Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sex with the Presidential Candidates

I was surprised how many of you disagreed me about Mitt Romney (see Mitt Romney Turns Me On). Okay, I can live with the fact that people can have different tastes.

That got me thinking - What would the different Presidential Candidates be like in bed?

Don't roll your eyes.  You know I have an active fantasy life and, for the most part, this string of sex fantasies wasn't altogether unpleasant (except for Ron Paul; he's a "just say no" guy for me).

So, here are my thoughts on each of the candidates and what they might be like in bed.

Mitt Romney - I chuckled at Ms. I's speculation that Mitt would be the kind of guy who would cry after sex, but I disagree - and not just because he turns me on. I have met at least a dozen men like Mitt Romney - Suited up, buttoned down, straight laced, and bored to tears from being with the same woman for 30-40 years. Assuming Mitt is like these guys, even a little, he'd be very nervous for the first few minutes in the hotel room, but once he calmed down, he'd be quite the wild man, letting it all loose and willing to experiment with everything.  He'd be seriously into pleasing his partner because he secretly knew that he was hot and the lack of  excitement in bed he'd experienced for the last 40 years clearly was not about him.

And Mitt would be a talker in bed. Mostly, he'd talk about himself, but he'd be a talker nonetheless, which would inspire me to either convince him to "play the quiet game" or gag him, which  would certainly excite him into premature ejaculation.

Sex with his wife, however, is probably boring and uninspired, but he has no idea why she sometimes falls asleep during "the act."

Rick Santorum - Rick's idea of wild sex probably consists of having sex with the light on (gasp!) on top of the covers (omg!), after neatly folding and putting aside Grandma's special quilt, of course. 'Nuff said.

Newt Gingrich - Newt is a bad, bad boy with a naughty streak. Like Mitt, he probably talks during sex, but he is all about dirty talk. Because vanilla sex is boring to him after years of playing around, I picture Newt in leather and a dog collar, begging a dominatrix to tighten that ball stretcher just a little more.  He's clearly into pain and humiliation.

Ron Paul - I can imagine Ron chasing his wife around the bedroom giggling as they role play - the master of the estate and the milk maid, daddy and bad little girl, doctor and naughty nurse (wait, that one isn't role playing,is it?). It's all about the build up and foreplay for Ron, which he will drag out a long, long time even when it's clear that his partner isn't interested anymore.

Barak Obama - Barak is the kind of guy who probably checks himself out in the mirror during the act. He's very impressed with himself and he wonders if the woman he's with knows how lucky she is that he chose her to receive his magic juice. He puts much more energy into getting her into bed than he expends once he's actually there with her. It's only a matter of time before he decides that one woman can't handle all his hot-daddy-bama power and spreading the love is the only kind thing to do for the women of the nation - no, the women of the world.

To tell you the truth, none of these guys is really worth the effort,  I'll stick with JJ.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Gorean Treat

Daunt here. I don't think it's ever been mentioned on the blog, but Kat is an avid reader. When we first met her a little over a year ago, one of the things we talked about was reading. During our chats I recalled an old series of books I read in high school that were a turn on for me about the primitive world of Gor. I have a hunch our regular readers will enjoy this little excerpt I recently ran across, so without further ado here it is.

I looked at the girl, a slave, beautiful in the scant diaphanous silk I allowed her to be clothed in. She had been insolent toward Rim when he had been in shackles; laughing, teasing, mocking. That was until I released him, and gestured my head toward him. "You are his," I told her.

"No! No!" she cried and threw herself to my feet weeping, her head to my sandals. "Please Master! Please, please Master!" She looked up and saw the inflexibility in my eyes. Her lower lip trembled and she put her head down.

Rim lifted the girl to her feet by the hair, twisting her head and bending her body. "Gather together whatever you need, bells and cosmetics, and such to please my senses. Then go and prepare me a bath and food."

"Yes Master," said the girl. He twisted her hair more. She winced, her back bent painfully. "Do you wish me to submit now?" she begged.

"Do so," he said.

She fell to her knees before Rim, and lifted her head to regard him. "I will be your slave," she said. Then she knelt back on her heels, lowered her head, and lifted and extended her arms, wrists crossed as though for binding. She was a gorgeous creature, I wondered if I had been hasty in my decision. "I am your slave," she said to him, "Master."

"Go," Rim said to her.

"May a girl not beg for her name?" she asked.

He looked at her. "Cara," he said.

She had been named.

This little passage is from book 8, Hunters of Gor, and it brought a smile to my face! I am sure that none of our Prowling with Kat readers would ever want to treat our lovely Cara this way!

* I modified this passage from the book just slightly so you would not need to know as much about the story. However the gist of the event and the names of the characters are unchanged.

A $10 Hard-On

My husband is very frugal. Normally, that is a good thing. At the grocery store, it's a very good thing. In the bedroom, not so much.

Here's the story.

Like many men (and I do mean *many*), Hubby relies on assistance from Viagra from time to time. This is not a problem. But when you combine Viagra ($10 per pill) and frugality, there is a problem.

To save money, Hubby cuts the pills, not in half, but in quarters. Apparently, rock hard sex is worth $2.50 to him, but not $10. The issue is that a quarter pill doesn't always produce the desired results. In fact, the rate of "success" with a quarter pill is about the same as with no pill at all. 

I've tried using logic. "Honey, four failed attempts with quarter pills actually costs $10. What if we have sex less and go crazy with a whole pill instead?"

Logic didn't work.

I've tried extra foreplay, giving it more time to work and making the whole event as hot as possible.

Extra foreplay didn't work.

I've tried fantasy, showing him naughty photos of Cara and talking him through a nasty three way scene.

Fantasy didn't work.

I've tried peer pressure mixed with shame, telling him that "Cara would want you to take the whole pill."

That didn't work, either.

Finally, last week I figured it out. When we went to bed, I took off all my clothes and cuddled up next to him. Then I handed him a $10 bill. "What's this for?" he asked. "I'd like to buy a $10 hard-on, please."

FYI - A $10 hard-on rocks!!!!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

On Becoming a "Mature" Woman

A few days ago I corresponded with one of our readers. He emailed and we struck up an email conversation that eventually turned into a phone call.

We talked about lots of things, but one of the things that struck me was that, as we were talking about sexual exploration, he commented that it's not common for people my age to be so open about that sort of thing.

My age?

He's 31. I'm 47.

Don't misunderstand. He wasn't insulting me at all. He was helping me and providing some valuable insight for my business. Well, not when we were talking about sex, but that's where the conversation ended up - business.

It finally occurred to me that 31 year olds look at 47 year olds as "old." Yes, virtually 50. {sigh} And when I remember back to when I was 30-31, I did the same thing. I assumed that sex at 47 must be very sad , a poor reflection of the hot sex I was having at 30.

If I could go back and speak with 31 year old Kat about the matter, I would tell her that she has no idea how amazing sex in her mid-late 40's is going to be, and that the sex she's having in her early 30's is like spaghetti without sauce or nachos without jalapenos. Not bad, but nothing as tasty as it will be later.

At 47, I am much less inhibited than I was at 31 (and I wasn't very inhibited then). I have an appetite for new and different things, and I'm much less concerned about how I will perceived than I was 16 years ago. I have a true sense of who I am and what I want. At 31, I would have said that I did, but I had no idea how much more of me was yet to be discovered by me.

Without question, the best sex of my life has been in my 40's. I am certain that 20 or 30 year old Kat would never have believed it would be possible.

I remember my aunt telling me that a woman really comes into her own in her 40's and that the 40's may possibly be the most exciting time of a woman's life. At this stage of my life, I would agree with her, but I'm kind of interested in what the 50's will bring. Many of the limits that used to be placed on women have been pushed aside and our lives are, for the most part, more within our control.

The problem is that we tend to give that control away, or trade it away for security, safety, sometimes "love." If we can avoid giving it all away, incredible experiences await us.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Light Bondage Anyone?

Lying in the center of the bed Madison’s eyes look up at me expectantly. I reach down and grab her wrist. As I do so, I recall the conversation we had recently.

“You didn’t tell me about that Toy Review you did Daunt!”

“Well, I’m sorry, it was the last blog post I had published right after you had contacted me again. I just assumed you had read it”, I reply.

Madison laughs. “Well after I read your review I clicked on the link to EdenFantasys and I found something... and I ordered it!”, she teased.

A grin spreads across my face. “Oh really?”

“YES! They were pink, my favorite color, and I just had to have them! Pink cuffs with tethers!

Wow! My heart skips a beat. Playing with a little bondage was something that had always sounded exciting to me, but I had never really done it; and from our discussions neither had Madison. Could I go through with this? Would it meet her expectations? I decide to play it cool and answer, “Oooh THAT could be fun...”

I look down at Madison, her piercing blue eyes are wide as they search my face; a lopsided smile tugs at the corner of her mouth. I smile back at her as I wrap the pink cuff around her wrist and fasten the Velcro strap. Grabbing the tether attached to the cuff, I pull her arm up and tie it to the headboard.

