Monday, August 6, 2012

JJ's Lesson for Kat

I was finally going to see JJ after two months of not being able to see him.  Our last two planned meetings were cancelled because things came up, so I couldn't let myself really believe that it was going to happen until I got the text from him saying that he was there. "There" was our regular hotel, the place where we had been meeting for over a year.

When I drove into the parking lot, I saw his car immediately, and I let out a sigh of relief. I parked next to him, and walked inside. As I walked, I received a text from him that said simply, "301."  I smiled.

As I walked through the lobby, I didn't see Strange Hotel Guy or his wife. Instead I saw a young man and a young woman who were obviously their children. Great, I thought. Now we have to train another generation of Strange Hotel People. I felt badly for JJ as I pictured him trying to deal with "the kids" as he checked in. I decided I'd do something extra special for him to make up for it.

I found our room and, as usual, JJ had left the door ajar for me. I walked in and he stood up and came walking over to meet me in the entryway. Seeing him again after all that time took my breath away. He smiled, wrapped his arms around me, and kissed me. I dropped my purse and relaxed into his arms, letting his kisses consume me. I felt tears come to my eyes - the release of weeks worth of stress and frustration.  Then it happened.  As it always does when I'm with him, I felt the world outside slip away, and it was just the two of us again.

He reached down the front of my pants and found my clit. His finger started circling it slowly, and a bolt of pleasure shot through me as he touched me. This wasn't going to take long. I could feel him smile through his kiss at how sensitive I was. I felt embarrassed....for about three seconds.  After that I was focused both on how amazing it felt and on holding onto his shoulders so I didn't fall down because I could already feel my knees getting wobbly. I held on tighter as I came, moaning into his mouth, surrendering.

We kissed in the entryway for a while longer, and then we moved further into the room toward the bed. JJ sat on the edge of the bed and I slipped off my pants and panties and stood in front of him. I nudged my way  between his knees so I could get closer to him, and we kissed some more. One of my favorite things in the world is to kiss that man.

At some point, he pushed me back away from him and told me to turn around and bend over. As I was doing it, that's when I noticed that he was already undressed.  When did that happen? I wondered. Clearly I wasn't being very observant, but I was a little upset with myself because I love watching him get undressed. I tried to put that out of my mind as I bent over and braced myself against the wall in front of me. He was still sitting on the edge of the bed. I reached between my legs and guided his hard cock inside me. He laid back  on the bed and let me ride him like that for awhile, moving however I wanted to. I moved my hips forward and back, grinding down as deeply as I could, slowly, trying to feel every inch of him. I could tell he was growing frustrated with the slowness of my movements when I felt his hands on my hips and he started thrusting up from underneath - first slowly, then faster. I was wishing that I had something more to hold onto than the wall, especially when I started to cum. My legs were jelly under me and he was pumping faster than I could keep up and then I was dizzy from the orgasm when I finally accepted that it was inevitable that I was going to fall. Just as I was about to, I felt his strong hands wrap around my hips and hold me firmly in place as he released into me.

While I was still shuddering, I thought, Of course JJ would never let me fall. And he wouldn't. I may be lost in the moment, but he's always in control, always knowing what's going on, always watching out for me.  How could I have forgotten that?

JJ sat up and helped me stand up. Then he climbed up on the bed and I pulled off my tank top before climbing in next to him and snuggling in the crook of his shoulder, kissing him, thanking him for being so good to me. As we lay there, we talked, catching up on what seemed like a million things. That's when the reality of how long we had been apart really hit me.  So much had happened since we had seen each other.

We both laughed as he told me about his encounter with the Strange Hotel Kids as he checked in. Apparently, he had to talk them through the check-in process and explain which room was "our" room. We should get a discount for training the kids, don't you think?

After we had been talking for a while, JJ maneuvered his hand between my legs. I have to admit, JJ is a very smart man. He knows exactly how to shut me up. I gasped as he touched me and took advantage of that moment to kiss me and slide his tongue in my mouth.  Ok, I get it. No more talking.

