Thursday, December 1, 2011

I Love....

I love laying with you with my head resting on your shoulder, your arms around me, and my fingers tracing my unspoken thoughts of love for you on your chest.

I love that moment when I first see you and you smile as we move toward each other to embrace.

I love the sound and rhythm of your breath as you lay next to me in the silence after we have made love.

I love melting into you and losing myself in your loving kisses.

I love that feeling of surrendering both mind and body to you, knowing I am completely safe with you.

I love the anticipation of seeing you, knowing that the ache of missing you will be replaced soon with the pleasure of being yours again.

I love the sound of your voice in the dim room as you whisper that you love me and command me to surrender to you.

I love knowing that no matter how crazy my life is on any given day, you are in my world and I'll see you again soon.

I love the feeling as you enter me for the first time each time we are together.

I love the taste of you, the scent of you, the feel of you, the look on your face when you come.

I love your sarcastic and sometimes silly wit and your laugh.

I love the tender way you stroke my hair as you hold me.

I love you.


Southern Sir said...


Kat said...

Thank you, Southern Sir. (blowing a kiss)

Southern Sir said...

Catches your sweet kiss upon my lips, and returns on to you.

Have a good weekend Kat!