Thursday, May 17, 2012

Obey the Kitty....and Other Naughty Thoughts

I was just reading an email from a PWK reader who's going to be in San Francisco next week and wants to know if I'm free for a roll in the hay.  I know what you're thinking.  Kat, do you ever hook up with men who send proposals via email like that?

No comment.

But that's not the point. To the right of his email was the standard column of Google ads and one of them said, "Obey the Kitty."  Meow.  Now, that caught my attention. The ad didn't give much information to tell me what it was about, and I didn't want to click on it (I was just lazy), so I guess I'll never know, but it did get me thinking.

Obey the Kitty.

There's another reader who communicates with me regularly who has taken to calling me Kitten, which is unusual because most people don't call me Kitten. Kat, Kitty, Baby are common.  Cunt, whore, and bitch come up, too, mostly from the guys I block and the ones I report to the police. Whenever I see a message start with "Kitten....." it kind of warms my heart. Maybe it's because I think of kittens as small, fragile, and vulnerable and I am most definitely not those things. Maybe I like being thought of as someone who needs to be cared for, someone who needs a strong man to watch over her.  I've always related to that song Someone to Watch Over Me.  The Sarah Vaughn version is my favorite.

There's another reader who emails me just about every day hoping for a naughty cyber exchange. I responded this morning with my typical, "Hope you have a good day," and he replied with, "I was hoping for my Mistress to tell me what to do...."

Obey the Kitty.

Let's be clear.  For the most part, I'm a sub. shackledkat with a small s. Nothing turns me on like a man taking charge in the bedroom and taking what he wants.  Nothing. If you read through the naughty stories here on the Sex, Sex, Only Sex page, you'll see my hunger for being dominated played out again and again. But every now and then I get the itch to be holding the riding crop and imposing a little sexual torture on an undeserving sub (either male or female).

About ten years ago, I played through variations of a scenario with a phone sex buddy in which he was tied up standing, ropes pulled tight, making him stand on his tippy toes. There were ropes around his ankles and his legs were pulled apart. I teased him as he stood there, spread eagled, sucking his cock until he was close to climax.  Then stopping.  Whipping his ass with a short whip for a little while. Then stopping. Eventually, I'd stroke his cock and whip him at the same time, telling him to stand perfectly still and enjoying his struggle to be still in spite of wanting to thrust forward away from the pain and toward the pleasure.

Obey the Kitty.

He'd be punished if he made a sound.  He'd be punished if he didn't respond appropriately. He'd be punished sometimes just because I knew it turned him on. Sometimes he'd be punished because it turned me on. Was there any better reason, anyway?

As time went on, the fantasy evolved to include some light cock and ball torture and other fun stuff.  He was very obedient and he learned that he was even more submissive than he thought. I explored my sadistic side and learned that I'm more dominant - sometimes - than I thought. Our fantasy world ended when the phone sex just wasn't doing it for him anymore and he wanted to get together to play in person. I refused (I was on a fidelity streak at the time). Relationship over.

I have to admit that just telling that story without any of he details made my pussy twitch and my nipples harden.  Dang. Where's my sweetie when I need him?


Ryan Beaumont said...

When I'm in SF next I'll be way more polite and just hit you up for free Giants tickets! :)

And then I can play a sub and you can order me to get nachos and a hot dog from the concessions stand!

Anonymous said...

I could probably go for a little variation at times and be told what to do. That would be cool.

Not too sure about the ball and cock torture though, not really for me.

Kat said...

Ryan - The nachos at AT&T Park suck. Hot dog, please.

Ponyboy - Mmmm...I can definitely imagine putting a bridle and bit on you and putting you to service. ;-) And how do you know you won't like cock and ball torture if you've never tried it?

Anonymous said...

Call me naive in the world of dom and sub, but I have no idea what a bridle and bit are.

The mystery of it all makes it that much more interesting!

Kat said...

Hahaha. Pony - the bit is the piece of metal that goes in a horse's mouth and the bridle is what holds it there and attaches it to the reigns. I'm going to have to send you some links on pony play. ;-) I'm surprised, I thought that with the name, "Ponyboy" you would already know all about that stuff, maybe even be into it.

Anonymous said...

Kat... I'm a city boy. Well a small city, but a city boy nonethless.

The Ponyboy nickname came from The Outsiders. Nothing to do with actual ponies or horses.

Your original comment makes more sense now though... haha