Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I Feel Sorry for Them

I jumped on AM again for a couple of days. I was restless, wondering what I would find.  Unfortunately, for the most part, I found more of the same. I honestly feel sorry for some of these guys because, if they keep going like they are, they'll never get laid.

I know AM is a tough place for guys. Women don't answer messages, apparently.  Some will string you along forever and never meet. It's easy to get jaded, but please keep in mind that if you act like you're jaded, you have no luck at all.

Here's a sampling of some messages that I actually received in the past 48 hours:

1) "Just email me at  I'm sick of spending money on these stupid credits."

Ok, pal.  How about if I don't email?  Then you won't have to spend any time on me, either. Bu-bye.

2) "Look at my picture. Then message me if you're interested." (Private key attached.)  I didn't look at the picture or reply.  The next day, I received this: "Why didn't you message me?"

Because you told me not to.

3) "I'm free during the day.  Where are you in xxx-town?  Can I come over and pick you up this afternoon?"

I'm sorry. I was pretty sure I didn't write FREE HOOKER in my profile, but I'll go back and check just to be sure.

4) "Do you like to suck cock?"

As a matter of fact, yes, but I'll never be sucking yours.

5) "I don't know why I'm writing this.  You probably won't even respond."

I almost felt sorry enough for this guy to reply....almost.

6) " I like (music reference) and (sports reference), too.  We're perfect for each other!  Wanna get together?  I know a nice private place for getting intimate." almost had me.  You read my profile.  You have a touch of humor. But you pushed the private get together a bit soon. standards are getting pretty low if I find this interesting.

7) "I'm new to this website.  Would you be willing to chat for a few minutes to show me how it works?"

Very creative! Trying to tap into a woman's need to be helpful will probably work for some women. The only problem is that I don't go for stupid men.  I've got a thing for smart men (I really do).

8) "Wanna fuck?"

Uuugghhhhhh. This is classic, and discouraging. Why would any man think this line would work on any non-hooker?

In spite of all the bad lines, one gentleman (yes, only one) caught my eye. Smart, intriguing, polite, interesting. Hmmm.....I wonder if this will go anywhere.....


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Naughty Kitty said...

I have to say that the first batch of men that I met on AM were the best. I am not sure how those who got my attention finally made it in to the pack but i will say that my latest friend who is my version of J.J. does not make a great online impression but is wonderful in person and amazing in bed. He reminded me last night that i discounted him right off the bat. I have learned my lesson. He's a keeper.

Hope all is well with you Kat...and the crew. I miss you all.

Kat said...

Thanks, Kitty. It has been a crazy couple of weeks, that's for sure, but it's starting to settle down (I hope!).

You are fortunate if you found some good ones in your first batch. And when you say you found one like J.J. - well, I know that means he's fantastic! :-)

Jen said...

I use AM to get appointments for work.

Its JUST as hard if you're trying to make a buck.

I'm SMOKING hot, and you can tell that from my AM picture.
But I blur my face because I don't want to risk being stalked or followed if I go to HEB for some cornflakes.

Do you have any idea how many jackasses write me DEMANDING to see my face.
"I won't meet you until I see your face"
Fine, dumbass, we won't meet. Simple as that!

I also get a lot that seem SHOCKED that I want money from them.

"I don't HAVE to pay for it."
But, you know, you are looking for sex online, so you aren't really all that suave, now, are you?

It's aggrevating for everyone, I think.

But, it's also so funny! It's kind of like crack for me.


whoresandhookers said...

I think the problem is most men cant rite a paragraf.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm sure there are many, many losers on AM that don't have a clue. But there are many that aren't losers and have only forgotten how to pique the interest of a woman when they are searching for a lover. Why not throw them a bone and write about what does catch a woman's attention?

Ryan Beaumont said...

Hey Babe,

Name's Ryan - wanna fight for your right to Paaaartyyy. Serious though, check out my profile and hit me up!


Kat said...

Ryan- That's hilarious! Hey baby... LOL

You Know Who - You're right. I should (and will) post something about the online pick up lines that work.

whoresandhookers - very cute. :-) Many men can't write a paragraph, but even if they can only write a sentence, it doesn't have to be a crude one, does it?

Jen - I hate it when they get demanding. What's THAT about? Also, if someone gets offended by you on AM, they are just too easily offended. Period.

Naughty Kitty said...

I dealt with someone who was relentless. He finally won me over. The minute I let my guard down, he turned into a JERK.

My new guy (J.J. seem alike) is truly fantastic. He is caring, kind, gentle and a wonderful lover and friend. We should all have one :)

AlleyG8r said...

The tough thing is that the clueless ones seem to make it tough for the rest of us. I'm in an area with plenty of female profiles on AM, and I KNOW that I can string several cogent sentences together and not instantly offend a woman--I've had enough success to validate that. But I still have a lot of messages that go down a black hole--or a woman who just stops responding after a certain point. I can sympathize with the female experience on AM, but all of the above just makes it seem like a mess. Women are bombarded with messages from guys they DON'T want to date, and the guys who are probably worth dating have little chance of connecting with the right woman. And AM makes lots of $ by impeding those connections...