfully supportive friendship. D describes it better than I do in his post, Prowling Friendships.

Because there is no hanky panky going on, and because we've become such good friends, there shouldn't be a problem going public with the friendship, right?  Wrong.  How we met remained  a difficult point.  I can just imagine it now....."Hubby, this is D.  I met him on Ashley Madison while I was looking for an affair and some hot sex, but D and I are friends and we're not having sex so it's ok, right?"

So, we had to find a way to bring D into my respectable world in a way that would a) make Hubby feel comfortable with him, b) provide an acceptable excuse for him to be around from time to time, and c) provide an acceptable excuse for me to be texting and emailing him.  We figured it out (I'd tell you the secret, but then I may have to kill you) and today was D-day, the day to launch the plan and arrange for Hubby and  D to casually meet. It was set up to happen at my office.

I looked out my window and saw Hubby walking up the parking lot toward the back door. Hubby walked in and stepped into the office and the first desk he saw was one where D was sitting. I held my breath.

Then I heard:

Hubby: Hi, I'm Hubby (he used his real name, of course), Kat's husband.

D:  I'm D (doesn't he have a great way with words?)

Hubby: Kat said you'd be here today and that you'd be coming around from time to time.  Nice to meet you.

Then the conversation continued for another few seconds, but I couldn't hear what was said. I exhaled, before I passed out, and Hubby came directly into my office with some mail. We shared a little small talk, and he went about his business.

A little while later, D and I snuck out (separately, of course, and five minutes apart) and met for lunch.

Score! We did it! We successfully brought the two worlds together without me having a heart attack, and now our friendship is a little bit closer to being fully out of the closet, so to speak.

As first time AM meetings go, I thought this one was pretty successful, don't you?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Like Cool Water in a Desert - Another Naughty Adventure with P

I woke up that morning thinking about seeing P (the same P from The Contender -Another Naughty Adventure) later in the day. Within a few minutes, I was wet and squirming and facing the dilemma - play with myself now and get a little relief or wait until this afternoon and let P do the honors?  It wasn't an easy decision because I hadn't seen him in 2 weeks and the anticipation was killing me. Still, I chose to wait. I've waited 2 weeks, I told myself; I can wait another 7 hours.

It had been 2 weeks because P went off on a family vacation. Vacations are harder than normal periods of time in between meetings because all contact, not just meeting time, is curtailed during family vacations,  so it feels like a real separation. That leaves lots of time for old insecurities to surface and for irrational questions to start popping up in a gal's head, so when I picked up the phone the day before when he called, his voice really did sound like cool water in a desert to me. As I was getting ready for work on the day of our meeting, the phone rang again. I wondered how he knew exactly when I wanted to talk to him. But it really didn't matter. I just enjoyed sharing a few minutes as I started my day.

P and I had an interesting situation. We lived about 45 minutes away from each other, separated by nothing but farmland (yes, there's lots of that in northern California).  There were no hotels or motels between us, so that meant we couldn't meet in the middle; either he had to come to my town or I had to go to his. Finding a third town to meet in would mean that one of us would have to drive even further, so we avoided that choice.  This time, it was my turn to drive to him.

I got a room, paid cash for it, settled in, and called him with the room number. It didn't take him long to get there.When he came in the room we stood just inside the doorway kissing for a long time - not the hungry, eager kisses that we shared when we last met, but gentle, tender kisses that became more urgent.

Here's one of the really unique things about my time with P - No matter what we'd be doing at any particular moment, I felt like I could keep doing that, and only that, for hours. So, at that moment, I could have stood there relaxing into his deep, luscious kisses with his arms around me forever. A few minutes later, when he reached between my legs and started playing with my clit while we kissed, I felt like I could have stayed like that for hours. Later, when he was kneeling behind me pounding his cock into my ass, I wanted that to last, too. The truth is that everything with P was great, making it difficult to decide what I liked best or what I wanted to do.

