Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Country Road

Dinner with Cara and Beth was fun, as always. JJ joined us later in the evening and chatted for a while before Cara and Beth left. Then he met me in the parking lot.

Not wrapping my arms around him was difficult. Meeting in public places sucks. He's too good at acting indifferent like I'm just another casual acquaintance, like I'm not the woman who makes him  moan with pleasure and who shudders with ecstasy repeatedly as he fucks her hard.  Sometimes he's so good at pretending that I feel a little uneasy.

Of course he's good at pretending nothing's going on, I reminded myself. We wouldn't have lasted 9 months if he wasn't good at lying, particularly at home.

"Where would you like to go?" I asked him.

We both knew we only had about 45 minutes until I had to go. My husband had been monitoring me very closely and the fact that I  was allowed to go out at night without a chaperone was a miracle in itself. I couldn't push my luck too far.

"Well, if it was up to me...." he said, his voice trailing off like he didn't want to finish.

"What? Where would you go if it were up to you?"

He smiled. "Well, I would find a nice dark spot and..." He reached out a hand and squeezed my hand briefly before dropping it and looking around nervously. We were definitely not in a deserted, dark place right now. We were in a busy, well-lit parking lot.

I smiled back.  "Let's do that then."

Fortunately for us, unlike you city dwellers, within ten minutes we could be hidden on a dark country road in the middle of a large patchwork of fields. There are no street lights out there. The only lights are those from passing cars, and if we picked the right road, there would be few, if any, passing cars.

We got in our cars and JJ followed me out of town. We live in opposite directions, but since I was the one with the curfew, I drove toward my house. Every minute closer to my house was a minute more we'd have together. 

But I didn't want to waste too much of our time driving either, so I picked a road that wasn't too far away. We passed an RV park (who vacations in an RV park in the middle of nowhere like this?), then we turned a corner. No houses nearby. No lights. 

I pulled over, careful to avoid the irrigation ditch while making sure I was completely off the road. I looked in my rearview mirror and saw JJ pulling over behind me. I really hope he sees that ditch, too, I thought.

I turned off the engine and got out of my car. I turned and took a step toward JJ's car, but he was already by my side, reaching out, pulling me closer to him. Before his lips reached mine, he whispered, "I've missed you." 

We both sighed into that first kiss. It really had been too long since I was with him last, even though it had only been a week or two.  We kissed a long time - one of those "time stands still" kisses. 

I could have been happy just standing there in the dark kissing him for the 30 minutes left before I had to go home.  But then I felt his hand slipping into my pants and sliding between my legs. I leaned against my car as his fingers found what they were reaching for.  My breathing quickened as he played with my clit. 

Geez, I thought. He knows exactly how to touch me ....

Soon, I  couldn't think. I held onto him tightly, digging my fingers into his leather jacket as I started to shake. 

Then a car came around the corner toward us. Damn! He pulled out his hand and slipped his arm around me. We held each other like that while the car passed. Then another.  Another.

Suddenly, our abandoned country road seemed like a busy highway. Didn't these people know our time was limited?

When the last car passed and we were in the dark again, his hand went right back to work. Within a minute he had me shuddering and moaning again. After the orgasm subsided, he slid his fingers deeply inside me and slowly started finger fucking me. Soon, I was pumping and writhing against his hand, needing to come again. He whispered in my ear, "That's it, Baby, fuck my fingers...."

I reached down and felt his cock through his pants - rock hard. His fingers were nice, but that's what I wanted.

We moved around to the passenger's side of my car. I opened the door, turned off the interior lights, sat down and pulled him close so he was standing right in front of me.  I started unfastening his pants.

"You're on lookout duty, " I said. 

"No problem, " he replied.

As soon as his cock was freed I took it into my mouth. He moaned and put a hand on the back of my head, guiding me to take him in deeper.  I lapped up his pre-cum hungrily, then....

Another car. And another. Clearly, I picked the wrong road. Note to self: Don't park for a late night rendezvous so close to an RV park. 

After the cars passed, I kissed him and started stroking him.

"I want to feel you inside me," I whispered, not quite sure why I was whispering out here.

"Anything you want," JJ said, grinning broadly. 

I turned around, pulled my pants down to my ankles and bent over, leaning inside the car with my hands on the seat. 

My mind was skipping from thought to thought as he positioned behind me. The car seat in the back. The kids at home. How I really should keep my car interior cleaner. The fact that if it were daytime now I would definitely not be in this position. My amazement at how much I love this man. 

Then the thoughts stopped when he entered me, his hands on my hips pulling me back onto him as he pressed forward.  He fucked me hard - exactly the way I like it - deep, forceful, fully controlling everything, almost indifferent to my begging for more, not changing a thing as I started to come, bucking back against him.  He dug his fingers into my hips and groaned loudly as he came, still thrusting hard into me, slowing just a little as he enjoyed the sensations, making it last. 

I moaned when he pulled out, reluctant to give him up. I reached down and pulled up my pants quickly.

Another car drive by. We walked carefully to his car in the dark, avoiding rocks and the irrigation ditch.

Once in his car, we kissed some more, and noted that we still had some time to talk. And talk we did...about our families, about work, about our his electronic toys, about my newest hobby, about our schedules for the next week and when we might be able to see each other again. Each new topic was punctuated by kisses, both of us torn between wanting to talk and wanting to keep our physical connection going until the last moment we had. 

Eventually, I knew I had to go. We kissed a final time and I walked back to my car. He followed me for a while until he turned one way and I turned the other.

I sent him a text telling him how amazing he was. He sent me a text saying...well, saying something very loving and sweet.

Then I focused on getting home, thinking about the details of my alibi for the next time we'd meet. I opened the moonroof so I could see the sky and noticed the clear night sky and the stars I was looking at just 30 minutes ago as I was standing in the road, holding onto JJ and coming with abandon. 

I smiled. I love the country.

And that man.

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Other Side of Prowling - A Guest Post by SomewhereMan

This is the dark side of prowling.  When the dark days stretch on and the ecstasy that marked a lover has now turned into despair when she becomes a "former" lover.

Perhaps it's the holidays that do it.

Perhaps it's the short days, where the sun is a faded purple sky by 5 p.m.

Those glorious summer nights of making love with a forbidden woman who had potential to be "the one" is now replaced with trying not to slip and fall on an icy sidewalk as you walk to get the mail.

This is the life we've chosen.  This is the profession we've chosen.


Not alcohol, which is socially acceptable.  Not gambling, which is now government-approved.

These are affairs.



And incredibly fabulous.

I've given up "the life", largely because I have seen the dark side this year.  I've flown too close to the sun.  A while back, I came home to a wife who filled out divorce papers -- all I had to do was sign - as she "caught me".  Well, sort of. 

She caught me "enough".  Enough where I was out of my house for two weeks.  Enough where my kids were wondering "why isn't Daddy here anymore?".  Enough where I was doing the math, trying to figure out how I won't be eating Ramen noodles in a year in some crappy apartment after I send away 60% of my take home pay.

The same weekend of my getting kicked out, my lover dropped me.  Perhaps she, after weeks of asking when *I* would file and we could start a life together, finally became scared enough that it was about to become real.  Perhaps she took a look at me and decided I just wouldn't be as much fun with half my money or living in an apartment for a while.  There is a real quality about affairs that is undeniable -- you may see your partner on a "bad day" but, when you meet in a hotel, a park or (gasp) at the other person's house, it is never a bad day.  It's a sexy encounter, where you're not worried about a sick child, a medical bill, your job.  Certainly not what your spouse thinks.

Each day would turn into possibly even the best sex of your life.

I went into all of this about a year ago, first with an emotional affair and, when that ended, a "manwhore" phase.  Damn that was fun.  Risky.  Guilty feelings tugging all over but undeniably fun.  I turned from a man, ignored and neglected at home by a wife, into a man cruising the aisles of Target, batting eyes with all of the mommies to see who would look back, who would say 'hi', who would even stop their chat, smile and chat.  Some did.  A drug. 

And I was and still am an addict.

Of course, all of this could have been so much easier without the feelings.  Yet they crept in with the final lover of this run.  Have you ever experienced a lover who, even during a "bad day", you look at and, truly believe, "I could make it really work with this person"?  Or "I will never tire of waking up next to this person, even when she is 87 and has dentures"?

I finally did.  I finally met that woman.

I can't even explain the level of comfort and security that brought.

Even as I allowed myself to believe the pillow talk, the promises in the dark, the notes that said, "should we just both file now and get married next year?"  It's so easy to let yourself get caught up in the Fantasyland of a torrid and tantalizing affair.  I certainly did.

Turns out she was just in it for the sex.  At first, so was I but, gradually, I learned to love the entire person. 

The "if only" game starts to come up.  "If only" I hadn't believe her soft words after making love.  "If only" I had the guts to pull the trigger on the divorce.  "If only" I was a little more patient.

Yet when there is a relationship with a "disparity of affection", the clinger (that's me) is at the mercy of the dominator (her).  And it hurts.  You find yourself at the whim of this person through every facet of the relationship.  You're constantly wondering why she shows up, gets naked and rides you like a Brahma Bull but can't send a "sweet dreams" text at the end of the night. 

