Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sexting with Hubby

I'm alone in a hotel room.  Bored.  Oh, I have plenty of work to do, but I don't want to do any of it.

I snapped a naughty photo with my cell phone and sent it to my sweetie.  That was fun, but what next?

I decided to see if I could engage my hubby in a little sexting.  I knew this would be a challenge because he's an old dog and teaching him new tricks is not easy. Heck, I just got him to start texting within the last year, and he still doesn't feel comfortable with email.  Anyway, here is how it went....

Kat: (via text)  Hi, Honey.

Hubby: Hi.

Kat:  Wanna try some sexting?

Hubby: ok

(I never said his texting skills were advanced, did I?)

Then I texted him this funky little photo (just like you see it here):

Hubby: Very nice

Kat: So where's mine?

While I waited for a return text, the phone rang. It was hubby.

Hubby: I thought sexting was all about words, not pictures.

Kat:  You didn't like the picture?

Hubby:  Yeah, I liked it. Can you send another?

Kat: After you send me one.

Hubby: (after a long pause)  Isn't that illegal?

Kat:  What????  No, it's not illegal.

Hubby:  I've heard that it is illegal to share dirty pictures over the internet.

Kat: First of all, this is text, not the internet, but even if it were, there is nothing illegal about a husband and wife sharing naughty pictures with each other. It's only illegal if one of the parties is under age.

Hubby:  Well, I don't want any of my naked pictures out there on the internet.

Kat:  This isn't the internet! It's a text! And you don't want your picture out there, but you're ok with mine being out there?

Hubby:  Yeah.  Can you send another?

Kat: (sigh) Let's forget about the pictures.  You said you thought sexting was about words, so ok.  Let's text some naughty words to each other tonight.

Hubby:  Ok.  (long pause)  What should I write?

Kat: You have to decide that.  If I tell you what to write, it's not as sexy.  I might as well just write to myself...and that would be like text masturbation, not sexting.

Hubby: Are you going to be masturbating when you read my naughty words?

Kat:  I don't know!  At this pace, it will be tomorrow before we start and then I'll be home.

Hubby:  Good.  I'd rather have sex than text nasty words.

Kat: Me, too, dear, but I'm alone in a hotel room so that's not an option right now.

Hubby:  How do I know you're really alone?

Kat: Do you really think I'd be having this conversation with you if I had some hot guy here?  Seriously???

Hubby: Ok, ok.....Let's get back to the sexting stuff. (pause)  What should I write?

Kat: (sigh)  Nevermind. The mood has passed.

Hubby:  Oh. Will you text me another dirty picture?


Cara Janes said...

LOVE it! It's especially fantastic because I know and love you two, and that makes it even more fun. Have a great time with your sexting and whatnot.;-)

Liam said...

Kat, I'm with your husband on this. Please don't post his nekkid pictures on your blog.

Ms. Inconspicuous said...


Oh, husbands. Silly creatures, all. :)

Ffs said...

Wow! Is this a foretaste of coming HNT. I rotated the picture to fully enjoy it. Sexy nightie. Nice full tit and the hard nipple mmmm... And the mirror on the wall reveals more, nice bum but lol you just missed the crack of your ass. Now if your hubby had played along, I can imagine what the next pix would have been like.

Advizor54 said...

At least he was up to trying, gotta give the old dog credit for that!

And I can see why he wanted another picture, I do too!

JerZey Girl said...

Very funny. I had a similar situation with my husband then he finally tried to sext but left off the punctuation so I couldn't tell if he was asking a question or making a statement.

Ryan Beaumont said...
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Ryan Beaumont said...

This should be a scene from a movie starring Will Ferrell!

But then again, It sounds a bit like me as well :)

Btw, I'm always tickled by the captua's below - today mine is cochroohi. Is that Aboriginal for penis?

serendipity said...

I think your guy and my gal should get together and bowling! At least you tried. Hopefully this will give you a chuckle...during a conversation to help with some ideas to meet some of my needs I got "OK, honey I'll try to plan to be more spontanious." Gotta keep a sense of humor right? Btw, you looked down right luscious in your pic. Thanks for sharing!

Agnes said...

Thanks for the giggle this morning! I needed it!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious and a bit sad at the same time but left a smile on my face. Maybe there is some hope because at least he wasn't disgusted by the concept, just a little (ok, a lot) uninformed.

I love txting with my sweetie, and sometimes it even gets somewhere in the vicinity of sexting but no pictures so far, maybe some day.

But, with such a direct and open invitation, wow that would be fun.

You have your work cut out for you Kat but are doing a great job, keep up the good work!!

Myli said...

Your husband is funny, even if it's unintentional! I hope he can get the hang of sexting! It's so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, that is kinda sad but it really made me laugh, I'm quite curious now to know what 'nasty' words he would have written if you'd gotten him to do it. Great post x