Madison gives an experimental tug. A nervous laugh escapes her involuntarily. “Wow... this thing really has my arm good...”

I walk around to the other side of the bed. Madison’s eyes follow, then her head turns. The half grin pulls tighter on her face as I loop the second cuff around her wrist and tie its tether to the headboard.

Madison’s breasts rise and she takes a breath then she pulls on both wrists. The Velcro crackles as it tightens and a thrum can be heard as the tethers attached to the cuffs go taut. “Suddenly I’m not sure about this...” More giddy laughter. “What are you going to do?”

I allow my eyes to roam her naked body, thighs, belly, breasts, face. Half lidded, my eyes lock on to hers. “Oh, I have plans for you.”

I reach out to the nightstand, gather the blindfold and show it to her. Her breathing quickens as I cover her eyes stretching the elastic band behind her head. With an unsure giggle she asks, “Really? I’m not going to be able to see either?”, but I don’t reply. I step away from Madison and admire her. I watch the rise and fall of her breasts with her breathing. She turns her head a little as if straining to listen.

Deciding to build a little more anticipation I speak. “Madison, I need to get something. I’ll be right back.” I step to the door and open it allowing the outside noise to flood the room. After a moment I close the door allowing her to believe I’ve left the room. I would never really leave her tied to a bed alone, but I thought the illusion may be exciting for her. She moves her head and pulls on the cuffs again. Her legs shift nervously. After a couple more minutes I mimic returning. Again the door opens filling the room with noise, then closes.

“What did you go get?”, Madison asks.

I don’t answer allowing her mind to wander. Is it Daunt? Oh, god, is it someone else? No, he wouldn’t do that to me, but what is he doing? How do I know it’s him? What if someone else came in and he doesn’t know?

Zzzzzziiiippp.The sound of a zip-lock bag opening breaks the silence. Madison’s head quickly turns toward me as I draw forth the mink fur glove. Her head cocks as she hears the crinkle of plastic as I put the bag away. Slipping the glove onto my hand I step toward her placing my bare hand on her thigh. Her body goes rigid, hands snapping forward only to be caught by the cuffs. She takes a quick ragged breath. I lay my mink gloved hand lightly on her chest above her breast, then slowly slide it down her body. “Mmmmmmm, what IS that?”, she purrs. I glide the glove over her body, circling her breasts, lightly brushing it between her thighs, teasing her occasionally by pulling it away. Appearing of its own volition Madison’s body strains toward the the glove desiring its touch.

Soon it is clear that Madison has completely relaxed having given over herself to the erotic sensations of mink gracing her skin. I put the glove away and slide my bare hand up her thigh. She tenses slightly as my fingers slip into her wetness. I curl my fingers upward and begin to massage her G-spot. I feel her shudder as I place a vibrator against her clit. Soon her hips begin to rhythmically rock. From inside her pussy I can feel the tension building within her. She begins to gasp as if straining for breath. She convulses, knuckles white as her arms strain against the cuffs. Moaning loudly in an almost shriek, her orgasm takes her.

Once her shudders have subsided I lift the blindfold from her eyes. “Are you still with me?”, I ask.

“Oh god yes!”, she replies.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

JJ's New Blog and Other Places to Find Us

JJ finally jumped in with both feet and started his own blog: JJ Loves Kat! We'll both be posting there and it will give you a chance to see a side of us that you don't see here (although there will be sex there, too, of course!). JJ's blog is brand new so expect the bells and whistles to appear over the next couple of weeks, but the first posts are already up.  Go take a look, and follow!

You may or my not know that I also have a FetLife account (look for shackledkat; friend me and I'll friend you back). I'm fairly new to FetLife, but I've decided to do my personal journaling there. If you're interested in following along, join me over at FetLife.

Don't forget that you can find both DauntlessD and I on Twitter:

Finally, if you want to reach us by email, just click on our names over on the sidebar (right under the Most Popular Posts of the Last 30 Days) and you'll be sent to our profiles where you'll see an email link.  We'd love to hear from you!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

JJ's Good Morning Email to Kat

When I checked my email this morning, this was in my inbox from JJ. After I recovered from the flood of memories and lust, I asked him if I could share it with all of you. Happily, he agreed. If you haven't figured it out yet, after you read this, you'll know one of the reasons why I find JJ irresistible.


I've already been up for a few hours.  Sleep has somehow eluded me tonight.  So, I prepared for my business trip and downloaded a ton of files to my iPad, all the while wishing I was curled up naked next to you.  Letting my hands wander over your body, caressing you as you sleep.  Gently kissing the back of your neck and softly pressing my growing cock against your backside.  Hoping the sensation of me swelling against you will cause you to awaken.

You pull your legs up into a fetal position, I'm still not sure if you're awake.  But as you move, my cock gently slides in between you.  I let myself rest there nestled in the crack of your ass.  You shift your body and the head of my cock is now pressing against your asshole.  You turn your head towards me and ask "Is this what you want Lover?".  You slowly, methodically press back and onto me, the precum has been seeping out of me and has you ready to accept me. 

I push forward slowly and I can see the head of my cock disappear into you.  You tighten as your body is fighting against you.  I wait for you to surrender and then I push inward, the tightening starts again and I wait.  I pull back just a little and I can feel you start to relax.  I take one arm and wrap it around you and then push deeper into you.  This time, there is no tightening, I slide slowly in and out in long calculated thrusts.  I love this feeling and I want to savor every second of it. 

You start to purr as excitement overtakes me and I start fucking you more forcefully, each thrust faster and deeper than the one before.  I stop at one point, fully embedded inside you just to feel the sensation of being connected to you.  My cock throbs yearning to release its hot, creamy load deep inside you.  I pull back and drive myself into you with abandon.  The carnal need to release is overtaking me.  I stop worrying about how it feels, I just need to cum! 

I fuck your ass as hard and as deep as I can, each thrust bringing me closer to the inevitable.  I feel the tightening begin in my groin, like a spring winding up, and then the sensation starts. I push into you almost frantically as I feel the electricity flowing through me. It races through my body exiting through my cock in the form of one huge spurt of cum after another.  I continue pumping my cock into you until every last drop has been transferred from me to you. 

Then I slowly slide out, kiss the back of your neck and whisper "Good morning".

Mitt Romney Turns Me On

I was laying in bed with Hubby last night watching the Republican presidential debate, assessing the candidates as a good American is supposed to do when, all of a sudden, I started looking at Mitt Romney a little differently.

First, let me set the stage for you. Normally, presidential debates air at 5:00 or 6:00 p.m. PST, but last night the west coast could only get access through the recorded version on NBC at 9:00.  I suppose I could have watched the streaming version online, but I was busy with other tasks like cooking, helping kids with homework, etc.

Anyway, when I realized it was coming on at 9:00 p.m. I groaned.  Why?  Because 9:00 - 11:00 p.m. is prime "adult time" in our home. That's the time when Hubby and I retire to our room for some naughty business, or reading, or whatever (assuming we're not out on the town, of course).

To be blunt, I was annoyed because I was very horny and the debate was weaseling its way into my fucking time.

Because I am a creative gal, I decided that we were just going to have to "do it" while the debate was on. So, after the kids were all tucked in, we got settled in bed and the debate was already underway.

I scooched over toward Hubby and started kissing his neck - my very subtle signal that I want some "special mommy and daddy time." He didn't move.  So I started kissing my way down his chest.  His eyes remained glued to the TV. I slid my hand under his pajama pants and started stroking him.

"But the debate is on," he said.

"Yes, I am well aware of that," I replied as I started sucking his cock.

"But we're going to miss some of it," he said, halfheartedly.

I sucked a couple more strokes and then stopped long enough to say, "We can keep it on, and I DVR'd it anyway," and I got back down to business.

It didn't take long for him to be fully hard and less interested in the debate that what was happening in bed.

He put his hand on the back of my head, both petting and guiding me. I tried to block out the boys on TV and focus on the rhythm and the nice cock in front of me, but it was difficult with Mitt and Newt calling each other names. I'd feel Hubby get close to coming, then I'd pull back a bit, slow down, loosen my grip.  We played that game for a few minutes until I decided it was time to try something different.

I climbed on top of Hubby, facing away from him, and straddled him, reverse cowgirl style. He slid inside me slowly and easily.  I sat up straight and started rocking forward and back, side to side.  Slow, full hip movements. I closed my eyes and reached a hand down between my legs to play with my clit while I rode him. I felt a little shudder almost immediately. I started playing with a nipple with the other hand.

I was ready for this long before we came into the bedroom, so I knew it wasn't going to take me long to come, which is why reason why I started off by giving him some head.  I wanted it to last a little bit longer for him.

I was getting close to coming.  I opened my eyes. That's when I saw him.

Mitt Romney.

