Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Why Kat Loves Rotary

I've been thinking about sex all day today. It started when I woke up to find hubby's limbs entangled with mine. I started snuggling and rubbing against him, but he quickly pushed me away, reminding me that I had to get to the office early today to take care of an important issue. I groaned and got up, not sure if I was more disappointed at not getting sex or at being rejected by my husband...again.

I tried to shake it off, but I couldn't.  I chose a very slinky black cupless bra and matching silk crotchless panties. Who says I can't feel sexy as I go about my very routine day?

I picked a thin and revealing blue blouse, a black skirt, and some heels.  As I slid my feet into the shoes, I remembered why I hadn't worn heals in a long time, but I wore them anyway.  After I took about ten steps, I remembered why I used to wear them. I felt very sexy and in control in those shoes.

I came in to the office and started my work. I welcomed the employees, as they showed up (handsome men, of course). I got a text from Seattle Guy and we chatted for awhile. Then I got a text from JJ and I was instantly aroused. Damn, I thought.  Maybe the crotchless panties were not such a great idea. I thought about the possibility of seeing JJ on Friday. That made me even wetter, and hornier. I wondered if I was going to be this sexually frustrated all day. Maybe I could get refocused back on my work.

A client called. We set up a visit for next week, and he asked if we could have lunch after the meeting and maybe spend some time together that afternoon.  Damn. No, he wasn't thinking what I was thinking. Dear lord, how I wish he was thinking what I was thinking.

I worked a while longer and then it was time for my weekly Rotary Club meeting.  Yes, Rotary. Don't be so surprised. I'm hot sex-crazed Kat to you, but I'm a focused businesswoman during the work day. And I never don't usually try not to fuck men I meet as part of my professional activities.

Rotary, though, is a man-apaloosa! It's the ultimate buffet of confident, fully grown (very few youngsters in Rotary), usually married, gainfully employed men. Let me be clear. Rotary is Kat-nip.

As you might expect, I was very smart about selecting the chapter to which I would belong.  There are several chapters in town, but I chose the one with the most men (and fewest women) and the one with the town's most powerful men (politicians, most successful businesses, etc.). 

So, I walked in the room wearing my crotchless panties and cupless bra, horny as I've ever been, licking my lips and looking for a table with no women and with several attractive men I might be interested in fantasizing about for the next hour and fifteen minutes. My nipples were hard and I could tell they were clearly visible through my blouse.  Excellent.  That will make it easier, I thought. I'll be able to tell who's interested by watching their eyes. That's always helpful. I picked up my lunch plate and wandered through the room.

The choice was easy. There was a table with one remaining chair. A man was on his feet pulling it out for me and looking directly at my tits. Bingo. This table of men was a pure pleasure. The testosterone wafted freely as they talked about hunting and camping. I smiled sweetly, nibbling on my salad, behaving appropriately submissive.

Until they started talking about baseball. You know how I feel about baseball. I jumped into the conversation and several of them stopped talking and their mouths actually dropped open. What's the matter, boys? I thought. You've never met a woman who could hold an intelligent conversation about baseball? I thought the one next to me, the one who had held out the chair for me, was going to start drooling.

The fun ended abruptly when the meeting started. The program was boring, but I have developed the valuable skill of looking very interested while thinking about something else completely. So I tried to imagine what each of the men at my table would be like in bed. The guy who owned the nice restaurant and bar looked like he knew how to have a good time.  The two insurance salesmen looked....boring. However, I have come to know that very often it's the ones who look boring that are the wildest in bed.

I smiled at one of the insurance guys when he looked my way. He smiled back, and then he looked away and blushed. How cute and sweet was that? I watched our president for awhile. He was rugged looking - owner of a construction company. His hands were strong. I imagined what it would be like to feel those big, calloused hands on my hips as he fucked me while I bent over the head table.  Would he ring the club bell when I came?

