Friday, May 4, 2012

Mini-Golf Adventure

Last Saturday, I went out on a miniature golf adventure on Saturday with Hubby, my youngest son, Cara, and Beth. It was a gorgeous day and I thought it would be nice to get outside in the sun. As you know, I work a lot, so I don't get out much, and when I do "get out," I'm usually getting in bed.  Either way, there's not much sun involved.

So, we got to the mini-golf place, and all of us were dressed appropriately for mini-golf - except for Cara. I was wearing my lucky tennis shoes (and some other things, of course).  Hubby was wearing golf shorts and a golf shirt from an exclusive golf club in Florida - a clear attempt to try to intimidate the rest of us. (By the way, he took off the knee brace he has been wearing every day because he wanted to look young.) My son was wearing shorts and T-shirt.  Beth was wearing jeans and a casual blouse. We were all good to go.

Cara was wearing a strapless knee-length dress and 4" wedge sandals.


She was gorgeous, of course, with her long blonde hair and the hem of her dress blowing lightly in the breeze and the sun reflecting off her sunglasses and mini-golf putter as she leaned over to address the ball in her oh-so-sweet-girlie-girl way. 

I was watching my son, who wanted to run all over the place, and Hubby - just to make sure his knee didn't go out and force him to tumble down the windmill hill into the faux lake. Hubby was watching Cara, and I'm sure he was praying for wind and for the bodice of that strapless dress to slip just a little more.

I'm sorry I forgot to take a photo.  We could have used it for an HNT.

All that said, we really did have a great time. I hope we do it again soon.  Maybe Cara will wear hot pants and stilettos next time. ;-)


Cara Janes said...

Now Kat, you KNOW how I feel about tan lines. I had to go strapless because it was such a beautiful day and I couldn't risk a "farmer tan". You see?

Anonymous said...

This sounds like one of my wet dreams. Cara in a strapless knee-length dress and 4" wedge sandals. Oh my word.