All until, one day, you're in the shower, depressed that she is gone.  You look at your well-worn body in the mirror and ask, "why did I have to let the feelings get in the way?"

When you are the clinger, nothing works.  You have no power. You ignore her for two weeks but the second she sends a text, you melt and text back, like a puppy that hasn't been fed in a week.  You pour your heart out to her, when she is confused and scared, and that only sends her further away. 

Once the realization that she herself is now prowling hits, it is an ego crusher.  Knowing that richer, more powerful men, some of whom you know casually, are now enjoying the sweet woman who said she wanted to make it forever stabs the soul and pierces the heart.

All because I let the feelings get in the way.

After this, I can't say I have any intention to return to "the life".  At least not physically.  The real silver lining here is that wife and I have reconciled.  All the way.  The sex is now at pre-marital levels, three times a week and she is even into it a bit.  Wife lost a bunch of weight, cooking dinner again (ha!), smiling at me when I walk in the door and, damn, she is lookin' pretty hot now.   

Yet I find it more difficult to pull away from this prowlin' community.  I like you people.  :)  We can be brutally honest in these blogs and forums about what we want, how we are able to live the "double life" and, also, how to protect each other.  There is some amount of honor among thieves in this community and I don't want to give that up.  It's odd, really.  Some of the people I find myself trusting the most are people who can't even be trusted in their own homes. 

However, I know that we all share these secrets of our lives -- secrets that could, easily, destroy everything and anything we have spent years building.

Continued fun and frivolity for all of you.  Just keep those feelings in check.  :)


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I Feel Sorry for Them

I jumped on AM again for a couple of days. I was restless, wondering what I would find.  Unfortunately, for the most part, I found more of the same. I honestly feel sorry for some of these guys because, if they keep going like they are, they'll never get laid.

I know AM is a tough place for guys. Women don't answer messages, apparently.  Some will string you along forever and never meet. It's easy to get jaded, but please keep in mind that if you act like you're jaded, you have no luck at all.

Here's a sampling of some messages that I actually received in the past 48 hours:

1) "Just email me at  I'm sick of spending money on these stupid credits."

Ok, pal.  How about if I don't email?  Then you won't have to spend any time on me, either. Bu-bye.

2) "Look at my picture. Then message me if you're interested." (Private key attached.)  I didn't look at the picture or reply.  The next day, I received this: "Why didn't you message me?"

Because you told me not to.

3) "I'm free during the day.  Where are you in xxx-town?  Can I come over and pick you up this afternoon?"

I'm sorry. I was pretty sure I didn't write FREE HOOKER in my profile, but I'll go back and check just to be sure.

4) "Do you like to suck cock?"

As a matter of fact, yes, but I'll never be sucking yours.

5) "I don't know why I'm writing this.  You probably won't even respond."

I almost felt sorry enough for this guy to reply....almost.

6) " I like (music reference) and (sports reference), too.  We're perfect for each other!  Wanna get together?  I know a nice private place for getting intimate." almost had me.  You read my profile.  You have a touch of humor. But you pushed the private get together a bit soon. standards are getting pretty low if I find this interesting.

7) "I'm new to this website.  Would you be willing to chat for a few minutes to show me how it works?"

Very creative! Trying to tap into a woman's need to be helpful will probably work for some women. The only problem is that I don't go for stupid men.  I've got a thing for smart men (I really do).

8) "Wanna fuck?"

Uuugghhhhhh. This is classic, and discouraging. Why would any man think this line would work on any non-hooker?

In spite of all the bad lines, one gentleman (yes, only one) caught my eye. Smart, intriguing, polite, interesting. Hmmm.....I wonder if this will go anywhere.....


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Saturday, December 3, 2011


Things are a lot better at home with Hubby.  Heck, even the sex is a lot better. But I'm still restless.

Just as my lover could never replace Hubby, Hubby can never replace him.

I curl up on the couch and close my eyes, pretending to be taking a nap, and I see him standing in front of me. He doesn't have a shirt on and the sight of his bare chest takes my breath away.  I reach up and touch him, sliding my hands slowly up over his abs and chest, then standing to keep moving upward to touch his shoulders. I kiss my way up his body, finally lingering at his neck as I curl my arms around him.  I feel him slide his arms around me and pull me closer. I look up at him and he kisses me.

I'm aware of my husband in the room, and I know I should not indulge this fantasy. At least not now.

But I can't help it. My thoughts of stepping back into my life in the here and now evaporate with the feel of my robe sliding off over my shoulders. He keeps kissing me deeply as he leans me back onto the coach, holding me firmly so I don't fall.

He climbs on top of me and I instinctively wrap my legs around him and pull him closer.  He reaches down and smoothly slides his pants off, letting his hard cock escape. It rubs against my pussy as he shakes his pants off his legs, first one, then the other. I was already moist, but now I'm wet, fully ready for him, waiting for him to take me, needing him to take me. I moan into our kiss.

I wish I could express how much I want him, how much I ache when we're apart, how much I need him, but I can't say anything.  I just surrender.  I know he can feel it.  I know that's what he wants.

I can't stand it anymore, and I'm afraid I'll start moving in a way that will give away what I'm thinking about, so I get up off the couch and head to another room at the back of the house where my husband and kids won't interrupt me, at least for a few minutes.  As I close the door behind me, I lean my back against it and reach between my legs, touching myself. I close my eyes again just in time for my lover to roughly turn me around so I'm facing the door, kick my legs apart, and enter me from behind.

I push back against him, wanting more and more of him. He grabs my hair firmly and pulls my head back so he can whisper in my ear.

"Who do you belong to?" he says.

"You," I reply, knowing there is no other response.  I am his.

He fucks me hard.  I moan, wanting to come, but knowing I need to wait. He knows I won't come without his permission, and he toys with me - slowing down, changing the rhythm, alternating between shallow fast stroke and deep, hard pounding ones. Finally, I start to shake.  I tell myself, "No!" trying to stop it, and then I realize I've said it out loud.

He yanks my hair harder and groans through his teeth as pounds me as hard as he can, "No?!? No?!!!?"

I try to say, "I didn't mean that," but my climax hits hard and it comes out between my moans as something like, "I...didn't....not"

I hear him whispering to me again, "That's it, Baby, come for me.  Let it go."

I'm still shaking as he drives his cock deeply into me a final time and holds it. Then he shudders, too, pushing me up against the door harder.

Neither of us moves or says anything for a long time.  He kisses my neck.  I purr gratefully with satisfaction.

I finally open my eyes and he's gone.  I'm leaning against the door in my sewing room, panting, shaking. My hand is drenched. I think about what he would tell me to do, and I lick my hand, sucking my wetness off my fingers.

After taking a moment to collect myself, I leave the room and go to the bathroom to wash my hands. Then I go back into the living room where my husband and the kids are working on a puzzle. I sit back down on the couch and reach for my Kindle.

I start to read, but my mind begins to drift.  My eyes close, and he's here again, taking my Kindle, setting it aside, and reaching for me.......

Friday, December 2, 2011

The Sweetest Flower that Bloomed O'er the Range

What could be better than a Guest post for on Fantasy Friday? My sweet buddy Ryan Beaumont, author of The Ashley Madison Adventures of a Regular Guy Gone Bad, has written this great sexy post for us.



“Where the Walker runs down to the Carson Valley plain,
there lived a young maid, Darcy Farrow was her name....”

That song, Darcy Farrow penned by Steve Gillett in the 60’s and made famous by Ian and Silvia and later John Denver, had always haunted me.  Perhaps it was the beautiful melody yet ultimate melancholy ending that pulled me in.  Perhaps it was the image of a young Irish lass and herlover on the range in wild Nevada.  Regardless, I had always had a yearning to go and visit those wild and romantic places from that song Yerrington, Virginia City, and Truckee.

Blogging had taken a place in my life.  I had always enjoyed writing and often regretted not making a better attempt at making it a life’s work.  But now, with my blog, I had my niche and that was enough.  But what I didn’t realize was the friendships that would form.  I came to know many bloggers, but one stood out.  I joked with her that she was the “mother hen” or our little blogging clique.  She was so savvy and smart but you could tell there was a caring soul about her.Something about her was magnetic and I knew that one day I wanted to meet her.

“She was courted by Young Vandamere,
A fine lad was he as I am to hear”

Yes, I have to admit I had always fashioned myself a dashing young Vandamere and it was those words that sang through my head as I saw the notice for that conference I attend every year, this time in Reno.  Yes, it was the typical fly in Sunday afternoon, two and a half days, and then fly out.  But this time I could head out early and have a day to see those sites I so long wanted to see.  Truckee, Virginia City were all within a short drive from Reno.  Gambling in Reno held no romance to this traveler; I longed to experience those Sierra Nevadas and retrace Darcy andVandy’s steps!

And then it hit me, just a few hours more pushing through those mountains and I would be in California; her California and maybe I could see her.

“They sing of Darcy Farrow where the Truckee runs through,
they sing of her beauty in Virginia City too.”

And so with excitement on a Friday night I hopped on that SWA flight from BWI to Reno with adventure on my mind and Tony Rice’s version of that lovely song on my iPod.