He played with my clit for a couple of minutes and then he slid a finger inside me, then two, then three. I rocked my hips, feeling my pussy twitch every time his fingers stroked that special spot inside me. It took him no time to zero in on that spot, and then he finger fucked me and worked it until I started to moan. He whispered, "Come for me," which, in itself, is almost almost enough to make me come. I let go and screamed into his mouth as we kissed. He kept his fingers moving until every last wave of pleasure had been coaxed out of me.

I curled up next to him and purred for a bit, and then we talked some more. As he talked, I nibbled on his nipples and kissed his neck, so he wasn't too taken aback when I scooted down and took his cock into my mouth. Hey! I thought. I know how to get you to stop talking, too. I got comfortable and reacquainted myself with his gorgeous cock. Thicker than average, much more than a mouthful, perfectly shaped. I suckled there for awhile, not with any goal or intention to make him come right then, but just to enjoy it and to let him enjoy it. Eventually, I asked him, "Where would you like to come?" Without any hesitation, he answered, "Get the lube."

I reached over for the lubricant and poured some in my hand and slowly began stroking him.  Then I poured more, and more. As I stroked him, I felt him get even harder. When he was ready, he sat up and moved toward the foot of the bed. I rolled over onto my forearms and knees and opened my knees a bit. He positioned the head of his cock right at the opening of my ass and I leaned back against him. My body resisted him for a while, but I kept pressing against him until *pop* the head popped in.

Holy fuck! That hurt! I screamed and asked him - no, told him - to stop.  He wasn't doing anything, of course. He was just waiting for me to continue, but I wasn't thinking clearly. The pain had fogged my thoughts, and I was really confused.  I'm a fan of anal sex. Why the heck was this hurting so much?

I heard JJ chuckle behind me as I was resorting to Lamaze breathing. "It's been a while, huh?" he said. I will slap him later for laughing at me, I thought. For now, though, relax, Kat. Relax.

The truth is that he was right.  It had been months since I'd been with JJ, and while Hubby and I had engaged in anal sex a few times in the past two months, Hubby's member isn't as thick as JJ's. This was a shock back into reality.....a very nice reality.

After a few minutes, I was able to take more of him in, and more, and then he could take over. He grabbed my hips and started fucking my ass deeply, fully with each stroke.  He went faster and harder with each stroke, too, until I felt that incredible feeling of pleasure I experienced when JJ did me this way. Then it got even harder.  I grasped the sheet; I tried to steady myself on the edge of the bed.

I heard him groan, "This is my ass, remember." And then I remembered what he told me a couple of weeks ago. He told me that after I was with Seattle Guy, he was feeling the need to reclaim what was his, and that he intended to give me an ass fucking that wouldn't let me forget that. That's what this was about. I smiled as I held on. You can teach me a lesson this way anytime you want, Baby, I thought.

He pounded me for some time and with such force that I felt the vibrations in my throat. He kept pumping into me as he came, not slowing until he was spent.

He collapsed on the bed next to me, breathing hard, and said, "I sure am glad it was 'Seattle Guy' and not 'Sacramento Guy' or 'Vacaville Guy'."  I laughed. "Yeah, I get that," I said.

We chatted for a little while longer and then we got cleaned up and dressed, and headed out. We kissed goodbye in the elevator so we wouldn't be seen kissing in the parking lot.  I already missed him.

As we walked by the Strange Hotel Kids in the lobby, they seemed very confused to see us together. I thought, Don't look so shocked, kids. You'll get used to us.  Your parents did.

JJ walked me to my car and then he got into his and drove away. I felt a twinge of sadness as I drove back to work. It was a familiar sensation. Connecting is wonderful, but separating and going back to our separate lives isn't so great. I wondered how many times I'd driven away from a rendezvous with JJ experiencing this feeling. Then I shook it off. There's no point in thinking about that sort of thing.

As I write this, it has been 3 days since he made his attempt to reclaim me.  I'm still sore. JJ drove that lesson home very, very well.


1manview said...

Sometimes, a pain in the ass can be fulfilling.. :)

Anonymous said...

Dammit you stole my joke! I was going to say, "what a pain in the ass".

I guess by me writing that, I said it anyway...

Kat said...

1manview - Absolutely!

Ponyboy -You made a joke! :-)

I'm still sore, by the way, so it's not funny yet, but it will be soon.