Saturday, March 17, 2012

Playing with Spartacus

Hubby got me a new toy recently. I really like it, and he knows it.  I'm a fan of toys that have some multi-functionality built in and this one definitely does.

I like to name my toys (don't you?), and I decided after some deliberation (that included trying it a few times) that I would name this one Spartacus.

Spartacus is one of my favorite series on TV (on STARZ). I love to read historical fiction, so historical fiction on TV is pretty cool, too, but I know I'm not fooling anybody.  Sure, I love the plot and the characters, but it's really the gorgeous, muscular, sweaty, half-naked men that keep me coming back week after week. And the beautiful naked women are kinda nice, too.

In the picture on the right, Spartacus is the guy in the front (of course, because the darn show is named after him), but my favorite character is Crixus, the tall, dark and handsome brooding one on the right. I like that he sort of whispers everything, like everything he has to say is really important. I really don't care what he has to say, but it's oh, so sexy.

Past Spartacus episodes clog up a significant percentage of our DVR space, but whenever Hubby goes through  to clean out things we don't need anymore, he leaves Spartacus alone.  Why?  Because he still has vivid memories (and a little knee pain) from the last time he tried to delete Spartacus. I screamed, "Noooooooo," and came flying through the air from across the room to tackle him and get the remote out of his hand. It's a good thing he's a quick learner.

But I digress.....again.....

So, Hubby bought me this cool toy.  Here's how the conversation went when I told Hubby the name I had chosen.

Kat:  I think I'll call him Spartacus.

Hubby: Spartacus?  Why Spartacus?

Kat: Well, he's very pretty, but masculine. He's got more than one trick up his sleeve, I look forward to seeing him, and he gives me great pleasure.

(Hubby laughed.)

Hubby:  Ok, and thank you for not naming it JJ.

(We both laughed then. It's really nice that we can both have a sense of humor about this stuff, isn't it?)

Kat: You're welcome, Dear.

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Ryan Beaumont said...

I am Spartacus!

I like the classic Kirk Douglas version.