She was delighted that I was coming out and we agreed to meet somewhat halfway.  I would drive over on Saturday afternoon and we would meet for dinner in old Auburn.  After that, who knew?

“Her eyes shone bright like the pretty lights,
that shone in the night out of Yerrington town”

I figured on a 4 hour trip, factoring in some scenic stops.  However, I quickly realized this was a very different part of the world.  I can’t count the number of times I’ve driven over an Appalachian Mountain in Western Maryland or the Virginias.  But here on the east coast such a mountain might have an elevation of about 2,500 ft.  But that would be just a bump in the road along Rt 80 in the Sierra Nevadas.  My rental was not fairing too well; I feared I had a lemon.  Perhaps I should have upgraded to that Volvo instead of being cheap with a Hyundai.

Finally, just after coming out of the mountains the car died.  And even though I was only about 20miles from my destination this was still a very remote area.  I was a little worried.  I called her to tell her I might be late.  She said that was fine and asked if I was OK.  When I said my car broke down she quickly set me at ease by saying “don’t worry sweetie I’ll call AAA and have you right out but I’ll drive over now and pick you up.  I’ll be there in about 30 minutes, hold tight!”

Sure enough AAA arrived just as she did.  They hitched that sad car up and took it off for Auburn.She smiled at me and said “I hate that happened to you, I know you’re tired but I know of this lovely little stream just off the road up ahead, would you like to see it!”

How could I resist my red-headed heroine!

She drove to the next exit and down a small country road then another right onto a smaller gravel road.  In a few minutes she pulled off at a road marker and said “this is it, just a 20 minute walk down that path and through some brush to a beautiful little stream.”

I was still a little shaken as we walked.  She took my hand and it calmed my nerves.

When we got there it took my breath away.  But the stream held my attention only briefly once I was struck by the brilliance of her red hair glistening in the late afternoon sun.  She took her sweater off and ran her hands through her hair shaking it loose.  She said “this sun makes it just warm enough for short sleeves but that wind does give you a chill.”  I instinctively said “let me warm you up.”  She walked up to me and turned back to the stream, confidently assuming I would embrace her.  I wrapped my arms around her and we gazed at the view.

The wind blew her hair into my face and the sweet smell was intoxicating.  Before thinking, I found myself nibbling at her neck.  She sighed and turned to me and kissed me fully.

She pulled back slightly and looked up devilishly at me and said perhaps it would be more comfortable behind that bush and followed with a wink and a pinch of my behind!  Without a reply from me she took my hand and led me to her destination.

Once there she shook off her shoes and shimmied out of her jeans in one fluid motion and then was at my collar unbuttoning my shirt.  Before I could really think we were both naked in the cool California air.  Her kiss was sweet and her embrace soft and her slow massage of my hips withher’s soon drove me crazy with passion.

I knelt down before her and plunged my face into her.  She sighed as my tongue entered her.  I turned her around and she lowered herself in front of me.  On her knees she grinded against me and reached back with her hand to pull me closer.  I guided her shoulders forward and slid my hard cock into her already wet pussy.  The sun glimmered off the sheen of perspiration forming on her back and the breeze against my chest was a welcome coolant as I felt like a machine moving in rhythm with her.  All the while I shuddered at the beauty of her silky Auburn hair contrasting with the her creamy soft skin.  It was exciting to see the shock waves pulsating through her hips as I thrust.  Soon we let out sighs in both exasperation and exaltation as we orgasmed together.

We fell forward in the soft sandy earth around that bush and adjacent to that stream.  For several moments we were just inanimate flesh in a heap of exhaustion.

Finally I had the energy to sit up.  I stared at her contented figure and finally said,

“So how do you feel?”

She replied with a grin, “meeeeeeowwwww.”

I grinned back and with a slight giggle said “Kat dear, somehow I knew you would say that!”

“At dusky sundown to her name they drink a round,
and to young Vandy who’s love was true.”

Here’s to you, Kat!

But don’t actually count on me being as faithful as young Vandy!  :)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

I Love....

I love laying with you with my head resting on your shoulder, your arms around me, and my fingers tracing my unspoken thoughts of love for you on your chest.

I love that moment when I first see you and you smile as we move toward each other to embrace.

I love the sound and rhythm of your breath as you lay next to me in the silence after we have made love.

I love melting into you and losing myself in your loving kisses.

I love that feeling of surrendering both mind and body to you, knowing I am completely safe with you.

I love the anticipation of seeing you, knowing that the ache of missing you will be replaced soon with the pleasure of being yours again.

I love the sound of your voice in the dim room as you whisper that you love me and command me to surrender to you.

I love knowing that no matter how crazy my life is on any given day, you are in my world and I'll see you again soon.

I love the feeling as you enter me for the first time each time we are together.

I love the taste of you, the scent of you, the feel of you, the look on your face when you come.

I love your sarcastic and sometimes silly wit and your laugh.

I love the tender way you stroke my hair as you hold me.

I love you.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Random Thoughts and Updates from Kat

Have ya missed me?  The Thanksgiving holiday kept me busy and offline for the most part, but you know I've been thinking of you all week, don't you, Prowlers? I have several things to share with you (a lot happens in a week in my crazy life) so instead of parsing the thoughts out in posts over the next week or so, I'll just share it all with you at once right here.  That will free us up for some nice hot naughtiness over the coming days.
  • You may have noticed that I took down the When the Wife Calls... post. I'm sorry about that.  As you know, I rarely pull a post down for any reason. I pulled it down because the wife in question found the blog, read that post, and wasn't very happy about it. Yeah, I know. Ouch, huh? I took it down because I believe it's important to be sensitive to the feelings of others; however, I still maintain that she would be better off if she got beyond her anger and actually paid attention to the real issues.  Oh well, I can't make people do what they need to do to save their own marriages.  They have to do it themselves. (By the way, wife in question, please just let this go now, will you? It's done. Over. Move on.)
  • Speaking of saving a marriage.....hubby and I bought some new toys recently. I'll write a post about how we used them soon, but I wanted to tell you now that we also bought some new lube.  We tried Climax Burst Tingling Lubricant and Climax Kiss Blue Raspberry Rush. We found these on, but I am not receiving any compensation (free product or cash) to promote these.  I'm just sharing what I bought and what I liked. The tingling lubricant was cool on contact, which I didn't mind. It was different.  I didn't experience the"tingling" it talked about, but I still enjoyed it. But when some dripped on hubby's balls during "the act," he was a bit distracted.  Apparently, men don't like the sudden addition of cold fluid on their balls during sex.  Who knew? The Blue Raspberry Rush was delightful for both of us, though.  I put some on him and stroked him for a while while I talked dirty to him (he's still not used to that) and then I gave him head. Yum!!!! I like sucking cock anyway, but the addition of a sweet treat is nice now and then.
  • We spent the Thanksgiving holiday at a relative's house. In a room with two single beds. Beds that squeaked with any movement.. So, you can imagine how much sex I got on that trip. It gave me the opportunity to tease hubby relentlessly and then deny him satisfaction...for days. The first night back in our own bed at home was a night of fireworks and wild, hard bucking, screaming sex. It's not always bad to miss several days, is it?
  • My AM activities have stopped completely. To all of you guys I haven't met yet, I'm really sorry.  I just have to circle the wagons for a while and focus on Hubby (and JJ, of course). But I'm still here.
  • If you haven't read Daunt's Deer Antler Velvet post, read it now.  It's great.
  • As long as you're reading, take a look at Best Sex of My Life, J's Version of His First Time with Kat, and Delicious Irony - A Naughty Fisting Story. Yes, I've been reminiscing and fantasizing about J lately.... and JJ, too (try Raunchy Hotel Sex).

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Deer Antler Velvet

Daunt... W...T...F? What on earth are you talking about?? Deer Antler Velvet??

Yes, you heard me, Deer Antler Velvet. This was the first ingredient I saw on the little black pill bottle my brother handed me. You’re curious now aren’t you? Yeah, I thought so. But but let me back up a few days.

For those up to speed you may recall from the DauntlessD Exposed post that my marriage was ending and that I was going to move my wife to the East coast. To make this happen I needed help and recruited my brother; we’ll call him BruceD

I had rented a large truck and was going to drive it from Sacramento to the Boston area and wanted to do it in a short amount of time. Bruce took off the time from work to give me a hand and, due to his own circumstance, needed a place to stay. Upon our return he’d be moving into one of the spare rooms I had available.

I’m driving the truck and we’re on highway 80 not far from Chicago. The steady drone of the engine has been in our ears for nearly two-and-a-half days. I look over at Bruce and he is intently fiddling with his phone, it looks like he’s entering something. I raise my gaze back to the road; It’s not uncommon for him to be playing with his phone.

Bruce asks, “Hey bro, what’s your address?”

“Um, why?”

“I’m ordering something and I need to have it shipped there.”

I give Bruce my address and he punches away at the touch screen on his phone.

I’m curious. “So what’d you order Bruce?”

Bruce looks over at me with a mischievous, sly glint in his eye and a Cheshire grin spreading across his face. “You’ll see soon enough.”

