Friday, March 2, 2012

Home for Lunch

I looked at the clock earlier today and noticed that it was almost lunch time. I sent Hubby a text.

Kat: Are you at home?

Hubby: Yes.  Why?

Kat:  I was thinking of coming home for lunch....and a little "lunch."

Hubby: But we had "lunch" last night.

Kat:  I know, but I'm hungry again. ;-)

Hubby: Ok.  Which lunch do you want first?

Kat:  What do you think?

Hubby: I'll be in the bedroom.

When I arrived at home 10 minutes later, my 8 year old was in the living room watching TV.  I had forgotten that he was out of school early all week.

"Hi, Mom," he said.  Dad's back in your bedroom.  He says he's taking a power nap."

"Oh, what a good idea!  I think I'll take a power nap, too," I said.

As I was heading down the hallway, I heard him call after me, "I'm setting the alarm on my iPod for 20 minutes.  Power naps are supposed to be short.  Then I want lunch."

"No problem, little man," I shouted as I slipped into our bedroom and closed the door behind me.

I kicked off my shoes, pulled up my skirt, and started pulling off my panties - all at the same time.

I told Hubby, "Your youngest son says we have 20 minutes....and he set his alarm."

"So now he's my son? I'll lock the door," Hubby said as he moved quickly to secure the door.

By the time he got back to the bed I was already in bed with my skirt hiked up around my waist. I didn't think I needed to take anything else off, at least not for a quickie.

I curled up next to Hubby and started kissing him. He reached over to the nightstand to grab some lube.

"You're not going to need that," I purred.

He smiled. "Ok.  We'll see about that," and he moved his hand between my thighs. We continued to kiss while he slid a couple fingers between my pussy lips.  He smiled into our kiss. "My, my," he said. "You feel very hungry."

I giggled and opened my legs for him.  His fingers found my clit right away and he had me in that sweet pleasure place very quickly. I rocked my hips, pressing against his hand, trying to control the rhythm, but he was having none of that.  He just kept working my clit slowly at the tempo he wanted.

The kissing continued as he played with me.  Deep passionate kisses, not our normal fare at all, but very, very nice.

I really was very "hungry" so I knew it wouldn't take long for me. In about 3 minutes, I started screaming in his mouth as I came, and he held onto me tightly and said, "God, Kat, I love you so much....."

Breathlessly, I moaned, "I love you, too, Hubby..."

I curled up in his arms for a few minutes, just letting the little waves of pleasure ripple through me. After a little while, he pulled his arm out from under me and got up onto his knees.  He pulled down his sweat pants and his cock was hard and at attention.

I sat up a little and leaned on one elbow while I reached around him with the other arm and pulled his hips closer to me as I took him into my mouth - completely in one long, deep stroke.  He moaned loudly as the head popped into my throat.

He was right about us having had "lunch" last night.  I gave him head then, too, but that was different. Last night, I worked him very slowly and deeply and maintained full control the whole time. Today, he was thrusting into my mouth, fucking my mouth hard, entwining his fingers into my hair and pulling me onto him as he thrust into me. I focused on keeping up, breathing when I could, and pressing down with my soft palate every time he pushed himself far inside my mouth, back to my throat, which was almost every thrust at one point.

I could feel him getting close to orgasm when he stopped and pulled his cock out of my mouth.

"I want to fuck you," he said.

Breathlessly, I responded, "Do we have time?  Power nap. 20 minutes, remember?"

"When you told me he set his alarm for 20 minutes, I set mine for 19," he said.  "Now get on your hands and knees."

"Yes, Sir!" I said, laughing as I re-positioned quickly.

He grabbed my hips and slid his cock inside me quickly.  Usually, we both like a slow, deep entrance, but time was an issue right then.  I have to say that quick and hard felt pretty nice.

Within about 2 minutes, I started to get that tingly feeling, which surprised me because I didn't expect to come twice. I started pressing back against him as he pounded me, hoping I could get a two-fer, thinking that maybe, if we could just keep it going a little longer......

I pushed back hard and wrapped my feet and ankles around his thighs as I came, trying to keep him deep inside as I came. He complied and didn't move for about 30 seconds, letting me shake and claim every shudder that I could.

When I relaxed, he grabbed my hips and started fucking me hard and fast. It felt like that reignited my orgasm which started to roll again. I grabbed onto the edge of the bed and surrendered to it.

When he came, he plunged into me deeply, groaning and digging his fingers into my skin.

After about a minute, he pulled out slowly and lay down next to me. I rolled over onto my back and snuggled up next to him.

"Wow," he said.

"Nice lunch!" I replied.

Then his alarm went off.  He turned it off, got up,  and unlocked the door quickly. He came back to bed and we pulled the covers up over us. Shortly thereafter, we could hear our son's iPod alarm going off in the other room, and then the house rumbled as he ran down the hallway and burst into our room.

"Wake up!  Power nap is over!" he yelled, half shouting and half laughing.

Hubby and I acted like we were startled from our sleep.

Stretching his arms and yawning, Hubby said, "What a great nap."

"Get up!" cried our son. "It's time for lunch!" Then he ran out of the room again.

I looked at hubby wickedly, grabbed his inner thigh and said, "You heard him.  It's lunch time."

Hubby laughed.  "It's the other kind of lunch time, you naughty girl." And he got up and left the room, too.

I stretched out on the bed, relaxing for a minute until I heard the little man yell from the other room, "Mom! get up!"

I smiled and thought about how fortunate I was.  Right at that moment I had everything I could ever want.

My next thought was that I should come home for lunch more often.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a pretty good lunch break.

Some orgasms and some real lunch with your loved ones.

Nice work with the alarm, I think I will remember that one...

Octavia said...

That was wonderful! What a hot post! Thanks.

Kat said...

Ponyboy - We use the alarm all the time. It really works.

Octavia - Thanks! It was a very nice diversion. ;-)

Clem said...

Wow, very hot.
I remember a few lunches like that

Michael said...

mmmmgood ... I love what's on the menu


Nicholas said...

What a delishious lunch. Is that what power naps are all about? I've been missing out. Need to call up my wife asap.

Same sassy girl said...

Wow! So much better than the PB&J I ate at my desk!

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