Monday, June 27, 2011

Hours 17 - 24 of My 24 Hour Date with JJ

I woke a few hours later.  I turned and saw JJ laying in bed next to me.  Wow.  It was not a dream. I wanted to snuggle up next to him, but I was afraid I might wake him up, and I knew he had a hell-ish work schedule over the next few days and he really needed his sleep. So, I grabbed my iPhone, opened the Kindle app, and did some reading.

But every few minutes I'd find myself just staring at him, watching him sleep, making a mental note of the rhythm of his breath and every line and curve of his face. I found myself remembering the night before, which made me really want to wake him up, but I resisted. Instead, I got up and went to the bathroom to clean up a bit, brush my teeth, run a brush through my hair. I thought about putting on some makeup and pretending that I always looked like that when I woke up, but that thought just made me laugh at myself.  It was so un-Kat-like.  I'm definitely a "take me as I am" kind of person. Attempting a silly deception like that just wasn't going to happen. I went back to bed and did some more reading, waiting for him to wake.

When he finally started stirring about an hour later, I put down my reading and curled up next to him, kissing his neck and his arm, and sliding my hand up and down his inner thigh. As wakefulness took over, he turned onto his side and put an arm around me, pressing his hardening cock against my leg. He kissed my neck, then my cheek, then his lips found their way to my mouth and he kissed me deeply, passionately.

"Good morning, Baby," he said, still a bit groggy.

"Good morning," I replied before opening my mouth to welcome another of his kisses.

We made some small talk for a little while - "What time is it?"  "Wow, it's that late?" "When do we have to check out?"

Then he rolled on top of me, nudging my legs apart.

"I want you," he said, "just like this.  You just lay back and relax."

He got no argument from me. I pulled up my knees as he entered me, filling me completely in one deep stroke. We both moaned. What is it about morning sex that feels so different than nighttime sex?

He started pumping his hips, slowly at first.  I could tell he was enjoying every sensation, trying to make it last. As he started to move faster, he opened his eyes and looked into mine. I pulled my legs back a little more until.....ahhh yes.....he hit just... the right.... spot on each thrust. I couldn't look away from his eyes. They were focused, intense, commanding.

I could feel myself starting to cum.  No!  Not so soon!  I bit my lip to distract myself and try to stop it, but it was no use. I looked at him almost desperately and started to moan.

"It's ok.  Cum for me, Baby," he whispered.

Just as said that, the orgasm shot through me like an electric current, making me shudder almost violently. I held onto his shoulders tightly while the pleasure kept coming in waves.  I knew he could feel my cunt tightening around him, and he started fucking me hard and fast at that point. I wrapped my legs around his hips and started grinding against him, not thinking, but just letting my body do as it wanted. I was still cuming when he released into me, making the familiar sounds of satisfaction that I was coming to know very well.

Afterwards, he leaned down and kissed me again, then rolled next to me and held me. We lamented that our time together was almost over. We talked about when we would see each other again, our plans for the rest of the week and the weekend, and how much we didn't want this time together to end.

We made love one more time before getting up and almost rushing to get out by check out time.I thought about what a difference it was from the afternoon before when it felt like we had all the time in the world.

What a difference 24 hours makes.

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Asian Girl said...

I loved all 3 parts! I did a "hotel adventure" that was sorta like this. Sounds like you and JJ had a great time! :)

Liam said...

Sounds like a wonderful date, Kat, and very nicely told. I'm jealous. Of course, some bloggers would have milked a 24 hour date, one hour at a time, for *months*. Fortunately, you're nicer than me. I mean them.

SomewhereMan said...

Dang, Kat.

24 hours with a lover...

I still think the 2.5 hours I had with one recently was enough to "power me for a decade".

Jealous, girl... Jealous!



AL said...

Sounds like a great day!

Mr. Dryden said...

Ok, turned on now. Off to fuck my girl. Thanks Kat!