We complete the move and a day after we’ve been back in Sacramento the mail arrives. A small package addressed to BruceD is there with three lumps in it.

“Hey Bruce, you got something here.”

“Cool! They’re here already!” With a chuckle he begins tearing into the package. Reaching into it he hands me a small black bottle with red lettering.

I read the bottle and my eyebrows begin to climb higher and higher on my forehead. I clear my throat. “Dude are you serious? Hot Rod, male enhancement pills?” Turning the bottle around I look for the ingredients. “Deer Antler Velvet?” The skepticism oozes from my voice and I hand the bottle back.

Bruce grins widely. “Boner pills bro! They’ll make you feel 20 again!” He laughs and heads to his room.

As I watch him go I roll my eyes and shake my head. BruceD is nearly 8 years younger than I am, and I am 41. As of yet I have not had any ED type symptoms, so I’m pretty sure he hasn’t either.

Bruce strolls out of his room still smiling. “I’m telling you dude, it’s not like Viagra, or something that gives you a quick hard-on. It just helps your own body do what it does naturally. You gotta try it!”

He drops a single gold capsule about the size of a typical allergy pill in my palm. It feels weightless. His eyes glint clearly amused with my skepticism. With a sigh I close my hand over the pill and carry it back to my bedroom dropping it into my shaving bag on the nightstand.

The phone rings, it’s Madison.

“Daunt, you’re going to kill me!”

I can hear the disappointment in her voice. “What’s up?”

“Well... I made a mistake in my schedule and I can’t see you next week. I’m sooo sorry!”

My heart sinks. I was only expecting to have to wait a week to see Madison again and now we were talking two. “I understand... stuff happens.”

“I know, I’m sorry. I feel terrible. I don’t want to wait two weeks either.”

“Hey, what if I come to you? Maybe we can spend a little time together that way?”

She replies, “Oh! That could work! Tomorrow I only work a half day, we could have lunch and spend the afternoon together!”

“Great! That’ll be perfect I’m free tomorrow.” I begin to laugh, “Hey get this, Bruce ordered some kind of male enhancement pills. I looked at the ingredients and the first thing I saw was deer antler velvet; can you believe that?”

“Deer what?!”, she laughs. “What kind of result does he really expect from that!?”

I call out to Bruce, “Hey bro, Madison thinks your nuts too! She’s asking what kind of result you really expect from that junk.”

“Oh, I know the result! The result is sore women.” Bruce yells back amused.

With a laugh Madison and I say our good-byes and hang-up.

I wake the next morning with Madison on my mind. She can’t meet me until noon so the minutes tick off the hours way too slowly. Finally I’m preparing to leave and I text her.

Daunt: Hey I’m about to head out the door.

Madison: Good I can’t wait to see you.

I walk back to my bedroom to grab my wallet and keys. I reach the nightstand and look down. As if by some magnetic pull my eyes are immediately drawn to the gold capsule lying innocently in my shaving bag. Hot Rod. Suddenly I’m overwhelmed with curiosity. BruceD’s amused face flashes in my mind. Boner pills bro! It’ll make you feel 20 again! I decide to text Madison again.

Daunt: Bruce gave me one of his pills, what do you think?

Madison: Hahaha, you want to try one? Seriously?

Hmmm, maybe Madison isn’t as curious as I am... I read her last text again. A tug-o-war within me begins: scoff and leave the pill behind, or take the mystery pill and not tell Madison. Then another text message comes in.

Madison: Well... I don’t know... maybe it would be fun! Hehe, but you do what you want.

Ah-ha! She is as curious as I am!

Daunt: I’m taking it, then I’m out the door. See you soon :)

Bruce told me the Hot Rod folks claim it will take effect in as little as 20 minutes, but his own personal experience was more like 45. It will take me roughly that long to get to the hotel room I’ve arranged. I grab the gold pill from my shaving bag and pop it in my mouth with a drink of water. The crazy pill floats! Again I question whether there really is anything in the caplet at all. Shaking my head I walk to the car. The drive takes longer than I expect. About 10 minutes from the hotel I find my cheeks itching slightly; I wonder if this is Hot Rod or just my imagination.

I arrive and check-in. Madison arrives shortly thereafter toting Chinese food. We are both a little nervous. We had been with each other sexually a couple of times prior, but this is the first time we had scheduled sex. The other times we were together there was some other main event -- like wine tasting and a stay at a B&B -- the sex was an indulgence that just naturally occurred; like dessert after dinner. This time sex was the dinner.

We finish our lunch with chit-chat and catching up. Our anxiety falls away and we embrace near the bed trading deep kisses. I sit on the bed and pull her to me. Pealing off her shirt and bra. My mouth hungrily finds one nipple then the other. My hands caress all the bare skin they can find. Soon all of our clothing is in a heap on the floor and we are laying on the bed exploring one another.

Deep slow kisses. Caresses. Nipples pinched and suckled. My hand glides over Madison enjoying the feel of her bare skin. Up her thigh it slides, as I kiss her my fingers slip into her wet folds. We both draw in a breath as I feel how aroused she is.

The tip of my finger is inside her as I say “I want to taste you”, half growl, half whisper. She arches her back and moans. I stand up next to the bed and grab her thighs pulling her to me easily across the mattress. Then I kneel between her legs pushing her knees up. “Oh!” she gasps as my warm tongue makes contact with her pussy. “Mmmmmm...” as it slides over one lip and then the other. My fingers gently part her leaving her swollen clit before me. I make gentle then more forceful lavish circles over her sex, listening to her response. Sooner than expected she’s climaxing and I’m slipping fingers inside her to rub her g-spot; sucking on her clit riding her through her orgasm.

I climb back onto the bed. More deep kisses. More touching. Tenderness. Her blue eyes look back at me expectantly. Softly I ask, “Are we okay?” Madison nods her head yes and kisses me. I climb on top of her and enter her slowly. Soon we are rhythmically rocking, bodies tight, looking into one another eyes. I watch as she begins to bite her lip. She closes her eyes then her fingernails are raking my arms. She shudders beneath me. “Ohhhh Dauunnnt...” With my cock I can feel her cumming and it spurs my own arousal. A primal switch is flipped within me and I buck against her. “Ooooh yesss!” I hear myself groan as I pulse insider her again and again. In a heap we fall against one another. Hot. Sweaty. Breathless.

Though our bodies are heated we continue to hold and caress one another. We chat. We kiss. Fingers trail over one another as we bask in the closeness and pleasure that was shared. Then the surprise happens...

What was it, 10 minutes? Certainly no more than 20 and my cock is at full attention; standing strait and tall. Now this isn’t totally unheard of for me, but I will say that it had been quite some time; I’m in my early 40s after all. The shocker is that I am rock hard, as hard if not harder, than I was the first time.

Madison’s hand slides down my belly discovering my very stiff cock. “Wow... already? Maybe there is something to this Hot Rod stuff...” she exclaims.

“Yeah, no kidding! I think you might be right! I really didn’t feel any different. It’s not like I got an erection when I wasn’t supposed to or something.” I reply.

“I didn’t say anything earlier, but you actually felt different inside me. You felt... harder.” she says.

All I can do is smile as I climb out of bed and stand up. I pull her close to me and ease myself inside her. I’m standing and she’s on her back on the bed, a new position for us. Holding her knees I’m relishing the pleasure I feel. I look down at Madison and find she is looking at me, blue eyes piercing, with an intensity I had not seen before. Her arms are wide apart as possible, hands clenching the sheets, knuckles white.

“Right there! Oh... Right there! Daunt... Don’t stop! Don’t Stop!” she gasps. With a bit more verve I continue pumping at the angle I was enjoying. Madison throws her head back, eyes closed and begins to shudder. I smile as her thighs begin to shake and watch as her toes pull down into a tight curl. “Daunt! Daunt? DAUNT? OOOHHHH MY GOD DAUUUNNNNTTT!!” she cries. We collapse into a pile of limbs giddy with pleasure and exertion.

I hadn’t cum again, we catch our breath and find I still have a piece of iron between my legs. I climb on top and settle in between her legs. I slide into her easily and grind, hard slow and deep. She cums again. Then to my surprise I find that familiar sensation welling up within me slow and strong like an ocean wave. As Madison begins to cum yet again, I urge myself on with increased vigor. “Oh GOD!” I moan cumming again, the wave crashes into the rocks and sprays forth. Madison gasps. Then before I can help it... I giggle!

Madison chuckles. “What’s so funny?”

The grin is wide across my face. “I’m sorry I was just surprised. I didn’t think I could cum again that quickly! That pill was no joke!”

Madison’s smile beams back at me. “Ummmm... tell Bruce... Ummm... I said thank-you!”, she laughs.

“Yes! Who knew deer antler velvet could be so good?” I reply with a satisfied chuckle.

Just so you all know, I tried to contact the business that sold BruceD their product. I had hoped to be able to provide a link for our PWK readers, maybe even a little discount. However they never replied to my email. There are several "Hot Rod" male enhancement products out there, if you would like to try the one I did send me an email and I'll give you their web address.

Note: After recently posting a comment and mentioning high blood-pressure and heart conditions etc, we felt we it important to stress that none of the PWK authors are doctors, myself included. Make sure to consult your doctor before trying Hot Rod or similar products.


