Tuesday, May 31, 2011

TMI Tuesday with DauntlessD - May 31, 2011

1. What time did you go to bed last night and were you alone?

I was a light-weight last night and went to bed about 9:30. We had a Memorial Day barbecue with a large gathering. Yard work, house cleaning, food preparation, fun and indulging in my famous sangria, slumber started sounding good as early as 8:30. No I was not in bed alone, my wife was as tired as I was.

2. If you could be given ANY gift what would it be?

Money is the obvious choice, but not because I want material things -- I want time and options. I am at a point in my life where I pretty much have all the playthings I want... Uhhh... let's narrow the scope of that last statement a bit. Doggie Daunt can't say he has already caught all the women he wants to chase ;) Anyhow, as I was saying, I don't really want any more toys. I want the freedom to spend time doing the things that I want to do; writing, answering TMI questions whatever that may be.

3. What was the last film that really moved/disturbed/thrilled you and why?

I have to agree with Kat on this one. City Island is a truly wonderful movie that moved me; comedic and full of heart it still surprises me how it quietly slipped through the theaters with so few noticing.

City Island moved me because of all honest bits of truth in it. It is about a dysfunctional family and the secrets and regrets they hide from one another; but all the while still loving one another. Take the time to see it if you haven't already, trust me you'll be telling your friends about it. It's too late to add this to the Prowling with Kat Trivia Contest, but I enjoyed this movie so much I named one of my Ashley Madison profiles after one of its characters. If one of you ladies, or gentlemen with "Claire" accounts finds it we'll award you with some Prowling With Kat bragging rights!

4. What is your favorite way to wake up and what is the first thing you do?

I enjoy waking up slowly where you're almost awake and feel like you're on a cloud, warm and content. Feeling the warmth of a lover against my body makes waking up like this doubly delicious.

5. You’ve been granted an extra hour in the day, what are you going to do?
a. Sleep more
b. Extend a sexual interlude
c. Shop
d. Finally fit in that workout that you usually can’t make time for

B, Extend a sexual interlude. While I enjoy my sleep, I typically get enough and once I'm awake, I'm awake; trying to sleep in once I've awoken is worthless. I'm not big on shopping and my workouts are at 5AM much to my own dismay.

BONUS: Are you in love or lust?

Always. Love some and lust many ;)

Many thanks to the TMI Tuesday Blog for the fun and questions.

TMI Tuesday with Kat - May 31, 2011

Is it Tuesday again?  Already? It must be because it's TMI time!
1. What time did you go to bed last night and were you alone?

Midnight, and I was not alone.  I was with my husband. I wanted to stay up later, but he wanted to go to bed and he refuses to go to bed if I am still up, so I went to bed because he was exhausted.  It was sort of like when I was a kid and I had to put on a sweater because my mom was cold.

2. If you could be given ANY gift what would it be?

 This is a tough one! I would love the gift of perfect health. I took my health for granted when I was a young woman, and now I wish I had paid more attention to it because once it starts to go, you can't get it back. If perfect health were not on the gift table, then I'd pick time. Time is a scarce resource in my life. I'd love to have more.  Ok, ok, if I have to pick something that is actually possible to give as a gift, I would be very grateful for about $50 million. They say that money can't buy happiness.  Well, I'll let you know.

3. What was the last film that really moved/disturbed/thrilled you and why?

City Island. It moved me and it disturbed me.  DauntlessD suggested I watch it a couple of months ago.  Actually, he recommended it before then but I didn't watch it until a couple of months ago. I have learned that when Dauntless makes a book or movie suggestion, I should jump on it quickly for two reasons.  First, he's usually right when he says something is good and worth seeing or reading.  Second, he gets pretty upset with me if I don't follow his recommendations.  He's still giving me grief for not finishing Game of Thrones.

As for why I found City Island moving and disturbing, it's about family dynamics (if you think your family is dysfunctional, watch this movie and you will feel so much better). Everyone in the family has secrets, and the main character has a dream that he keeps from his wife and pretty much everyone he knows, but pursuing it really feeds his need for creativity and for something in his life that is just his.  He then develops a secret friendship that makes a big difference in his life. Wait a minute....that sounds a lot like my life....hmmm.......

4. What is your favorite way to wake up and what is the first thing you do?

My absolute favorite way to wake up is with a man's arms wrapped around me and a nice hard cock entering me. Mmmm.....that is a real treat.  Of course, I rarely get to wake up that way. I won't say never, but it has been so rarely that it has barely moved out of the fantasy column in my life.

As for the first thing I do in the morning, it depends. If  I'm waking up my favorite way, the first thing I do is press back against him and enjoy the experience.  If not, the first thing I do is to say my morning prayers and thank God for another day of life.

5. You’ve been granted an extra hour in the day, what are you going to do?
a. Sleep more
b. Extend a sexual interlude
c. Shop
d. Finally fit in that workout that you usually can’t make time for

Definitely b - Extend a sexual interlude.  One of the things I really don't like is that the time with my honey goes by too quickly.  When we look at the clock and know it's time to get up, get dressed and leave, I would give just about anything for an extra hour with him.

As for the other choices, I can sleep when I'm dead. I have too much living to do right now for more sleep. Shopping?  Seriously? Uh...no. As for working out, can someone please clarify for me how that is different from "b - Extend a sexual interlude?" I consider that a "kill two birds with one stone" sort of thing, even though neither has anything to do with actually killing birds or throwing stones.

BONUSAre you in love or lust?

Yes. Why is there an  "or" in that question?

Oh, wait. Are you asking about being in love or lust with the same guy? Or can I mix and match?

Today is the deadline for the Prowling with Kat Trivia Contest!  You have until 5:00 p.m. (Pacific) today to email me your entry. I don't have many entries at this point, so your chances of winning a prize are very, very good!  Come on, do it....you know you want to.

TMI Tuesday with Cara - May 31, 2011

Here's sweet Cara's TMI Tuesday post....

1. What time did you go to bed last night and were you alone?
10:00ish and no. 
2. If you could be given ANY gift what would it be?
Hmmm, spa day? That's my all time favorite gift. One time, I had this admirer who, despite being married, thought I was pretty addictive. He used to surprise me with gifts all the time; IPod, lotions from a little boutique in the town where he lived, gift cards, etc, and one time, he bought me a spa day at an Aveda salon. It was amazing. Ever since then, I've been hooked. I guess another gift, though unlikely, would be the gift of forgiveness of my student loans. Or a new car; I wouldn't say no to that.  
3. What was the last film that really moved/disturbed/thrilled you and why?
 Tell No One, which was thrilling. I love French films and this one did not disappoint. 
4. What is your favorite way to wake up and what is the first thing you do?
With the sun warming my face and body. I love waking up to the sun pouring in my window and warming everything around me. The first thing I do is drink a cup of coffee.
5. You’ve been granted an extra hour in the day, what are you going to do?
Hmmm, I wanna answer with 'sleep more', but I almost always wake after my standard number of required hours, so I'm not sure if an extra hour would yield more sleep. How about an extra hour in bed, but not necessarily sleeping? That sounds amazing.
a. Sleep more
b. Extend a sexual interlude
c. Shop
d. Finally fit in that workout that you usually can’t make time for

BONUSAre you in love or lust?
Yep, I am.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Dinner with Kat, Beth and JJ....but I Was Late

Cara decided to write her own version of the evening out with Kat, Beth and JJ ........

I never heard Beth knocking at the front door, even though she later told me she had spent 5 minutes there knocking, ringing the door bell, and even calling my cell phone.  It had been a long day of working in the yard.  I really wanted a hot shower. I knew I had to clean the sweat from my body and get the dirt out from under my nails. Kat had told me about JJ, how hot he was, and I wanted to make a good impression. I knew he had seen me before, my breasts, in the pics you have all seen, and Kat had said how much he liked them. There is something delicious about knowing how a man is attracted to you, knowing how you look, but knowing  the night was going to be nothing more than talk-hopefully with some hot sex talk though.

Oh, back to why I was late. I have learned the shower is the perfect opportunity for alone time. There is something about the hot water hitting my body. The lather of the soap when I wash my breasts, my arms, face and well, you know. But this time, there was something else. I haven't told too many people about this, but when I brush the tips of my fingers with a small brush I have, to help clean under my nails, it sends a shiver through me. I would like to say it sends it up my spine, but that wouldn't be the truth. It goes straight to my pussy. Its an unbelievable feeling. One I very easily get lost in.

My nipples were already hard from when I lathered them. But, when those shivers started I knew I had to do something. It would be just to hard to keep my thoughts on conversation knowing I wet I had been earlier. The first couple of times my finger rubbed against my outer lips I tried to keep my eyes open. But I couldn't. I had to close them, to imagine my own lover putting a finger in me, against my clit, rubbing gently, lovingly. I know where I like to be touched and I am not afraid to glide my lovers finger to just the right spot. I put my foot up on the edge of the tub. I wanted to rub my clit and I wanted to make sure at least two fingers could hit it. My free hand, well I used that to pinch my left nipple. I learned that is a must when my clit is touched. It is an unbelievable feeling. Well, now you know why I never heard Beth.

