Friday, December 21, 2012

Close Up

One time JJ was fucking my ass and he said, "I wish you could see this.  It looks amazing!" It really wasn't fair that he could see it perfectly and there was no way I could get a great view given my position.

Another time, he was fisting me (and I l-o-v-e that!!!) and he said it again, "I sure wish you could see this!" I really did want to see it, but if you've ever had a man's fist and wrist up inside you, you know that mobility is limited.

So, we talked about it and decided that he would take some pictures for me the next time. But we forgot. It's kind of hard when you're in the heat of the moment to stop, get the camera, and get a good shot.  It's not like a porn movie, either. In porn, there's a camera person, a lighting director, the "acting" director, and a bunch of horny groupies watching. Here's how it went in our photo session:

Anal shots - I stoked him for a while to spread the lube, and because I just wanted to stroke him and hold his thick cock in my hands.  Then he got in position, positioned his cock right up against my asshole and I started leaning back. The painful part is initial entry, but that passes quickly....but not this time.  Just after the head was in, he stopped and said, "Wait!" I groaned, "What?! What do you mean, 'wait'?" "Let me get my camera," he said. So he started reaching for his phone, which was on the night stand, while I tried not to move and as I started using Lamaze breathing to deal with the unending initial entry. I started to think, Is a picture really worth it?

You tell me.  Here are the two shots he took.

After the photos were taken, he tossed his phone aside, grabbed my hips and fucked me very, very hard - my reward for being so patient.

You should be impressed that I'm actually willing to share my 48 year old ass with you, Prowlers. But it's only for you.  I wouldn't show these to just anyone.

My reaction when I see these is to get instantly horny.  JJ has me trained to have a Pavlovian response, I think. I see his cock and I get wet anticipating a few orgasms.

The fisting shots were also pretty amazing, but I think I'll share those another time, ;-)


both.hands.please said...

God bless your cotton sox for sharing your 48 year old ass with us is about all i can type single handed Kat.

Max said...

Just wow....

Smoking hot pic!

All About Love And Sex said...

thanks for sharing the pics with us and wish you Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Finally! I get to see that round ass f yours! Not disappointed at all! Daveforgot.

Marcus said...

Kat, I will gladly stare at your 48 year old ass any day of the week, and next year I would love to see your 49 year old ass too!

The very rare and elusive Kat picture, your loyal readers reward.


Naughty Kitty said...

Oh dear God! AG saw these and wants to know why I can't get shots of his ass with his ancient flip phone.

You DO raise the bar my DO raise the bar.

Advizor54 said...



These are amazing, and I'll take your ass at any age.

Poetic Estrus said...

better late then never.. Wow, great pic ....