He was talking and looking straight at the camera and, as a result, right at me. He was saying something about how he was not going to apologize for being successful.  I felt a surge of pleasure and I pinched my nipple harder.

Then things got fuzzy for me and I focused completely on what I was doing. I heard Hubby moaning as I started to shake.  I stopped moving and arched my back, pushing down and enjoying the tremors in my pussy and the shudder that swept over the rest of me.  Hubby was enjoying it, too.  I felt his cock pulsating inside me as he came. I heard him groaning in pleasure.

Then I closed my eyes and allowed the feeling to linger a bit, until I heard Ron Paul talking.  At that point, I was grateful that I had already come because if I hadn't, that would have killed it for me.

A minute or so later, I rolled off of Hubby and collapsed next to him, still breathing hard, and absentmindedly traced my finger along his thigh while I refocused on the debate.

I saw Mitt smiling again, flirting with the camera. He is such a good looking man.  It occurred to me that if I met him on AM, I would be all over that man.  Think about it. He's Hubby's age, so he's not too old, and he definitely does not look his age. He's got that greying at the temples look that I love.  He's committed to his marriage.  He travels frequently. He has plenty of financial resources, so who pays for the room will never be an issue. Did I mention that he's gorgeous?

As I relaxed in the afterglow of a very nice pleasure session with Hubby, I started feeling a little tingle between my legs again as I watched Mitt and imagined what he might be like in bed.

Yes, now it's definitely true. Mitt Romney turns me on.


Over the next few weeks, I'll be posting a series about the presidential candidates.  Topics include:

The Republican Presidential Candidates in Bed
Mitt Romney's AM Profile
Newt Gingrich's AM Profile
Rick Santorum's AM Profile
Ron Paul's AM Profile
Barak Obama's AM Profile

We simply can't let an election year pass without having at least a little fun with it, can we?

Monday, January 23, 2012

Soccer Mom x 2

I was reminded that I promised to post a Soccer Mom photo this weekend.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to do it.  You know what that means?  The rules are that if I fail to post a photo when promised, you get two!

(I make up the rules here, and I like this one. Don't you?)

Be sure to comment and let Soccer Mom know you appreciate her. :-)


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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dreaming of You

I'm laying in bed in the middle of the day,  eyes closed, thinking of you. As I remember your smile, your eyes, and your presence, I relax. I imagine reaching out to you and touching your shoulders, leaning closer to you - close enough to breathe your scent in deeply. I relax even more, imagining your arms slipping around me.

I help you take off your shirt. You pull off my blouse and unhook my bra quickly. My nipples harden instantly when they touch your chest. I try not to let my gasp become audible, but it's no use. You smile and kiss me.

I breathe you in- inhaling as you exhale, exhaling as you inhale. Needing you. Wanting you.

I feel your hand sliding between my legs, and I slide my hand between my legs as I lay on my bed. I imagine that moment when you first touch my clit and I touch myself, releasing the spark of electricity that had been building up. I gasp into your mouth, and you begin to circle my clit with your finger.

I hold onto you with one hand to steady myself. With the other, I fumble with your pants until I can reach in to feel your cock. A growl escapes from me when I realize that you're rock hard. Now I don't just want you; I crave you. I have to have you. I need you.

I've pushed off the covers now and spread my legs, rubbing my clit harder and pinching a nipple with my other hand.

In my imaginary encounter with you, I'm starting to get close to orgasm. I try to break from our kiss to beg you to fuck me, but you grab the hair on the back of my head and force me back to your mouth. I moan, both in protest and pleasure. As I start to shake, I'm begging you as we kiss, moaning into your mouth. You tighten your grip on my hair, making me squeal, taking my attention away from my pussy for a second, long enough to push that orgasm back for a few more seconds.

But here in my room,  on my bed, I have already come once and my hand is drenched with my own juices. But I don't stop, I want more.

In my mind, you pull your hand away from my pussy. I try to object but the sharp pain of your hand pulling my hair roughly as you pull me across the room distracts me.  You put your hand on the back of my neck and bend me over the desk. I feel you pulling off my pants and panties just before you kick my legs apart.

I comply, not even trying to stand up or resist you. I hear you undressing the rest of the way behind me and I grab onto the edges of the desk, knowing what you're about to do.

But you stop. You slide your hands up and down my back very slowly as you rub your hardness against me. I can feel my wetness literally dripping down my inner thigh as your cock becomes drenched.

I feel the tip against me, just positioned there. Then you stop again. You tell me to back onto you. I press back, taking you inside me. I exhale an audible groan of....pleasure? No, relief....relief that you've finally given me what I need.

Then you tell me to move. Just one word, move. I know what you want and I start moving forward and back taking your cock in and then moving off it, not completely, but just until only the head is inside. Then I press back again. I keep moving at a steady pace while you stand still behind me. I wonder if I'm pleasing you, and then **SLAP**. You bring your hand down hard on my ass, making me  jump and squeal.

You sternly tell me to fuck you harder, to show you that I'm your slut.  I nod my head yes and start moving faster. Within 30 seconds I start to come. I ask your permission and try to wait for you. I bite my lip. I ask again, still fucking you. Then I start begging, shaking , knowing I can't wait.

I hear you laugh when I start telling you that I'm sorry. I come hard, almost against my will, but as soon as I do, before I'm done, you pull out. I scream in protest and start to stand, but you roughly push me down again.

Before I can look back at you I feel you driving your hard cock into my ass. Mmmmm... I relax and let my body feel you, breathing deeply to minimize the pain, trying not to pull away, knowing you want me to accept you however you want to take me. I feel the orgasm still rippling through my body as you grab my hips and pull me back onto you as you thrust harder and harder. I grip the desk, loving the feel of the way you are using me, violating me so hard now that you're lifting my feet slightly off the ground with each thrust.

You finally drive deep and hold. I hear you groan and I feel your cock pulsate as you come. I squeeze you, holding you inside me after you let go of my hips.

In my room, I'm coming again, imagining the feel of you, the smell of sex filling the room. I moan loudly, feeling my body tense and then relax slowly as the pleasure washes over me.

I open my eyes, alone in my room. You're gone, but I can still feel you. I drift off to sleep for a nap knowing I'll dream of you and be with you again.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lady in a Ribbon of Red

Someone who loves her very much made this pretty red scarf for Cara.  I think she likes it, don't you?

Isn't she stunning?

Newt Gingrich and Open Marriage

Well, well, well....

It seems that Newt Gingrich's second wife, Marianne, is reporting to the world that Newt came to her about 12 years ago asking for an open marriage.  He told her that he wanted to stay married to her and continue his affair with the woman who later became wifey number three.

Let me stop here and say that I'm putting my political opinion of Newt aside for this discussion, and I hope you can, too.

I am very interested, however, in how it will be handled by all of the folks who screamed that Bill Clinton's affair with Monica had no impact on his ability to lead or his moral judgement (but we did learn that he really pays attention to the definition of words, didn't we?).

Of course, we knew that Newt's definition of "family values" was a bit interesting already.  He married one of his high school teachers.  Then he cheated on her with Marianne and eventually married Marianne.  Okay, we also know that Marianne is not very bright because their relationship started with him cheating with her and then she expected that he would remain faithful to her for the rest of his life.  He had already demonstrated that he was a cheater. She had already given tacit approval and understanding of the fact that Newt was not a one woman man.

Ohhhhh......I'll bet she thought she could change him. Hahahahahahahahahaha.

But don't you have just a little, teeny tiny bit of support for the fact that he told her the truth and asked for what he really wanted? Then she had the option of staying or leaving.  She chose the latter. I can tell you from personal experience that it takes a certain amount of courage to look your spouse of many years in the eye and ask for an open marriage.  It's scary.  It's difficult to do.

Ok, it's a bit troubling that he was having this affair at the same time that he was trying to get Clinton impeached, but does it really shock you that a politician would have a double standard?

Sadly, such a thing has become the norm.

I think this news will actually make some people like him more because he even had the courage to discuss open marriage with his formerly-other-woman wife. Others will point at the hypocrisy and like him less.  Some will not have any change in opinion - they either like him or don't and this news doesn't matter.

What say you, Prowlers? Does this news make you like him more (even a little, regardless of whether you like him overall or plan to vote for him), like him less, or does it not change your opinion of him at all?

Vote below, and feel free to leave a comment in our main comments section.  I really want to hear your thoughts.


Don't worry. The new Cara pic is coming very shortly. ;-)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

More Kat Keywords

Every now and then it's fun to stroll through Google Analytics and take note of some of the...uh....interesting keywords that some of y'all have used to find us here at PWK.

There are definitely some themes.  Check out these keywords that appear in the top 20:

Fisting story
Double fisting
Fisting stories
Double fist

Not much further down the list is "lifted while fisting." Of the top 100 keywords, 21 are related to fisting.

Got it.  You guys like fisting.  What a coincidence! I do, too!