After a while standing and kissing by the door (and yes, after he fingered me to orgasm #1), we pulled off our clothes (although I left my shirt on - no bra underneath - not sure why) and moved over to the bed.  I climbed onto the bed and got onto my hands and knees by the edge and he stood behind me. There was that sense of anticipation again as I felt his hands on my hips and I waited for him to slide his cock inside me. Then, oh.....that amazing feeling of being filled completely by his nice big cock. He fucked me there for awhile (orgasm #2), then we moved further up on the bed and he knelt behind me and pressed his cock slowly into my ass, fucking me there for awhile before moving back to my pussy for awhile, then back to my ass. I know, going back and forth like that isn't sanitary and all the experts say don't do it, but it feels so damned good! I love it! Fuck the experts. They should enjoy a nice, hard and satisfying fucking by P and then talk about whether or not they would recommend it. But I digress....

That lovely ass-pussy-ass-pussy-ass-pussy-ass-pussy exchange contributed to orgasms #3, 4, and 5. Then I needed a short break.  I knew he was doing all the real work, but coming so hard and so often sucks the energy out of a gal, ya know.

After a brief rest, he rolled on top of me and fucked me again so I could stare into his gorgeous eyes. It was slow and deep and intense (orgasm #6), and I'm not sharing any more detail about it.  It's ours.

Then we rested again, and chatted about life, work, his vacation. I loved listening to him talk, not just because of his accent (but, I'll admit it was nice), but because he has an interesting way of telling a story that just keeps you riveted to the end.

After 15 or 20 minutes, I started kissing my way down his chest, and belly.....lingering at his hips...that's when he stopped talking. I moved on to his cock and spent a while just playing and exploring, sucking it deeply for awhile, then just the head - holding it deeply in my mouth and squeezing the head with my soft palate, then working the whole shaft with just my lips - licking the whole length, then rubbing the whole length across my face while I licked it...then taking it into my mouth and sucking some more, sometimes slowly, sometimes very fast. I was loving every sloppy, wet minute of it.  So many men just want a simple BJ- a suck 'n' cum job, actually.  Very few have the control (or inclination) to let a woman who loves cock play and explore all she wants. Every lick, suck, nibble, and swallow helped me learn something more about him. It was a real treat. I wonder if he knows how much I loved that?

Of course, all that playing with his cock just made me want it inside me so, not being a shy gal, I told him so. He pulled me up onto my hands and knees again and fucked me hard from behind again (my favorite way; could you tell?) until I got to orgasm #7 (yummy, yummy, yummy). Then he grabbed my hips and pounded me even harder until he came, grinding against me, each movement making me shudder a little more with the intensity of it.

We laid next to each other after, silently for a while, then chatting a bit. It was time to go.  Both of us had to get back to work. It occurred to me that he had done most of the work and treated me to just about anything I wanted.  I thought, next time I'll treat him to something special.


I made a monster mistake, Prowlers, that was just brought to my attention.  It seems I gave the wrong the link for one of my favorite Bad Boy Blogs from this morning's post. I have corrected it in that post, but I wanted to make sure that those of you who may have had trouble finding it have the chance to go see it.

So, The Accidental Philanderer is at  You really don't want to miss Liam's posts, so wander over there right now, bookmark it and/or follow it, ok?

Yes, right now.  Very good.....

Kat's 5 Favorite Bad Boy Blogs

While I'm pretty sure that Prowling with Kat is the only naughty blog you'll ever need to satisfy every naughty desire you have, I thought I'd share some of my favorite bad boy blogs so my fellow prowlers will know what blows my skirt up, so to speak. These are all naughty blogs written by men. For you men out there, I am 100% sure you could learn a few tricks from these guys.  These are the ones who are successful with their prowling.

I'll start right off with a disclaimer. I'm sure I will leave some excellent blogs off this list.  That doesn't mean they are great or that I don't like them.  I'm limiting today's list to the blogs I've really enjoyed within the last couple of weeks or so. If I leave off one of your favorites, please feel free to add it in the comments.

The Mind of a Married Man - I absolutely love the way Adam tells a naughty story.  Every single one makes me wet and gooey. However, it's not just the writing I love. All of you ladies out there must check out the pictures he posts of himself. To put my feelings into the language of young people, "Yeah, I could definitely tap that." Yes, he's hot, and I sometimes just go stare at his pics for fun. I plan on making one of them into my screen saver soon.

