Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October Sex Blog Chain - Hot Sex with the Spouse

Just because some of us prowl doesn't mean that we can't have hot sex with the spouse, too. This month's Sex Blog Chain posts are proof that sometimes the fire at home can burn pretty hot.

Up on Cripple Creek, She Sends Me is Ryan Beaumont's contribution to the Chain this month. I smiled at the reference to Shannon being wet in the water (Huh? Don't worry, you'll get it) and I chuckled when the police arrived. Ok, if that doesn't get you to read this post, nothing will.  You'll enjoy it, as we always enjoy Ryan's great stories.

Advizor shares Hot Sex with us this month, too.  Here's the little blurb he provided as a tease: "Missionary is great. 69 is fantastic. Doggie style makes me climax the fastest, but watching her above me as she leans back and applies her vibrator to her clit as I fuck her from below is tough to beat. " That's a tease?  Imagine what must be in the story!

How about some hot sex at a beach house during a family vacation? That's what Max tells us about in his post Beach House. There is nothing like vacation sex, is there?

Since Ponyboy is our resident faithful husband, I've been looking forward to his contribution to this topic all month! I wasn't disappointed. He shares NFL Widow Reward Follow-Up, a great post that should strike a chord with most of us. I'd say his wife is a pretty lucky gal.

If you've got kids, you might be able to relate to Home for Lunch, one of my stolen hot moments (19 minutes, to be specific) with Hubby, and Vacation Sex, an encounter not nearly as romantic as Max's vacation sex, but just as hot (that's my story and I'm stickin' to it).

Same Sassy Girl doesn't have an entry for us this month, but go read her blog anyway.  You know you should.

Please share these posts with your friends and if you haven't already subscribed to these great blogs, do so now.

And come back on November 10th for our next Sex Blog Chain post.  The topic for November is Sex with a Politician or Public Figure (or public official).  Maybe you'll witness a Monica Lewinsky moment.  Who knows? ;-)


Ryan Beaumont said...

Sex and politics two of my favorite subjects. When the two combine it can be explosive; my mind is spinning! :)

Darius said...

i honestly believe that people having affairs can also still love their spouse and enjoy their life together.