You're also into anal sex, at least according to the keyword oracle:

Anal sex
+Kat +anal +gape
Backdoor sexual activity
Anal fisting

And my favorite of the anal-related keywords:

Are there women that love pain during anal sex?

Answer: Yes.  Next question, please.

There were several related to "deer antler velvet," too.  If you don't know what that's about, check out DauntlessD's post on that (Deer Antler Velvet).

Then there are the ones that make me raise an eyebrow, either in interest or disgust (can you guess which are which?):

Horse penis in pussy
I send my husband to work and get naked for my lovers to come and fuck me confessions stories
Nymphomaniac married woman
"With * son" -bitch "became sexual" "his * penis or prick or woody or cock or erection or stiffy or genitals or peter or winkie or phallus or thingy"  (Seriously?  Winkie???)

The most popular keyword used to find us?

Prowling with Kat (not to mention the 50 or so variations on Kat, ShackledKat, etc.)

However you found us, I'm so glad you're here!

P.S. Tomorrow I'm going to post a stunning photo of Cara.  Don't miss it!  And this weekend you'll see more of SoccerMom. Mmmmm......

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I should warn you.  Infidelity rarely ends well. It almost always ends in heartache.

I'm referring to affairs here, not one night stands that are just about sex.  I'm talking about real relationships in which you come to care about each other.  Sometimes it's love; sometimes it's not, but it usually ends badly nonetheless.

I used to say it always ends badly, but there are a few very rare exceptions, so I can't be so absolute anymore.  There's the rare case when the affair turns into a friendship and that friendship lasts for a long time.

But that's about it.

The usual scenario?  Pick one:
  1. One or both spouses find out about the affair and there is a lot of pain and anguish.  Sometimes divorce ensues. The best case scenario is that feelings are hurt. The worst is that someone kills someone else in a jealous rage. Both of these are extremes. Divorce and/or a long period of painful rebuilding are closer to the norm.
  2. Spouses don't find out, but one or both of the cheaters decides to stop cheating or moves on to another lover.
  3. One or both of you are filled with guilt, which is no fun at all and usually leads to scenario #2 (above).
  4. Fill in the blank with any one of many tragic endings - disease, death, etc.
I wish I could tell you that post-affair heartache goes away quickly, but I can't. I'm learning first hand that rebuilding a marital relationship when an affair has been discovered is a long process.

As for heartache, I'm still heartbroken about Webcam Guy who cut off all communication with me months ago, even though the relationship had transitioned to a friendship level several months before. I didn't see it coming and I don't think I could have prepared myself for it if I had. I still miss him.

Now that I have thoroughly depressed you, you may be wondering, "Why is Kat telling us this?"

I want you to go into it with your eyes open, if you go into it at all.  You read about the up-side of infidelity here a lot, but it's not all sunshine and roses. An affair is a relationship just like other relationships, except that it's much more complicated and the potential for hurting others is much higher.

That said, is it worth it?

That depends on what you're willing to risk.

My answer is - Absolutely! I wouldn't trade away a single moment with some of the extraordinary people I've met. I've built a life that reaches beyond the borders of the conventional.  I've risked a lot, and I've gained a lot. I appreciate my husband in a way I never would have if I had made different choices. I'm not tortured with thoughts of "what if?" and "the road not taken."

I've shared before that one of the things I was looking for when I cheated the very first time was to feel something.  Anything.  My life had become black and white and I was dying for some color. I have always loved my husband, but the feeling of being penned in and isolated by my marriage was suffocating me.  I needed to breathe.

I got exactly what I asked for. I got some room to breathe. I have become much less isolated.  I've made some great friends. I've experienced some mind-blowing sex.  I've fallen in love. 

And I've had my heart broken.

Both the pain and the joy in my life are deeper and more textured. My life is no longer black and white.

I didn't know what I was getting into the first time, but since then I have known exactly what I was reaching for - and risking.  I chose to live out loud, so to speak, to experience life along a different path than many other people, to be judged by others. I chose my marriage - and more.

In order to get the rich taste out of life, I also chose the heartache.


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Monday, January 16, 2012

Occupational Hazard

Well you're in for a treat! This is one of those rare moments when a mistake results in something good! I have put a fair amount of effort in keeping my identity private, mom would be a little shocked after all, but *poof* just like that my cover was blown when one day in a rush I sent an email from the wrong account. Lucky for me it was isolated. Even more lucky for me they liked what they found. AND lucky for you one of them wanted to contribute! My friend, Dusky Dawn, has written a delicious little fantasy. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Excitement coursed through my body like surges of white-hot, sensual lightning. The raw power of passion and intrigue had my every nerve feeling raw and exposed. I felt as though any casual observer could see the sparks of desire flying off my skin as if I were from some B-rate sci-fi movie. I had long fantasized about this moment, played it out a million ways in the privacy of my mind, and now it was finally happening and my head was spinning, trying to keep up. I wanted to “be” in the moment, to savor every touch, every new sensation, but I also wanted to commit every second to memory to be lingered over later; indulged in over and over. Who knew if I would ever stumble upon this once in a lifetime opportunity ever again? As the saying goes, “lightning only strikes once,” or some such thing.

I reflected back on where this began. I was in my massage room, where I spent the better part of each day as a Massage Therapist. The candlelight flickered, dancing on the walls in an erotic peach glow. The music quietly wove its way into my conscience, teasing my senses and eliciting an undercurrent of romance and sweetness where previously had only been the carnal, sexual energy of base, primal urges as old as time itself. The scents of lavender and Arnica, thick and heady, beguiled my senses as I warmed the oil in my heated palms. The client on my table could have been anyone. She, face-down and unaware of the sexual tension threatening to boil over in me at any moment, was in her own blissful world of relaxation and not a part of my equation in any way. And yet, as much as she personally did not contribute to my sexual effervescence, her body was a conduit for my roiling thoughts. As I ran my warmed, oiled hands down the length of her olive-skinned, tight, toned body, my thoughts ran to the events that had taken place the previous evening.

It started out innocently enough. As we did many nights, my friend Jenna and I stopped by our friend Scott’s for drinks after work. We had each dated him at one time or another; somehow we all managed to remain friends in spite of it. Eventually, several drinks into the evening, we made our way out to the hot tub. The summer night was full of promise and intrigue; the stars winked their approval overhead. As we sat, laughing, drinks in hand, Scott began to run his foot up my long, smooth leg. I chanced a look at him from beneath lowered lashes, and then quickly sneaked a look at Jenna. She was unaware of what he was doing under cover of darkness and water. His foot was now stroking my inner thigh. “Scott!” Jenna squealed. Apparently she was receiving the same treatment. Emboldened by a mixture of liquid courage and the intoxicating scent of night-blooming jasmine hanging thickly in the balmy summer air, I moved over to Jenna’s side of the hot tub. Looking Scott dead in the face, I leaned in and began to kiss Jenna. Although caught off-guard, she kissed me back, her wet hand sliding up my neck and finding its way into my long, dark hair. I watched as Scott froze in place – shocked and more than a little turned on. His face, now looking a bit pained, drained of all color. I made sure he could see my tongue tracing the shape of Jenna’s lower lip, and slowly I pulled the purple triangle of her bikini top aside to reveal a very full, perfectly shaped, perky breast graced with a dark pink, hard nipple. I grazed her nipple with my long, French-manicured nails, and measured the weight of that beautiful breast in my hand.

I heard a low moan and the sound brought me back from my reverie. My hands were methodically kneading the tension away from my client’s tight shoulders, and I realized that her sounds of pleasure and release had been cleverly intertwined in my thoughts. As my oiled, talented hands moved down to the gentle slope of her low back, which curved into her magnificently rounded ass, my thoughts slipped back to the kiss I had shared with my friend Jenna.

Jenna and I had never talked in advance about what we were now doing. Later, we discovered we had each had our own fantasies, and in this moment, we were experimenting with something we had only done in our dreams. Jenna’s mouth trailed hot kisses against my cool, wet skin, making it’s way to my breasts. She pulled aside my bathing suit top and greedily took my cold, hard nipple into her hot mouth. My head fell back in ecstasy. My eyes involuntarily fluttered closed. Her hand closed over my other bared breast. ”Quite a hand full,” she giggled sexily. I felt warm breath against my neck. Scott’s stubble from a day’s growth was teasing my skin as he began to kiss behind my ear and down my exposed throat. I fought for a coherent thought. When did he make his way over from his previously voyeuristic position, I hazily wondered. Jenna’s hand had made it’s way south. She gently teased the apex of my thighs, applying slight pressure to my clit through my suit. My back arched, pressing my mound into her willing hand. The sensations I was experiencing were building so fast I felt as if I was cresting the top of a mile-high roller coaster. As Jenna slipped her fingers past my suit and into the slick folds of my eager pussy, I heard another groan, realizing this time it was me. My hand flailed, grasping for purchase, finding the side of the hot tub, as Jenna’s fingers slid in and out of me. I was pulsing, aching for release. Scott moved closer to me, pressing his bucking cock against my thigh. My hand slid into the water, and as if by memory, wrapped around him and began to remind him of my many skills. Jenna whispered throatily in my ear, “I love how you shave your pussy....it’s ssssoooo smooth.”