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday Serial - A Tenuous Step Forward

For those that are new, Saturday Serial is my little experiment. I'm drawing on events from my own life and weaving them into an ongoing story.

At this point we have three characters introduced, Danny (me), Rachel (my wife) and Becka. For those that want to refresh their memory, the last chapter was A New World. Those that are new may want to start at the beginning with Morning Heartache.



Pulling into a parking space the old Datsun pickup sputters to a stop. Danny looks out the window toward the building and his eyes are drawn to the sign. Anne's Saloon - Live Music. People are milling about and exiting their vehicles. Their boisterous laughter sounds muffled and distant from inside the cab. Reaching out Danny grabs the handle to open the door and stops confronted with a wash of anxiety.

Bowing his head for a moment he then raises his eyes and looks out the window again. An inner struggle takes place between knowing what is right and the lure of adventure. From feeling dead and inert to having something feel good. I have a wife... I have children... This isn't right, he tells himself, but it does little to quell what brought him here. Why am I here? What am I looking for? he wonders. The anxiety remains.

Danny, having married before being of drinking age, had rarely been in a bar; he really didn't know what to expect. While in high school his family had undergone severe turmoil. An alcoholic father, a small town and the law made sure he was quiet and kept to himself. Shy and awkward, Danny knew he would be out of his element; yet still the unknown beckoned.

Click, pop, the old truck's door swings open with a complaining creak. Danny steps out and draws a breath of the evening air. He wishes he had someone with him, someone he could confide in. No one expects him to be here, now. To his family, his friends, his life with Rachel appears happy; at least for the most part. Am I a fool? Rachel is a beautiful woman, is there something wrong with me? He begins the lonely walk toward the saloon his steps matching the pounding of his heart.

His mind drifts to the new friends he has made, to the people he had met. "Met" is a rather loose term, he had only chatted with these people online. He had never actually met them face to face. In fact everyone uses a handle -- none of the people he had "met" actually knew his real name.

His "friends" know him as Paos Yrovi. Danny enjoys his handle, the silliness of it. Most upon seeing it will ask if he is a foreigner, a Russian maybe. But in truth it's just Ivory Soap spelled backward. He shakes his head with a wry grin. What kind of people am I really about to meet? Reaching out he pulls the saloon door open and steps inside. A man stands near a podium

"Sir, can I see some ID please?"

When the Wife Calls. . .

It's always a bit unsettling when the wife calls. It has happened to me several times over the past 25 years or so, and it's never fun. I always seem to be struck silent.  Apparently, I have inherited my mother's uncanny ability of not knowing what to say in a stressful moment. Oh, I think of the perfect thing to say later, but the moment is over by then and it does no good.

Anyway, the first time it happened to me, I was 22 years old.  I was having a torrid affair with a married 40 year old - tall, gorgeous, Latino ex-gang member.  He may have been an ex-gang member, but he still dressed the part and talked the talk, even though he had 6 children and was already a grandfather. This man had "Bad Boy" oozing from every pore, and I couldn't resist.

After we had been "dating" for several months (I was too young to know that fucking isn't dating at that point in my life), his wife called me at work. I was in shock when someone handed me the phone and I heard a voice asking if I was Kat and then telling me who she was. I was speechless.  I wondered how she knew where I worked. She called me some names ("slutty whore," etc.) and expressed her unhappiness about what I was doing with her husband.  She told me to stop, pointing out that he had children (although I was very confused at that time about how that affected our sex life).  Most of the detail of what she said has faded into the dusty archives of my brain.

But the last thing she said before she hung up on me stuck with me.  I can still hear her voice in my head today saying, "You're not the first and you won't be the last.  You mean nothing to him." It didn't hurt me, but I didn't understand why a wife would say that to a mistress. Now that I have been on the wife side of the infidelity equation, I know exactly what she meant and why she said it.

More recently, I had another wife calling experience. I was resting after work for a few minutes before my husband and I were leaving to go out for the evening. My cell rang and it showed that a blocked number was calling.  Normally, I never answer blocked calls.  I let them go through to voicemail. But this time I thought it was someone else calling, so I answered.

Kat: Hello.

The Wife: Is this Kat?

Kat: Yes. who's this?


The Wife:  This is Sue, I'm E's wife.

(longer pause)

Kat: Hello.

(Yeah, yeah, I know. MY brilliant conversational skills were not shining at that moment, but I was in shock so you'll have to cut me a little slack. I knew that she knew about me and my affair with her husband, but I really didn't expect her to call me.)

The Wife: I'm calling to invite you to......(pause)

(An invitation? Really? To what?  A dinner date? A three-way with her and her husband?)

The Wife: ...stop having any and all contact with my husband.  No texts. No emails. No phone calls.

(Whew.....I was afraid she was going to say "no getting together to fuck," too.  That would have really sucked.)

Kat: You really should speak with E. Your issues are with him.

The Wife: Don't tell me who to talk to! You need to stop contacting him so I can make my marriage work.  And you need to focus on your own marriage.

(I will admit, there were many things flowing through my mind at that moment. Things like, "Your troubled marriage is not my responsibility, ma'am. Your husband found me after a couple of decades of being ignored, henpecked and denied sex. Instead of focusing on me as the problem, how about giving your husband head instead?  That would be a much better use of your time and it would also be more likely to help your marriage." No, I didn't say any of those things, of course.  I'm not a cruel person.  I could tell she was hurting, and I knew I had a role in that. I'm not proud of that at all. I felt more compassion for her than anything else.  Still, I wasn't sure what to say.)

Kat: I understand what you are saying.

The Wife: So, you'll promise that you won't have any more contact with E?

(Seriously? Did she really think that my promise would mean anything when her husband's promises to her didn't keep him from fooling around?)

Kat: No. You really need that promise to come from him. Look, he loves you very much.  He doesn't want to leave you. He plans on never leaving you.

The Wife: How can I believe that unless I can be sure that he's not involved with you anymore?

(That was a very good question.  I don't think any of us can ever be 100% sure of that. But surely she must know that unless something major changes in their relationship, it won't just be me.  There will be others.  I was reminded about that first wife call I got when I was young. "You're not the first, and you won't be the last." )

The Wife: You'd better understand what I'm saying.

(long pause)

Kat: Is there anything else you'd like to say?

(Let's face it.  I was screwing her husband. She pretty much had the right to say anything she wanted to say.)

The Wife: Yes.  I have a lot more to say.....

(Oh, geez.... this could go on for hours.)

The Wife:  .....but I'm not going to say it now.  I'm going to keep it simple.

(Thank God!  But wait...does that mean she's going to call back another time to say the rest? Uuugghh.)

Kat: O.K.  Goodnight, then.

The Wife: Goodnight.

(I knew she'd kick herself later for saying goodnight and not just punctuating her anger by hanging up on me. I was a little amused that my primary focus after the call wasn't nervousness or fear, but I wanted to coach her on how to better a handle a "telling off the mistress" call. She clearly wasn't used to this.)

Let me make something clear.  I felt genuine compassion for her.  I still do, but I did not pity her at all. She had some responsibility in the creation of this situation that was causing her so much pain. Of course, her husband's infidelity was not her fault, but she was not an innocent.  Every time she told him "no" in the bedroom over the years without discussing the issue and trying to find a solution, she was pushing him closer and closer to another woman. Every time she used words like "perverted" and "disgusting" in response to his perfectly normal requests to try something new sexually, she was preparing the ground for the sprouting of his extramarital activity.

In short, she built that car from the ground up over a lot of years, and then she was indignant and shocked that he actually got in it and drove away. 

Immediately after the phone call, I sent E an email telling him exactly what was said and how I responded so he would be aware.

I got a return email from him expressing his concern for me and asking if I intended to stop seeing him because of the call. He acknowledged that he was about to go home and he had no idea what was waiting for him, and that he didn't know what was going to happen.

The next morning, I got a text from him confirming our plan to meet the next day. Apparently, whatever happened at home didn't change his feelings and his need for what we shared.

You may want to criticize how I handled that call with Sue, but keep in mind that there is just about nothing I could have said that would have made her feel better. Maybe I could have apologized profusely and begged her forgiveness, but would patronizing her like that be the right thing to do?  The truth is that there is no perfect way to handle a call like that.

You have to deal with the situation in front of you. If it had been Webcam Guy's or JJ's wife, I would have denied the whole thing, doing everything I could to help them keep the marriage intact.  Since Sue already knew about the affair, that would have been cruel and stupid.

The best advice I have is to be gentle and kind.  Don't get into an argument. Remember that you're dealing with someone who is angry and afraid. Treat her the way you would like to be treated if you were the one making that difficult call.

As I was writing this, I realized that I haven't posted anything about E. I'll do that soon.  You're in for a treat.  E is absolutely delectable!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Compliant Surrender

It had been a lazy day of companionship, peppered with the comfortable small talk, laughter and touches that lovers share. Settling on the couch the couple prepares for yet another leisurely encounter: watching a movie together.