It turns out I forgot to lock my back door. Beth was able to find her way in my bathroom and when I opened up my eyes she was staring at me through my clear shower curtain. I had to laugh, what else could I do. She had a gorgeous smile on her face. I have a feeling watching me made her night a very long one. She didn't ask me who I was thinking about. But she did ask if I needed to finish. I said no, her timing just happened to be perfect.

Beth threw me a towel and I dried off. I asked her to pick me out a pair of panties and she went to my drawer. She threw my a black lace thong, always, her taste perfectly matched my mood. Perfectly. I had already picked out a shirt, one that would show off the girls. My pushup bra made them even more noticeable, as Beth pointed out. Good, I thought. I knew I had to do that. I finished off my outfit with blue jeans and my red fuck me heels. When I wear those it strikes me that men really do pay attention to good fashion.

By the time I got ready we were a little late. But, a little quick driving got us to the theater just in time to walk in with Kat. As always, Kat was looking quite gorgeous herself. I liked the black blouse she was wearing.  Kat doesn't always like to show off her girls, but tonight was different. I'm glad she was. Hers aren't as big as mine, but they are quite delicious when she shows them off. No doubt she wanted to give JJ something to think about when she saw him at dinner.

I asked Kat if she was looking forward to dinner. She said not really for dinner, but dessert was something different. I should have asked her then what she was thinking, but I guess as it turns out the later surprise made the evening even better. When we sat down Kat whispered to me how gorgeous I looked. I wanted to say, "I know", but all that came out was a polite thank you. I wanted to tell her about my shower, but before I could she whispered in my ear about horny she was. I knew I should probably wait to tell her my story. After all, she already had sex on her mind and had to make it through a two hour movie. I asked her what she was thinking about and she let out a small laugh. She asked, "ever give a hand job in a theater?" I laughed, "no." "I have", she said. I laughed. But I knew how I had to ask her more about that later. The thought had made me wet. I mean, how often are you watching a boring movie and your thoughts are on sex anyway. A theatre is dark, the seats are close. I'm fairly certain I could be pleasured in my seat and am also quite certain I could pleasure another. Oh, we did see a movie. It was really funny. 

To be continued....

Sunday, May 29, 2011

JJ, Kat, Cara, Beth....and Peanut Butter

JJ has now become the first of our prowling friends to meet the whole Prowling with Kat crew in person. He met DauntlessD a couple of days ago, and he met Cara last night. Of course, he's known me for awhile (yes, in the biblical sense). For some reason, introducing JJ to my good friends Cara and Dauntless felt a lot like taking him home to meet mom and dad, in spite of the fact that Cara does not look anything like my mother and Dauntless is not my dad (even though I did purr when he said, "Who's your Daddy?" early in our relationship). It meant something to me for them to meet him and give their approval. I'll let you guess what that means.

But I digress....

The evening started out as a girls night out. I met Cara and another friend, Beth, at a movie theater. Our plan was to see a movie and then go out to dinner to meet JJ.  Cara was gorgeous, as always. She wore a cute peasant blouse (just tight enough to show off her.... uh....features), a pair of tight, perfectly fitted jeans, and some very hot bright red, 5" pumps. She is definitely one of those women who turns heads as she walks into a room, any room, with her mix of "cute girl next door" face, beautiful long blond hair, and "OMG hot!" body.

Beth was cute as a button, too, but in more of a "I'm confident and look hot in jeans and tennis shoes" kind of way. I found myself staring at her pretty long brown hair several times, especially when she would play with it almost absentmindedly, pulling it back into a ponytail, then into another do later, then another. As we waited for the movie to start, I got to see some of Beth's tattoos, which fascinate me because I don't have any myself. We'll have to see if we can talk Beth into showing off some of her ink in an HNT one of these days.

There I go again, getting off track....

So, the movie was fun, and we went to dinner afterwards. Beth, Cara, and I were seated first, Beth next to me and Cara across from us with the empty chair next to her. I'll admit that I was a little disappointed and jealous because JJ would sit next to her and I'd have no opportunity to touch his leg or play footsie with him under the table. Oh well.... There was nothing to be done about it at that point. At least I would get to gaze at them both across the table, a pleasurable experience in itself.

JJ soon joined us and we got through that awkward first introductions phase and soon we were having a great time and laughing. Beth is just hilarious. She made me laugh so hard and so much that my cheeks hurt.  There were so many fun exchanges that it's hard to know which one to share with you, but I finally decided.

We were ordering dessert and decided on something involving a peanut butter cookie and vanilla ice cream. That's when we learned that Beth and I share a fondness for peanut butter (Who knew?):

Beth: I love peanut butter on anything, even straight out of the jar, but it looks strange if you don't put it on something...

Kat: Me, too!

Beth: Like celery...

Cara: Or a spoon...

Kat:  Or crackers...

Cara:  Or Kat's body...

(stunned silence, then laughter)

Kat: Mmm....you and I can discuss that later, Cara (wink)

JJ: On that note, I'll excuse myself for a bit. (Seriously, how is a man who doesn't want to draw attention to himself supposed to respond to that in a public place?)

(JJ steps away from the table)

Cara: (very concerned that she embarrassed him and made him uncomfortable) Kat, text him and let him know I wasn't talking about *him*. I was talking about *me* licking it off your body.

Kat: Oh, I think he got that. LOL.

JJ rejoined us shortly and we continued our fun and slightly naughty conversation while I stared at JJ, unable to take my eyes off him. Ok, ok, every now and then I stole a glance at Cara's perfect tits, but come on, who wouldn't???

The evening ended much too soon for my taste, but one thing is for sure: We will all be going out again. Maybe next time we'll talk Dauntless into joining us.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

It's Not Weird at All, Is It?

Cara was taking some new HNT pics and, like always, she sent me some proofs. Yes, they are gorgeous, as is Cara. You are all in for a real treat!

Anyway, after she sent the photos, we had this brief, but amusing, email exchange:

Cara: Is it weird that I send you half naked pictures of myself?

Kat: Is it weird that I like it?

Personally, I dont think it's weird at all. ;-)

By the way, Dauntless is throwing his hat into the HNT ring next week. I get to see Cara's pics and Daunt's pics in advance. I am one lucky Kat!

Friday, May 27, 2011

DauntlessD Meets JJ

Like all of my really good ideas that sometimes turn out badly, the idea for DauntlessD to meet JJ was an impromptu one. It popped into my head, I mentioned it to Dauntless and off we went. Fortunately, it turned out quite nicely.

Now for those of you thinking, "DantlessD, JJ, and Kat.....threesome!" - Get your minds out of the gutter (just for a moment, anyway). It wasn't like that at all. 

But now that I think about it.....mmmm....not a bad idea.  Not a bad idea at all.

Anyway, for those of you who don't know, I met both DauntlessD and JJ on Ashley Madison. My relationship with Dauntless developed into a close friendship (Dauntless has written about our friendship here on Prowling with Kat). My relationship with JJ developed into...well.... you have read about what it developed into. If you missed it, you can read about it in Whatever He Wants (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4) and A Brief and Naughty Memory of Waking with JJ. As a matter of fact, as of right now, there are more naughty posts about JJ than anyone else (except me, of course), and I'm sure there will be more.

By the way, for those of you participating in the Prowling with Kat Trivia Contest, I just gave you an answer to one of the questions.  You're welcome.

As I was saying, I had this great idea for friend and lover to meet. Both of them were ok with it, so we made it happen.  Unfortunately, I can't tell you much about the where or how of it because to do so would give you too much identifying information about one of my boys, so please forgive me for the lack of details.  Discretion matters, remember?

The meeting was brief, a little awkward at first, but still nice.  I introduced them to each other, they shook hands and we made some small talk. I don't remember much about what was said because I was distracted by JJ's hand on my shoulder.  Then I was distracted by our legs touching as he sat next to me. We were in a very public place, so there could be no outward displays of affection, which was making me a bit crazy. Yeah, JJ has that effect on me. (Note to self: Avoid being in the same room with JJ unless it's safe to take off clothes and bend over the table.)

So, Dauntless meeting JJ was no big deal, and I'm really pleased about that. We're all grown ups and there is really no reason it should have been a big deal, but when you live the prowling life, you're so used to keeping secrets that it can feel a little strange to drop your guard a bit, even when it's perfectly safe to do so. I trust both Daunt and JJ completely, and I care about them both very much.  Having them together, even for a few minutes, was pretty special for me.  They are both extraordinary men.

Stay tuned..... Tomorrow night, Cara and I are having a girl's night out, and it will be her turn to meet JJ. What man wouldn't want to meet Cara in person?


Don't forget! There is still time to enter the Prowling with Kat Trivia Contest! Follow that link to see the official rules and access the questions.  The answers to all of the questions can be found in the posts on the blog, and I'll be dropping hints up until the deadline, so be sure to pay attention.  You can enter any time between now and 5:00 p.m. (Pacific time) on Tuesday, May 31, 2011.  There are real prizes - an Eden Fantasys gift card and several Amazon gift cards. Come on, what else are you going to be doing this weekend?  If you have any questions, drop me an email or leave a comment on one of the contest posts and I'll make sure you get an answer quickly. Good luck!

