Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Surprises in Room 139 (Part 2 of 3)

This is the continuation of The Surprises in Room 139 (Part 1 of 3). You can start here or go back to read part 1 first, as you choose.


As T was moving between my legs, I tilted my head back and tried to relax.  I spread my legs, but was reminded immediately by a shot of pain from my groin injury that I needed to be careful and move slowly.  I opened my knees as he slipped his arm under and around my right thigh.  I grabbed his hand and held on tightly when I felt the first flick of his tongue on my clit.

I reached between my legs with my other hand and separated my pussy lips for him, giving him more room, and then I closed my eyes, trying to focus on the sensations.

Every now and then I'd catch myself thinking, "Wait.  How is he doing that?  Is that his tongue?  His lips?" and I'd have to pull myself back to the moment or he would do it for me by changing things up a little bit. 

In less than two minutes, my body had taken over and I couldn't think about anything.  I felt him slide a finger (or two) inside me and I started to shake. I moaned "No!" in protest, but not a no as in "Stop!" but a no as in, "I don't want to come so fast!  I want to feel it build for longer." He ignored me and I came hard.

Yes, I know that's hard for you guys.  No should mean "No, stop!" right?  And it does, usually. Fortunately, T knows me well enough to know that it didn't mean I wanted him to stop. I remember once several months ago when he made come so many times that I was truly in need of a break.  My protests did no good so I ended up sitting up and grabbing his hair and pulling him off me. Haha! He can read my body's more subtle signals now, which is very helpful.

With most of the men I've known, an orgasm kind of stops everything for awhile, and then it's time to fuck or play with him or just chat for a bit, but not with T. With him, coming means we're just getting started, and he increases the intensity to the next level.

I squealed a bit as he started sucking on my clit again because it was so, so sensitive. I took a deep breath to try to get over that sensation of a hundred electric needle pricks on my clit, and as I did, I lifted my shoulders a bit so I could look down at him. He was busy at work so I couldn't see much of his face, but I could see his strong shoulders, and his left arm that flexed as he held me tightly in place while my body tried to wiggle away. I could see his mussed black hair that I love to play with, and I could see his lower back and hips that were also moving slightly as he pressed forward, finger fucking me with his right hand. That image of him was so incredibly hot that, coupled with the actions of his hand and mouth, I was about to come again. 

I screamed and started shuddering, and he held onto me tighter and did whatever he was doing faster and harder. Unlike the orgasms before this one, this one came on slowly and kept building and building as it spread throughout my body. It didn't start subsiding after 30 seconds and I didn't want to lose it.  I wanted to ride it as long as I could.  Of course, I didn't need to say anything because he had no intention of stopping.

I lost my sense of time, so I'm not sure how long it was, but it felt like that one kept reverberating through me for five or more minutes and, just as I started to come down, the next one hit. It came hard and suddenly, like an unexpected car collision, and I felt the air being sucked from my lungs as I sat halfway up and screamed. I squeezed his hand harder to steady myself.  That one ended as quickly as it came.  Within 10 seconds, I had collapsed back on the pillow again. I gasped for some air, trying to recover, but there was no recovery period.  T was still going, trying something new and pulling me right back to where he wanted me again.  And again.

I'd love to be able to give you detail about exactly what he does to make me so crazy, but I have no idea, really.  I know it feels damn good.  That's what I know.  Maybe we'll get him to write a guest post to share some of his technique, or maybe he'll want to keep it a secret.  We'll see.  

After all that, I curled up with him and rested my head on his shoulder....and I wanted to nap.  That's the truth, but I wasn't about to waste a moment of our time with sleep.  We chatted a bit, about everything and nothing. And we kissed. A lot. It was almost time to go, but I don't think either of us wanted to stop.

Then I felt it.  I reached down to be sure.  He was hard again. We both smiled, ready for more.

To be continued.....