Monday, June 24, 2013

Half a Million Hits!

It happened quite a while ago during that period of time when I so busy with work that I barely had time to breathe, let alone post or prowl. I kept telling myself that when we got close to 500,000 hits, I would plan a little PWK party, but I got busy and it just didn't happen.

But it's never too late, right?  We may be well beyond 500K, but we can still celebrate.

So, in the comments, tell us your favorite thing about PWK.  It can be a favorite post or something you learned or someone you met here who touched your life......just about anything, as long as it's good.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Which Suit Suits Cara Best?

Cara went shopping for a swim suit.  Which one do you like best?

I think that one is reminiscent of a little French maid outfit, don't you?

This one is really cute, too. In fact, I think it's my favorite, although I like that brown bikini from last year just as much.

Cara, where's the birthday suit????

Prowlers, which do you prefer?

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What's Under *Your* Bed?

 I saw this on Facebook this morning and it made me chuckle. Have your kids ever found something of yours that they shouldn't have?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Stupid Question and a Reasonable Answer

A comment was posted earlier today to yesterday's Do You Know.... post that was ignorant and, yes, a bit annoying.  I removed the comment (and all comments replying to it) from the post, but the ignorance part of the equation has been gnawing on me. I decided to address it in its own post, so here we are.

First, let me remind you that I very rarely remove a comment.  This is only the third time I've done it since PWK went live.  The first one was attacking a friend of mine. The second was a very rude and personal commentary on my marriage.  This was the third.

Here's the setting.  In yesterday's post, I was giving clues about my time with SNS Guy and one of the clues was "Lots of lube."

The comment was: "Lots of lube?! Not sure if you're enjoying? Normally, a woman should be able to produce natural lubricant? Your lube here is natural or applied lubricant?"

It annoyed me for several reasons, but mostly it annoyed me because of the ignorance it showed. I don't want any woman to read that comment and think that she's not normal.

First of all, the implication here is that clearly 1) a woman who uses lots of lube must not be enjoying sex, and 2) since a "normal woman" should be able to produce natural lubricant, a woman who needs or wants to supplement with additional lubricant is somehow not normal.

Let's not forget, too, that this person didn't even consider the use of lube for anal sex or manual stimulation (hand job) before jumping to an assumption of dysfunction. 

Below all of this stupidity, though, is a real issue that should be discussed and that doesn't get nearly enough space in sex blogs.


Seriously, you have no idea how hard it was for me to write that word, not because I have a problem being "a woman of a certain age," but because I know it conjures an image of old and dried up, rather than sexy and alluring. In our culture, sexy and alluring is young. Anything else is a waste of time or "not normal."

Before I go any further, let's talk about biology for a few moments. In the process of peri-menopause and menopause (yes, it's a long process, not an event), vaginal dryness resulting from hormonal changes is a completely natural condition. A woman doesn't go from dripping wet to bone dry over night. It's a process, which means that sometimes no lube is needed, sometimes only a little is needed, sometimes a lot. Some of us are dry before, but we become very wet when we cum.  Others of us don't.  Some of us don't know from day to day how our bodies will respond.

This whole thing is really confusing for men because you poor guys are used to thinking "wet means she's turned on and dry means she's not" and now the rules have changed on you.  Again. Lack of natural lubrication is not necessarily an indication of lack of interest. How will you know? I guess you'll have to actually talk to us....and pay attention for other signs.

So, to specifically answer Mr. Ignorant's questions - Yes, lots of lube. I enjoyed myself immensely.  I don't measure my sexual satisfaction or happiness by how much lubricant I use.  I would not suggest that anyone do that. As for whether or not I am a "normal" woman, I can assure you that I am physiologically normal, but in every other way, I am absolutely exceptional. I can provide references, if necessary. And regarding whether or not the lube I used was natural or applied, the answer is "both."

I've written before about the sexual differences between women of different ages. There are advantages and disadvantages to all, but all are exactly perfect and normal as they are. A 20-year old woman is supposed to be a bit naive, slippery wet, and not fully familiar with everything her own body can do yet. A 50-year old woman is supposed to have a better sexual skill set, experience some vaginal dryness, and know herself and her body well. Younger women are hardwired to be looking for strength, security, and good baby-makers. Older women are freed of those biological restraints and can look for whatever pleases them. Younger women have bodies made to attract the best baby-makers. Older women have to rely more on our other characteristics and skills, although more and more older women are keeping hot bodies well into their 60's.