Stupid Kat Tricks

I know I come across as a very smooth prowler who never makes a mistake, but that’s only because you’re reading the grown-up and experienced Kat.  I was once a a naive little kitten out there in the prowling world and I made more than my fair share of stupid mistakes. In fact, I still make a mistake from time to time.  Hard to believe, huh?

At the risk of looking very stupid, I’ve decided to share some of the dumb prowling mistakes I’ve made. Hopefully, you little kittens and puppies out there will learn from them.  I also want to say that, while I have fun telling the stories, this is serious business.  Any of these mistakes could have spelled disaster for me, and I know that. That said, try not to laugh too loudly at my stupidity.

Here are the stupidest mistakes I’ve made (in no particular order of stupidity):

Using my home phone for long distance phone sex - This was a long time ago (about 20 years ago) and was my first experience with anything even close to prowling. I was still a very cute 20-something trophy Kat at the time for my 40-something tomcat of a husband.  It never occurred to me that my husband would look at the bill that closely.  It also never occurred to me that he would call those numbers and even go see some of those gentlemen and tell them to stay away from his wife.  Hey, I thought I was being safe by not giving them our phone number (this was before the days of caller ID). Verdict: Really stupid.

Giving my regular personal email address to guys from Ashley Madison - This was a more recent stupid trick. Again, I thought I was being smart by not using my work email, but my personal email address has my real first initial and last name in it, and when you get an email from me, my full name shows up. With my full name and Google, you can find out just about everything about me, my business, my family.......uuggghhh. It was DauntlessD who called this to my attention very shortly after we met. Soon after that, I created my shackledkat account. Fortunately, none of the guys who had the other email caused any problem at all. Dodged a bullet on that one.  Verdict: Unbelievably stupid.

Using my business credit card to rent a room locally - I own my own business, so I wasn’t worried about the boss finding out, but I had the nosiest bookkeeper in the world at that time, and she wanted to know every detail about everything. I told her it was personal, and that should have been enough for bookkeeping purposes, but she kept asking about it. I caught her once calling a hotel to try to get information about how long I had stayed, if anyone was with me, etc. Maybe I should mention now that she isn’t my bookkeeper anymore.  Verdict: Stupid.

Meeting someone I had just met online in a secluded location, alone, at night, when no one else knew where I was - This was a long time ago, and I knew then that it was stupid, but I did it anyway.  Fortunately, everything went ok, but I was lucky. I haven’t done it again. Verdict: Dangerously stupid.

Not deleting photos and other incriminating evidence from my phone - I’m usually pretty good at this, but about a month ago, my husband grabbed my phone and started going through my photos.  No, he didn’t find any cock pics (thank god!), but he did find several of Cara’s HNT pics. Explaining why I had near naked photos of a female friend was a challenge, but I managed of course. I did notice, though, that the next time he saw Cara (she’s a real life friend of ours) he was a bit more attentive than usual. Verdict: Uncomfortably stupid.

Not using a condom every time - I get tested regularly, but not using a condom every time is just a disaster waiting to happen.  Of course, I’ve always asked everyone Ive been with if they have any communicable diseases, but no one ever says, “Yes, I do. We should use a condom” or “I don’t think so, but I’ve had unprotected sex with several women recently, so we should use a condom for your protection.” No, the answer is always something like, “No, Baby, definitely not...now get over here and ride my cock, Honey”  or “No way! Bend over and let me fuck that ass of yours.” What arrogance it was to assume that for some reason I didn’t have to use the same protective measures as everyone else. I’ve been very, very fortunate, but now I’m more careful. Verdict: Arrogantly stupid.

I’m a little embarrassed to say it, but this list could go on and on, but that’s about enough for one post.  I’ll share the rest another time.

In the meantime, as Michael Conrad used to say on Hill Street Blues (yes, I know I’m dating myself), “Let’s be careful out there.”

Thursday, May 26, 2011

After Hours in the Office

It’s after hours in the office and everyone is finally gone.  I’m alone. I turn on some soft and relaxing music and settle into my chair to use the quiet time to get some work done before I go home for the evening.

I try to work, but I’m distracted. My mind wanders to thoughts of his strong hands on me, his arms around me, his deep probing kisses.

I squirm a little and try to refocus. I succeed for about 10 minutes until the sound of the air conditioning fan coming on in the office reminds me of the sound of the air conditioner kicking on in the hotel room where I last spent time with him.

I take a deep breath and exhale slowly.  I shake my head as if that will shake off the images of his naked body in front of me just before I took his hard cock into my mouth. It doesn’t.

I look at my phone on the desk and consider trying to resist re-reading the messages he sent me earlier in the day - the ones telling me how much he wants me, how much he needs to be with me, what he wants to do with me when we are together again. I read through them once, then again. I feel a little twitch in my pussy, and I can feel my own wetness.

I sigh longingly and reach up to slide my hands over my breasts.  I can feel my nipples harden through my blouse and my bra, and the sensation of my hands brushing them sends a shudder through my body. I imagine that I’m being touched by his hands.

I decide not to fight it any more.  I stand up and slip off my panties, and reach into my purse to pull out my little pocket vibrator. I unbutton my blouse as I sit back down and unhook my front-hook bra, opening it and freeing my breasts. I turn on the little vibe and rub the head over one of my nipples, then the other, and back again. I tease myself like that because I know that’s what he would do.  He would make me wait until I couldn’t wait any more, until I begged him to touch me where I needed to be touched.

When I think I can’t take it much longer, I move the vibrator down between my legs. As I circle my clit with it slowly, I sit back in my chair, tilt my head back and close my eyes, and open my knees wide apart, imagining that I’m exposing myself for him.

My right hand presses the vibe against my clit a little harder, moving it slowly back and forth like I like it, and my left hand reaches up to pinch my left nipple. Lightly at first.  Then harder. My hips start rocking forward and back.  I imagine the vibe is his finger - no, his tongue - and a needful moan escapes my mouth. I press harder. My hips start to shake as I feel myself ready to cum.  I pinch my nipple even harder, grind the vibe forcefully against my throbbing clit, and moan loudly. My orgasm comes in waves. I release the pressure on the vibe just a little as each ripple of pleasure shoots from my clit up my back.

I call out his name like I would if I were surrendering to him fully.  I see him in my mind smiling at me, enjoying my pleasure, watching me shudder.

As the tide of pleasure recedes, I turn off the little vibe and bring it to my lips, licking and sucking on it like he would have me suck on his fingers, cleaning it completely.  I taste my juices like I taste them on his fingers or his in his kiss.

I open my eyes, and reality is back. My chair is wet with my cum.  So is my hand.  I reach for some tissue and hastily and sloppily clean up. I have a bottle of water on the desk that I use to rinse off the vibe, pouring the water on it over the wastebasket, drying it with my skirt, and tossing it back into my purse. I grab my panties and put them on. My knees feel weak as I stand to slide them over my hips. I turn and look at my chair and groan, wondering how I can get that clean and if it will show a stain tomorrow. I fasten my bra and button my blouse as I head to the janitorial closet to find something to use on that chair.

While I’m cleaning, I start thinking of him again.  When will I hear from him?  When will I see him? When will I share his bed? I feel my pussy twitch again, but this time I firmly say, “No!” out loud, as if I were chastising a naughty child. That makes me smile and shake my head.

I look at the clock, and it’s time to go home and prepare dinner for my family. I grab my phone and my purse and head to the restroom to wash my hands and make sure every button is fastened and that every hair is in place. When I see my face in the mirror, I almost don’t recognize that woman.  The glow on her cheeks and the satisfied look in her eyes are not what I typically see in the mirror before I head home after a long day at work.

As I lock the door of the office behind me, my phone vibrates briefly, indicating a message.  I read it as I walk to my car.  I smile. I knew he was thinking of me, too.

HNT - Nap Time Anyone?

Cara looks absolutely perfect lounging in bed, doesn't she?  Must have been nap time.  Or is it time for something else?

The Prowling with Kat Trivia Contest!

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  2. Answer each of the questions in the contest (The questions are below).
  3. Email your answers to Kat anytime before 5:00 p.m. (Pacific time) on May 31, 2011. Please write "Trivia Contest" in the subject line or your email.
See how easy that is? Oh, and it's an open-book quiz, so to speak.  All of the answers except for two can be found in the posts and pages of Prowling with Kat.  The other two rely on your imagination, which can't be wrong as long as you follow the instructions.

 If you have any questions about the contest, read The Official Rules and any FAQs or announcements that may have been posted on the Trivia Contest page. If you can't find the answer there, or if you need more clarification, send an email to Kat.

At least four winners will be selected and those winners will receive either 1) an Eden Fantasys gift card so they can select from a wonderful collection of sex toys or  2) a gift card from Amazon.com.

