Thursday, March 7, 2013

FFF - Sister Marie

Sister Marie read the note from Cardinal Scola when she was in the privacy of her room.  She had been afraid to open it before, afraid she might blush or smile or give away her feelings in some other way. The note was brief and clear.  She was to go to the church at 10:00 p.m., sit in a pew toward the middle, and wait for him.

She tried to hurry through her chores for the rest of the day, but there were some things she couldn't speed up. The convent dinner.  Evening prayers. As the only novice in the convent, she had extra chores that would have been shared by others if there had been any other novices. Sometimes she hated having to bear the burden alone, but other times she enjoyed being alone, and it was during these times when she was alone that the Cardinal had started to call for her a few times a week.

She went to the church a few minutes early and found a pew in the middle, as instructed. She waited. When she first walked in, she thought it was perfectly silent, but as she sat there, she realized she could hear many noises - the bats outside in the eaves, cars on the street, the creaking and cracking of the old building, distant voices and laughter from the pub down the block. Then she heard footsteps.

She didn't move. She waited silently as the footsteps drew closer. They stopped as the Cardinal eased into the pew behind her.

"You know this is the last time we'll be together for several weeks.  You understand that I'll be leaving tomorrow for the Papal Conclave, yes? " he whispered.

She nodded yes, remembering that she had been instructed never to speak.

"If I become Pope, I won't be able like this anymore. You understand that, don't you?"

She nodded again.

"Would you like me assign someone to come and visit you regularly?"

She paused and then nodded again.

"Good. Now stand up, take off your clothes and stand in the center of the aisle."

She moved quickly, complying with his order as fast as she could, leaving her pumps on as he had told her she must always do. As she was undressing, he pulled up his cassock and motioned for her to come over and kneel in front of him. She did, of course, and she took his manhood into her mouth as she had done dozens of times before. She loved the way he stroked her hair gently while she sucked him and how he told her how special she was as he came in her mouth.

She stayed kneeling in front of him for a while after. Now the silence really did sound like silence.  She couldn't hear anything except his breathing and hers.

After a few minutes he told her stand again in the aisle. He stood and retrieved some rope from a bag and proceeded to bind her ankles together. Then her hands.

He touched her breasts gently, pinching her nipples as he said, "I'll tell Father Evan to come and untie you just before dawn. Until then, you are stay right here, just as you are now. Do you understand?"

Sister Marie nodded.

"Good. Don't forget to thank Father Evan properly before you get dressed."

She nodded again.

Cardinal Scola backed away and lifted his hand in front of her.  She couldn't kneel, so she leaned over at the waist and kissed his ring.

"Goodnight, Sister," he whispered just before he turned and walked toward the door, his footsteps reverberating loudly in the expansive church. When he reached the door, he turned to look at her one more time, wondering if this would be the last time he would get to see her like this.

He brushed a tear from his cheek and walked out the door.


Fast Fiction Friday (FFF) posts are supposed to be limited in size.  This week, they were supposed to be 200 words.  Oops.  Mine is 650 words, but that's the way it is.

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Octavia said...

What a great concept, and an awesome take on a classic fetish.

Great post,

Advizor54 said...

Great minds think alike, so I hope you enjoy my post that goes up on FRIDAY. Flash Fiction FRIDAY.

:-) Love you! LOL

All About Love And Sex said...

As the saying goes - Food and sex are part of human nature - so even if you're serving God, sex is always in the mind!

Max said...

A post this good can't be limited by word counts - or day of the week. :-)

Happy FFF!

Advizor54 said...

Kat could write excepts from the phone book and I would read it and get hard. And she can do it on any day of the week she wants.

Kat said...

Thank you, Everyone, for the kind words.

Advizor54, I think we all know that I'm lucky I managed to join the FFF at all. Apparently, knowing which day of the week is Friday is just too much to ask of me. HAHA.

Ms. B said...

Great story! And, I suppose you will be dressing like a nun this week!? HAHA!

Word said...

Nicely done. I like the idea of a romance within the Church. Even moreso that he had provided for her. :)