Sunday, February 13, 2011

Q&A from Kat's Mail Bag

I get some pretty interesting questions via email and DM on Twitter.  I do my best to personally answer every one, but I thought it might also be interesting to share some of those questions and answers with everyone. Some of them will end up becoming full posts, like the one that DauntlessD answered about getting your profile noticed, but many are just quick answers that don't necessarily warrant a full post, at least not now.

Question: Is that your picture on the blog?  If so, you're hot!  If not, why don't you put your own picture up?

Answer:  Sorry, but that's not my photo.  It's actually a stock photo I found online. I don't put my own picture up because I'm married, silly, and I'm prowling on the side.  This blog is risky enough without putting my photo up, too.  I have considered posting a faceless naughty photo or two of me.  I'm still thinking about that.  We'll see.
Question: How many guys do you prowl around with at one time?

Answer: One. I know. That may kill the image, but I prefer to focus my efforts. That doesn't mean I don't do my share of flirting, but I have one honey-on-the-side, and only one. I'm hoping my current one lasts a long, long time.

Question: Are the stories on your blog real experiences or are they made up?

Answer: My stories are always real. We may have a guest poster from time to time who posts a fictional fantasy story, but I'll always tell you when that's the case.  If I write it, though, it really happened at some point in my married life.

Question: Have you ever been caught?

Answer: No (knock on wood).

Question:  Is J still your best sex ever? 

Answer: Yes. But I'm hoping my honey-on-the-side might step up to that challenge. ;-)

I intentionally left out all the "Wanna fuck?" questions, and all variations of it.  Those boys need to read my post on lousy pick-up lines.

If you have a question, drop me an email or ask it in the comments.  You'll get an answer.

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