Are you ready? Here we go......
  1. What was the title of the first post on Prowling with Kat? 
  2. What is Kat’s number one tip related to cheating on your spouse? 
  3. How did Kat meet DauntlessD? 
  4. Which of Kat’s lovers wrote a post about his version of their first meeting? 
  5. Who wrote the post, “The Window - Erotic Fiction?” 
  6. DauntlessD illustrated that men and women can’t be friends (confirming his assertion that men are dogs)  with a clip from what movie? 
  7. Which of Kat’s lovers was “The Contender?” 
  8. Which other blogger’s pics will Kat go stare at for fun? 
  9. Pick a sex toy from EdenFantasys (http://www.edenfantasys.com) that you think Kat would particularly enjoy. Post a link to that toy as your response, along with a brief description of why you think she would like it. (Hint: there is no wrong answer to this.  The only way to get it wrong is not to post a link to one of Eden Fantasys sex toys and not telling why you think Kat would like it.) 
  10. What two women have posted HNT photos on Prowling with Kat? 
  11. Give one of the reasons why Kat likes to shop online. 
  12. Kat wrote a post titled “Four Inches of Happiness.” What was she she referring to in that post and its title? (Please be specific.) 
  13. At one point, Kat was considering breaking one of her own prowling rules.  Which rule was she considering breaking? 
  14. Which lover is mentioned in the most of Kat’s naughty posts? 
  15. What is the name, screen name, or alias you would like to use if you are announced as a winner on Prowling with Kat? (The only way to get this one wrong is not to answer.  You may write “Anonymous” if you choose.)    
Tie Breaker Question (This question will be used by Kat to determine contest winners in the event of a tie. Responses may be posted on the blog.)

How would you entice Kat or DauntlessD (depending on your preference) into a naughty sexual encounter (in 100 words or less)?

Don't forget - email your entry to Kat no later than 5:00 p.m. (Pacific time) on Tuesday, May 31, 2011. If you want to enter earlier than that, that's fine.

Good luck!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Brief and Naughty Memory of Waking with JJ

JJ and I had been satisfying each other for the better part of two hours. We curled up together to rest for awhile, on our sides, my back to his front, his strong arms wrapped around me, our feet and legs intertwined. I loved this time, just being together in the silence, listening to his breathing, feeling the warmth of him against me.

He dozed off first. Serenaded by the lullaby of his slow, even breathing I drifted off soon after, hoping I would wake before it was time to go, wishing I had set the alarm in my phone, but there was no way I was going to move right then and disturb that perfect moment.

I awoke as JJ slid his cock slowly into my ass.  At first, it was like a dream, as I was floating in that place between sleep and wakefulness, but as he pushed himself all the way inside me, I knew it was real. Thankfully, we were both still well-lubed from earlier, I was very relaxed, and he moved slowly. There was no resistance.  My body accepted him easily. Being taken anally this way didn't feel like a violation at all. It felt completely natural, like the perfect way to wake and enjoy each other one last time before we had to part.

He moved rhythmically at a slow and deliberate pace, kissing my neck and my shoulder as he took his pleasure. He never felt better inside me than he did at that moment.

Perfect is the only word I can think of to describe it.

If only I could wake up that way every day.....

Our 100th Post!

Time goes by so quickly when you're being slutty, doesn't it?

The very first post on Prowling with Kat, Why Kat Prowls, was posted on January 7, 2011. Four and half months later, you're reading our one hundredth post.  What an incredible and fun journey this has been!

I started Prowling with Kat as a way to share with others the stories of my prowling and the things I have learned along the way.  Encouraged by my beloved friend and best cheerleader, DauntlessD, I jumped in with both feet. Two weeks later, Dauntless jumped in with his first post, Nice Guys Are NOT Attractive. Then in April, sweet Cara quit lurking in the shadows and contributed the first of many very popular HNT photos.

 So, what does the future have in store for us? Heck, I don't know. I can tell you there will be more of what you have come to expect and love about Prowling with Kat.  There will be more naughty stories, more HNT pics, more advice for prowlers.

To celebrate our 100th post, we're about to have a Prowling with Kat Trivia Contest!  (cue applause and cheers)

I know, the excitement is thrilling, isn't it?

Here's the deal. On Thursday, May 26th (that's tomorrow for those of you reading this in real time), I'll post the official rules and the questions. Entries will be accepted until Tuesday, May 31st at 5:00 p.m. (Pacific time). There will be fabulous prizes for the winners - A $25 gift certificate from www.edenfantasys.com and several Amazon.com gift cards. Yes, real prizes!

All you have to do is answer a bunch of questions about Prowling with Kat.  The answers can all be found in the blog, so you have just as good a chance as anyone else. You'll email your answers to me before the deadline on May 31st, and 4 winners will be chosen. I'll add a tie breaker essay question at the end that will only be used if more than 4 people get all of the answers right. Simple enough?

Darn right it is!

And no, Prowlers, you won't have to give up your anonymity to play; however, I will need an email address to get you your prize.  You know I can be trusted with it.  After all, I'm Kat.

Watch for the rules and questions to be posted tomorrow.

And thank you for celebrating our 100th post with us!

Please, add a comment and say "Hi!" I'd love to hear from you and see who's out there prowling with me.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

TMI Tuesday with Cara - May 24, 2011

Our very own sweet Cara has decided to jump in and play TMI Tuesday with us! 

1. Under what circumstances would you kiss a stranger?
I would only kiss a stranger if he/she was hot, or if I was paid to...  
2. Who was the last person you sent a sexy or romantic text message to? What did the text say?
Can we pretend that the question asks about any type of message, not just a text message? Okay, good! I sent an email message to the kinky neighbors saying that if they're going to continue to be that loud [having sex] they should at least be considerate and invite me.
3. What was the last sexy or romantic text message that you received and what did it say?
The last text message I received was this afternoon while I was in a meeting. It was sent by a colleague and read "I can see your panties". I thought to myself "Oh yes, I did wear panties today". 
4. What was the longest romantic relationship you’ve had (months, years)? And what was the shortest romantic relationship?
The longest relationship I've had was 9 years. The shortest was about 2 months and was with a smokin' hot firefighter, who was married to his high school sweetheart.  
5. If there was a cunnilingus contest, would you enter? Would you “eat” or be eaten?
If eating, would you bring along your choice of pussy to lick or use one of the clean delectable pussies provided?
I would definitely be eaten. If I had to eat though, I'd absolutely bring my own. I would not be up for eating what could be someone else's sloppy seconds. I like to pick these things out myself.
6. If we asked your partner/lover to describe you sexually in one word, what do you think that word would be?
"Try-Sexual": willing to try anything sexually. ;-)

TMI Tuesday with DauntlessD - May 24, 2011

1. Under what circumstances would you kiss a stranger?
A total stranger? Like someone just wordlessly walked up and tried to plant one on me? I can't think of circumstance I would accept that... Well maybe if it was some interesting flirtatious adult version of Red Rover. Red Rover, Red Rover let DauntlessD Come Over, then I get to run over, choose a girl and kiss her? Oooh, that could be fun! Outside of that if you mean a stranger just met, I'm half Latino and in that culture it is common for the women to give that cheeky kiss upon an introduction or a greeting, I'm okay with that. I would even accept a kiss on the lips (from someone of the opposite sex) upon an introduction -- I'd be a bit shocked, but would likely enjoy it.

2. Who was the last person you sent a sexy or romantic text message to? What did the text say?
That would be Kat and it said, "Hmmm, sarcasm won't bode well for you slave" I'll let you all guess the context.

3. What was the last sexy or romantic text message that you received and what did it say?
It was Kat (she's great isn't she?) it said, "Hey there Sexy"

4. What was the longest romantic relationship you’ve had (months, years)? And what was the shortest romantic relationship?
The longest? I guess I would have to say my wife, 14 years. The shortest, 1 day. In a group setting I was introduced to a gal while at a theme park. It was a very nice day, but we lived far from one another and that is where it died.

5. If there was a cunnilingus contest, would you enter? Would you “eat” or be eaten?
Ummm I'd have to say "eat". If I said "eaten" some poor person would get an unexpected surprise upon lifting my skirt.

If eating, would you bring along your choice of pussy to lick or use one of the clean delectable pussies provided?
This is a very tough choice! Bringing a pussy I'm experienced with makes sense in that it's a pussy I know; I know what that pussy likes. However being provided a pussy I would have the chance to show off my pussy licking prowess!

6. If we asked your partner/lover to describe you sexually in one word, what do you think that word would be?
My wife of 14 years would likely say "predictable", not that she's unsatisfied -- it's just that our sexual relationship has always been a bit inhibited. I'm not not sure where this comes from... maybe some sort of odd over concern about what the other is thinking. As for the others, I would hope they'd say rampageous.

TMI Tuesday with Kat - May 24, 2011

 1. Under what circumstances would you kiss a stranger?
Define "stranger." In my college days, I kissed many a stranger at parties while in a drunken haze.  Oh!  So I guess one of the circumstances would be "drunk." In my post college days, I attended a few swinger events and kissed some strangers. It was kind of expected in that setting. Now, though, I wouldn't kiss a total stranger, although some of the men I have kissed have definitely been strange. 

2. Who was the last person you sent a sexy or romantic text message to? What did the text say?
JJ. It said, "I'm thinking of you."

3. What was the last sexy or romantic text message that you received and what did it say?

JJ. It said, "Thinking of you...." Now, if I can go back to last night, the last one he sent before I went to sleep was "Dream slutty dreams for me."  So I did.

