Saturday, June 21, 2014


He really is like crack for me.

Thursday night I had a Facebook chat with T. I haven't seen him for awhile and we rarely chat for a variety of reasons. I hesitate to write about him here because it was posting about him here that made him break up with me - the first time - because he didn't want a relationship.

We've been together several times since then, in spite of having no relationship, because the sex is very, very nice.  Chemistry, like I said when I wrote about our first meeting.  Chemistry and his amazingly advanced oral skills.

About the whole "relationship" thing.....It is my opinion that any time you have more than one encounter of any kind with a person, you have some type of relationship.  There are as many kinds of relationships as there are people. I think that T and I definitely have a relationship.  It's not a traditional one by any stretch. It's not leading to marriage or even love, but it's quite nice. I quit trying to debate the semantics with him months ago.  So, we don't have a relationship.

Anyway, we started chatting and he started talking a bit dirty and - BAM! - my pussy was wet and I was craving him. Just like that. Why did that happen?  Because, as I said, he's like crack for me.  I can be involved in my normal life, thinking about him here and there fondly, and all is well.  But then when he talks to me or sends me naughty messages, my body starts craving him again and won't stop until we've been together or a week or so of "detox" has passed.

It turns out that we may have an opportunity to get together next week. (Cue the damp panties and hard nipples.) Try as I will to go about my daily life, I'll end up thinking about him often - and masturbating a lot - over the next several days. I'll probably fuck Hubby a few times, too.

But nothing will satisfy the craving.  Nothing but him, and a couple of hours in bed within the context of our very hot non-relationship.