Thursday, June 5, 2014

Only One Thing

There's only one thing (outside my family, of course) that gives me more pleasure than JJ fucking me hard from behind or T going down on me. Only one thing.

And here it is......

It's my San Francisco Giants having the best record in baseball.  Not just in the NL West.  Not just in the National League.  It's the best in all of Major League Baseball.

For those of you who want to say, "But the season's not even half way over yet," just sit down and shush.

I know many of you may have something to say about this. Feel free to shout out for your favorite team in the comments.

Go Giants!!!!

( For those of you from other parts of the world who don't know much about baseball, that's ok.  Just repeat after me. The Giants are the best!!!!!)