Thursday, February 17, 2011

Starbucks with Cream - A Naughty Tale

I had known M for several months.  We had met a couple of times for lunch, a couple of times for several hours of hotel room fun, and once for early morning coffee, so when he said he wanted to meet for coffee before work, I assumed that is exactly what it would be - some coffee and friendly chat before work.

I arrived at Starbucks before him.  He was delayed by traffic so he called and we chatted on the phone while he drove.  One of the many things I loved about M was that he was so easy to talk to. Conversation with him seemed natural, like we'd known each other much longer than we had. When he finally arrived, he parked next to me in the parking lot and we both got out of our vehicles to greet each other.

He greeted me with a kiss, as he always did, but not just a normal kiss.  It was one of M's deep, probing, long, wet kisses that said, "Ive been waiting forever for this moment." The first thing you need to know about M is that he's one of the best kissers I've ever met.  Correction - He is the best kisser I've ever met. Whenever he kissed me, I melted.  Anything I was thinking about or planning before that moment evaporated and I became putty in his arms.  And he knew it.

As he was kissing me, he reached behind my head, entwined his fingers in my hair, and firmly pulled my hair, holding me so I couldn't pull away from his kiss. My excitement began to crescendo immediately.  I never understood the connection between pulling my hair and making my pussy wet, but M clearly got it, and he never failed to use it to his advantage.

I think I would have been content to just stand there between our two cars kissing all day, but eventually he pulled away, took my hand, and started leading me into the coffee shop. Inside, he confirmed my favorite coffee order (yes, he remembered) and told me to find a place to sit while he got our coffee.  I picked the nice leather sofa, and curled up in one corner of it while I waited.

Within a few minutes, he had our coffee and he joined me on the sofa, sitting close, our legs touching. We enjoyed our coffee and talked about work, our families, life in general.  And I laughed.  That's the next thing you should know about M. He made me laugh, which I loved.  When work was really stressful, I could count on him to get me laughing and back to a reasonably relaxed state of mind. One of the times we met for sex, we played around and then we just laid there talking and laughing for the longest time. That is still one of my favorite memories.

While we were talking, M started to trace his hand up my thigh - gently, slowly, very lightly.  Then he leaned over to kiss me.  It was another one of those amazing deep kisses of his. I started to lean into it when I remembered where we were.  Starbucks was pretty crowded.  There were people all around us at tables and in line.  I self-consciously started to pull away, but he stopped me with his arm around my back, and he whispered firmly, "Don't you dare pull away from me." I relaxed back into his kiss, deciding to tune out the crowd.  I didn't know anyone there anyway. Then he moved his hand further up my thigh and started rubbing his finger gently on my groin.  I instinctively started pulling back again, but he held me again and said "I told you not to pull away from me...." and I moaned quietly, surrendering. By the time he stopped, I was warm, moist, and distracted.

We finished our coffee and chatted some more before heading outside again. We walked to his car and he opened the passenger door for me.  I got in and he leaned over and started kissing me again. Soon, his hand was pulling up my skirt and sliding under my panties.  I knew better than to pull away, so I opened my legs for him and felt his large strong hand slide over my pussy.  His fingers started probing.  He knew me well enough to know exactly the right spot, the right pressure, and the right speed....and he never stopped kissing me. I completely forgot we were in a parking lot with people coming and going to get their morning coffee.  There was only him, his mouth, and the amazing pleasure he was giving me.  It didn't take long for me to come.  I asked his permission first, as I always did; he granted it and smiled, and I moaned into our kiss while I let go and came for him.

While I adjusted my panties and skirt, he walked around to the driver's side and got in.  He leaned over and kissed me again. I reached down and stroked his very hard cock through his pants.  He looked around.  No, it was much too crowded here. He started the car and drove behind the building. He found a very convenient, isolated spot, parked, pushed his seat back, and unfastened his pants. I leaned over to take his cock into my mouth as he grabbed my hair and guided me down to him. He was already very, very hard.  I licked off the precum and dove right in, knowing that we didn't have much time, certainly not enough time for the teasing I normally liked to do with my mouth.

The first time the head hit the back of my throat, I heard him moan loudly.  I focused on long, slow, deep strokes until his hand on my head and the upward thrust of his hips indicated he wanted more. I let him control the speed and the depth with his hand in my hair.  Faster with shallow strokes, then slower with deeper ones. I swallowed on the deeper strokes, relishing the feeling of his shuddering every time. As he came, he held my head firmly down on his cock; I swallowed eagerly, kissing and licking his cock gently afterward.

After, he leaned forward and kissed me again...Mmmmm...that kiss.....

Then he adjusted his clothes, pulled his seat forward again, and drove us back to where my car was parked.  We kissed again for a few more minutes, chatted some more, and then it was time to go.  We both had to get to work. I got into my car, and we both drove away.  He went his way, and I went mine.

As I was driving to work, I thought every morning should start with Starbucks.


Master_Vyle said...

Short, sweet and very arousing. Five out of five hard cocks.

-Master Vyle

Clem said...

Wow, reminds me of the first and then second time my AM gal and I met.
very arousing