Saturday, January 12, 2013

An Email from Mistress K

You've been waiting for this email, haven't you? Waiting and feeling your cock twitch from time to time as you think about it. That's good. I want you anticipating the things you're going to do for me.

Sitting at your desk, spread your knees just a little bit apart for me, not so anyone would really notice, but so you know they are a bit wider than you normally sit. Now sit up straight, shoulders back, chest out just a bit. You can close your eyes or not, depending on the situation around you. If you close your eyes, read the next paragraph first.

As you sit there at attention, I want you to think about what a man-slut you are (maybe just a boy-slut?). All those people in that building think you're a nice, respectable guy, but you and I know what you really are, don't we? Whisper what you are out loud right now - a slut, a man-whore, a toy, a tool to be me and whoever else I give you to. Think about how your cock belongs to me. That's right. It's mine, not yours. Not anymore. When you complete the instructions on this page, it's official. You've chosen to give yourself to me. Why? Because you need it. You need to be owned, controlled, directed, used. You need to be treated like what you are.

Think about that for a few minutes...what you are, what you need. Don't think about what you want because that doesn't matter anymore. Your cock isn't yours anymore. Just think about that.


Now get up and walk to the restroom. Walk tall, stand straight. I don't care if anyone notices if you're hard. That's how I want you.

Find a stall, enter it, lock it, pull your pants to your knees, sit. Now wait. Close your eyes and think some more about what you are and how much you need (and love!) to be used. Think about how much you want to please me. How you're going to do exactly as I say because you know you must.

Start stroking your cock now. This time, you can use just your hand, a shirt, or lube, but eventually you won't get choices like this. Imagine me standing in front of you and looking at you, watching my slut perform for me. Stroke 10 times slowly, then stop and let go. Breathe. Now 20 times. Stop. Breathe. Imagine how good it will be when you finally have been trained to know what I really want. Stroke some more, this time until you are just about to cum, then stop. Stand and pull up your pants...go back to your desk. That's right. You'll cum when I want you to cum. Not before.

At your desk, sit like I told you too before. Knees apart a bit, shoulders back. Does it feel uncomfortable, wanting to cum, but not being able to? Look around. Who's the first person you see? Man or woman? If it's a man, I want you to think about what it would be like if I told you to strip and bend over so he could fuck you. If it's a woman, think about what it would be like if I told you to sit her on your desk and eat her pussy. What would it be like if they knew what you are?

OK, back to the restroom, Slut boy. Find a stall, you know the drill. Stroke for me.....20 slow strokes at first. Then stop. Is your cock nice and hard? You would enjoy it if I knelt in front of you and sucked you off, wouldn't you? But it's not about what you want. Stroke some more....faster...five strokes, stop for 5 counts, then five strokes, stop for five counts. Repeat this three times, then stop. This should be getting a little frustrating for you by now, isn't it? Good.

Now you need to decide if you really want to be my slut, if you're willing to follow my directions and give your will to me without holding back. This means you'll do as I say when I say. If you fail for any reason, you have to tell me immediately. It also means that if you do anything with your cock (or should I say, MY cock) with another person or with yourself, you get my permission first and you tell me about it afterwards. That's right, you can't even stroke yourself without asking for and getting my permission (by text, email, phone, whatever). Why? Because I own're giving yourself to me.

If you don't want this or if you're not sure, get up right now, get dressed and go back to work. Send me an email that says, "No thanks." If this IS what you need and you agree to the terms I just laid out, start stroking again. Our "agreement" will be sealed when you cum.

Now cum for me. Stroke your hard cock however you'd like until you cum. Feel your last little bit of freedom going away. Feel yourself surrendering. Cum hard for me, my little fuck toy.

That's it.

Finish up and get dressed. Then wait until it's safe, kneel quickly and whisper,"Thank you, Mistress."

When you get back to your desk, email me repeating the terms of our agreement in your own words so I know you understand them. Then wait for my next instructions.

Mistress K


All About Love And Sex said...

quite a naughty mistress! she deserves a good spanking !

Nicholas said...

I guess my cock belongs to you now. Awaiting your next command.