4. What was the longest romantic relationship you’ve had (months, years)? And what was the shortest romantic relationship?

The longest relationship has been with my husband.  We have been married for 23 years. The shortest was just a few days.  I had met a man on AM who I really liked.  We met once for sex. It went really well. He clearly enjoyed himself. But then I didn't hear from him the next day, or the next, or the next, or.....for a couple of weeks. That sucked.

5. If there was a cunnilingus contest, would you enter? Would you “eat” or be eaten?
If eating, would you bring along your choice of pussy to lick or use one of the clean delectable pussies provided?

Well, duh!  I would clearly prefer to be eaten, but I would also be open to entering the "doubles" event where one had to both eat and be eaten. I think I could win that event. I would use one of the provided pussies rather than bring my own. That would feel too much like "brown bagging it" at a fine restaurant.

6. If we asked your partner/lover to describe you sexually in one word, what do you think that word would be?

I wasn't sure how to answer this question, so I actually asked for assistance.  Sweet M answered "uninhibitedly-freakin'-awesome," arguing that if it's hyphenated, it's only one word.

My JJ initially threw out "slutty" (awww...thank you, Sweetie!), but then changed his answer to "insatiable."

Interestingly, when I first read this question, the two words that immediately popped into my mind were uninhibited and insatiable. Looks like I'm not too far off. ;-)


Read more TMI Tuesday responses by other bloggers at http://tmituesdayblog.wordpress.com/

Monday, May 23, 2011

That Pesky "L" Word

The "L" word. It has the power to stun even the strongest men to silence. You know which word I mean. Not lust, longing, lascivious.... Men don't seem to have trouble with those. But love....that's a different story altogether.

Ok, I know some of you are sweating and squirming in your chairs right now thinking, "I thought this was a sex blog, goshdarnit! Why is she talking about l-l-l-love???" Just breathe, honey. You be fine, and this will be over soon.

Most extramarital affairs that last longer than a month include at least some element of love. Navigating those waters can be tricky.

Any parent who has had more than one child knows that we have an inexhaustible supply of love to share. It seems crazy to think that you couldn't love a second child because you already love your first child, doesn't it?

You can have five siblings and love them all, right?

And you probably have two parents and you love them both, don't you?

You may have several very close friends and you love them all, right?

So why is it that so many think they can only love one mate?

I know there are different types of love, and the love you have for a spouse is different than the love you have for a friend, even a best friend, but different doesn't necessarily mean better or less than. Just different.

For some reason, many don't think cheating is so bad if it's "just sex" and having an emotional affair (falling in love) is a line they can't - or won't- cross. By the way, I've never heard the spouse of a cheater, upon learning about an affair, say, "Well, thank God it was only sex!" even though the cheater swears up and down that "it didn't mean anything." That emotional boundary line is more in the cheater's mind than in reality, and I think it has a lot more to do with self-preservation than anything else.

Another issue is that the "L" word has different implications for men and women. For men, it carries all sorts of thoughts of commitment, and loving a woman that isn't his wife can feel like a betrayal of his wife. For women, though, loving another man doesn't necessarily feel like a betrayal of her husband. Of course, don't even try to use the same logic in reverse.

Also, for men, life is very compartmentalized, and romantic love is typically in the "family" compartment. Great sex is in the "mistress" compartment. Treating those two compartments the same in any way just feels wrong. Women, on the other hand, don't see things that way. For women, everything is connected. Love crosses all boundaries and all relationships are connected in some way.

My buddy DauntlessD talks about it in terms of waffles and spaghetti. Men are waffles and relationships and roles all fit neatly into a square and they stay separate. Women are spaghetti and we connect everything. Sometimes we'll be talking and he'll say something like, "You're getting all spaghetti on me now," and I know exactly what he means. Or I'll say, "Come on, now, lemme in that square," and he gets it.

So what about the connection between love and sex? Wild, passionate, uninhibited sex with someone you are not in love with can be great! But wild, passionate, uninhibited sex with someone you love is fantastic beyond words. There's nothing wrong with raw sex just to enjoy the sex. However, intentionally limiting it to a non-loving relationship is closing off a whole dimension of awesome sexual experience.

Okay, I'll admit I can't even claim to know everything about the L word and relationships, but I know this: I can absolutely love two men at the same time. I can love my husband and be devoted to him and I can also be in love with my lover - without feeling like loving one diminishes the love I have for the other. They are very different men. Both are amazing. I can also have a loving (and sexual) relationship with a friend. Does it mean I love my husband less? Of course not.

Have I fallen in love with every lover I've had?  Absolutely not.  It's a rare occurrence actually - a very rare occurrence, but when it happens I am more than willing to let it in.

For me, the more I love others, the more my capacity to love increases.

So, fellow Prowlers, what are your issues with Prowling and love?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Late Night Desire - A Naughty Note from JJ

 I woke up yesterday morning and found a sexy and enticing email waiting for me from JJ. That's JJ from Whatever He Wants (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4). I thought you would enjoy it, too, fellow Prowlers, so I asked JJ for his permission to share it.  Yes, I am indeed a very luck Kat. ;-)


It's late and I'm laying in bed wishing you were next to me, naked, pressed against me.  Waiting, until you feel my swelling press even harder against your ass that tells you that I want you... Again!

You turn around, smile, and kiss me softly, both of us thinking the same thing in perfect unison.  Your hand reaching for my cock and mine for your pussy.

My fingers flit over the outside of your pussy, feeling for the slightest bit of moisture to lubricate them.  Once they do, the first finger begins searching out your clit.  As it finds it, the second wets itself and joins the first and the two begin to tease and taunt your body, bringing you ever so close to climax and then retreating at the very last moment.

I want more... you want more...

You whisper in my ear you want me to fuck you hard.  I move my self in between your legs and run my cock up and down your slippery slit and then watch as your pussy slowly swallows my cock.  First, the head and then, eagerly, you hungrily take in the rest of me.  There is nothing more exciting to me than the sight of my cock disappearing into you.



Saturday, May 21, 2011

Secrets About DauntlessD

DauntlessD went away on a weekend fishing trip with the guys and he wouldn't let me come along. Apparently, having a penis is a pre-requisite for a fishing trip. So, in retaliation, I'm posting some of his secrets. He has no cell access and very limited internet access where he is, so he won't be able to do anything about it until he's back next week. Even if he takes this post down as soon as he's back in town, the dirt will still be out there for several days.

The moral of the story? Be nice to this pussy Kat or you'll pay. ;-)

Secret #1: As a young teen, Dauntless used to masturbate while watching videos of the Solid Gold Dancers. Yes, he shared this in his recent TMI post, but I wanted to repeat it just in case anyone missed it.

Secret #2: He's an insufferably nice guy. Seriously. Nice. Too nice.

Secret #3: He calls his boxers, "Man Panties."

Secret #4: He also authors a political blog (sorry, I can't tell you which one, but it's quite good).

Yeah, I know. I'm still laughing at Secret #3, too. LOL.

Secret #5: He acts all cool and suave around here, but he's really a geek (computer geek, gadget geek, etc.). Oh, he's a hot looking geek, but a geek nonetheless.

Secret #6: Dauntless has three AM profiles - the nice guy, the bad boy, and the kinky Master. Yes, he's all three of those in real life, too, but the nice guy is the front man most of the time. But when that bad boy shows up....mmmm.

Ok, I'll stop there. I've saved the most embarrassing secrets for another day. I can't use up all my ammunition at once, can I? ;-)

My Cat, Fabio - Another Cheater's Parable

I used to have a cat named Fabio.  Fabio was a gorgeous and proud orange tabby cat.  We used to let Fabio come and go as he pleased, because all men need some space, so sometimes he was an inside cat and sometimes he was an outside cat. No matter what, though, every night as it started to get dark, he would come back to our porch and wait to be let in to spend the night inside.

One night, I opened the door to let him in, and he was wearing a collar!  Huh? Yes, in his travels around the neighborhood, someone else had apparently attempted to adopt my cat. It was a little amusing.  I took off the silly collar and thought nothing of it.

The next night, Fabio was wearing a pink collar when I let him in for the night.  WTF?!? I devised a plan, and this time did not take the collar off.  The next day, I went to the pet store and bought some leather, very manly looking cat collars.  On the way home, I cruised the neighborhood until I found him.  He was lounging on a neighbor's front porch wearing that girlie pink collar.  I never liked that neighbor very much.

When Fabio came home that night, I took off the pink collar and replaced it with a black leather collar with a little tag that read, "I'm Fabio.  I belong to Kat at 69 Slut Drive."  Well, I used my real address, but you get the picture, right?  I'd show that b*tch.

The next night, Fabio came home wearing a pink collar with flowers on it - and a pink bow! OMG!  Not only was that b*tch trying to steal my cat, but she was trying to turn my bad boy tomcat into a pussy! That was simply not ok with me. I took off the embarrassing collar and replaced it with another black leather one, with little metal spikes all around it this time.

The next night Fabio didn't come home.  He didn't come home the next night, either. When I drove by the neighbor's house the next day, I saw him on her porch again, wearing that humiliating pink collar with flowers again.  And no, he didn't look happy.

