Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Super Bowl of Sex - January Sex Blog Chain

You never forget the best sex of your life. That's the topic of this month's Sex Blog Chain - The Best Sex Ever.

Same Sassy Girl starts us off with a series of posts about her first in-person encounter with Philip in many years. It's beautifully written and very hot.  Take the time to read the entire series.  You won't regret it.

Advizor shares three "bests."  Some people just can't follow directions, can they? His "Best time with a stripper" gave me some tingly feelings. I could picture it.  And I wondered how he got half an hour while only paying for three songs.  I'll bet she was enjoying it, too. He also shares an insightful comment on the topic: "Sometimes the best sex you ever had only becomes that as it becomes a memory. You realize it was the last time you are with someone special so it takes on nostalgic importance. Sometimes you realize that by comparison, it was the best, you just did not know it at the time."

Ryan Beaumont shares six "bests" in his post Let's Get Lost in the Magic Place All Alone Now. All are great, but I really like Hot Summer Nights You're My Time of Year. But that's just me.

I have to share my first encounter with J - Best Sex of My Life. Up to that point in time, that was the best sex of my life. But then I met JJ and there was a new "best sex" event.  In fact, there were several, but my all time favorite has to be our 24 hour date: Hours 1-4 of My 24 Hour Date with JJ, Hours 5-16 of My 24 Hour Date with JJ, and Hours 17-24 of My 24 Hour Date with JJ.

Please follow these folks and visit heir blogs often. They are writing about hot sex and naughty relationships all the time. You'll find excellent writing and hot topics.  What more could you ask for?

Next month, our topic is "Love." Please pass the word to your friends and other bloggers.  Anyone is free to join us. The Sex Blog Chain rules and instructions are here.


Anonymous said...

What, no image? :-)

Kat said...

Anon - That's right. I forgot. How do you like it now? ;-)

All About Love And Sex said...

sounds a great idea, will try to squeeze in some time to catch up on these erotic stories! Thanks for sharing.

LondonE said...

My best sex "action" was in an elevator, not even in my neighborhood. I was with a girl, taking her home, and suddenly the elevator blocked (not on purpose).. and i said .. "Have you ever done it in a elevator?".. as you can guess the answers where : No, then Yes :D

leUK said...

I haven't done it in any "exciting" place... yet ! I guess the place makes more "satisfying", right ?:D

Blogger said...

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