Picking up the remote he presses Play. Music and the opening credits begin to roll filling the room with sound. Enjoying his closeness and warmth she raises her eyes to his and leans in for a kiss. He accepts the kiss, then takes another, and another; mouths part hungrily. He kisses her neck and smiles as he hears her almost inaudible purr. The flashing screen and noise are forgotten.

Sliding his hand down over her shirt it slips under the waistband of her pants. Her legs lazily fall open accepting his touch. Wet and aroused his finger glides into her easily followed by a another. She arches her back with a quiet moan.

“Does my pussy want to cum?”, he asks beginning a slow circle of her clit with his thumb.

A smile tugs at the corner of her mouth. She likes it when he claims her. “Mmmm, yesss”, she answers.

His hand goes still and slowly begins to withdraw. “Yes? Yes, what?”

Her eyes pierce his. Her face is flushed sensual hunger. “Mmmm, YES, your pussy wants to cum.” She tilts her hips and pushes herself down onto his hand.

Satisfied with her answer he curls his fingers finding her g-spot and slowly escalates the massage of her clit.

“Oooohhh... ohhh god... mmmmm”, she moans huskily.

He watches as her head falls back, eyes sleepily falling closed. He knows her climax is near. His other hand slides over the nape of her neck, onto the back of her head. Gripping her hair he turns her face to his. “Look at me.” he commands.

She trembles in his arms brought back from the edge to comply. Her glazed eyes slowly open and find his. Half-lidded, gazing into his eyes her orgasm takes her. Her body shudders with pleasure, but she never breaks eye contact; pussy clenching, squirting into his hand.

He smiles gently kissing her. Removing his hand he places his fingers in her mouth. Hungrily she sucks them clean.

This is a true story and is not a Friday Fantasy. Initially as I started writing I had Daunt (me) for the He in this story and Madison as the She, but as I went along the idea came to me to allow you the reader to plug yourself into this hot little tale. I hope you enjoyed it.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

HNT - In the Dressing Room with Cara

Cara went shopping last weekend, and she was nice enough to snap a photo in the dressing room to share with all of us. I think we all need to take up a collection to buy her this hot little number so we can see her in (and out of) it more.  Isn't she delectable?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Top 100 Sex Bloggers of 2011!

Rori, author of  Beneath My Sheets, has just published the 4th annual list of the Top 100 Sex Bloggers of 2011.

The big surprise is that PWK is #35 on the list, after being live for less than11 months! Wow! The first thing I did when I heard about this today was email DauntlessD and Cara, of course. The next thing I did was start thinking about what I would say in the acceptance speech.

Ok, so there's no opportunity for an acceptance speech, and if there were, I doubt #35 would be giving it, but you guys know me and I don't miss an occasion to talk. I think it would go something like this:

"Thank you so much for this recognition! (waving hand in front of my face to indicate I'm trying to dry my tears of joy) Thank you, of course, to Rori for the honor. I'd also like to thank all of the men I've had sex with over the past year - and those two women, too, even though I don't remember your names. Without you there wouldn't have been a Prowling with Kat.

And thank you to Cara for taking your clothes for us every (well, almost every) Thursday. You have kept many of our readers coming back for more. And Daunt. (tearing up, voice cracking just a little)  What can I say about my partner in crime, DauntlessD? Well, as far as this blog goes, it's really your fault, ya know. I was perfectly happy just sharing the stories of my dalliances with you and Cara, but you knew the world needed more sex and you encouraged me when I started thinking about publishing PWK. You're the best friend a gal could ever have.

Oh.....I'm hearing the music in the background so I'd better hurry! Thanks, too, to Hubby because there would be no PWK if he had acted even mildly interested in sex with his wife over the past year. And finally, last but not least, I have to send a HUGE thank you out to all our readers (even the Kat-haters) and other sex bloggers who encouraged and inspired us over the past year.  Some of you were already mentioned a minute ago when I thanked all the men I've had sex with over the past year, but I guess a double thank you doesn't hurt, does it? And to those readers who nominated! You're the best!!!  How can I repay you?

I love you all!  Here's to another great year!" (waving and blowing kisses as I walk off the stage)

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's how it would go....or something like that anyway.

It really is wonderful to be mentioned in the company of so many terrific bloggers.

Ok, Prowlers, I highly recommend that you take a few minutes (preferably when you're alone and your hands are free...hehe) to browse through the list of Top 100 Sex Blooggers of 2011. There are many new bloggers on the list this year, and many great bloggers to discover.

Please spread the Top 100 link all over.

Daunt was right.  The world needs more sex.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sex for Kat and Hubby after the Big Confession

The Big Confession (or should I say, big confessions?) changed things in my marriage. For those of you who are new here, a couple of months ago my husband confessed that he had been unfaithful for the better part of the past 5 years, with multiple women.  About a month ago, I confessed my infidelities. Everything was out on the table and we had to decide where to go from there.

Would we stay together?  That was the easiest decision because we both are committed to each other and our marriage.

But what was next?  Would we recommit to fidelity? Would we agree to an open marriage? Would we start swinging? Would we ever be able to really trust each other again like we did before? What would happen to our sex life?

Specifically, my husband was worried that I would be bored by him since I had enjoyed so many alternatives. It wasn't an unreasonable concern. Neither of us knew if I could be satisfied by plain vanilla after sampling lots of other delectable flavors.

We decided to try a fresh start and focus on improving both our communication and sex life. We got into counseling (individual and couples counseling), and we agreed to tell each other the truth, meaning that if I had a roll in the hay with JJ, I would tell Hubby, and he would admit any slips he had.

We agreed to start acting like we did early in our marriage, whether or not we felt like it. What did that mean? It meant the TV would get turned off in the evening.  It meant we would go to bed as soon as the kids were asleep so we'd have time for each other. It meant we'd start dating again, at least one night a week. It meant we'd leave heartfelt love notes for each other in the car, on the bathroom mirror, etc. We brought our plan into the current century by adding loving and sexy email and texts to each other throughout the day. I started sexting him at embarrassing moments.

And it meant we'd plan on sex every night. The rule was/is that neither of us can cancel it during the day, but either of us can cancel when we are actually in bed; however, the one who cancels is obligated to help the other come if he/she wants. I have to tell you I have been surprised by how many times I thought I was too tired or not in the mood, but when we started enjoying each other and I started helping him get off, I started to get excited, too.

We also each decided to really give it an honest try.  For me, that meant I would get into it with all the enthusiasm I had with JJ or J or S or...... For him, that meant being willing to try some variety and focusing on my pleasure.

So, for the first two weeks, that's how it was - sex every night.  Sometimes more than once. And it was really great sex! My old dog hubby kept thinking that he couldn't do it again for the 4th (5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, etc...) night in a row, but he did, and quite nicely, I might add. ;-)

We included some play with sex toys, and experimented with different positions. We asked each other what we had liked about sex with our other lovers and we incorporated some of those things into our own lovemaking.

The next week, it slowed down a little.  We only had sex on five nights of the seven that week. There were two nights that we both agreed to take a break.  Frankly, I needed a break, things were starting to get a little sore "down there" from all the attention. What a wonderful problem to have, huh? It was during this week that we also started reading to each other in bed (sex books and books about reclaiming your marriage) and talking about what we read.

Over the last 7 days, we've had sex on six nights. On one of them, we had agreed not to, but I changed my mind just as we were about to fall asleep and that kept us up for a couple more hours.

As the sex got better, lots of other things started turning around, too.  We actually wanted to be around each other more. We started talking more.

It didn't solve all of our problems, though.  Hubby is still too clingy, afraid that I'm going to take off and find another man...and, ultimately, leave him.  He has a reason to be concerned.  I won't leave him., but I have not lost my desire for my honey...or J, or P. or B, or C.....or...... As you can see, PWK is still here and going strong.

A couple of nights ago, we discussed a new "problem" we have.  We need to adjust our "act like we were newly together" plan because the sex now is much better than it was when we were newly together.  Huh? How can that be? Sounds crazy, huh?  I always thought that people were supposed to be on track for divorce when affairs were discovered, but that's not what has happened for us. The man who seemed to have lost interest in me sexually is now pursuing me and is trying as hard as he can to keep me interested in him and not in other men.

Now, we're looking to the future and wondering where it goes from here. You never really know what's going to happen in life, do you?

I'd better get writing.  I have some hot sex posts to write.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Knocking on the Back Door (Yes, This is about Anal Sex)

Last night, Hubby wanted anal sex. Those of you who have been following along here know that I'm a big fan of anal sex, but last night was different.  Why?  Because it has been about a quarter of a century since Hubby wanted anal.

Yes, you read that right.  A quarter of a century.  Some of you reading this aren't even that old yourselves.

It was a bit like the Twilight Zone (I know, I'm dating myself again) because JJ had been sending me some naughty texts and photos about anal sex earlier in the day. (If you've read the JJ stories on our Sex, Sex, Only Sex page, you know that JJ loves anal, and he's dang good at it...amazing actually.)

So, JJ got me thinking about it, and then Hubby asked for it.