The Ashley Madison Adventures of a Regular Guy Gone Bad - Ryan's adventures represent an eclectic blend of experiences and thoughts. What I like best is that you never know what you're going to get on any given day.  It's like opening a surprise gift.

ay6 -  Lots of great stories.  Recently, it has been all about his love for Meredith, which is very sweet, and also like a soap opera.  I fear a tragic ending, but I keep reading. This post (The Hotel) is one of my recent favorites. It chronicles the process of choosing a hotel, and it illustrates perfectly what happens when geeks/nerds plan a rendezvous.  I loved it, probably because I saw myself in it.

The Accidental Philanderer - Liam's writing is simply delightful, lyrical sometimes, but always honest and real. He published the funniest post I've read in a long time recently - Someone Who Can Teach Me - which is hilarious, especially for anyone who has ever tried to write a profile for Ashley Madison or any other dating site. Do yourself a favor and start following this one.

Ashley and Me - As a friend put it recently, Ashley and Me is the gold standard for sex blogs for the cheating set. Riff is funny and irreverent and he tells some great stories. And he just started a forum. Like many others, I have been frustrated that Riff hasn't published much recently, but I still keep checking back for something new. If you haven't read Riff's blog, start from the beginning and enjoy the ride.

I'm sure you'll enjoy these bad boys like I have.  Don't worry, the list will continue....

And Kat will always be here for you, too.

Monday, April 11, 2011

A Note To My Husband

I got out  of bed late last night and wrote a note* to my husband.  I was so very frustrated and I had to express it somehow.  Ok, so I probably won't ever give him the note, but writing it was therapeutic in some ways.  I asked him for sex three times yesterday and was turned down flat each time. I was angry, frustrated, humiliated. To give you some context for the note (that I'll share below), here's what happened yesterday:

Attempt #1 (in bed at 7:30 a.m.):

Kat: (after giving Hubby 3/4 of an awesome edging blow job) 'bout letting me ride you now, Honey?

Hubby:  (putting his hard dick back in Kat's mouth and pushing her head down on it again) No, this is great.  Just finish me.

Attempt #2 (on the living room couch at about 1:15 p.m. with the kids occupied in the other room for the next 30 minutes):

Kat: (curling up next to Hubby on the couch and kissing his neck seductively) I am really craving a nice (kiss)...hard (ear nibble)...ass fucking, Honey. How about going back to the bedroom with me for a few minutes while the kids are occupied?

Hubby: Now?  But the ball game is about to start.  We can do that later. Did you make the popcorn yet?

Attempt #3 (in bed at 10:00 p.m.):

Kat: (in bed naked, snuggling up next to hubby, who's wearing sweats and pajamas, as if this were Siberia in the winter) Well, we have lots of time now (kiss...hand wandering down to his waist, trying to find a way in)....What do you think we could do now?

Hubby:  Jeez, Kat!  Don't you think of anything besides sex? It's late, ya know.

Kat (turning onto her other side, away from Hubby, trying not to sound too upset or disappointed):  Sorry, Honey.  Goodnight.

I laid there, unable to sleep for a few hours, trying to deal with all the swirling feelings. Then I got up, went into the other room, and wrote this note:

"Dear Hubby,

You asked if I ever think of anything besides sex.  As a matter of fact, I do.  I think about earning a living, paying the bills, raising our children, grocery shopping, cleaning, taxes, laundry, PTA meetings, getting the car serviced, scheduling a parent-teacher conference, dinner menus for the week, scheduling play dates for our youngest, ironing, cooking, getting the cat her shots, communicating with extended family members, my annual check up, your health, keeping you happy, keeping the kids happy, keeping the neighbors happy, keeping my employees happy, keeping my clients happy, keeping my honey-on-the-side happy, and occasionally, I'll think about finding some time to read. After almost 25 years of marriage, I'd think you would know I'm constantly thinking about things besides sex.

But here's the deal - The need for sex is like a constant undertone vibrating through me at all times.  It's the background noise going on while I'm thinking about all those other things. Sometimes it's a quiet nudging, but if it has been a while it becomes a loud, demanding and distracting roar.  Still, I keep thinking about all those other things and ignoring it to the best of my ability, but it's always there. It's never completely gone.  Sometimes, I'm a little bit wet and wishing I could get some relief and other times I'm so horny I can barely breathe.