Scott changed positions again, now sitting on the edge of the hot tub, his legs spread, feet resting on the step below. I shifted so that I was between his legs, and Jenna was behind me. I lowered my lips onto his cock, taking him deep in my mouth. He groaned, unable to contain himself. His hands were on my breasts, expertly rolling my nipples between his fingers. Jenna continued her ministrations to my pussy. Suddenly, she squeezed the underside of my ass cheek, near my pussy with her other hand. This was my undoing. With my mouth full, I groaned deep in my throat, a low, guttural release, as over the edge I went, pulsing throbbing, every muscle in my body spasming in glorious release. Simultaneously, Scott moaned, pulsing, releasing into my mouth his hot juices.

“Ohhhh yeaaaaah!” My petite little massage client murmured, stretching like a cat waking from a nap. “THAT was incredible!” She exclaimed. “You always know exactly what I need. That’s why I only come for...I mean, TO, you,” she said, a bit sheepishly. “I will DEFINITELY be back next week!”

And I, will try to focus more on you next time, I thought guiltily to myself.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday Serial - Awakening

Saturday Serial is about Danny (me) where I use experiences in my own life to create a fictional on-going story. It is a bit of an experiment, but I've been enjoying it and I hope you do too. To start at the beginning read Morning Heartache, to read the previous Saturday Serial post read A Tenuous Step Forward. For a listing of all the Saturday Serial posts go here, All DauntlessD.

Since it has been a while since my last Saturday Serial post I think a re-cap is in order. Danny, a character loosely based on me, is a man struggling to find himself. He is married, a bit naive, has a typical mundane job and is finding himself sinking into a depression. Unhappiness driving him, he joins a locally based online community called Red Light Underground. Enjoying the different types of people he had met via the online forums and chat, Danny decides to attend an impromptu meet and greet at a local bar.


The man at the entrance of the bar looks expectantly at Danny as he fumbles for his wallet. He removes his ID and hands it to him. With a cursory glance the man hands the ID back waiving him inside. Danny walks forward and the noise from the band gets louder. The end of the hallway opens up to the bar. Danny scans the room, in the far corner a small stage is setup where the band is playing. Old movie theater stenciled lettering above the stage says, Playing Tonight: Hometown Hicks. The decor is a rustic light cowboy theme, but the people milling about are all types and ages.

Danny continues scanning the room. His friends from Red Light Underground were supposed to meet near the pool tables. Spotting the tables he continues forward, each step making him feel more anxious than the last. At a corner of one of the tables a man plainly, but neatly dressed in a t-shirt and jeans has a small group of people around him. Stepping around the pool table Danny finds that the man has long hair braided into a ponytail nearly reaching his belt; a woman tenuously reaches out to touch it. Upon nearing the man he overhears the conversation being held.

"Oh, so you are Loco Marty! It's so fun to finally meet you." a smiling blond woman says addressing the man with the braid.

Danny smiles, so this is Loco Marty, the administrator and owner of Red Light Underground. Well, I guess I've found who I'm looking for. Danny walks up to the small group and waits for a chance to introduce himself to Marty.

"Loco Marty, I'm Paos Yrovi, good to meet you", Danny says.

Marty shakes Danny's hand and laughs. "Wow man, you're nothing like I thought you'd look. Good to meet you too. Hey, meet some of the others", he nods toward the blond woman who had just met him. "This is Luscious, this guy over here is Stryder, and the lady next to you is Bunny. That guy shooting pool is Ice Man and the dude with him is Doc J."

Danny enjoys meeting everyone and with the ensuing chit-chat his anxiety begins to subside. He looks over at Doc J. Doc was one of the people he was very much looking forward to meeting, one of the people he had befriended, but hadn't met in person yet. Politely excusing himself he walks over to Doc J. "Doc J, how are you buddy!" Danny allows him to stare blankly at him a moment before continuing, "I'm Paos Yrovi."

"Wow man, it's great to meet you!" Doc J replies slapping Danny on the shoulder, "So have you met some of the others?"

"Yeah, I just met Loco Marty, Luscious, Stryder and Bunny."

"Luscious?" Doc questions eyebrows raising.

"Oh, you haven't seen her yet I take it." Danny chuckles, "Well, I don't think you'll be disappointed pal, she's cute." Doc's eyes look out to where Danny is pointing. "The blond over there next to Marty."

Doc's eyes widen. "Oooh, I definitely have to meet her, but I think I'll need a little more liquid courage first." Doc takes the last swallow from a beer he's holding, "Can I get you something? What'cha drinkin'?"

"What ever beer you're drinking is fine thanks," Danny replies.

Doc begins to head toward the bar then turns back suddenly with a sly grin. "Dude, Peechee is here! You going to introduce yourself?"

Danny's anxiety suddenly wells up. "Seriously? I thought she wasn't going to be able to make it because she couldn't figure out a way to sneak away from her husband."

"Well she's here man, if you're going to make sure I meet Luscious, then you're meeting Peechee buddy." Doc chuckles, turns and continues toward the bar.

"So did I hear that right, you're Paos Yrovi?"

Danny looks around and finds Ice Man addressing him. Ice Man is dressed in a preppy fashion, white tennis shoes, jeans and a collared pull-over shirt. He is thin and in good shape; he has the build of someone who cycles frequently.

Danny's mouth pulls into an amused half smile. "Yeah, that's me," he replies extending a hand.

Ice Man accepts the hand shake, then scans the various people around the bar. "I'm better looking than most of these guys", he grumbles, "why is it none of the girls seem interested in me..."

After chatting for a couple of minutes Danny finds himself disliking Ice Man; he just seems to exude the vibe of an arrogant prick. Thankfully Doc is back pushing a beer into his hand.

"Thanks for the beer Doc", Danny says, "hey, you wanna shoot some pool?"

"You bet!" Doc replies stuffing quarters into the pool table.

Four beers and two games of pool later Danny and Doc are enjoying their camaraderie and tolerating Ice Man. Abruptly Doc stands tall. "Alright, I'm ready. It's time," he declares, "time to meet Luscious."

"Well, she's right over there." Danny points to the edge of the small dance floor in front of the band. Doc winks and walks toward her. Danny watches as they begin to chat. He sees Doc motion toward him and then he has her in tow returning to the pool tables.

"Hey guys," Doc says, "Luscious is going to shoot pool with us. Luscious, that's Paos Yrovi, but I guess you already met him, and that's Ice Man"

They start another game of eight-ball. Danny smiles as Doc and Luscious seem to be hitting it off. Ice Man lamely tries to flirt with Luscious a few times. At first she is polite, then she begins to simply ignore him. Finally Ice Man leaves the bar in a frustrated huff. "I'm better looking, what the hell is wrong with these women!" he grumbles as he stomps off. Danny and Doc look at each other and burst into laughter.

"Alright pal, it's your turn. You need to go meet Peechee" Doc says with a grin.

Danny's nerves flair anew, but clearly their dulled by the alcohol. "Okay, lets do it," he replies.

Doc leads them over to where some people are shooting darts, "Peechee!" he calls. A woman looks up, her face framed with dark shoulder length hair. Doc waves her over, she's followed by another woman of similar height with short blond hair. Doc clears his throat. "Peechee, meet Paos Yrovi." Danny watches as Peechee's face turns toward him, her eyes meeting his. She smiles warmly and suddenly Danny finds himself feeling awkward and tongue tied.

"I'm SO glad to have a chance to meet you Paos!" Peechee gushes.

Doc looks over at Danny grinning evilly enjoying watching him struggle for words, then he comes to the rescue. "Hey Peechee, why don't you come shoot some pool with us."

"I'd love to! Hey guys this is my sister Julie," she says indicating the blond woman next to her with short hair, "Do you want to come Julie?"

"No, I'm going to hang out with my friends over here and shoot darts," Julie replies, "but it was nice meeting you all." She then makes a point of catching Danny's eye and smiles. Danny smiles in return but finds it curious.

Back at the pool table Danny finally begins loosening up. Peechee is attractive and a joy to be with. Even though this is the first time he had seen her, he had already grown to like her from chatting and emailing on Red Light Underground. He watches her take her next shot and is enjoying the view when the band starts another set. Suddenly Peechee looking up at him tugging on his hand.

Peechee exclaims, "Oh I love this song! Let's go dance!"

"Oh... I... uhh," Danny stutters.

"Oh just come on!" Peechee interupts and Danny allows himself to be pulled to the dance floor.