Over the coming weeks, I'll post some information and comments about peri-menopause and menopause.  Gentlemen, while you may think it doesn't apply to you,  if you're married, your wife will go through it or already has. For the rest of you, you never know what an older woman can teach you. 

You should be prepared.


If you have specific questions about peri-menopause or menopause, please post them in the comments or send them to me via email.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Do you know..... hard it is not to burp, cuss, fart or scratch inappropriately for three full days?  Trust me, it's not easy.  When you go on a regular "date," you just have to hold it together for a few hours.  Anyone can do that.  That's amateur stuff. Being on your best behavior for three days puts you in the Prowling Big Leagues.

That was me over this last weekend.

SNS Guy's flight was delayed on the day we were supposed to meet, so I made the best of the time - had lunch with a friend, did some shopping, went to a movie.  When I finally picked him up at the airport, we were both tired. That's not exactly how you want to feel at that first moment. The hair and makeup which had been perfect in the morning were replaced with disheveled and droopy hair and some light circles under the eyes that were becoming more dark.  Picture wild raccoon.  Got the picture? It wasn't pretty, but it was still wonderful to see him - and he looked great. Took my breath away, to be honest. I had been waiting a while to see those kind eyes.

He was almost exactly as I expected, which is nice, isn't it? Those of you have been surprised at a first meeting will know what I mean.

He was charming, funny, a great kisser, and he treated me like a queen. There are other things he was very good at and other awesome things he did, but he asked me not to blog about the details of our time together, particularly the intimate details. Of course, I'll respect that.

I know you're disappointed because you were looking for a bunch of hot and sexy details. All I can do is give you a few cues and let your imagination do the rest of the work.

Clue: Hours and hours and hours in bed.
Clue: Candles it throughout the room.
Clue: Lots of lube.
Clue: Insatiable Kat.
Clue: Pleasurable afterglow.
Clue: Not enough sleep.
Clue: Very romantic meal(s).
Clue: Lots of physical contact.
Clue: More insatiable Kat.
Clue:  Sad goodbye.

Got the idea?

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Like a Virgin

Yes, that's exactly how I'm feeling today. Like a virgin.

No, I'm not referring to Madonna's song from the 1980's, although I do direct young women to that video as an example of what over-accessorizing and too much eye make-up look like.

I'm feeling like a virgin because I am about to do something I have never done.

I know what you're thinking.  You're thinking, "Kat!  What could that possibly be? Haven't you done everything?"

Well, close.  I've done a lot, but not this.

Tomorrow I'm meeting SNS Guy for the first time. We'll be spending some time together.

We'll be spending three days together.  Three days.

I've never spent 3 consecutive days with someone I've recently met before. I've spent a few hours lots of  times. I spent 24 hours with JJ once, but that was after we had known each other for quite a while. One full day is the longest I've ever spent with a lover.

Three days is big. It's really hard to hide anything for three days. He'll see what I look like without makeup.  He'll hear me snoring (I've been told it's a cute little snore, but it's snoring, nonetheless). He'll see how I am when I'm tired (definitely not as cute as my snoring). He'll see (and maybe join) my bathing routine. He'll learn how dependent I really am on coffee. He'll see other things that I dare not mention here.

Is nothing sacred?!?

So, why are we doing this? There are two reasons, actually.  First, he lives across the country and it doesn't  make sense to make that long trip for just a few hours. Second, a few hours won't be enough.  A day won't be enough.  Two days won't be enough. Since it will likely be months before I get to see him again, I want to get as much of him as I can. You know what I mean by "get," don't you? Taste. Enjoy. Devour. Consume. Molest. Tease. Possess. Use. Please. Worship. Adore.


I know that at the end of day 3 it will feel like 3 days was not enough, but I plan to suck as much out of those three days as possible.  Did I say "suck"? ;-)

Here's the other thing that touches me.  This extraordinary man is taking 3 days out of his life to come and see me. He's expending a substantial amount of money and time to spend time with me.


It's not just about the sex.  Trust me, this man could get all the sex he wants locally. It's not about lust.  It's about desire. And it's mutual.

So, yeah, I'm nervous. At some point over this 3 day period, he will see the real me, not just what I dress up to present to the world, but the part that is completely and naturally who I am. Will he like that woman? I've shared more with him already than I've shared with any other man, but this last part you can only know and experience in person. I feel exposed and vulnerable and I don't know how it will turn out.

Much like a virgin.