Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dimly Lit and Naughty

Daunt here. It’s funny how inspiration works for me. Sometimes it will blindside me at a moment I least expect, like when I wrote The Art that is Woman. Other times it comes on slow, like watching a pot of water come to a boil. One bubble then two. Five. Twelve. Then eventually the entire pot is roiling and steaming.

This afternoon Madison sent me a sweet, sexy text, "I'd love to be out with you some night in a very dimly lit place sitting close and be a bit naughty."

Of course this made me smile and for a moment my eyes go out of focus and I stare at nothing. In my mind an image gets painted, a visual of being in a romantic restaurant, dim lights, a flickering candle on the table. In our quiet little corner Madison is holding my arm, her cheek is against my shoulder. She tilts her head and her bright blue eyes look into mine. As each thought brings the picture more into focus my smile widens.

I reply to to her text, "Mmmmm, we’ll have to do that." I return my thoughts to work, but I’m unable to concentrate. The picture in my mind repeatedly reasserts itself. The slow boil had begun.

Okay, I tell myself, if this visual won’t let me work, let’s see where it wants to take me. I lean back in my chair, close my eyes, and set my imagination loose. A naughty thought pops in my head, my smile becomes mischievous and tight.

Where were we... Yes, Madison is holding my arm, her cheek is against my shoulder and she’s looking into my eyes. The story begins to take shape.

Smiling warmly I lean in and kiss her gently. I slide my hand down her leg, pulling her skirt up slightly so I can rest my right hand on her bare thigh near the knee.

My left hand plucks a glass of wine off the table, as I sip my eyes take in our surroundings; the restaurant is quiet, sultry. Scattered about couples are sharing meals and hushed conversation, their dark profiles hovering above rich long tablecloths. The warm glow of candles cast fluttering shadows across their faces.

I look back toward Madison and give her a sly wink. I set the glass of wine down and gently begin tracing light circles on her inner thigh with my finger. Slowly, taking my time, the light trace of my finger loops higher and higher. Madison shifts, I look at her face. Her eyes lock on to mine and I notice her lips are parted slightly. Her legs open a little more. She’s wanting me to touch her, I smile and keep teasing. She gives me a little whimper and a mock pout.

As Madison’s breathing becomes heavier, I decide I have made her wait long enough. My hand slides toward her pussy then stops, I raise my eyebrows in question. A wicked smile spreads across her face. “What? You thought you were going to get to be naughty first?” she laughs. She wasn’t wearing any panties.

My fingers glide across the lips of her sex, she’s dripping wet. I slide one finger into her easily then a second; she takes an urgent breath and arches her back a little. I press the palm of my hand down on her clit. “Well, you may have won the first round, but this game is mine.” I say to her, “Open the side pocket of your purse.”

Madison reaches over and lifts the flap on the side of her purse. Her eyes go wide. “What is that doing here?!”

I watch her face as I remove my fingers from inside her. She shudders and bites her lip, longing in her eyes. Pulling my hand out from under the table I hold it out palm up. “Give it here.” I say.

Madison looks around the restaurant and sheepishly slides the glass toy from her purse quickly placing it in my hand. The toy is cool to the touch. Smooth. I hold her gaze knowingly and with calm deliberation ease the toy under the edge of the table. I slip my hand under her skirt and lay the cool glass against her heated inner thigh. Her eyes glaze and a quiet breathy moan escapes her lips. Steadily the toy makes its way toward her sex. I can feel the muscles of her legs quivering in anticipation.

I slide the glass over her clit. Madison takes a fast ragged breath and grips my arm, nails digging into my bicep. Her other hand grips the edge of the seat, knuckles white. Eyes half-lidded she holds my gaze. I gently part her lips and slip the toy inside her. Her eyes fall closed and she shudders inhaling deeply.

My eyes blaze. “Look at me.” I say quietly. Upon hearing the hard edge to my tone her eyes snap open finding mine. “Who’s pussy am I playing with?”

Madison licks her lips, visibly struggling to regain composure. She takes a slow breath and replies, “It’s your pussy Master.”

I begin to play with the toy, teasing her. “And who decides when my pussy comes?” I feel her legs begin to shake.

“Oh! Ahhh... You do, Master.” she whimpers.

I wrap my fingers around the protruding glass allowing my my knuckles to rub her clit. Madison looks at me, eyes pleading. “Your pussy wants to come Master,” she gasps. I can feel her trembling.

“No... not yet. Close your eyes.” I say. Her eyes fall closed as she takes a deep breath through her nose. I scan the restaurant and find a couple across the way watching us raptly. I address Madison, “Is my pussy ready to come?” Eyes closed, face still pleading she shakes her head yes.

I swallow and take a breath. I want to sooth her. “Good, I’m I’m going to let her come shortly.” Her breathing becomes heavy, urgent. “There is a couple across from us near the door, do you know which couple I am talking about?” Her head nods affirmatively. I watch her face as I give Madison her next directive. “Open your eyes and look at them.” Her eyes slowly open and her cheeks flush when she finds them looking back at us.

I draw her back. “Look at me.” Her head turns toward me, eyes glazed searching mine. “It’s time for my pussy to come.” I say as I begin rocking the toy against her g-spot, my knuckles rubbing her clit in earnest.

“MmmmmMMMMmm!” Madison squeaks as she bucks against my hand, shuddering, gasping.

“Our couple by the door, are they still with us?” I ask. Madison raises her eyes and looks. The couple smiles broadly at her, Madison’s cheeks bloom red causing me to chuckle. “Oh yes, I can tell they’re still watching by the look on your face!” She grins, the embarrassment causes her to want to hide her face from me. Holding her chin, I lift her face to mine and give her a kiss.

The reverie finally breaks and my eyes open. I'm still at work.

"I'd love to be out with you some night in a very dimly lit place sitting close and be a bit naughty."

Yes Madison, we're definitely going to have to do this in the very near future.


Southern Sir said...

A wonderful Sat. morning read, thanks DD

Cara Janes said...

What a great story! Well done, Daunt, I loved it.:-)

DauntlessD said...

Why thank you both! I love hearing feedback :-)

Clem said...

that. was. hot.

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Soccer mom. said...

Awesome!! I have always wanted to do that with my fb. Something about being in a dimly lit place...and love that you took the initiative to put the toy in her purse very nice touch.

ISO Validation said...

This is a rather nice toy. ;)