Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Panty Games Part 2

Daunt here.  If you read part 1, you should recall I acquired a lovely pair of soaked post orgasm panties.  The following week Madison and I had dinner plans again and I decided to put those panties to good use and tease her a bit.

Before our dinner date I wash the the delicate undergarment. Yes I read the tag, wash gentle, lay out to dry -- I wouldn’t want to ruin them now would I?  Panties in hand I hop in my car and head out.  As I drive the smile grows on my face, each mile giving me time to reflect on how much I enjoy Madison.  The restaurant we are meeting at has fond memories attached to it, it’s where I met her for the very first time.

As I pull into the parking lot I see Madison’s car pulling up to the valet station, I choose to go to the regular parking lot.  I park, pull the brake and grin.  Folding the panties just so, I tuck them into the breast pocket of my black pinstripe button up shirt.  The panties are black and they are peeking out, not too noticeable, but noticeable enough.  I exit the car and head for the restaurant.

Upon entering the rear entrance and rounding the bar I see Madison seating herself on the other end.  She’s wearing another sundress, cream colored and clinging to her.  The dress hugs her curves and delights my eyes with just enough cleavage.  What can I say, I love it. She sees me and smiles.  I give her a hug and a kiss, then take a seat next to her.

Conversation flows and we laugh and share with one another.  After a drink we decide just to stay at the bar and have our meal there.  I ask the bartender to bring us a couple of menus, then it happens.  I’m facing Madison with a foot on her stool and she turns toward me and begins to speak, “Daunt, do you...” In mid-sentence she freezes.  My mischievous grin widens as I follow her gaze to my chest, my pocket.  The seconds tick with each expression crossing her face.  Curiosity, then comprehension, her jaw falls open in disbelief, finally her cheeks plume red flustered and embarrassed.  With slow deliberation she reaches out her right hand and tucks her panties deeper into my pocket. I burst into laughter.  Madison turns back toward the bar giggling and fanning her warm, glowing face.  “I can’t believe you did that!” she says through a grin.

We finish our dinner with leisure and affection.  We’re very comfortable with one another and neither of us want the evening to end.  It’s dusk out and we walk out the back of the restaurant.  The summer breeze is cool, but there are lawn chairs placed around gas powered fire pits.  We find a couple of chairs away from others and sit down.  I pull her feet into my lap, slip off her shoes and begin massaging Madison's feet.  Looking up I find her looking at me intently.  She’s beautiful.  I quietly look back into her eyes and find them welling up with tears.

“Madison,” I begin clearly concerned, “what’s on your mind?  Is everything ok?”

She looks away briefly.  “Yes, I’m ok.” her voice thick with emotion.  “It’s just... you’re so good to me...”

At this point Madison and I have been seeing each other for 6-7 months.  We had spent weekends together, gone on outings together -- we were a couple, but not a couple at the same time; she’s married -- and not to me.

As we talk I find myself agast.  She explains that she had convinced herself that having the simple affections, like me rubbing her feet, were too much to expect.  I was floored to learn that this was something her husband had never done.  It also drove home the level of neglect she had been living with; married, but still alone.

I reach out, cup her cheek and kiss her tenderly.  She returns the kiss with urgency, passion.  I want her, but again it’s not in the cards for this evening.  I scan the area.  It’s nearly night and we’re still alone. Gently I begin running my hand up the inside of her bare thigh.  Her legs part slightly, welcoming.

My hand nears her sex feeling the heady heat of her arousal.  Finding the edge of her panties I navigate around them. Madison arches slightly with a shudder as my fingers slide into her with ease.  I look deeply into her eyes as I bring her to orgasm, kissing her at its height.

Arching my brow with a sly half smile I tell her, “I want this pair too.”

Madison laughs.  “What is it with you?  I’ll give them to you at the car.”

“No.  I’ll have them now, thank-you” I reply.

Madison smiles widely shaking her head.  She lifts her bottom from the lawn chair, wriggles off her panties and hands them over.  “Just what are you going to do with this little collection you got going?” she asks.

With nonchalance I reply, “I’m going to put them in little glass trophy cases and put them on the mantle.  They’ll need little brass label plates indicating the date and where they were acquired too.”

“You would, wouldn’t you!” Madison retorts with a giggle.

I take her hand and help her rise from her chair.  Hand in hand we walk to the rear of the restaurant, through the large windows you can see the patrons eating their meals and drinking at the bar.  Stopping near the windows I pull Madison into an embrace.  I kiss her running my hand down the small of her back and over her bottom.  “No panty lines,” I tease.  Madison smiles back, eyes sparkling.

We walk through the rear entrance then exit out the front and say our good-byes.  I begin walking to my car, reaching into my pocket.  I chuckle to myself as my hand finds the new damp little prize that’s going home with me.

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