Sex, Sex, Only Sex

This page is for those of you who are just here for the sex. There's nothing wrong with that, of course. Enjoy!

By Kat

My First Affair - Who, What, When Where and Why
My First Affair - Our First Meeting

Chicago Guy
Kat's First Ashley Madison Encounter - Chicago Guy

The Best Sex of My Life
J's Version of His First Time with Kat
Delicious Irony - A Naughty Fisting Story

The Contender - Another Naughty Adventure
All Filled Up - A Naughty Story
Like Cool Water in a Desert - Another Naughty Adventure with P

Teaching a Young One

Afternoon Fun in a Honda Civic

Starbucks with Cream
Surrendering to M (Part 1)
Surrendering to M (Part 2)
Quick Parking Lot Surprise

Wrong Number, Right Man - Part 1
Wrong Number, Right Man, Part 2
Wrong Number, Right Man - Epilogue

Kat Alone
TSA Foreplay at the Airport
Fantasy Time
A Fantasy in the First Person 
After Hours in the Office
A Naughty Distraction at Work 
The Bath
Change of Plans

Young One on Fire - A Naughty Encounter with a Fireman

Whatever He Wants (Part 1) - A Naughty Encounter
Whatever He Wants (Part 2) - A Naughty Encounter 
Whatever He Wants (Part 3) - A Naughty Encounter
Whatever He Wants (Part 4) - The End of the Naughty Encounter
A Brief and Naughty Memory of Waking with JJ
A Text Exchange with JJ
Hours 1-4 of my 24 Hour Date with JJ
Hours 5-16 of my 24 Hour Date with JJ
Hours 17 - 24 of my 24 Hour Date with JJ 
Raunchy Hotel Sex 
The First Ten Minutes and Two Feet
The Country Road
Double Fisting? Yowza!
It's about Time!
JJ's Lesson for Kat
Freshly Fucked and Fisted
Freshly Fucked and Fisted (continued)

D - Single Guy
Play Time on the Road with Single Guy

Seattle Guy
Seattle Guy
Date with Seattle Guy (Part 1)
Date with Seattle Guy (Part 2)

Home for Lunch
The Real Thing
The First Time
Vacation Sex
Hair Pulling Sex God
Thanksgiving Vacation Sex
Peppermint Surprise
How's the Weather Back There?
Two Couples and a Hot Tub, Part 1
Two Couples and a Hot Tub, Part 2

An Unexpected Encounter with R - Part 1 of 2
An Unexpected Encounter with R - Part 2 of 2

Army Guy
Servicing the Serviceman - Kat's Rendezvous with Army Guy

The Councilman

Sex with a Triathlete

WebCam Guy
The Love Seat

By Cara and DauntlessD

Running Hot: An HNT Fantasy
Friday Fantasy
Friday Fantasy - Lust Found

By SomewhereMan

America's Favorite Pastime - Part 1
America's Favorite Pastime - Part 2
Fantasy Friday - Another HOT Guest Post by SomewhereMan
Fantasy in Victoria - A Guest Post by SomewhereMan
The Best Little Half Pill in My World - A Guest Post by SomewhereMan

By G


By Steve

Working from the Top Down - A Naughty Guest Post

By Ryan Beaumont

Friday Fantasy - A Florida Keys Tale (Guest Post by Ryan Beaumont)