I was distracted by the feel of something touching my leg. I looked and it was the leg of the guy next to me. It was an innocent thing that would easily have been explained away with an "Oh, I'm sorry. I thought that was the table leg" sort of thing. I knew how to find out. I looked up at his face and he was already staring at me.  Ok, it was no accident. I stared back. Neither of us moved our leg away. It was the sexiest non-sex encounter I'd had in a long time.

I looked away briefly for two reasons. First, I wanted to check for a wedding ring. Yes, he was wearing one. Second, I needed to be the one to look away and down first, to be the vulnerable woman, to let him "win" the game. As I looked down, I noticed that he was hard. Dang, this was fun. I love Rotary!

The meeting ended and he handed me his card and asked for mine. He asked if he could call me to set up a meeting to discuss something related to my business. I smiled and said, "Of course.  I would like that very much. Later this week would be good because my husband will be out of town." He looked shocked and gasped just a little, but within half a second that gasp turned into a smile. He reached his hand out to shake mine. As I offered him my right hand, I leaned forward and wrapped my left arm around his shoulders in one of those professional half-hugs, except in this version of it I pressed my breasts against his chest for a moment as I whispered, "I'll be waiting for your call" into his ear.

Several other guys from my table wandered over to chat a bit, too. I was invited to join the softball team and several committees.

I walked out of the room knowing that the crotchless panties were definitely a mistake. My pussy was very wet and my thighs were slippery. I hoped the back of my skirt wouldn't show too much. I walked faster.

As I walked out to my car, I looked down at the card the guy next to me had handed me. I smiled when I realized that I hadn't even heard his name today.  Did he tell me his name?  Was I too distracted to remember it?  Did I tell him my name? His name was Paul. He's an executive at a local agricultural research company. Nice. I wonder if he'll really call.

Then the other thoughts started. Kat, what are you doing? Remember the rules! Don't fuck anyone in town!  Don't fuck anyone related to your business!  Do not let this go too far. You're really only interested in JJ anyway. I took a deep breath and calmed myself down. Geez, there's nothing wrong with a little flirting. I'm sure it won't turn into anything at all. He's probably never cheated on his wife before anyway and he'll be too nervous to take the next step, which is good, because fucking him is against the rules anyway.

I drove back to work and my mind turned to the projects I had to accomplish in the afternoon. It only took me 5 minutes or so to get back to work. As I stepped out of my car in the parking lot, my cell phone rang. I pulled it out of my purse and answered it without looking.

"Hi, this is Kat."

"Hi, it's Paul."

I gasped. Maybe the cupless bra wasn't a good choice.  Maybe it said, "whore" rather than "professionally horny," as I'd hoped.

"Hi Paul," was all I managed to say.  I was in shock.

Long pause.

"So," he said. "Where would you like to meet?"


Mrs. M said...

Oh Kat... U are AMAZING!! I swear to you I have days when all I can think about is sex & fucking all day long. It doesn't matter how many times I masterbate nothing will quench it. I fantasize about every guy I come into contact with. I think is the cute CVS clerk off limits, the road crew, lol. I think I just might go out and join the local rotary tomorrow! How did I end up in a female dominated industry? Because it keeps me out of trouble- hardly!
Can't wait to hear how u handle Paul!!

Advizor54 said...

Paul is in so far over his head that he doesn't even know he's drowning. :-)

And crotchless panties are never a mistake.

:-) Fun meeting.

Anonymous said...

This might be the sexiest blog that you have ever written.

Ryan Beaumont said...

See that's what I needed when I was in Lion's Club, more horny women!

I real proud of you Kat, it is great the way you are out there supporting community engagement! :)

the naked lady said...

This post was AWESOME. I am stealing your moves...all of them.

Now where can I find info on how to join this Rotary thing?

bunyipinthe808 said...

wow, very sexy. this story is somewhat of a fantasy of mine. sitting at my desk right now with a big stiffy.

Anonymous said...

Cupless bras and crotchless panties are always in good form.

Well done.

Nicholas said...

I loved this account. Why can't there be more out there like you?