It's not my fault that I've been blessed with some pretty strong perimenopausal hormones that keep that undertone of sexual desire going strong.  It's also not my fault that your libido has decreased to almost nothing and that whatever is left is 100% focused on you.

Would it kill you to at least pretend that you care enough to acknowledge that this is a real need of mine and not just something I'm making up because I'm selfish? Do you think you could manage not treating me like a deviant or a freak because I want to have sex more than once a month? Do you have any idea - even a remote one - how painful your rejection is to me? Do you understand how your constant rejection makes me feel undesirable, unattractive, and old?

Do you understand that each time you reject me, I feel a little less guilty about fucking around behind your back? Do you get that each time you push me away, you are actually pushing me into some other man's bed?

Well, I thought you may want to know.

Your loving wife,

* For obvious reasons, I never gave hubby the note, but there are times when my frustration level gets so high that I really, really wish I could.

Can anyone else relate to this? Please, tell me I'm not alone.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Surrendering to M (Part 2)

I quickly rolled onto my back and looked into his beautiful blue eyes. He leaned over me and kissed me again - one of those long, deep, wet, passionate kisses - while his hand fondled one of my breasts, lingering a bit to pinch my nipple. I reached down and started stroking his cock, hoping that I'd get some of that next, but M had something else in mind.

He slid his hand down my belly and between my legs, kissed my neck and  slid a finger inside me. Then he kissed my breast as he slid another finger inside. His lips were on my belly as the third finger entered me. I opened my legs widely and moaned. Mmmm.... M knew I loved being fisted, but he had been hesitant in the past because his hands were so large, but that just made it better and more intense for me. This time he didn't hesitate at all. He moved slowly, sliding his fingers in and out, pressing in a little deeper with each stroke, stretching me, eventually adding another finger. The more he filled me, the more intoxicating the sensations became. I closed my eyes to block out everything but the pleasure. I tried to ask his permission to cum, but I couldn't speak; I was utterly controlled and focused by him, and I surrendered with a scream, releasing the last little bit of control I had to him.

He let me ride that orgasm all the way to the very end, until every last spasm subsided. Then he slowly pulled his hand out, in spite of my squeals of protest. 

I curled up next to him as he laid back on the bed, resting my head on his shoulder and throwing my leg over him. We rested there quietly for a few minutes, just enjoying the moment, the closeness. I shivered at the feel of his fingers lazily tracing small circles on my back. He kissed my forehead. I turned and kissed his neck. Then we chatted some more for awhile. 

At some point while he was talking, I starting kissing his neck again, moving to his collar bone, then his chest, his belly. He kept talking about work until I started repositioning myself between his legs. 

It's my turn to be in control now, I thought, as I took his hard cock into my mouth. I could have licked and teased him for awhile, but I knew he had waited long enough and he wasn't in the mood to wait any longer. I started sucking him deeply, slowly - taking it all into my mouth from the very first stroke.  The first time the head hit the back of my throat, I heard him gasp. The second time, his hips shuddered and he moaned. By the third time, he was thrusting his hips upward, trying to drive his cock as deeply into my mouth and throat as he could. 

Soon, his hands were on my head, attempting to control the speed, but I resisted just a little bit, just enough to keep control of his pleasure. A moment later he grabbed my hair and stopped me. "Are you sure you want this?" he asked. I knew what he meant. He wanted to know if I was ok with him coming in my mouth or if I wanted him to fuck me. Because he had fisted me so nicely and I had already come several times, I was fine with letting him fuck my mouth instead of one of my other choices, so I nodded yes.

With that, he put both hands on the back of my head, entwined his fingers in my hair, and took control away from me again.....forcing me down on him hard and forcefully, and then pulling my head up by the hair, then pushing me down again. I relaxed my jaw and surrendered to him again as he fucked my mouth faster and harder, finally pushing and holding me down one last time as he moaned, shuddered, and came deep in my throat. I swallowed...again, again. 

After, I curled up next to him again, and we relaxed together, talking some more, kissing some more, and enjoying the time together. 

Our time together was up too soon. It was time for both of us to get home. We got up, cleaned up, got dressed, and walked out of the room.

