New Here?

Welcome!  If you're new to Prowling with Kat, this is a good place to start to get the lay of the land. Start with Why Kat Prowls. Then, read the rest of this page to get the lay of the land.

The Players

Kat - I'm Kat. I'm a woman, a temptress, a reader, a lover, a mother, a friend, a boss, a slut, a learner, a voyeur, a performer, a writer, a wife, a cheater, a giver, a taker, a coward, a hero, and a dreamer. I'm also the founder, chief author, and editor of Prowling with Kat. You can reach me through my Google profile.

DauntlessD - DauntlessD is all man, and my very dear friend. He's co-admin of Prowling with Kat as well as a key contributing author.

Cara Janes - Cara is another dear friend.  She's also our very own HNT (Half Naked Thursday) celebrity!

Finding Your Way Around

There are several ways to find your way around.  You can read the current posts on the home page or peruse the archives using the links on the right side bar. You can also go through the pages with links at the top of the page, juts below the title banner. Our content has been distributed throughout these pages to help you find what you are looking for quickly.
Sex, Sex, Only Sex is a page for those who are only here for the sex.  There's nothing wrong with that, of course.   You'll find a collection of our readers' favorite sex posts here.

Advice for Prowlers includes the collection of our best advice posts. If you're looking for cheating tips, this where you'll find them.

HNT Photos - HNT stands for Half Naked Thursday.  Every Thursday we participate in this blogging tradition and we archive those posts here.
TMI Posts - TMI stands for Too Much Information, and we participate in TMI Tuesday.  You can also go to the TMI Tuesday Blog to read the TMI Tuesday responses posted by other sex bloggers, too. 
Kat's Musings is where you'll find posts written by me that are not advice or sex posts.  What does that leave, you ask?  A lot!

All DauntlessD is the page for posts only by DauntlessD. His fans demanded that he get his own page, and I am definitely responsive to special requests.

Special contests also get their own pages.  Those come and go as special contests and events do, so keep an eye on that menu bar.

The Side Bar on the Right

No, that photo is not a photo of me.  However, the slightly revealing photo on my profile is me, as are a few of the HNT photos.

Under the photo you'll see a place to enter your email address to subscribe to the blog feed via email.  If you subscribe via email, I won't use your email address for any other purpose, and all new posts will be sent to your email inbox.  You can also subscribe through your favorite RSS reader, if you prefer.

Everything else in the side bar is pretty self-explanatory.  You'll find the blog archive there, along with a list of popular posts, a place to ask questions,links to our Google profiles, and a place to subscribe to our Google group, Reading with Kat and DauntlessD, for those of you who would like to join us for some erotic reading.

There is a lot to read here, so make yourself comfortable and enjoy!