 But I knew it was time to let Fabio go. It was time to just let the b*tch have him if she wanted him.

A few weeks later, I noticed that Fabio was sitting on the grass in front of the neighbor's house and his collar was a little dirty, pink bow tattered and knotted. On the porch was a smaller cat, clearly younger, with a brand new pink collar.  I wanted to open my window and yell at Fabio, "It serves you right, you cheater!" I knew, though, that yelling at a cat would be silly, soI just went home instead.

I have a new cat now.  Her name is Cuddles, and I learned my lesson.  We don't let her go outside.

So, what does all of this have to do with you, fellow Prowlers?  Can't you see it?
  1. Fabio wasn't just cheating, he was flaunting it by coming home with fancy collars. Eventually, divorce was the only option because I had no dignity left. Even if you think your spouse knows about your affair, don't flaunt it in his/her face.  That's just mean. If you want to stay married, give him/her some room to look the other way.
  2.  Fabio's b*tch mistress was trying to change him into something he wasn't (a girlie pussy).  There's no way that wouldn't be noticed at home. Be careful about changing too much of your normal routine and activities.  If it starts to look like you're changing too rapidly, a big red flag will go off in your spouse's head, and you don't want that.
  3. Leaving the wife for the mistress usually doesn't work out (Okay, Okay, I've heard stories of times where it has worked out, but trust me, those are the exceptions, not the rule).  Look how it turned out for Fabio. The new mistress, once she became the wife, found a young new kitty to play with. Poor Fabio couldn't find success prowling the neighborhood anymore because by then he was dirty, poorly cared for and he looked like a girlie pussy.
  4. By the time Fabio realized that he had made a terrible mistake, he had already been replaced by another kitty, and there was no way his ex (me) was going to take him back. You may think your spouse will be devastated without you and end up alone forever, but that's just your inflated ego talking. He/she will eventually invite someone else into his/her bed.  Think about that before you walk away.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Aching for You

I ache for you....

My body aches for you. I close my eyes and feel your arms around me, your hard cock inside me, your lips on mine, and it only reminds me that you're not here with me now.

My heart aches for you, too. I remember how close we felt when we were last together, how neither one of us wanted to leave, how I felt so safe and connected with you. It just doesn't feel right to be separate from you.

I look at the calendar and search for a day and time that we might be able to be together again, starting with this very moment and moving forward in time a half day at a time. No, you're working on that day and we're both working the next day. You have a family commitment that day, I promised my son some time on that afternoon. As my eyes scan further and further away from now, the aching intensifies. If I can just find a time, then I can tell myself I only have to wait until then. The sense of distance between us would shrink from feeling like forever to a more manageable, bearable time.

The problem with experiencing a perfect connection with you is that I feel your absence more intensively when we're apart. I feel. That's what I was missing before. I was numb and overworked, trying to drown out the steady and low rumbling of awareness that something was missing from my life. You were missing.

I told you that you are the one I've been looking for. I was afraid you'd be scared away by my emotion, that you'd run or step back, but you didn't. Instead, you wrapped your arms around me and pulled me even closer, pulling me further away from that numb, empty place and closer to you.

You physically occupy only a corner of my life. The rest is inhabited by my children, my husband, my work, my friends, and hundreds of obligations - some small and insignificant, some life-changing. You only occupy a small corner, but your presence brightens all of it. It's like you pulled off the dark shade that was filtering the light. I saw you, and I also started to see vivid colors and textures in all the other parts of my life. No longer numb, I see and feel everything. I'm alive again.

But now I'm also aware of more, and I ache for your presence when you are not here. I try to refocus and think about the many things I love about you - your confidence, the sound of your voice when you're whispering in my ear, the way you make me laugh, your intelligence, the stories you tell me, your laughter.....the list goes on and on, and eventually the aching subsides and is replaced by warmth and contentment.

I know that I only occupy a small corner of your life, too, and I'm ok with that. In a strange way, our relationship works because we both have full lives. I know that the strength of your marriage is what makes my corner of your life secure, and that giving our home lives enough attention is what allows us to be together. I don't want that to change. Most people wouldn't understand that, but I know you do.

Then I get a message from you letting me know you're thinking of me, too, and the aching diminishes a little more. I know we're still connected. I still want to feel your body next to mine, but I know I can wait now, and the anticipation will only make our next rendezvous sweeter.

I close my eyes again and picture you. I don't carry a photo of you because that wouldn't be safe, but it doesn't matter. I have hundreds of perfect images of you in mind. My favorite is the one of you laying next to me right after we've made love. Your eyes are closed and you look totally relaxed and content. Your arms are around me and every now and then you turn to me and kiss me.

Ahhh....finally, I feel you near me again and the aching is completely gone.

At least for now.

Kat's Favorite Sex Blog Posts from Around the Web This Week

It's finally Friday! I thought I'd share some of the best blog posts I read this week.  If you're not following these folks, you should be.

That's Two (Regret?) - This was posted today by the Liam, author of The Accidental Philanderer. Who among us hasn't wondered about regrets?  The luckiest have few, or none. This post has a beautiful poem about regret that will surprise you, but don't stop reading there. There's some powerful writing to be read throughout this blog.

Sex + Food + Outside = Fucking Hot!!! - This one is by Adam, author of The Mind of a Married Man. It got me so hot that I had to literally excuse myself to the little girl's room for some "private time." While you're there, browse through Adam's HNT photos. Wow! (The note about the photos was for the ladies, of course.)

How real it is. - Ms. Inconspicuous, author of The Anatomies of a Marriage, writes superb prose.  This brief post is one of my favorites of all time because of how beautifully she describes the reality of infidelity for many of us.

Funny Story - I love it when a post makes me laugh.  This one did. Will Morton, author of GoodWill. . . is responsible for it, and I love it when people know that sex is supposed to be fun...and sometimes funny, too.

Crossing a Line. Then Another ... - This post is from last week, but since I've gone back to re-read it several times this week, I'm including it here. a6y is one of my favorites, and this post is a must read for anyone who has enjoyed (or who has thought about enjoying) intimacy through a webcam.

When you're done reading those, come back to Prowling with Kat and catch up on any of the 11 posts from this week that you may have missed.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Simple Endearing Actions

My last post was about my Top 9 Prowling Pet Peeves. As I was writing it, I started remembering some of the really sweet things some of my prowling buddies have done that endeared them to me. I thought I'd share some of them with you. Maybe you'll pick up something you can use.

  • Showing up for a "meeting" with a Starbucks for me (yes, he knew and remembered my favorite)
  • Sending me sweet and random text messages throughout the day
  • Continuing to send emails even though we also chatted and texted - just so we could continue to get to know each other on a deeper level
  • Changing the plan for our "meeting" when he knew I'd had a particularly rough day
  • Touching base in some way every day, no matter what
  • Whispering sweet nothings in my ear (I love that!)
  • Being tender and sweet sometimes (Yes, this Kat usually likes it hard and rough, but sometimes tender and sweet is just right)
  • Showing interest in my life outside of the bedroom
  • Following my favorite baseball team because he knew it mattered to me
  • Surprising me with unexpected availability, and wanting to spend it with me whether or not we had sex (although I usually prefer the sex)
  • Sharing his feelings with me, whatever they are
  • Meeting me for lunch from time to time, just to catch up
  • Letting down his guard and trusting me with things that are bothering him
  • Being both a friend and a lover
  • Reading the same book I'm reading (without my prompting) just so we can discuss it with each other
Now, none of these things are "required" for an affair, but I find them very endearing. These are some of the things that build a relationship that goes beyond just being a random fuck buddy (although I'll admit, that can be fun, too).

More than once I have told you that if you treat your partner right and make her happy, she will want to make you happy, too. It's a simple formula of give and take. It works for an affair. It works for a marriage.

Give it a try.

HNT - Hey! Cara's More Than Half Naked!

When I showed DauntlessD our own sweet Cara's HNT photo for today, his first response was "Yeefreakin-ha! Wow!" Then he fell into a stupefied haze and started typing incomprehensible gibberish. Finally, he settled into a worshipful silence and eventually muttered one of his favorite lines from the movie As Good as It Gets - "She's why cavemen chiseled on walls."

Uh, I think he likes it. What about you? Let hot little Cara know what you think!


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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Late TMI Tuesday - Getting to Know DauntlessD

This is a little late inspired upon reading Kat and Will's answers.

1. What is your online profile name and what does it mean?

My profile name stems from my Ashley Madison account. When I first signed up on AM it was half professional and half personal curiosity. I was at work hunkered down and covertly surfing on the AM site. I was nervous and looking over my shoulder, I was at work after all, and this affected my mood. I chose a handle of “quietnobody”. Shortly after found the Ashley Me Blog. I sent an email to the notorious Riff Dog and right away he said, “quietnobody?! Dude that’s the first thing that’s got to go.” So after some reflection in a less jittery state, I worked on thinking up something that fit my personality while at the same time might be appealing and a bit mysterious to women. “DauntlessDreamer” is what I came up with and I liked the contrast of the words. Since it is kind of long I shortened it for the blog and twitter to DauntlessD.
2. How did you decide on the title of your blog?
I didn’t the lovely Kat did and gave me permission to irritate you all.

