Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Outdoor Sex - July Sex Blog Chain

The topic for the Sex Blog Chain this month is Outdoor Sex (or Summer Sex). We have some really nice entries for you from our blogger friends.

There are eight sexy stories of hot outdoor sex here. Read them all. Comment about them. I guarantee that you'll be hard (or wet, for our lady friends) before you're finished reading them all.

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Camp Fire Chat - Our first post this month is from Same Sassy Girl. This chat conversation between her and Phil starts out with tame talk about camp and then it heats up quickly. Who's up for camping?

Sex and Mountain Biking; A Great Mix - Ponyboy shares the little secret he and his wife have about the time they fucked in the woods while on a bike ride.  Apparently, Ponyboy likes outdoor sex a lot... especially with sluts who like to fuck in the woods. Well, at least with one special one, anyway.

Outdoors with Shannon (a.k.a. It's Good to Touch the Green Green Grass of Home) - Ryan Beaumont tells a great story about outdoor sex with Shannon early in their marriage. Warning: The sex in this post is very, very hot.

At the Campsite - Max tells a wonderful story of being surprised at his campsite by a neighboring camper. It's beautifully written and it includes nipple play.  What more could you want? Seriously, this is writing worth reading.

The County Road - One of the benefits of living in the country is that a place for a good outdoor fuck is never far away. This post tells the story of my outdoor sex with my beloved JJ last year on a not-so-quiet country road. Date with Seattle Guy (Part 2) is also about outdoor sex. A beautiful Seattle summer night, a deserted park, romantic city lights, and a fine specimen of Seattle manhood..... yum!

Outdoors - Fantasy or Memory? - This is Advizor54's contribution to the Chain. He wrote his own summary so I'll just spend this time kicking back as you read. "We were hiking in the Angeles Crest national park in the early morning.  Few hikers were on the trail and we held hands and laughed, keeping our voices down to honor the silent morning.  It was an anniversary trip and the kids were home with my mother.  As I held his hand and walked up the trail, the plan formed in my head. As the sun came up and the temperature increased I saw my opportunity. A large flat rock facing the sun just off the trail behind some trees.  I couldn’t imagine I was the first one to think of it."

Consumed in Silence -  W, author of Internal Pathways to Contention, joins us this month with an account of a nice motorcycle ride to a secluded spot and ....... I'll just say that this story is very, very hot, and it wins the "Made Kat Purr" award for the month. And the photos are scrumptious, too.

You may have noticed that I didn't include blogger bios this time. I think I'll put them all together and create a page just for them. That will keep our monthly Chain post focused on sex, as it should be.

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Finally, the topic for our August Chain post is Kinky Sex. If you're interested in contributing, you can get all the information you need here. Whether or not you are planning to contribute, I think you should all go out and have some very kinky sex  - just because. I definitely plan on doing the same. ;-)


Cris said...

Love the chain.

I have a question. Girl just gave me her real email after a brief exchange on Ashley Madison. I dropped her a note and she replied 'feel free to ask me anything'.

I cant help but feel this is code for something. How should I respond?

Anonymous said...


I know you probably asked this to Kat, but I am going to offer my two cents since you put it in the comment section...

I don't do AM or any of that stuff, but I think, I will say it again, I think I know women a little bit.

She is testing you.

She wants to see if you dive in with sexual or physical type questions, or if you will ask question about who she is as a person etc...

Not sure what the right answer is, but that;s my gut feeling...

Cris said...

Thanks, I felt the same way. That's what I was asking. Seems like a bit of a landmine.

So I tried to touch on both by asking her how she fantacizes our first meeting unfolding. I hope that this turns the tables on her a bit. THoughts?

Kat said...

Cris- I agree. It's a landmine! But you handled it perfectly.

Sometimes a statement like she made just means that she really doesn't know what to say and she wants you to get the conversation rolling with some questions.

So, how did she respond when to your question?

Cris said...

Thank you Kat. I just got a response.

She said that her life has gotten routine and so she doesn't have a specific fantasy in mind. Her life is too routine in her marriage and she hasn't been able to get out of her rut.

She also wrote alot about really wanting a connection mentally (which is what you talk a lot about Kat) as well as physical because it makes the sex so much more satisfying.

She ends the email asking what I'm looking for and what my ideal meet up time is.

Kat, this looks promising. Can you help me reel this one in? She seems great. My gut is that I now need to appeal to her spontaneous side while getting to know her.

cris said...

Ugh. I went ahead and emailed her back and went the confidence approach and suggested a drink and if chemistry holds, a hotel. No reply back after a day (usually she answers within 12 hours..)

Maybe I overplayed it..and i really thought my reply was good... rgggh!


Anonymous said...

Yeah cris, you should have stayed away from any suggestion of a hotel, or anything beyond simply meeting each other.

Cris said...

Dauntless - totally. I only did because in her last message she talked about how important a connection is because the 'sex is so much better' then asked when we could meet.

Any idea how to recover? She hasn't emailed in 1.5 day

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