Friday, September 21, 2012

I Love Men

Seriously. I love men.

I love men of all ages.

I love the way they look, the way they think, they way they smell, they way they sweat. I love their muscles and their strength and their swagger.

I love the look of a man in a suit, in a uniform, in jeans and a t-shirt, in nothing at all. I love the way most men are more comfortable with their bodies than women are with theirs. And I love the way that most men overlook flaws in a woman's body and see her as beautiful even when she refuses to see it herself.

I love the bravado of young men and the wisdom of older men, just as I love the sexual power of young men as much as the skilled lovemaking of older men.

I love men who are sensitive and courageous enough to cry in front of others and men who would die before they would shed a tear in public. I love outgoing men and introverted men and I can appreciate how confidence shows itself in both types.

I love men who know how to dominate a woman in bed without really hurting her and while still respecting her.

I love how it's pretty easy to know what a man wants and how grateful most men are when they get it.

I love the sound of a man's voice whispering in my ear, and the sound of a man laughing.  I also love the sound of a man moaning with pleasure and begging for more. And then I love it when he just takes what he wants.

I love the feel of a man's arms around me and the feel of his cock inside me. I love the taste of his kiss, the warm breeze of his breath on my neck, the passion in his eyes when he's gazing into mine.

I love the process of discovering a man - his strengths, his fears, his uniqueness. I love how no two men are alike.  Each has some characteristic or ability that leaves me in awe and grateful that I met him.

I love intellectual men and active men, men of faith and men of the world, family men and single men.

Seriously. I love men.


Victoria Vista said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! I so agree with you. I love being a woman...but I'll stand in a room full of men happily enjoying the conversation, smell, sexual tension.....Yes!

~ Vista

Tom said...

Aww... we love you too :)

Soccermom said...

Agreed...I would add taste, but that's just me. ;-)

Ryan Beaumont said...

I'll just say we love you too! The first thing I got in my head upon reading this post was a scene from Anchor Man Ron Burgandy. I'll hold off on the thought though, this post is too engaging to spoil with my silly humor. But then again discovering me is like walking into a big house with no furniture. You look around and then say "hey wait, there's nothing here!" :)

Anonymous said...

Reading your blog has made me a better husband. I've stopped the prowling (over a year now) and refocused all that effort on keeping my lady happy and in love.

I was onboard with you and many of our other prowlers (most of which got caught or outed) but after a while realized its not a matter of if you get's when you'll get caught and all the damage it will cause.

Once I redirected all that energy on her, she dialed everything up a notch and our marriage and sex life has never been better.


Marcus said...

And us men love you too Kat!

Same sassy girl said...

I'm so glad that you do, and share how it works out so the rest of us learn new ways to love them too!

Mrs. M said...

I couldn't agree more! Love them all!!

Max said...

As others have already mentioned, we return the thought, and love being loved! :-)

W.D. said...

Your pussy must be melting with all the love we men return to you, Ms Kat. Best,

The Lustful Literate said...

Ummm...ditto, infinity. Men are lovely. In so many ways. You sing their praises well.

Naughty Kitty said...

Well said. I completely agree.

Kat said...

Ron - That's wonderful news! I'm glad your marriage has been rejuvenated. Thank you for sharing. :-)

Kat said...

Ryan - Ron Burgandy is your hero, isn't he? Hehe

W.D - You are so right! All the man love is definitely titillating.

And to all the gentlemen who sent the love back - W.D., Max, Marcus, Ryan, Tom - THANK YOU!

And ladies - Victoria Vista, Sassy, Kitty,Lustful, SoccerMom, and Mrs. M - I knew I wasn't the only man-lover out there. :-)

SoccerMom - You're right. I should have added more about taste. ;-) Oh well....

Anonymous said...

Nice post Kat. Women tend to be put on a pedestal, nice to have someone put men on a pedestal once in awhile.

Florida Dom said...

Love to hear you say you love men. Men love to hear a woman say that.


Franksexual said...

Very well put! I enjoyed reading this article and you reminded me what I loved too! :) Thanks!