Sunday, July 15, 2012

Panty Games Part 1

I know it has been a while, but yes, it's Daunt.  The post you're about to read was written over a month ago and with it I have some bittersweet news to share.  Madison and I are no longer seeing each other.  Her husband discovered the affair and began to put forth truly amazing effort to save his marriage and keep his wife.  Madison was cynical at first, but then began to soften; she decided to give him a chance.  As for me... well... I'm happy for her, but I will miss her very much.

I have a lot of thoughts surrounding this I want to share, which I will likely do at the end of part 2.  It is important for everyone to know that none of us came out of this unscathed; not me, not Madison nor her husband. There was hurt and pain to go around.  For now though, let me share a memory that is a lusty joy.  Here is the post:

Not long ago Madison and I met for dinner.  We both arrived at the quaint little mom-and-pop Italian restaurant I had chosen at nearly the same time.  She exits her car and strolls toward me wearing a lovely light sundress; my eyes take her in from head to toe.  After sharing a hello kiss we walk inside.

Upon being seated at a table I ask to have the bottle of wine I had brought to be opened; It was a bottle Madison and I had bought on one of our outings.  As we chat and catch up I find myself watching her every movement, the way her hand cups the glass, the way her lips delicately conform to the rim as she sips her wine, the sparkle of her blue eyes and the shine of her smile.  As dinner goes on a growing arousal builds, it’s mirrored in her eyes and crackles in the air between us; palpable.

Dinner was wonderful and dessert is brought, a frothy whipped cream concoction with fresh berries.  I watch enraptured as Madison’s tongue sensually licks the spoon.  Does she know the effect she’s having on me? My body is a coiled spring without release.  I sigh knowing that there will be no time for lovemaking this evening.  I call for the check.  What am I going to do?

Hand in hand we walk out to her car.  We share an intimate kiss near Madison’s car.  As she pulls back from the kiss she asks, “Would you like to sit with me for a few minutes?”  I nod my head and smile, then hop into the passenger seat.

Soon my fingers are curled into hair pulling her into a hungry kiss and my right hand feels the bare skin of her knee.  Slowly my hand makes its way up her thigh, the soft skin gliding under my palm.  Soon my hand feels the sultry heat of her sex.  Gently I pull her panties aside, the only noise in the car is our urgent breathing.  I slip a finger inside her and rest my thumb against her clit triggering a shudder and a moan.

I pull my head back and look into Madison’s eyes.  “You will not come without asking my permission”, I state flatly.

“This again huh?”, with mock exaggeration she rolls her eyes. Then her face spreads into a mischievous knowing smile. “You know I’ll do whatever you ask”, she says sweetly.

I begin to rub her clit with my thumb, the finger inside curling up to stimulate her on the inside.  Madison’s face relaxes, lips parted, awash in sensation.  Her breathing becomes clipped and her body begins rocking to the tempo set by my hand.

“Daunt”, she says breathily, eyes half-lidded, “can I come now?”

“No”, I reply.  Slowly I begin increasing the level of sensation.  Easily I slip another finger inside her, my hand wet with her arousal.

“Daunt, please.  I want to come.”
“I know you can wait longer for me.  No”, I state calmly.

“Daunt, please let me come!”

“No.  You’ll wait”, I command.

“I don’t know if I can!”  Madison’s left hand darts out clutching the car’s door handle, knuckles turning white.  I can feel her legs beginning to tremble.  Her right hand tightly grips my bicep.

Madison’s eyes look into mine intently pleading.  I look back at her while her body shudders under my ministrations.  I wait watching until I fear she truly can’t hold back anymore.  Quietly while looking her in the eyes I say, “Come for me Madison.”

As soon as the words have left my lips her body succums.  A moan escapes her lips and she shakes, her pussy throbbing and squirting over my hand.  The seat is soaked with the ecstasy of her climax.  As she works to regain her composure I kiss her gently.

“Wow”, she giggles.  “The seat is soaked. I think there is a towel in the back.”

As I hear her speak a thought occurs to me.  I can’t be inside her this evening, but I can take some of her with me.  “Madison, I want your panties.”

“Oh, you do huh?” she chuckles through a smile.

“Yes, I do.”

“Well okay!” she replies. She gets out the car and with a delightful wiggle slips her panties off, jumps back in the car and hands them to me.  They are very wet.  I could wring them out if I wanted, but I dismiss that thought quickly -- that’d be foolish.

I give Madison a goodnight kiss thanking her for her gift and get in my car.  Yes. Part of her is with me all the way home.

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Marcus said...

It is a very sexy story.

And I hope in the end it all works out for everyone.