Friday, May 16, 2014

A Special Challenge

A friend of mine sent me this post yesterday:

101 hilarious things you can call your lady garden

Interestingly, the name I give to my own special place is not listed.

The challenge?  Be the first one to guess what I call mine.

The challenge is good for 24 hours from the time of posting. You can submit your guesses via comment or email.  If you submit by email, I will probably post your entry publicly (anonymously, of course).

The prize?  Free phone sex with me. If you win and don't want your prize, you can designate it to someone else.

To the friend who shared this with me, I'm sorry, but you're not eligible to play because I told you the answer already, but I'm sure we can work something out. ;-)

So, the challenge!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Copy Writing for Porn

I opened up my email yesterday and I saw an email with this subject line:

Save on Sadistic Rope. See sluts destroyed.

Well, who doesn't want to see sluts destroyed with sadistic rope?  So, of course, I opened the email. In the body of the message, it read:

John Paul The Pope, the baddest motherfucker in porn, has a special badass gift for you. Each week, he demolishes a sexy pain slut on Sadistic Rope, and he's only charging you $34.95!


I love it!

I might be interested in the Sadistic Rope, but I'm not interested in buying it. That's something for a playmate to buy. Seriously, if you want to tie me up, bring your own rope.

But I wanna know how one gets a copy writing job in porn.

I've written a lot of copy over the years, heck, I've written lots of all sorts of things, but I've never had the opportunity to use words like baddest motherfucker, badass, or sexy pain slut as part of a paying job.

Furthermore, if there was ever a job for which I am uniquely qualified, it would be porn copy writing.

How do you think one gets a job like that?

I can see the conversation at home now.

Kat: I got a new job. In marketing.  Copy writing.

Hubby: Great. What are you selling?

Kat:  Porn.


Hubby:  Doesn't that kinda sell itself?

Kat: No.  Gotta go. I have research to do. (My new code for "I'm gonna go watch some porn.") And I'll have to do some research with a colleague later. (My new code for "I'm going out for some hot playtime.")

In case you were wondering, that email was from, which produces my favorite porn site of all time, And no, they don't pay me a dime to say that.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014