Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kat's Back!

Have you missed me?

Some of you know that I've been buried in work and family responsibilities for the last several weeks and I've been unable to post. Thank you to those of you who took the time to send me a note asking how I am or asking me to post again. It's so nice to be missed!

Things are settling down again, so I'm back....and I'm horny (surprise!). I've done a little a bit of prowling in the last month (did you really think I would stop prowling completely? I'd have to be dead to stop completely.), but not nearly as much as I'd like. That's the problem with prowling - by definition, it can't take center stage in your life.  It has to stay on the side.  Unfortunately, when things get busy it starts to get crowded further and further to the fringes of your life until you scream, "Stop!" and bring it right back into view again.

So, I'm pulling that side of me back into view and I can't wait to share a few new stories with you and some thoughts I've been having lately about this whole adventure.

Just to give you a tiny idea of how crazy my life has been over the last month, and how desperately I need to prowl, here are a few things I can share about the time I've been away from you:
  1. I went through two sets of batteries in my favorite vibrator in the last 30 days.  Yes, two! I don't care how you rearrange those letters - that spells, "Not getting enough sex!"
  2. My husband actually announced to me that he was quite stressed himself and tired and getting older.  As a result, he thinks it would be a good idea to make our almost sexless marriage a truly sexless one - just to eliminate some of the stress, of course.  WTF! His lips were moving, but all I heard was, "Yes, honey, you really don't have any choice but to go fuck around all you want." Isn't that how you would interpret what he said?
  3. Yes, I have a honey-on-the-side, but #1 (above) still happened (not one, but two sets of batteries!).  What's wrong this this picture?
  4. I love my webcam.  'Nuff said. ;-)
  5. I watched all 13 episodes of the first season of Sparticus: Blood and Sand  in one day and all 6 episodes of  Sparticus: Gods of the Arena  over a two day period. I fell in and out of love several times and came about 7 times (good ol' trusty vibe) while watching some of the finest specimens of men I've seen in a long, long time attempt to act.  Ok, the acting was just fine, but it didn't matter.  They were nearly naked, muscular, sweaty, and gorgeous. Yes, gladiator porn was just about the sexual highlight of my month. That brings me back to the same conclusion I reached for #1, above -  "Not getting enough sex!" By the way, I said it was just about the sexual highlight of the month. I'll have a nice story or two to share over the next few days. 
I can practically see the horror on your nerdy faces as you sit in front of your computers reading this. I know what you're thinking. "How did Kat get so far off track? What happened to the prowling sexual goddess we came to love?"

Well, my fellow Prowlers, Kat's work-imposed slump ends today.

Kat's back!


Anonymous said...

Gladiator here wishes to ban batteries and provide you and your needs at a moment!

Serious in St. Louis

Kat said...

Well, well, well......THAT is certianly a tempting offer. How serious are you over there in St. Louis?