Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ashley Madison Chicago - The Beginning of a National Fucking Spree?

I have been getting an unusual number of hits over the last few days to my post about Chicago Guy coming from Google search for the keyword "Ashley Madison Chicago."  That seemed a bit odd to me, so I searched it myself and, lo and behold, the first link that came up in search was to the post, Kat's First Ashley Madison Encounter - Chicago Guy.

Then I noticed that there has been quite a bit of press in Chicago papers about Ashley Madison over the past few days, which makes sense, given Valentine's Day and Mistress Day and all.

It got me thinking that, in terms of traffic, PWK could do really well if I had sex posts representing the large metropolitan areas - Kat's Hot Ashley Madison Encounter with New York Guy, Kat Laps Up Newest Ashley Madison Encounter - Los Angeles Guy, and so on.  What do you think?

That means that I would need volunteers from the big cities of America. Any takers?

Ok, ok.  So maybe it's not a great idea.  There are several reasons why I may have to pass on this brainstorm of mine. First, I have a definite taste for quality over quantity, and I have to tell you, the quality of lovers has been pretty good right here in northern California.  Seriously, if you have a JJ, why look anywhere else?

Second, we are not all about building traffic here at PWK. Don't get me wrong, we do pretty well and our Prowlers are wonderful to us, but we're much more about 1) helping others who are struggling with their marriages and find themselves having affairs (or thinking about it) and 2) having a good time ourselves.

Third, if I went on a national fucking spree, Daunt would kill me.  Period.  Someone has to watch out for me since I don't do a very good job of it myself.

Back to Chicago...... All the Ashley Madison press in Chicago means that there are more visitors here from Chicago, so I want to roll out the red carpet and say, Welcome!" Enjoy your time perusing the archives.  There are many hot posts for you to enjoy. Some posts are collected for convenience in the pages that you can access through the menu bar, above, but I haven't added posts to those pages for a few months, so there are some good advice and sex posts that you'll just have to find by browsing the dated archives (See sidebar to the right).

My recommendation to go through the archives applies to everyone.  There's some fun stuff to be found there. Really fun, if you know what I mean.


Ryan Beaumont said...

Hey I just did a post about Chicago and you didn't comment! :(

Anonymous said...

How about "Kat's adventures with & in the city Hubby?"

Unknown said...


William Shatner here, volunteering to be your AM man in Los Angeles!