3. How much of your online personality transcends into your real life? What’s the biggest difference between the two?
I was largely prompted to participate in TMI Tuesday upon reading Will’s answers, I found my self relating to him and enjoying his honest answers. Like him the anonymity allows me to show a side of my personality that only you all get to see. The majority of the time you see me raw and unvarnished. However there are times I find myself wanting to hide the more vulnerable side of me that I fear make me look weak or wimpy; for example the Plate of Cookies Mentality post made me feel that way.

4. What have you stumbled across through reading blogs that really made you want to try it out? Have you done it yet? Was it a good, bad or so so experience? BDSM or more likely the Master/sub type relationship. Years ago, when the wave of the Internet was first starting I met an attractive woman via Internet Relay Chat. She was open about her relationship with her Master/Husband. The contrast between this couple was stark, she was a cute little blond thing and he looked like a giant Saddam Hussein. I found the description of their relationship very intriguing and appealing.

More recently this curiosity was rekindled anew upon meeting Kat. However this style of relationship very much cuts across the grain of how I was raised to treat others -- especially women -- and I question whether I can lower my inhibitions enough to engage. So no, I haven’t experienced it yet, but I am interested.

And now, in honor of May is Masturbation Month… 5. After you masturbate, do you taste your cum? Do you like the taste of you?
No I’ve never tasted my cum post masturbation. I have tasted it in a diluted form when kissing a lover. Hmmm suddenly I’m wondering if I’m more prudish than I realize...

6. Do you like to masturbate in front of someone else? Does that heighten your arousal or are you indifferent?
I masturbated in front of my wife once at her request, she wanted to see how and where I touched myself. This was the only time I have done this and it felt a bit awkward, but I think she enjoyed it. Sex with my wife is always rather inhibited.

7. Have you ever been caught masturbating? By whom?
Not really... well maybe... Of course there have been close calls, young men keep that part of their life pretty busy. Once when I thought I was home alone when I was 13 or 14, I was on the couch working my tool. I got up and walked across the open doorway penis leading the way to the TV. I wanted to rewind the tape of the Solid Gold Dancers I was using for visual enhancement. Shortly thereafter I realized my father was home and I’m pretty sure he saw me, but he never said a word. Good god, did I just make this story public?

Kat's Top 9 Prowling Pet Peeves

Anyone who knows me or who has been reading this blog for almost any amount of time knows that I am a pretty laid back Kat. Not much really bothers me and when it comes to prowling, I'm a "live and let live" kind of gal. Still, there are some things that really annoy me. In the spirit of helping some of you avoid these pitfalls, I've shared my top 9 pet peeves here:

  1. Pre-meeting non-communication - It goes like this....you've met someone online.  You're chatting and emailing, maybe even chatting on the phone, and things seem to be going well, and then.....nothing. The communication stops.  For no apparent reason. Another scenario is that things progress just like I described and you decide to set up a meeting date for the following week.  Great.  Then you hear nothing until the day before you are supposed to meet when he expects you to be all excited about meeting.  Excuse me? That's much more like making arrangements with a prostitute than an affair.  You don't have to spend all day every day chatting, but checking in regularly matters.
  2. Post-meeting non-communication - I had an experience where a man I met was very communicative and charming prior to our first meeting. Then we met, and had what was by any standard great sex. As we parted, he seemed very enthusiastic about meeting again.  Then nothing.  WTF? At minimum, your partner deserves a thank you.  If you don't plan on seeing him/her again, a decent person will bite the bullet and say so.  Just slinking away is how cowards and jerks behave. Another variation on post-meeting non-communication is when you meet, have great sex, agree to see each other again, and you hear nothing until the day you're supposed to meet again.  Now this is fine if you have both agreed that you just want to hook for sex with no other communication, but if not, it's being a jerk.
  3. Constantly pressing for photos - If you have an ongoing relationship with someone, this is not a bid deal at all, but if not, this is just annoying.  Wanting a photo (or two or three) early on in the relationship is totally fine, but constantly asking for naughty photos every time you chat.....no. Let me put it another way, I have enough stress in my life as it is.  I really don't need it from someone who is supposed to help me escape the stress of my life.
  4. Not making room arrangements - Look.  We all know that cheating is dangerous.  We all know that it's not easy (or sometimes even possible) to book a hotel room anonymously. Still, that doesn't mean that you should expect that the other person be the one to take the risk every time. For gosh sake, take the time to get a pre-paid credit card and deal with it.
  5. Not paying for the room (or at least sharing the cost) - You're going to ask me to get the room because you're too nervous to do it yourself and then you're going to skip out without offering to pay it (or at least part of it)?  Really? Most women won't participate unless the guy takes care of all the arrangements and completely covers the cost.  It's simply expected.  Every now and then, you'll come across a gal who is willing to share the burden, but don't expect it.  Guys, be prepared to step up and handle this.There has only been one guy I saw more than once who wouldn't pay for the room for the first visit (yeah, he was pretty special) and only one for whom I would book the room every time (also very special guy).  
  6. Leaving cash on the nightstand - This is just my personal pet peeve.  I'm sure it doesn't bother all women but it makes me nuts. I knew one guy who would always leave $50 on the nightstand as we were getting dressed and ready to go, regardless of who booked or paid for the room.  he was "just helping out" because he knew I had gone to some expense to meet him.  Eeeewwww.  I may be a slut.  I may act like a whore.  But I'm not a prostitute. To do it once is a misunderstanding.  To do it multiple times after I explain how I feel about is just insulting.
  7. Just assuming that going bareback is ok with me - WTF?  The use of condoms should be discussed before the meeting.  Another peeve in this area is when we discuss using a condom, and the guy shows up without any.  Are you serious? You really think I'm going to be so horny that I'll say, "Oh, ok.....let's just do it anyway?" Yes, I have gotten up, dressed, and walked away in a situation like this. And then there are the ones who bring only one condom. That just makes me laugh.
  8. Showing up unannounced - I like a sweet surprise as much as the next gal, but showing up at my office unannounced just freaks me out. You never know if my husband is going to be here or someone else who will be suspicious because of your presence, not to mention the fact that I may just not want to see you right then. Just don't do it, please.
  9. Lying about your appearance or the size of your....you know - I am very up front about my appearance.  No secrets, no surprises.  I'll send a photo taken within the past two weeks.  Heck, I'll take one with my phone right now and send it if that's better. So why do some of you guys insist on using the 10 year old photo? I once heard of someone who actually used someone else's photo.  Also, about cock size, please don't lie about that either.  I'm not even going to ask about that.  If you have read my post, Does Size Matter?, you'll understand better why I don't. Even though I don't ask about it, guys often offer the information.  Imagine my surprise when we meet and I learn that they were either 4 inches off or they "forgot" to indicate they were using the metric system and they were really speaking in millimeters rather than inches. 
If you get nothing else from this post, please know that lying (about anything) is always worse for a first meeting than telling the truth. Cheating requires a certain amount of trust.  Yes, I completely understand the complexity of the issue - cheaters are inherently dishonest because the act requires lying to - or withholding truth from - one's spouse. In spite of this, your partner is not going to want to meet you unless she trusts you, at least to some degree.

Whew....this one was no fun to write, but somebody had to do it so you prowlers don't make these mistakes. I'm happy to sacrifice for the cause.

As I was writing this list of pet peeves, though, I started thinking about some of the wonderful and sweet things that some of my prowling partners have said and done for me over the years. I'll share some of those soon.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

TMI Tuesday - Getting to Know Kat

Cara has been after me to jump in and play TMI Tuesday for some time now, but I have resisted. Why? I don't know, really. Maybe I was waiting for an engraved invitation? In any event, here I am...and here we go.....

Getting to Know You…
1. What is your online profile name and what does it mean?
I have several online profile names. ShackledKat has two meanings. The shackled part relates to the fact that I'm married. It also gives a nod to my interest in bondage and Dom/sub play. Kat is actually my middle name, or a variation of it anyway. As for my other online profile names, I don't share them here. I was ShackledKat on AM for a very short while. I use another name there now, but my profile on AM is not active right now. My other online profiles are all related to my real life, so if I told you, I'd have to kill you.

2. How did you decide on the title of your blog?
Cats prowl. Kat prowls. And I hoped to connect with other prowlers like me, hence the name Prowling with Kat. That's pretty simple, huh? Sorry. I probably should have made up something really intellectual or philosophical, like Will's answer.

3. How much of your online personality transcends into your real life? What’s the biggest difference between the two?
Kat is very much me. However, there is a lot of me that is not Kat. The way I put it most often is that I'm definitely Kat in the bedroom, but I'm (insert my real name here) in the rest of my life - in business, with family, with friends.

4. What have you stumbled across through reading blogs that really made you want to try it out? Have you done it yet? Was it a good, bad or so so experience?
There really isn't much I haven't tried, most of it before I ever read a sex blog. I've participated in threesomes, but I'm really interested in Adam's Threesome with Allie and Alan, but with a small variation. I'd love to play with wifey while hubby watched, and then have him join in. Mmmm....never had it go quite like that before.