Danny initially feels embarrassed and clumsy, but quickly is smiling and having fun with Peechee. They dance through two songs and a slow song begins. Danny is surprised when she quickly cozies herself into his arms swaying to the music. They look into each others eyes with mirrored longing, holding each other.

The song ends and Peechee leads Danny to a quiet corner. Danny loops his arms around her in an embrace. "Danny," Peechee begins looking up into his face, then she stops and smiles "-- it's so nice to have your real name, I'm glad you shared that with me last week. -- anyhow, I just wanted you to know that I have really grown to like you. Our chats and emails have been so much fun. Then when I saw you... wow... but I have to go. I want to stay, but I can't. You know I'm married... If I was single..." She looks away guiltily then looks back but never finishes.

"I know," Danny replies. "I had a great time meeting you tonight. I can't remember the last time I had this much fun." He pulls her close leaning in for a kiss. Their lips meet and linger. Their mouths open and the kiss continues. Passion swells and the kiss deepens as they hungrily hold each other tight. With difficulty they separate and say their good-byes.

Danny stands where she left him reflecting on the nights events. His wife, Rachel, pops in his head and for a moment he feels a flicker of guilt, but then realizes he's smiling and it's forgotten. He hasn't feel this good, this alive, in a long, long time. Yes, he thinks to himself, I want to be at the next Red Light Underground get together.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Comfortable, Predictable, and Safe

One of the biggest advantages of a long term marriage (20+ years) is that it is comfortable, predictable, and safe.

One of the biggest challenges of a long term marriage is that it is comfortable, predictable, and safe.


Yeah, it's confusing.

Comfortable becomes complacent. Predictable becomes boring. Safe becomes smothering and restrictive.


Other times comfortable means you can just relax. Predictable means you don't have to deal with the stress of constant change. Safe means the experience of both physical safety and emotional safety.

Usually, you experience it both ways at different points in the marriage.

Some people deal with this situation well. Others don't. Most get divorced because they can't stand it. Many find relief by cheating. Others drink or find some other way of dealing with it.

Sometimes it's all you can do to just hold on to get through the hard times, the years of feeling invisible and realizing that the life you're living is not the one you want.

If you deal with it by cheating, most folks just don't get it, and (if anyone knows) you get subjected to pot shots from the cheap seats - moral judgements made by people who simply don't know what it's like and moral judgements made by people who do know what it's like, but have chosen another way of dealing with it, therefore allowing them to feel superior.

The big payoff comes for those who weather the storm - no matter how they have to do it - and grow through it.  The payoff is a lifelong, intimate and special connection with another human being.

Imagine that the only way to get to heaven would be to have to walk through parts of hell and purgatory to get there.  That's what I'm trying to describe.

If you have been married for decades and you have never gone through any of this and you don't really know what I am talking about, you are a very fortunate exception to the rule.

I'm reading a book right now  in which the author refers to marriage as a "people growing institution." Experiencing wedded bliss at all times is not the point.  Growing together over decades as you walk through mud and fire and flowers and sun---all while raising a family...that is the point.

Together you experience the best and the worst of who you each are. And you choose to love each other anyway.

That is the point.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rewind - Kat's Favorite Cara Photos

I was browsing through my file of my favorite Cara photos recently, and it occurred to me that many of our new readers may not have seen them yet, and surely our long-time readers would enjoy a second look.

Here are a few of my favorites.  Which is your favorite?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Serving the Serviceman - Kat's Rendezvous with Army Guy

Within about 5 seconds of seeing Army Guy for the first time he had me pinned up against the wall, was pulling my hair to force me to keep my face turned toward his while he kissed me forcefully, and his other hand was in my panties. I was stunned and a little scared, but I was also incredibly turned on.

I'd had a chance to say "hello" when he first opened the door, but that was it before he took charge of our first meeting.

He was taking a big chance with that approach.  I might have been so shocked that I wouldn't play along, or so scared that I'd have to get out of there. Instead, he grabbed me in more ways than one that afternoon, to the degree that whenever I think of that line from Jerry Maguire, "You had me at hello," I think of him.

He absolutely had me at hello, both literally and figuratively.

He slid a couple of fingers inside me and then started fingering my clit. I moaned as he touched me and he responded by pulling my hair harder and saying something affirming that he was in charge. I can't remember exactly what it was because my focus was a little fuzzy and my legs were starting to feel shaky. I do remember being grateful that he had me pinned against the wall as I started to cum because I wasn't very confident in my ability to stand on my own at that moment.

After the little ripples of pleasure started subsiding, he stepped back, releasing his hold on me.  I grabbed his shoulders quickly as my knees buckled, and he quickly put his arms around me to steady me. I looked up at him and what I saw next made me gasp.

He had the most beautiful, piercing eyes I had seen in a long time. They seemed to be looking deep into me and through at the same time. I would see that same look several times that afternoon, confirming that I really had seen what I thought I did.

Let me back up and tell you more about what I had learned about him before we met. We met on AM, and one of the first things I noticed was that he was very, very bright.  He was also the kind of man who made a habit of thinking things through before speaking. Well-spoken. A gifted writer. Reserved. Conservative. Reliable. Safe.

But he had an entirely different side that took over when the door closed. The contrast between his intellect and his physicality was both surprising and intriguing.

When I met him,  one of the first things I noticed, too, was that he looked at least 10 years younger than he really was, and whether he looked cute or handsome depended on the mood he was in and the angle at which you were viewing him.

Just as he was different than anyone I had met before, the afternoon progressed in an unexpected  way.  We played around for awhile, then we talked about his studies.  We awkwardly tried one position, then another.  Then we were talking about books and he was reading me a passage of one he had read recently.

I realized that, except for those captivating minutes of introduction right after we saw each other, I was enjoying the conversation and I was feeling awkward about the rest. Does that sound like me?  Nope. As I thought about it, I realized what was going on - I was nervous.  I really liked this guy.  This was no longer a "cum a few times, evaluate, then take it or leave it" situation.  I knew that, unless he got scared and went into hiding (men tend to do that when they don't know how to handle a relationship that isn't going the way they thought it would), we could be friends for a long time.

That made it a whole different ball game.

But not that different. I found the opportunity to kneel in front of him and take his beautiful hard cock into my mouth, and the awkwardness and nervousness was gone. I looked up and watched him watching me as his cock slid in and out of my mouth. I remember taking him into my throat and swallowing and feeling his hand on the back of my head. I didn't think about technique or if he liked it this was or that; I just went with it, letting it happen.  Before long he was grunting quietly and coming in my mouth.

We talked for awhile more.  Then we got cleaned up and dressed, talking the whole time. For once, I did more listening than talking, and I was entranced by watching him get dressed. There is nothing like watching a man in uniform painstakingly transform from naked lover to responsible serviceman.  I kissed him goodbye and I left.  I didn't want to go, but I had to, and so did he.

Since that day, Army Guy has been the subject of quite a few of my late night fantasies.  They all start with him taking charge forcefully and us pleasing each other in innumerable ways - without any awkwardness or nervousness.  It's comfortable and pleasurable - like making love with a friend.

Hey, somebody has to serve the servicemen. ;-)

25 Things That Make Kat Purr

A deep, passionate, wet kiss that lasts for a long time.

A sweet expression of affection whispered in my ear.

Curling up naked in the dark with a lover- talking, sharing, kissing.

Being manhandled in a sexy way by a dominant man, whether I think I want it at the time or not.

A deep, hard fucking from behind.

Falling asleep in my husband's arms.

Dirty talk in bed.

Making love to someone who cares about me.

Listening to a man beg for more.

Swallowing warm cum.

Sweet kisses on my neck.

A strong hand sliding between my legs.

A wet mouth sucking on my nipple.

The feel of cum dripping down my thigh.

Rough sex.

Sweet, gentle, loving sex.

Watching my lover come.

Hearing a lover's expression of desire.

Naughty texts and emails.

Looking at photos of Cara and Soccer Mom.

The first kiss with a new lover.

Initial penetration.

Anticipation before an encounter.

Satisfaction after an encounter.

Stealing a kiss in a public place.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Another View of Soccer Mom

I needed some inspiration this afternoon, so I thought, "What would get my heart beating a little faster and make my panties a little moist?"

The answer?

Another picture of Soccer Mom!

Just so you know, the naughtier ones are still coming, so keep checking back, ok?

11 Things I Learned from Watching Cheaters

I was on vacation for a week over the holidays.  One day when I was home by myself (a very rare event), I watched a few episodes of the T.V. show Cheaters. It was purely for research, of course.  To be honest, I really couldn't stand the show, not because it showed cheaters getting caught, but it was displaying - in a very crude and cruel way - peoples' pain, and pandering to the desire of others to see people in pain.  I am not into that sort of thing at all.