The last time Hubby asked for anal, he concluded that he didn't like it as much as he liked fucking my other orifices, and that was that. No, there was no conversation about what I might like. Don't be silly.  Hubby is of the generation that is just now learning that some women actually enjoy sex. I've mentioned anal a few times over the years, but he wasn't interested.  He never actually said he wasn't interested, but I assumed that's what he was saying as he pushed my head down toward his cock. Some male gestures are universal, aren't they?

There's good anal sex and bad anal sex. I know that may sound strange, but it's true. Just like other sex acts, it can be done poorly or well. When it is done poorly, it's painful, dangerous, and unsatisfying.  When it's done well, it's absolutely fantastic.

Since it has been a while since I've written an advice post, and I've been asked for some anal tips via email several times in the last months, I thought I'd share some tips for safe and enjoyable anal sex and spend a little time answering some questions about it. I'll handle the Q&A first, then I'll attack the tips. Warning: there is some pretty graphic and direct language in the tips below. It's the serious poop about anal sex (I know, the pun is terrible, but I couldn't resist).  If you don't want to read the heavy stuff, just stop after the Q&A.

Q: Kat, what do you like about anal sex?

The thing I love most about it is not really about the physical act. For me, it's about domination. Being taken anally is a very dominant act. The force of it, the pain, the lack of control ---mmmmm.  I love it all.

Q: Can a woman have an orgasm during anal sex?

All of the "sex experts" out there will say no, but they are incorrect.  Most women can't come that way, but a small minority of women can. Others can, but only if they are already very, very close to climax. Many women who like anal sex can't come during the act, but they enjoy it anyway. This might seem strange to men who think that orgasm is the only purpose for sex, but not everything pleasurable in the sex act needs to end in orgasm for it to be good.

Q: Doesn't it hurt?

In a word, yes.  However, it should only hurt during insertion and using plenty of lube can minimize that.

Q: How is it different for men from ordinary vaginal sex?

This is really a question for a man to answer (Daunt?), but I've been told that it is tighter.  I also think that part of the turn on is the taboo factor, and the fact that most wives refuse to do it.

Q: Is it dangerous?

It can be if it's not done properly or if it's done too much. Remember, the anus was not made for sexual activity. (See the tips below for more on safety.)

Q: Isn't receiving anal sex just for women and gay men?

Nope. I know several heterosexual men who like it, too. Some like it for he variety, the change of pace.  Others enjoy the domination part. And then there's the prostate massage piece. Some men really enjoy the sexual pleasure that comes from prostate massage. Since I don't want to spend too much time in this post talking about prostate massage, here's a nice little video by Dr. Ruthie from on the topic.

For those of you who want the nitty gritty detail about anal sex, here are my 11 tips on how to have safe and enjoyable anal sex:

  1. Lube, lube, lube. Sure, if there is enough natural lubrication going on "down there," you can skip the artificial lubricant, but that's just dangerous.  By the way, when I talk about the natural lubricant "down there" I'm talking about vaginal juices or semen from a previous sex act.  The anus is not self-lubricating like the vagina. Not only does good lubrication ease the pain for the woman (or whoever the "bottom" is), but the lining of the anus is vulnerable to tearing as a result of friction.  More lube = less of the bad kind of friction without giving up the good kind that you want. Use a water-based lubricant (because oil-based lubricants damage latex condoms, and water-based lubricant don't leave the same oily residual), and use plenty of it.  I prefer to just use the lubricant on the man's penis only, but some use it on the penis and spread it around and just inside the woman's anus, too.  Whatever works. But a little saliva from giving a rim job is not enough....just so you know.
  2. Be clean. One of the biggest problems with anal play is that the anus is full of bacteria (it is the body's main waste disposal site, remember?).  Some are not not a big deal, and others can, literally, kill a person under the right (or should I say, wrong?) conditions. My advice to women who are into anal play is to always be prepared for it. What does that mean?  It means you should empty the anus and lower intestinal track of waste.  Some choose to do this with laxatives or enemas. In fact, I read a BDSM novel several months ago with a very graphic enema scene that was part of the sex play, and I was never more turned off in my life. If I weren't already into anal play before that, I may not have ever tried it.  Anyway....I'm not into laxatives or enemas; however, I pay attention to my own natural cycles, eat a lot of fruit in the day before my planned rendezvous, etc. If you need more details than this, email me.
  3. Be very clean. The steps mentioned above are not enough, in my opinion, to be really clean. Some women choose to use disposable douche kits to clean out the anal area.  This is not the same as an enema because the intent is just to clean out any residual waste in the several inches adjacent to the anal opening, whereas the intent of an enema is to clean out the whole lower intestinal track. If you choose this approach, be very, very careful. Rupturing the anal lining is not good. I really can't emphasize this cleanliness issue enough.  I have been caught unprepared before and it was an embarrassing, and messy, experience.  Do you understand?  Please don't make me say it. Just trust me.  You don't want to experience it.
  4. Use a condom. Some diseases can be passed on very easily through anal sex, and I'm not talking just about HIV. There are other diseases and infections that can be passed from one partner to the other that way.  Also, using a condom during anal sex prevents pregnancy.  I know, you're thinking, "Come on, Kat.  You can't get pregnant from anal sex." Well, that is technically true; however, if semen comes into contact with the area between the anus and the vagina, there's a chance that it can ooze into the vagina and cause pregnancy.  No, I'm not crazy, folks. Eight percent (8%) of people who do not use another form of birth control during anal sex become pregnant that way. So, if your life isn't important to you, maybe preventing pregnancy is.
  5. Enter slowly.  Gentlemen, let me be clear. The entry part of anal sex is painful for your partner. Let me be more clear.  It hurts like hell. I'm talking about the pain of the stretching of the sphincter muscle before it relaxes.  So, you need to go s-l-o-w.  I recommend that you place the head of your cock at the opening and let your partner push back against you at her speed.  If she needs to stop to catch her breath and relax into it, let her.  Do not just start pressing forward. Wait until she indicates in some way that she is beyond the painful part.  Of course, if you are very familiar with your partner, you will probably have developed your own understanding of how to best handle entry.
  6. Don't ignore all pain.  While some pain during entry is normal, that's the only pain that is normal during anal sex. If the pain continues beyond the initial entry and after the woman has relaxed for 30 seconds or so, stop! Maybe you need more lubricant.  Maybe you need to shift positions.  Maybe the internal area is not completely clean and the friction of waste rubbing against the anal lining is causing pain.  Don't push it (pun intended). Rupturing the anal lining can be very dangerous.
  7. Communicate with your partner. You should communicate with your partner about what to expect beforehand.  You should communicate during the act if either of you is uncomfortable.  And you should communicate after the act to discuss what felt good and what didn't. If you're not comfortable talking about these things, get over it.
  8. Clean up after. Going from ass to vagina and/or from ass to mouth is a dangerous practice that spreads infection. The negative consequences can be serious.  That said, I am well aware that some folks like their sex that way.  I love going back and forth between the ass and vagina, and I've sucked off more than one cock after it came out of my ass. It's not safe. It's bad. Yes, I'm a hypocrite. Do as I say, not as I do.
  9. If your anal play includes digital penetration, be sure that your hands are clean and fingernails are clipped.  I've known someone who suffered serious anal damage that required a surgical repair because of untrimmed, sharp fingernails.  How would you like to explain that to the spouse?
  10. Be careful with toys. Of course, make sure any toys you use are very clean before you start your anal play and clean then up very well after. You should also be careful not to be too vigorous with your play when you're using toys. If you are inserting a toy rather than a part of your own body, you can't feel what's going on down there. and it's easy to get carried away and misinterpret your partner's moans and screams as enjoyment when she's really begging you to stop.  Again, communication is key.
  11. Pay attention to blood. Bleeding during or after anal sex is not normal and it could be a sign of a very serious issue. If you see blood, something has been torn. At best, a hemorrhoid may have burst and there may not be any negative consequences, or your partner has a small tear and will just feel a little pain later. But if the anal lining has been seriously ruptured, there's a chance that waste and bacteria can get into the abdominal cavity and cause all sorts of problems. Profuse bleeding can also be life threatening. Please don't ignore it.  If you have any doubt about how serious it may be, stop what you're doing and get to a doctor.  If there is extreme pain or bleeding, call 911. A little embarrassment over an overreaction beats the alternative if you don't get medical attention when you need it. Bleeding during or after anal sex is a very rare occurrence, so it's not something you should worry about, but you should definitely watch for it.
Wow.  I think I've just scared y'all away from ever having anal sex. I don't mean to do that, but a good dose of caution is warranted.

Since I have scared half of you and grossed out the other half, I think I'll close with another Dr. Ruthie video about anal sex because you can't be nervous about anything if you hear it from Dr. Ruthie. Here are Dr. Ruthie's top 3 Do's and top 3 Don'ts for anal sex:

Friday, November 11, 2011

Kat's Alanis Morissette Moment

I was having an Alanis Morissette moment earlier today. Actually, it has been going on for a couple of weeks, but I have been pushing it to the back of my mind to avoid feeling it.  Today, however, for some reason, I just couldn't avoid it any longer.

One of my dearest online friends, Webcam Guy, has stopped communicating with me.  I don't know why.  He didn't really say. I know many who have experienced this with online friends.  Disappearing is not uncommon.