5. After you masturbate, do you taste your cum? Do you like the taste of you?
Sometimes I do. It just depends on my mood. If I'm masturbating on camera for my web cam buddy, of course I do! And yes, I do like the taste of me, as a matter of fact.

6. Do you like to masturbate in front of someone else? Does that heighten your arousal or are you indifferent?
I absolutely love to masturbate in front of someone else. Web cam buddy can attest to that. ;-) I think it definitely heightens arousal for me. It's a turn on to know that someone is watching and that it's turning him on, too. Dang, I'm getting hot just thinking about it.

7. Have you ever been caught masturbating? By whom?
No. I haven't been caught, at least not unless I wanted to be caught, if you know what I mean. I had a close call when I was a teenager once. I was spending the night at a friend's house and she and I were sleeping out in her parents' RV in the driveway, just for fun. I guess I was really goin' at it because all of a sudden she said, "What are you doing over there? You're making the whole RV shake!" I said, "Oh, sorry. I have an itch....I was just scratching." The lie came out very smoothly, even then. I guess I'm just a natural at it. The next question should be, "Kat, did you stop when your friend became suspicious?" Hell no! I went for it full force, not worrying about the shaking because now I knew she'd think I was scratching. I explained it the next day by saying that I must have been allergic to their laundry soap because that sheet made me itchy all night. See what I mean? Smooth.

Friday Fantasy - Lust Found

This is the conclusion of the fantasy story written by myself and Cara, Read Part 1 if you haven't already. Enjoy.

Jim steps forward and extends a hand in greeting, “It’s nice to meet you Mary.” Mary shakes his hand then gives him a friendly hug, “Sue’s told me so much about you, it’s nice to meet you too”, she replies.

Mary turns and steps toward Sue with a mocking smile, “However it would have been nice to get a phone call letting me know we were having company.” Putting an index finger gently under Sue’s chin she draws her in kissing her on the lips. Jim notices the kiss linger a bit longer than expected, the corner of his mouth is drawn up in amusement. This is new, he thinks.

Mary says, “Go sit down and catch up. I’ll get us some wine -- or would you prefer a beer Jim?”

“A beer sounds perfect”, says Jim. Nodding Mary turns and heads toward the kitchen. Jim’s gaze follows the sway of her hips as she strides away.

Sue slaps Jim on the shoulder and he jumps. She flashes him a cheerful smirk, “Well it’s not hard to see that you like Mary.” Beckoning him out to the living room they sit opposite one another, Sue in a chair and Jim on the end of the overstuffed couch. Mary returns with wine, hands Jim his beer, then sits next to him on the couch.

Immediately after Mary had seated herself, Sue stands, “I’ll be right back”, she says then leaves the room.

Jim looks over at Mary and smiles and then finds himself puzzled, her demeanor has changed. She’s leaning toward him with half lidded eyes reflecting mischief and mock innocence. She turns placing a hand high on Jim’s thigh, he can feel the warmth of her fingers on his inner thigh. Confused and a little wary he looks toward the entryway wondering where Sue is.

“Jim, Sue has told me a lot about you”, Mary says. She leans in kissing him sliding her tongue into his mouth.

Jim enjoys the kiss allowing it to linger, but keeps his hands to himself. Where is Sue? How is she going to feel about this?, he wonders. Then he hears her, Sue clearing her throat. He looks up into Sue’s flat hard gaze. Her eyes flicker from Mary to the lipstick he is sure is on his mouth. His mouth falls open to speak, but no words come out.

Sue is very still as she looks down at them, in the silence the tension builds. Her flinty eyes turn on Mary. “I can’t believe you were going to start without me!”, mock anger oozes from her voice. “Well, let’s get him undressed”. She kisses Mary then begins to unbutton Jim’s shirt. Smiling as her fingers nimbly work she finds herself wishing for a camera so she could freeze the look on Jim’s face in time.

Clothes are shed along with inhibitions and Sue is laying on her back, hips on the arm of the couch. Her own hand on her breast twists her nipple. Biting her lip in anticipation she watches as Mary leans toward her sex. She gasps as fingers gently part her wet folds and Mary’s hot tongue makes light teasing contact with her clit, then glide down one of her pussy’s lips and up the other. “Mmmmmm...”, she moans and smiles contentedly looking up at Jim.

Mary is standing bending down to Sue, Jim behind her. She feels him trace a finger down her spine causing her to shiver. Sue open before her she breathes in her sultry, musky scent. She lovingly teases her with her tongue. Sue’s hips begin to rock, she slides one finger inside, then two. Behind her she feels Jim’s hard cock brush her inner thigh. Involuntarily she arches her back hearing herself and Sue moan in unison.

Jim hungrily looks down at Mary’s bare back. He slides his hands down her sides and grips her hips. He moves one hand around her front, down her belly, the other hand glides over her ass where both begin to explore Mary’s sex. He slides a finger insider her, Mary’s legs shudder. The moans of both women are in his ears. Indulging his eyes he takes in the scene before him, bare female flesh and curves. Looking directly into Sue’s eyes he raises his hand, wet with the juices of Mary’s cunt and tastes her. Sue contentedly smiles at him as he slides his pulsing manhood inside Mary. Grabbing Mary’s hips, he feels her shake and hears her muffled moan.

The three of them find a rhythm of escalating tension and urgency. Moans turn to frenzied sexual cries. Jim eyes stare intently into Sue’s never breaking contact. Together they share intimate memories of love they have shared, echos of the past reborn. One by one they each climax and even as Jim gasps and shudders with orgasm his eyes stay rapt locked onto Sue’s.

Lust lost has been found... plus one.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Whatever He Wants (Part 4) -The End of the Naughty Encounter

I rested my head on JJ's shoulder with his arm around me as  I listened to his breathing. I looked up at his face; his eyes were closed and he looked relaxed and content. I reached up and traced my finger on his cheek lightly. With his eyes still closed, he smiled and held me tighter. I closed my eyes, too, and just enjoyed the moment of silence.

A few minutes later, I felt his hand on my arm, then on my side, my hip... I rolled over onto my back as he slid his hand between my legs. He moved down on the bed so he could have a clear view as he pressed his fingers inside me. I spread my legs for him and arched my back. He worked his hand in and out of me, moving his fingers slightly on each stroke until he found just the right spot. I squealed and gasped as he rubbed it, which made him focus more on that spot until I started shaking and begging for permission to cum again.

I screamed with pleasure and came hard, reveling in the waves of sensation spreading up my spine. I expected him to slow his stroke and withdraw his hand, but he didn't. He kept pumping his hand at the same pace, ignoring my pleas to stop because of the intensity. I squirmed and tried to wriggle away but he held me there firmly and continued fucking me with his hand. Before the first orgasm had completely subsided, the second came on forcefully. I screamed again, my whole body shaking this time. I lay there whimpering and dizzy, my cunt throbbing and gripping his fingers, as the last ripples of pleasure floated away.

JJ slowly withdrew his hand and laid next to me again.

"Oh my god," I mumbled. "I've never experienced one on top of the other like that. I didn't even know that was possible after, well, after all that already happened before."

He chuckled and said, "I'm glad you liked it," and he kissed me sweetly, gently.

"Uh, yeah, I guess I liked it," I said nonchalantly.

We both laughed and kissed some more.

A few minutes later we rolled over and looked at the clock. We both groaned because we knew we had to go, both of us knowing there was someone waiting at home for each of us - his wife, my husband.

I curled up next to him for one last hug before getting up to get dressed.

"I don't want this afternoon to end," he whispered.

"Me, neither," I replied.

Then I started getting up, reaching for my glasses, looking for clothes. Before I stood up, JJ grabbed my wrist and pulled me back. I laughed.

"But we have to go!"

"I know," he said, "but I want to fuck you one more time," and he
kissed me deeply again, throwing a leg over me to hold me on the bed.

He didn't have to convince me. I rolled onto my back, wrapped my arms around him and pulled up my knees so he could enter me deeply again.

After our "one more time" we got up, cleaned up, got dressed, and walked out together. We stopped in the parking lot halfway between my car and his. We hugged each other goodbye....the hug turned into a kiss, then another, and another. Yeah, I know kissing like that outside in broad daylight is just stupid, but I wasn't giving up one last chance to kiss that man.

Finally, we separated. He walked to his car, turning to wave before he stepped out of sight.

I drove home in a haze - tired, content, satisfied. I knew when I walked in the door at home, my husband would ask about my day. He'd ask if anything unusual or special happened and I would smile, give him a kiss on the cheek and say, "No, it was just a normal, uneventful day." Then I'd walk into the kitchen to get dinner started and  try to focus on what I was doing instead of on the amazing afternoon I'd just had. I'd serve dinner while trying to act like today was just like any other day and trying not to let my husband see that my knees were weak and I was a little unsteady on my feet. I'd make small talk over dinner trying not to show that I was distracted and still thinking about how incredible JJ's cock felt inside me and how much I wanted to see him again soon.

As I was driving home, I got two text messages. The first was from JJ - "You're amazing!" The second was from my husband - "What's for dinner?"

If you missed the first three posts in this series, here ya go:

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