But I did learn a few things while watching those episodes.
  1. "Motherfucker" seems to be a much more commonly used word than I thought.
  2. Most of the folks on that show go bat shit crazy when they get the proof that their partner is cheating. Hubby and I were quite civilized.
  3. You can always count on reality TV to show the worst possible side of humanity.
  4. There are no truly innocent parties in that show.  The most guilty?  The creators, crew, and cast of the show.  I saw one woman (the cheater) who was so distraught when she was caught and shamed publicly that she almost jumped off the roof of a building.
  5. Apparently, when I learned about Hubby's cheating, I should have screamed at him, "What now, Motherfucker?!!!!" My approach of holding him, telling him it was ok, and telling him I loved him seems not to be the popular response.
  6. Apparently, when Hubby learned about my cheating, he should have screamed at me, "You fucking whore!!!"  His approach of holding me, telling me it was ok, and telling me that he loved me seems not to be the popular response, either.
  7. People who really want to cheat will find the most creative ways to be together. I picked up a few good ideas. ;-)
  8. Apparently some people think that the car wash is a good place to clean up after a rendezvous.  Eww.
  9. Most of the female cheaters on that show look and dress like hookers.
  10. Some people seem to think that exposing their young children to the "gottcha!" moment is appropriate. (I don't.)
  11. The show hosts a social network for people looking for partners who don't cheat. Of course, you have to take a pledge swearing that you're single and not in a relationship, and that you won't cheat. Whew....I'm sure that pledge makes sure no one ever lies about that.  Check it out: http://www.nocheatersdate.com/ .
As I watched that trash, I thought, this is emotional pornography. Relationships - even the ugly and troubled ones - shouldn't be broken down into violent entertainment like that.  Who thought that making a show like this was a good idea?

Monday, January 9, 2012

To Our Friendly Neighborhood Kat Haters

Oh, were you expecting Kat? Nope, it's me Daunt and I decided to pop in to say something that many of our part time readers may find controversial. Ready?

Kat does not condone cheating.

What!? Blasphemy! Liar! Daunt, look around you, you big fool! That's what this whole blog is about!!

I'll say it again: Kat does not condone cheating.

To our regular readers, this is no surprise at all. I can agree, that yes, maybe on the surface this blog may make cheating sound like a good idea -- seriously, how can you not read about these hot sexual encounters and not want some of that [with your spouse]; but dig below the surface and you'll find something unexpected. Counsel to avoid cheating.

Over the past year I've been consistently amazed at how Kat can write about the various experiences of her life, exciting, comical, mundane, sad or sinful, and make it an engaging read highlighting relatable truths we all face.

I've also learned along the way, while meeting others in the world of cheaters, is that they are like everyone else; just people struggling through life trying to get their needs met. We're all imperfect. We all engage in destructive behavior at times, but hopefully we learn and strive to be better.

C'mon Kat Haters! I dare ya! Go back, avoid the sex posts and see what you find! Ha, yeah that's what I thought. You're all scared of your own shadow; too frightened to end up liking someone you disagree with.

My Therapist is Obessed

It's true.  My therapist is obsessed with my feelings. She's constantly saying things like, "How do you feel when your husband does that (or doesn't do that)?" "How do you feel when you see your lover?" "How do you feel right now?" "How did you feel...?" "How did you feel..."" "How did you feel.....?" "How did you feel...?"

Uuugghhhh! Make it stop!

It's not that I don't have feelings.  Of course I do. But I don't have feelings about everything. I have lots of thoughts about just about everything, but some things just are. They don't elicit a feeling for me.

For example, if I'm making dinner, I generally don't have a feeling attached to it. I have thoughts.  I make enjoy it or not.  I think about what I'm doing or I daydream about something else, but feelings generally aren't in play for me at that time.

In the same way, not every experience with others elicits feelings.

But my therapist is going to ask, and when she asks I start to second guess myself. Am I supposed to be feeling something about that? Or are therapists just supposed to ask? Then I'll close my eyes and try hard to feel something about whatever it was she asked about. If I don't and I say, "Nothing," I watch her face closely for the telltale signs that she thinks I'm repressing something - a tiny shudder of a raised eyebrow, a written note she makes.

Sometimes I would love to see the notes she writes. I suspect I might see things like this:

"Suppressing feelings from her childhood."
"Not in touch with her feelings about her husband."
"Confuses feelings with thoughts."

My thoughts on those things?  Who the hell cares???

But the hour goes by more easily if I don't say things like that. So, I've memorized a few names of feelings that can apply to a variety of situations so I am always prepared for the "How did you feel....?" questions.

Powerless, resentful, ashamed, confused, frustrated, reassured, confident, rebellious, anxious, satisfied, and so on. If the question comes and I get the feeling that she won't let me off the hook with, "I don't know" or "I don't feel anything about that," I just pick from the list.

Here's a list of feeling words if you find yourself in a similar situation.

The only problem is that I think she figured it out because recently I said I felt satisfied about something and then she said, "Tell me more about that."


I think she's obsessed with feelings the same way I tend to be obsessed with sex sometimes.

Maybe she needs therapy.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Types of Cheaters

Not all cheaters are alike. Active prowlers know this, but most people don't. They assume that a cheater is a cheater is a cheater.  Not so.

I've put together some descriptions of different types of cheaters.  I make no moral judgement about any of them. Some people think that sex-only cheating is worse than emotional-only cheating.  I don't know.  I think it's up to the people involved. When I learned about my husband's infidelity, I was very relieved to learn that they were sex-only encounters, and that no emotional involvement was in play, but I know many others who would not agree.

Also, understand that no one fits in only one category for his/her entire life. People change. I've found myself in several of these categories at different times in my life. I've also been faithful for long stretches of time.

The "Affair of the Heart" Cheater - This is the type of cheater that most people think of when they think of infidelity.  This cheater falls in love with someone other than his/her spouse, struggles with the issue, and then ends up consummating the affair sexually. This person probably didn't see the affair coming and may never have another, but s/he is fiercely committed to the relationship which is usually accompanied by a lot of guilt because it is both emotional and sexual. Contrary to the popular belief that most cheaters are male, there are just as many women as men in this category. This cheater is the most likely to actually leave his spouse voluntarily because the emotion, companionship, excitement, and great sex of the affair just underscores what is missing and miserable about his marriage.

The Serial Cheater - This type of cheater has fully embraced the lifestyle and has probably accepted the fact that monogamy is not for him. This person will cheat many times during his marriage, with many partners.  Some of the affairs are sexual only, and others are emotional, but it's the newness that this cheater craves. If this cheater falls in love with a playmate, he will still cheat with others, too, because he needs that thrill and excitement of the hunt and the new catch. Some people believe that these cheaters are sex addicts, but that is not always the case. While sex is definitely involved in just about all of the serial cheater's connections, he is really looking for satisfaction of his need for newness and conquest.

The Variety Loving Cheater - This cheater is very much like the serial cheater except that he probably hasn't yet accepted the fact that monogamy is not for him. For this cheater, it's all about variety, and his cheating will be intermittent.  He'll have periods of monogamy followed by spurts of infidelity with multiple partners for weeks or months and then he'll be monogamous again for a while. The periods of infidelity are stopped by guilt because he really is devoted to his spouse. This type of cheater is unlikely to leave his spouse unless he gets caught.

The Sex Only Cheater - It's all about the sex for this cheater. He doesn't want to develop relationships. He's not interested in "dating" or getting to know his playmate(s) at all. He'll stay after sex only as long as he needs to without appearing like too much of a jerk, and sometimes he'll go as far as to use only a fake name. One of the key features that differentiates this cheater from the other types is that he usually doesn't think he has really betrayed his spouse because he sees his behavior as physical only and he doesn't give away any of himself emotionally.  He feels that he is only "partly cheating" because he doesn't become emotionally involved with his playmate(s). This cheater will rarely leave his spouse unless he is caught and the spouse gives him no choice.

The Emotional Relationship Only Cheater - This type of cheater is in an infidelity grey area.  Because there may never be any physical sex, some people believe that this isn't really cheating, but spouses of emotional cheaters usually feel just as betrayed as spouses of cheaters who have sex with their playmates. Emotional cheaters are devoted to their spouses and won't (or don't want to) cross the line into a sexual relationship, but they crave an emotional connection. The affair may have started as a friendship, but it quickly evolves into a romantic relationship or a very close friendship. As he starts confiding more and more in his playmate and less and less in his spouse, his marriage deteriorates even further. The emotional affair often turns into a full-blown affair of the heart.

The Online Only Cheater - Like the emotional relationship cheater, this cheater doesn't think he's really cheating because the relationship isn't physical, but his spouse will feel just as betrayed if the affair is discovered. This type of affair is less likely than the others to become physical because the partners usually live far apart, although they do sometimes become physical and long lasting. These relationships can last for decades and these cheaters are the least likely to leave their spouses unless they are caught and the spouse initiates the split.

So, Prowlers, where do you fall in this list?

Saturday, January 7, 2012

PWK Lands on Another Sexiest Blogs List!

