Monday, April 2, 2012

Face Time

I had some time at home alone on Friday night (a very unusual situation), so JJ and I started texting back and forth. At first we were catching up with what has been going on in both of our lives. Then the conversation became a little naughty, of course.

Because I'm a good girl scout and always prepared, I had already moved to my bedroom and taken off my pants and panties.

I knew that he'd be asking for a photo soon, so I decided to get another step ahead of him. I snapped a quick pussy pic and sent it over.

It never ceases to amaze me how easy it is to send a picture these days compared to the "old days." Yes, I know I'm showing my age, but when I started my first online relationship, we chatted via IRC (Internet Relay Chat for you young people).  Why?  Because there weren't any other choices! AOL came out and changed all that, but I'm talking about before AOL. If you wanted to send a picture in those days, you had two choices: send it via snail mail or fax it.  That was it. This was before desktop scanners, before cell phone cameras. It was even before most people had cell phones.  They were called "car phones" then and very few people actually had them. So, when I can snap a photo with my cell phone and send it to someone all within about 5-10 seconds, it still feels like something pretty close to a miracle to me.

But I digress......again.....

Soon after he got the first picture, he asked, "Where's Spartacus?"

(If you don't know what JJ was talking about, go back and read Playing with Spartacus. You'll see a photo of Spartacus there, too.)

After teasing him for awhile I finally snapped a pic of Spartacus, but that wasn't enough for him.  No. He wanted to see Spartacus...uh.....more engaged with me. I slid it in me just a little bit and snapped and sent another pic.

"More," he wrote.

So, I pushed it all the way inside me and turned it on, and took another pic.

Now, I have trouble playing and manipulating the phone camera with one hand anyway, but when I'm in a state of arousal, it's very difficult.

I hit "send" to send him the pic, thinking I'd have a few seconds, maybe even a minute to play while I waited for his response, but within 10 seconds the phone rang with his Face Time request.

For those of you without iPhones, Face Time is video calling. Video calling also possible on Yahoo Messenger and a bunch of other programs, but FaceTime is easier because you don't have to open an app.

I accepted his request and there he was, my handsome JJ smiling at me, telling me to show him.  I put the phone on speaker, re-positioned the phone so he could see well, and....mmm.....let him talk me to pleasure while Spartacus worked his magic.

Then it was his turn.  He flipped to the rear camera on his phone and I was filled with an almost irresistible desire to lick my screen as he did what I wished I were there to do for him.

We chatted a little while more, and then it was time to go.

As I cleaned up before my boys came home, I remembered how phone sex went in the old days.  It was great, but Face Time is like supercharged phone sex.

Thank God for technology!


Michael said...

... glad you got to "see" JJ and I'm sure he was happy to "see" all of you. It pays to keep up with technology, doesn't it!

Dru said...

Hi Kat

I have been a long time reader of your blog and absolutely love it. For that reason, I award you a TMI blog award which "Honours those blogs that discuss everything in detail and do it well. These bloggers aren’t afraid to discuss their most awkward, embarrassing and intimate experiences with honesty, humour and little to no filter."

Kindly read my post to see what I say about you and why I love your blog at

Feel free to award it to other bloggers that you feel are worthy of the award.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what hubby will say when he looks at the itemized phone bill online?

Kat said...

Michael- Yes, it does. I love my iPhone!

Dru- Thank you! How wonderful! I'll take a look very soon and pay it forward. :-)

Anon - Hubby doesn't see the phone bill, online or otherwise.