Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Eye Doctor Calls

Continued from The Eye Doctor....

I thoroughly enjoyed flirting and toying with Dream Doc as I was having my exam, but I didn't expect that he would really call, so I was a bit surprised when he did. Here's how the conversation went:

Dream Doc: Hello, is this Kat?

Kat: Yes. This is Kat.

Dream Doc: Hi! It's Doctor Eyes (not his real name, of course). I was hoping to catch you today.

(That's an interesting way to put it, isn't it?)

Kat: Well, you caught me.

(I know, I know.  It was stupid to say that, but I was still thinking, "Holy shit! He actually called!")

Dream Doc: How are you feeling?  Any residual effects from the dilation?

(Uh oh. My stupid response pushed him back. I'd better open the door for him again.)

Kat: I feel great! No residual effects at all, but I'm really troubled by that.

Dream Doc: Oh?  Why? No residual effects is typically a good thing.

Kat: I know, but I was hoping to have a reason to come back and visit you again.

(Ok, big boy.  The door is wide open.  What are you going to do with it?)

(There was a pause. I could almost hear him thinking.)

Dream Doc: Well, you don't need an eye problem to visit, you know. Would you like to get together for some coffee....or something?

(Good boy! Confident. Quick to the point.  My kind of guy.)

Kat: Sure, that would be great.  What works for you?

Dream Doc: How about tomorrow?

(Ugghh.  That's a problem.  I was meeting JJ for some playtime and then I had a scheduled meeting,)

Kat: Tomorrow is really tough, but I could have 30 minutes at 2:00 if we could meet at the Starbucks on Corner Drive in River City. Do you know where that is?

Dream Doc:  I sure do. I'll see you there tomorrow at 2:00.

Kat: Great! See you then!

The conversation ended, and it was immediately followed by an internal self-smack-down.

Kat, what the hell are you doing! You let a harmless little flirtation turn into something much bigger than it should be.  And you are seriously planning to leave playtime with JJ and go meet another guy for coffee? Really? Why? And you don't know for sure yet that he's married, and you don't see single men, but it doesn't matter because you're not hunting these days anyway! Call him.  Call him right now and tell him you can't. Get out of this before you get in over your head. Do not blow it with JJ. Quit being an idiot.

By the way, that could have been Daunt saying all those things to me.  He's usually the voice in my head when I'm being an idiot anyway.

I decided to call and cancel.  But I didn't - for no good reason.

Then time got away from me and it was "tomorrow."

Playtime with JJ was absolutely delicious.  Over the top amazing. Yes, I will write a post about it for y'all since I've been promising a sex post for a while.

Anyway, I was a little late leaving JJ because, well, you wouldn't want to leave that man a second earlier than you had to, either. ;-)

There was no way I was going to make it to Starbucks by 2:00.  I ended up being 20 minutes late, which meant that I'd only have ten minutes before I had to leave for my meeting.  That was good.  I had an excuse to say hi and leave. I thought, Maybe he left already. Maybe he thought I wasn't going to show so he just left.

No such luck. I saw him immediately when I walked in to Starbucks.  Damn. He had big smile on his face which made him even more attractive. This was going to be harder than I thought.

He gave me a hug to greet me. Mmmm...strong arms.

He said, "When I noticed you were late, I took the liberty of ordering something for you because I know you don't have much time."

So much for saying hi and leaving.  But what a nice thing for him to do.

"Oh?  What did you pick?" I replied.

"No, no.  I'm not going to tell you.  Take a sip and then tell me how I did."

Good approach, Dream Doc, even though it's also risky. You added a little mystery.  A conversation starter. You've done this before.

I took a slow sip. Peppermint Mocha, extra sweetener. How the heck did he know that's my current favorite? Impressive, but a little stalker-like too, don't you think?

"Ok. How did you know?" I asked with a suspicious smile.

"Just lucky, I guess," he said, smiling back.

I decided to sit down.  I wasn't planning on sitting.  Once you sit down you're committed to stay for a bit, probably longer than you want, but I was intrigued now.

We chatted for a few minutes.  He was charming, funny, smart - everything I like. There were sparks.  No, there were fireworks.

Soon it was time for me to go. I thanked him for the coffee and started to leave.  He offered to walk me to my car. We talked as we walked out, and when we got to my car, I turned to say goodbye and he reached for a hug so I reciprocated. That's when it happened.  The kiss. Deep, wet, perfect kiss.

I lingered longer than I should have, then I pulled away and said, "I'm really sorry, but I can't."

"I'm sorry," he said. "I know you're married, but I thought...."

"Oh, this has nothing to with my husband, but there's someone else...and I can't..... I'm sorry for being such a flirt. That was wrong."

"It's ok. I get it," he said. "It was kinda fun. Still, it was very nice meeting you, and spending a little time with you.  Can I call again sometime? Maybe things will change...?"

I laughed. "You sure are tempting! But no, it's not going to change. At least I hope it doesn't."

I gave him another hug, said goodbye, got in my car, and drove away.

As I drove the few blocks to my meeting, I thought about Dream Doc, and Hubby, and JJ......Geez. I am such a fortunate woman. I've had some pretty amazing men in my life.

Then it hit me.  I'm going to need another eye exam in a year or so. ;-)


Gertie said...

I like that he guessed a coffee he thought you would like, such a sweet yet bold move. Go Dr! And there is awlays next year. :)

Leah said...

Saucy, naughty girl! It was great that he responded with 'it was kinda fun ', instead of being sulky. Clearly he's as big a flirt as you are.

What's hus number? Does he do consultations in the UK?????? ;-D

Ryan Beaumont said...

IDK Kat he is quite daring - peppermint mocha is high risk/high reward. I like the idea but I would have gone a little more traditional and conservative with a caramel Macchiato.

Clem said...

I like fast women

Kat said...

Yes, it was fun, but I shouldn't have done it anyway. Bad Kat.

Ryan, you crack me up. I think A Caramel Macchiato would have been a more daring choice.

the naked lady said...

OK, where's the rule that says you can't have JJ and the doc too? Who knows, the doc might be horrible in bed and you're looking forward to next year's eye exam for nothing...

Max said...

Wowza. Great story! :-)

Anonymous said...

I actually think you were pretty smart to make sure you had your fill before meeting him for coffee...seeing J gave you the willpower you needed!