As we walked into the hallway, we noticed the door to the conference room across the hall was open, and about 15 men had turned and were looking at us. As I turned to head toward the elevator, I thought I noticed a few of them smiling.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Surrendering to M (Part 1)

Everything about meeting with M was comfortable. It was a familiar hotel. He had a familiar smile on his face when he opened the door. And that 

I've shared with you before that I think I could kiss M forever. This time was no different. There was just something about M that made me feel safe when he put his arms around me. M is tall, with strong arms and broad shoulders. When he pulled me close, wrapped those arms around me and kissed me (again, that kiss....mmmm), I just melted into him, and it was easy to forget everything happening on the other side of that door. With M, nothing else mattered. I forgot about all the demands and stress of my life and could be totally present with him. It takes a really special man to make me feel like I can completely let go of myself. M was definitely a special guy.

We laid on the bed and kissed and talked for a while. That was different. Usually, the talking came after the sex, but M and I had come to know each other so well that we both really wanted to catch up a bit. We talked about his job and mine, our kids, our spouses. No topic was off limits, and that's definitely one of the things I loved about him. 

After a few minutes of catching up, M told me to get up and stand by the foot of the bed. I smiled a knowing smile, but he wasn't smiling. He was suddenly very serious and he watched me intently as I stood by the bed.

"Take off your clothes," he said, and le leaned up on his elbow so he could be more comfortable as he watched. 

I pulled off my sweater and tossed it aside. Then my pants, trying not to take my eyes off him ad he watched me.

"Nice pink panties," he said through a smile. I knew he would like those. Everything else I was wearing was black and I knew the bright pink panties would get his attention.

I slid out of my blouse, and reached behind to unhook my black lace bra. The hooks gave me a little trouble, and the longer I stood there fussing with it, the more aware I became of his eyes on me and the more self conscious I felt. Finally, the last hook released and I tossed the bra aside. I stood there in nothing but my pink panties, looking at him for a moment, wondering if he would say anything, but he simply nodded, indicating that should continue.

I hooked my thumbs under my panties on each side and slid them down, shimmying out of them, then kicking them aside. I felt unbelievably exposed standing there naked in from him. He just watched me as I stood there.

Soon, I couldn't stand it anymore so I jumped onto the bed and crawled back into his arms. He protested that he hadn't given me permission to move, but his protests stopped as soon as his hands felt my bare skin and his mouth started sucking my neck. 

I wrapped a leg around him as his hand started moving down my side, over my hip, and between my legs. He started circling my clit with his finger slowly, then he suddenly stopped and told me to roll over on my stomach. I complied. He got undressed quickly and came back and started gently rubbing my back.

He brushed my hair aside and kissed the back of my neck, then my shoulder, then my back. As he kissed his way downy body, his hands were just a little bid ahead, rubbing and very lightly massaging my lower back, my hips, my buttocks, my thighs.... He moved slowly - very, very slowly - letting my anticipation build. All I could hear was my breathing, his breathing, and the quiet breathless sound of each soft kiss.

By time his kisses reached my lower back, his fingers slid inside me and I shuddered. I moaned involuntarily and he responded by pulling his hand back. My moan of pleasure turned into one of protest. He waited patiently for me to be quiet again before he continued. 

His fingers slid in and out of my pussy slowly and rhythmically. Every now and then, they would slide into my ass instead of my pussy, making me squeal quietly and arch my back. He kept doing that until those squeals became moans and I started pressing back against his hand. 

Our room was across the hall from a conference room, and now I could hear voices in the hallway and the conference room as people were arriving for a meeting. Great timing, I thought. If I can hear them just chatting in normal voices, then I'm sure they can hear me moaning and begging for M to fuck me, or to at least to put some more fingers inside me.

He didn't have time to do anything besides finger fuck me a bit harder because I started to cum. I asked his permission to cum (the last time I came without his permission he bent me over a couch and gave my bare ass a pretty hard spanking...that taught me to ask first). He teased me for about 30 seconds, withholding his permission, enjoying hearing me beg and watching me writhe against his hand. Finally, he said yes, and I let go, pushing back against his hand, screaming.....

I heard a pause in the conversation across the hall. Their talking started again as my screams turned into whimpers....

