Friday, December 21, 2012

Hubby's Least Favorite Restaurant

I was having dinner with Hubby last night in the same restaurant where I asked him for an open marriage about a year and a half ago and he shut me down. To be more accurate, that was where I first asked him for an open marriage.  I've asked several times since then, but none of those had the same impact as the first time. It had such a profound impact on him that he refuses to sit in the same booth where we sat that day.  I think that's a little silly, but I'll sit wherever he wants.

Anyway, we were there last night and the topic of three-time Olympian Suzy Favor Hamilton came up.  As you may have heard, she has been working as a high priced call girl, oops...I mean, Vegas (and around the country) for the last year.  She was caught and exposed, and the reason she gave for her activities was that it helped her deal with depression, the stress in her life, and some difficulties in her marriage.

Here's how part of my conversation went with Hubby:

Kat:  Really? Sex with strangers as a treatment for depression and stress? So, why did I go with therapy?  Sex would have been more fun.

Hubby: Don't even think about it.  You're not an Olympian.

Kat (ignoring Hubby's comment): And therapy costs money.  What she did made money.

Hubby:  Spend that same amount of time on the business and you'll make even more.  Then you can pay for the therapy I'm going to need as a result of the stress of this conversation.

Kat: But then we wouldn't have to have an "open marriage" because it would be my job. I think it's a win-win.

Hubby (getting frustrated): We don't have an open marriage and we're not going to have an open marriage!

Kat: I know. I was just thinking that I was fucking around for free and she was getting paid. Just seems like a more efficient approach........

Hubby: What is it with this restaurant? I hate this place.


Supreme Goddess Ms. Payne said...

"it helped her deal with depression, the stress in her life, and some difficulties in her marriage."

I think that when you are doing what you love will make you happier. For Me I left a secure job with a crap load of amenities during the roughest time of our economy to do Pro Domme work for the exact same reason.

My sex life improved and I LOVE My life! I hope your hubby understands someday why this kind of change can be empowering to women.

Additionally, I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!

Kat said...

Thank you, Goddess!

Same sassy girl said...

I rarely type LOL but I really am! Thanks, Kat. I've been reading a lot of blog articles about this news, but you have the best take by far!

Anonymous said...

Kat, I love this! Very witty. If your hubby could just step outside himself and read this, I'm sure he would laugh too!