I just learned that Prowling with Kat was named as one of  The Sexiest Blogs of 2011 by  Red Region Inferno! There are 45 blogs on the list and, out of the hundreds of sex blogs online, PWK made this list of 45.

On behalf of DauntlessD, Cara, and myself - thank you, thank you, thank you! What a wonderful honor!

Prowlers, you may also recall that PWK was named to the Top 100 Sex Bloggers of 2011 list, published by Rori in Between My Sheets.

I'm so glad that folks are finding PWK and enjoying it. The encouragement is awesome!

To Tip or Not to Tip?

I'm not talking about tipping your fuck buddy. If you do that, you're paying a prostitute, rather than having an affair.  I'm talking about tipping the maid/housekeeper at a hotel.

First off, I know this will come as a shock to some of you who never even thought about tipping housekeeping staff.  That's ok.  It's never too late to make the transition from selfish hick to decent human being.

The standard for tipping the maid is $2 to $5 per night, depending on the quality of the hotel.  I know it seems lousy that you should have to tip when you have already paid for a whole night when you are only going to be there for a few hours, but remember this: The maid has exactly the same job to do whether you are in the room for an hour or a full day. Don't take out your cheapness on her.

How do you know if you should tip $2, $5 or more? First, start off the with quality of the hotel and the number of stars. Tip a base of $2 at a two star hotel, $3 at a three star hotel, $4 at a four star, $5 at a five star. That's per day.  If you go on a multi-day getaway with your honey, you should tip each day, in cash.

(By the way, if you're taking your honey to single star hotels, for godsake save your money and take her to a  nicer place. Geez.)

Did you notice I said that those amounts are a base? Those amounts are the starting point. If she has any extra clean up to do as a result of your playtime activities, tip more.

Here's an example. If there is any blood or other bodily fluids (fecal matter, urine, semen) left anywhere in the room, pay above the base. How much? It depends on the mess. The only exception to this rule is that a small amount of cum on a sheet (not the bedspread, not the floor, not the wall) is within the normal range.  Anything else is above and beyond.

I think you should leave $10 if you leave a stain (or stains) of fecal matter (it's an unfortunate side effect of anal play sometimes). I also think $10 is appropriate if there is even a little amount of any bodily fluid left anywhere other than the sheets (ok, a towel is ok, too).

I assume that we all try not to make too much of a mess, but sometimes it can't be avoided. Once, after a particularly intense and kinky session of BDSM play, I left $20 and a kind note of apology after trying to clean up a little myself to lessen the shock when the maid came into the room. It was nothing like a mess left by a wild rock star, but it was gross and clearly above and beyond a maid's normal call of duty. That's an extreme example, but I hope you get the point.

If you don't want to do it for the maid because she has a crappy job, and you don't want to do it because it's just the right thing to do, please do it for me and all of your fellow prowlers. We already face enough when we check into a hotel for several hours - everything from too many questions and knowing smiles to lewd glances, inappropriate propositions,  and sometimes even higher room rates. Don't make it worse for all of us by leaving a hideous mess and not tipping the maid for her extra effort.

We're classy cheaters.  We have a reputation to uphold.

Friday, January 6, 2012


In horse racing, a bettor wins a trifecta by correctly picking the horses winning the first three places in a race (1st, 2nd, 3rd) in order. You've won the sexual trifecta if your lover comes in your mouth, cunt, and ass all within the same lovemaking session.

Well, in my afternoon with JJ that began as I described in Double Fisting? Yowza!, I was the lucky winner of a delightful trifecta.

Spent from the amazing fisting experience, I curled up next to JJ, kissing him a little and stroking him as we lay there. I had already come three times, but he hadn't had his turn yet.  Poor JJ.  So, I repositioned myself and kissed my way down to his already hard cock. I licked the tip with just the tip of tongue first, lapping up the precum and assessing my options.

JJ's cock is absolutely gorgeous. Thicker than average, rock hard....yummy. I took it in my mouth and started suckling slowly, taking a little more in every few seconds until it was completely in mouth.

I took in a breath and pushed down until I felt that familiar pop at the back of my throat, and then I stopped, holding him in my throat and mouth and swallowing, sucking, enjoying listening to his moans.  I stopped and repeated the whole cycle several times, sometimes looking up to see him watching me. Then he started helping me, stroking himself while I sucked him,  his hand serving as an extension of my mouth as I bobbed up and down. I squeezed his balls gently, then not so gently as he picked up the speed.  When he came, I pushed away his hand and dove down onto his cock, swallowing his warm cum as it kept coming and coming.

When there was no more tasty goodness to be had, I licked around his cock and balls, and kissed the tip of his cock gently. (I always feel like I'm policing the area when I do that.  Once a girl scout, always a girl scout, I guess.)

I crawled back up toward the head of the bed and settled into the crook of his arm again, resting my head on his shoulder, kissing his neck, then his mouth.

This was one of my favorite times - after we had both come the first time and we just held each other and talked as he recovered for round 2. That's when we caught up with what was going on with each of us and our lives. Sometimes I'd kiss his neck while he talked.  Sometimes he'd play with one of my nipples while I spoke.

After discussing the quirky issues about syncing an iPhone and iPad, he said, "I want to fuck you."  I reached down and noticed he was hard again.  I smiled.

This is where it really comes in handy to know someone as well and JJ and I know each other.  He started sitting up and I knew that meant he was moving to his knees to position himself behind me.  I rolled over and lifted myself up onto my knees and forearms, opening my knees to the right distance to ensure my pussy would be at just the right height to accommodate him.

He put one hand on my lower back and slid his cock deep inside me on the first stroke. It never ceases to amaze me how that first stroke feels even better than I remember - every single time. I started moving with him, slowly. I heard him whisper, "I love you, Kat," as he started moving faster, fucking me hard. 

I wanted to respond, but I couldn't speak. Not right then. Soon, he was fucking me so hard and fast that it was all I could do to hold on to avoid being slammed into the headboard, but it was difficult to do even that as I started coming in jolts. He grabbed my hips to hold me steady and pulled me back onto him. I squealed when it felt like his cock was deeper inside me than it had ever been. He groaned as he came, holding me there well beyond the point at which my shaking had stopped.  He held me until he was done, then he leaned over and kissed my lower back, withdrew, and collapsed on he bed next to me.

He pulled me over to kiss him right away, and I stole the opportunity to purr, "I love you, JJ" in between kisses. I felt him smile as we kissed. Then we settled in to hold each other again.

I wish I could remember all the things we talked about.  It was a potpourri of topics connected only by our joint stream of consciousness. The conversation always ended  a long way from where it started.  My favorite part was the laughter.

It couldn't have been more than five minutes when I casually reached down to play with his cock and I realized it was hard.

Shocked, I exclaimed, "There's no friggin' way you can be hard again already!"  Yet, he clearly was.

He smiled, sat up quickly, and said in a very dominant yet professional tone, "Yup, and I want your ass."

The only appropriate thing for me to say and do was, "Ok" as I moved where he wanted him and lifted my  backside, offering him what he wanted.  Ok, Ok, I'll admit it.  I wanted it, too.

You might have thought that I'd be ready for it because of our fisting play earlier, but the sweet and familiar pain of penetration was no different than if I hadn't had any anal play for a long time. He held himself at the entrance, and waited for me to back onto him. No pulling me or guiding me. He was patient while I pushed through the pain, surrendering myself to him.

I expected him to start moving, but he didn't.  He stayed still, and I knew that he wanted me to move. I moved forward and back, impaling myself on his cock again, and again, fucking him. This was such a turn on for me.  I felt like a well-trained pet, knowing what her Master wanted and obeying his commands even though he didn't say a word or move an inch.

 After a few strokes, he rewarded me by grabbing my hips and pounding me mercilessly, ignnoring my screams and moans. I felt his cock  pulsate as he came. I pushed back against him, squeezing tight, hoping he'd be pleased. He didn't need to say a word, but I knew he was pleased when I felt him bend over and kiss my lower back twice.

I snuggled up next to him again for more kissing.  We were really fortunate that day because we had four hours together. There was no need to rush. I lay my head on his chest and listened to his breathing become steady and even as he drifted off to sleep. I closed my eyes and shifted my legs to get a little bit more comfortable, and I felt his cum oozing from both my pussy and my ass. I dozed off thinking about how wonderful it felt to be with him.

I woke us both up a little while later with a little chortle of a snore. I said, "Sorry," and we both laughed. Dang! So much for my super hot sexy allure....

He started kissing me again and then he rolled on top of me for some missionary style fun. I pulled up my legs and...... well, I'm sure you know how that went, right?

After that, we dozed again for a little while, until it was time for him to go. I had another hour or so until I had to go, so he got up and jumped in the shower.  While he was getting dressed we talked about when we might be able to see each other again, and we wistfully fantasized about how nice it would be to have a full 24 hours together like we did 6 months ago.

More sweet kisses, then I watched him turn and walk out the door. I stretched out on the bed, and then it hit me.



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