But M wasn't done. He kept fingering me, making me move through that uncomfortable post-orgasmic period of touching when everything  is *so* sensitive down there to that place where the pleasure starts rising again, more intensely, more urgently. He knew  that my first orgasm was never the best one for me. In fact, he knew me well enough to know that if I could still  talk and answer questions intelligibly, I wasn't near my best O, so he proceeded to work me through those amazing phases of abandon I go through on my journey to total surrender. 

After O number three, he told me to turn over onto my back....

To be continued....

Friday, April 8, 2011

HNT - Relaxing

OK, I know it's not Thursday, but I'm putting up my HNT pic today anyway. I was relaxing in bed and snapped this pic for my honey. Now we're sharing with you.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Window - Erotic Fiction

Your heels make metronome like clicks on the concrete. You rummage through your purse, struggling to find the slip of paper with the restaurant address. Unhurried you have time to spare. It has been a long day and getting there early for a few moments of solitude off your feet with a drink sounds wonderful. Enjoying the warm spring breeze you find the note and as you reach for it a gust sends it tumbling down the alley. You roll your eyes with a heavy sigh and rush after it.

You see the note get caught on a half crushed Pepsi can and slow your pace. Looking around you realize you are behind a fairly nice downtown apartment complex. Reaching the note you bend down to pick it up and upon rising a movement catches your eye. You find yourself looking through a half open shower window. A man with his back to you is rinsing his hair. His calf muscles flex as he shifts his weight from one leg to the other. Your gaze makes its way up his tanned legs and past his knees. His skin becomes noticeably lighter mid-thigh from wearing shorts.

Your pounding heart causes you to quickly look around. You are alone. You look back to the window. Mesmerized you watch as the soap rolls down his strong back, white bubbles contrasting against his golden skin. He begins to turn around. After seeing his eyes are closed you realize you had been holding your breath. He leans back and the water cascades down his face, the hair of his chest is flat against his skin. He reaches out and his hand returns with a bar of soap. He begins to lather his chest, now belly. He soaps his pubic hair; his other hand lathers under his sex. You watch as his manhood becomes erect, hard; his hand slowly stroking its length.

Feeling naughty, but enthralled, you take a small step forward. The toe of your shoe inadvertently kicks the pop can the restaurant address had been caught on. The noise is jarring. Your hand jumps to your mouth in fear. Returning your eyes back to the window you find his eyes looking back at you. Your chest grows cold and tight as recognition hits, you know this man! Jolting as if struck you turn quickly and hurry toward the street.

You think, "Oh my god! It was the guy who delivers packages to the office!" Upon reaching the street he is suddenly rounding the corner toward you; bare feet, bare chested with sweat pants. You freeze and you feel your cheeks reddening. Suddenly he is standing before you.

Grinning sheepishly he says, "Umm well I guess we should talk, huh?" You nod your head dumbly, too embarrassed to speak. "Ok, well why don't you come back to my apartment.", he says. He turns walking back the way he came. In a daze you follow.

You walk past a large bay window facing the street and he turns and opens the door to his apartment. You step inside. He closes the door and says, "Well since I see you a couple of times a week I thought it would be best if we just get this awkwardness settled now rather than later. So... ummm... how long were you there? What all did you see?"

Your mouth moves but no words come out at first. You look down and see the bulge in his sweat pants. You feel the heat of your embarrassment warming your face again. You look back up to his face. With a gush you say, "I'm... I'm... so sorry."

His eyebrows raise, "Oh that long huh?"

"I'm sorry... I... I... just better go.", you reply. You step toward the door and he steps in front of you. His hand reaches behind your neck pulling you in for a kiss. You feel his hardness against you barely concealed by his sweat pants. Overcome, your heart pounding you find yourself pushing him onto the couch under the window and wriggling out of your soaked panties. You pull down the sweats, straddle and lower your self on to him. Within a couple of breaths he is fully inside you. With one hand against his hard stomach and the other stroking your sex, your bodies buck as one. Soon your moans are echoing within the apartment and you are arching your back. Heat blooms within your core and you shudder from head to toe with orgasm.

You slump onto his shoulder panting through your hair. Sitting up with a smile you look out the bay window and see your friends across the street in front of the restaurant where you are supposed to meet them; one of them is looking right at you, brow furrowed, with their head inquisitively cocked.