But it hurts.

I'm not talking about the breakup of a romantic relationship, but a close friendship. Because the topic of regression has been coming up a lot in my therapy recently, I immediately draw the connection that this feels like I'm in first grade and I've been told by one of my best friends that he doesn't want to be my friend anymore. WTF is up with that?
I have written a couple of times about break-up or pulling away scenarios in A Parable for Prowlers: It's Not Your Puppy and When the Wife Finds Out..., Even when you know and expect it, there's pain involved.  But when you don't expect it, it's worse.

So, today I felt a whole range of emotions that led to my Alanis Morissette moment. I thought about the situation. Sadness washed over me first. The truth is that I don't have a lot of close friends.  Losing one is a big deal.

Then came some anger.  Yes, it was pure Alanis Morissette You Oughta Know anger.

My favorite line - "And every time I scratch my nails down someone else's back, I hope you feel it..."

Yeah, that's the kind of anger that was blowing through me.

Then after I thought about it some more, I remembered some positive things about the relationship and all that I've learned from him.  I also reminded myself that maybe it's not completely over.  I do tend to assume the worst case scenario at times.

So my mood moved into the You Learn range.

I love the first line, "I'd recommend getting your heart trampled on to anyone...."

Me, too.

I though back to when I first signed on to AM.  What was I looking for?  I was looking for connection.  I wanted to experience more of life.  I wanted to feel.....something. (Oh yeah, and I wanted hard, rough, screaming-for-more sex, too.)

I got what I was looking for.  Connection. Yummy sex.

And, yes,  I started feeling things again after years of feeling numb and just walking through life pretending to be a happy and fulfilled wife.

Then, I started feeling gratitude.  I found all that I was looking for and more. I've made some fantastic friends, and Webcam Guy is one of them. Nothing can change that.  I remembered some of the times in the past 10 months that he helped me through some difficult times.

I wasn't angry anymore or pensive....I just wanted to say, Thank You.

I still don't understand what happened.  It still makes me sad. I still don't like it. I still miss talking to him.

But at least I'm not hiding from the emotions.

I think my Alanis Morissette moment was good for me.


For all of you guys who can't stand the emotional touchy-feely stuff, don't worry.  Keep your chin up! My next post will be about anal sex....just for you. ;-)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Monday, November 7, 2011

A Thought About Oral Sex...and a Former President

I was chatting online with a friend this morning who moved the conversation to oral sex.  You know how that is, right?  You're chatting about baseball and work and the guy says out of the blue, "Wanna suck my cock?  Will you swallow?"  I hate it when that happens.

Anyway, when he mentioned sucking cock and swallowing, it made me think about Monica Lewisnki and Bill Clinton. At the time it was going on, I knew something just sounded wrong about the whole thing, but I couldn't put my finger on it. Sure, it was wrong that she only gave him head and he never fucked her, but that was obvious.  Something else just didn't sound right.

Today it hit me. Monica gave Bill head and ended up with his semen on her now-famous blue dress (which was very ugly, by the'd think the President's slut would pick something a little more stylish, but whatever...). The semen on the blue dress was kind of the "smoking gun" that took the whole issue out of the realm of "he said - she said" and placed it where it belonged.  He came, she spit.

That's what was wrong.

You'd think the President of the United States would be able to find a slut who would swallow.  Don't ya think?

Friday, November 4, 2011

Come on, +1 Me...and I'll Give You Naked Pictures

You know you want to.

Do you see that little +1 icon at the bottom of each post? That's like Google's version of Facebook's "Like" button.

Go ahead.  Go down there and press it.  Push my button, Baby.

Why? Because I'm a Google whore.

I know what you're thinking. "Kat, if you were a real Google whore, you would have all of your posts optimized for search."

True.  So, I'm a closet Google whore.

Here's how it works... The more you +1 me, the more attention Google gives us.  The more attention Google gives, the more readers we get. The more readers we get, the more leverage I have to convince Cara to take off her clothes for HNT photos.  The more Cara takes off her clothes, the happier we all are.

Get it?

So, +1 me.  A lot.

You know you want to.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Another Night Out for the PWK Team

Every once in a while, Dauntless, Cara, Beth and I like to go out for an evening of fun.  I am speaking of fun in the old fashioned sense - food, drink, laughter, and so on. No sex, but the conversation is a bit spicier than you might hear around a typical mixed-gender group of friends.

For example, last night we talked about what percentage of the male population is circumcised, and what percentage of the men I've been with were circumcised. Cara said that Mexican men typically aren't circumcised, which just sounded wrong to me because I've enjoyed more than my share of Mexican men (as well as South American men) and that wasn't my experience, but who would argue with sweet Cara about such a thing?

We talked about Adam and the size of his gorgeous enormous cock, and that brought us around to discussing the penis size of men of different ethnicities and if ethnicity really is a factor in size.

By the way, during the cock discussion, Daunt sat there holding onto his beer like it was a life preserver.  Every time I'd ask, "What do you think, Daunt?" he'd snap out of his "how-long-can-I-pretend-that-this-discussion-isn't-happening" stupor and shrug his shoulders.

We passed around a hot Halloween picture of Daunt's brother, BruceD (in the pic to the right), and three of us (can you guess which three?) drooled and admired, and one or two of us may have made inappropriate comments about what we might like to do with such a lovely gentleman if given the opportunity (but I can't really remember....LOL).

The photo reminded me of that episode of Nip/Tuck where Christian Troy was having sex with that ugly gal who had a hot body and he made her put a bag over her face.  Not that BruceD is ugly...absolutely not!  But the mask made me think, "Heck, I don't care if he leaves the mask on.  It's not his face that's getting me wet right now anyway."  But I digress.....

The last time we had a PWK Night Out we went out to eat.  This time, we decided to do something a little more active.

Shame on you for those naughty thoughts!

I'm talking about bowling, of course!

Because I like to make everything a little more interesting, I suggested a little wager. We agreed that whoever came in dead last of the four of us would have to provide the HNT photo for this week.  This idea came up because Cara said she's boycotting HNT because there were no comments on last week's one and few comments on the few before that.  So, we looked at Beth.  No way.  Daunt?  He has a gift for taking a swig of beer while vigorously shaking his head no. As for me, we all know I have an inferiority complex about being compared to Cara.  There was only one civilized way to settle it  - assign the HNT task to the worst bowler.

We all swaggered confidently to the counter to sign up for a lane and rent those ugly and disgusting shoes.

About the shoes....First, I am convinced that they make them so ugly so no one would even consider stealing them. Second, there is something very creepy about wearing the same pair of shoes that hundreds of other people have worn before.  It's a level of intimacy with perfect strangers that just isn't for me.  Of course, I can write about the details of my sexual encounters and share them with thousands of strangers, but that's completely different. Third, as ugly and as creepy as the shoes are, they give you a sense of belonging when you wear them. After I put mine on, I walked proudly to pick a ball, suddenly feeling like I was part of something greater than myself.  I was part of the great unwashed bowling masses.  And I was proud.

Oh,  I learned something I didn't know last night - that Cara has a strict sense of justice about shoe rules in a bowling alley.  We noticed several people at lanes around us who were not wearing the required ugly shoes. Who did those people think they were? Didn't they understand that wearing the ugly shoes was part of the bowler bonding experience?  If anyone opted out (which was against the rules), it made the rest of us just look like idiots wearing ugly shoes.  The magic of the bowling shoe experience requires that everyone participate. I was able to let it go because I needed to focus on not being last, but Cara couldn't let it go. She kept talking about it.  Then she walked by a few lanes giving the evil eye to the non-conformists. The she went up to the counter and reported them!  But that wasn't the worst part.  The worst part was that nothing happened.  Nothing changed. I chalked it up as a metaphor for the injustice in modern society.  Cara just got mad and focused her rage toward the pins.  That was not good for the rest of us.

Since we shared a photo of our hands from a previous night out, I thought it would be fun this time to share a different kind of photo. The photo on the left includes me, Daunt, and Cara (not in that order). See what I mean about the shoes?

We bowled three games and agreed that we would add the scores from all three games to determine the overall winner, and the loser who would be our HNT guy or gal for the week.

We were having a great time, but it wasn't going well for me.

During the third game, as depression was setting in, I got a text from JJ. After an explanation of where I was and what was going on:

Kat: I suck at bowling.

JJ: You can suck my balls anytime, Baby.

JJ always knows how to help me put things into perspective.

Here are the final rankings:

First place - Cara
Second Place - DauntlessD
Third Place - Beth
Loser - Kat

Uuuggghhhhhh. I'd skip HNT this week, but I think Cara would come after me if I did.

My favorite parts of the evening:
  1. Getting to gaze at Daunt's ass about 60 times when it was his turn without him knowing what I was doing.
  2. Watching Cara go into Law and Order mode over the shoe criminals.
  3. Stealing some glimpses of the hot guy bowling about 4 lanes away from us. I would have been all over that...except for his poor taste in shoes.
  4. Watching Beth's eyes pop out over BruceD's photo. I love knowing I'm not the only woman who objectifies men.
  5. Spending several hours with great friends.
I'm already looking forward to our next PWK Night Out.