Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hours 1 - 4 of my 24 Hour Date with JJ

It was truly an unusual opportunity. Through some creative scheduling, and a lot of luck, JJ and I were able to arrange to have 24 hours together. That’s right. 24 hours, from noon Wednesday through noon Thursday. That may not seem like much, but in our hurried world of stealing two hours here and three hours there, 24 hours seems like a heavenly eternity. So, we made some plans.

We met at the hotel where we planned to spend the night so I could leave my car there and we could start out in one car.  I was glad that he wanted to drive for several reasons.  First, having my hands free would allow me to…uh….explore as he drove. Second, I wanted to have as much time as I could to just look at him while he was watching the road.  I never tire of gazing at JJ; he’s a handsome man with a very interesting and kind face. Finally, his car is much cooler than mine. Yeah, even middle-aged women dig cool cars.

We got a little bit of a late start on our drive to Oakland, but we were still going to be fairly close to meeting our appointment time of 1:00 p.m. at Zen Springs. Zen Springs is a spa, but it’s not just any spa.  In addition to all of the services you would normally expect at a spa, you can rent a hot tub suite there for 30, 60, or 90 minutes.  We had booked a VIP Spa Suite for 90 minutes – hot tub, sauna, calm and sultry music, romantic lighting, privacy (you can read my review of Zen Springs in a separate post).

When the receptionist showed us to our suite (it was really a room, but suite sounds so much better, doesn’t it?), she started quickly running through instructions on how to operate the hot tub and sauna. I was hoping JJ was paying attention because my ADD kicked in and I couldn’t focus on what she was saying at all because I was distracted by the pretty red lights in the hot tub, the twinkly array of LED lights over the tub that almost looked like stars, the queen size futon on one side of the room, and the floor to ceiling mirrors that lined the hot tub on three sides. I came out of my haze to hear the girl say, “Do you have any questions?”  The only question I could think of was, “When are you going to get the hell out of this room so I can fuck this fine specimen of a man?” She eventually left and I ran out to find the restroom quickly (yeah, no restroom in the “suite.”  That sucks.).

When I came back to the suite, JJ was already naked and in the tub, leaning back with his arms stretched out on the edge. I have to admit, that sight made me in a hurry to get in there with him, so there was no sexy strip tease, just a rushed peeling off and tossing of the clothes wherever they fell – some on the counter, others on the floor.

Then I slipped into the tub and - swoosh! – a bunch of water flowed out over the top of the tub!  It was too full (and I’m not a little girl, which didn’t help, I’m sure).  I froze. JJ started reaching for the controls to find the drain.  At that point I was wishing that I had paid more attention to the instructions the girl gave when we first got there. Eventually, the water level was right, but by then…..yeah…those clothes on the floor and my backpack….. well, you get the picture.

All I could think was, “How come it’s never like the romantic movies for ME? There’s never a hot tub flood in the porn films.” Of course, all I had to do was look at JJ and I forgot all of that.

He pulled me next to him, wrapped his arms around me and kissed me deeply. I melted into his arms as the warm water bubbled around us. His hands wandered over my body, as if exploring me for the first time. It wasn’t long before one of his hands slid between my legs and he started slowly teasing my clit, sliding his finger inside me, then teasing my clit again. I moaned softly into his mouth as my hips started rocking and pressing against his hand. It didn’t take long for me to cum because I had been anticipating this moment for days. I could feel him smiling into our kiss as I shuddered.

I reached down and started stroking his rock hard cock. It was his turn. I had been daydreaming about straddling him in the hot tub and riding him slowly for a long time, holding on to the edge with my feet up on the side wall of the tub for leverage.  This was my chance. I straddled him…and that’s when I realized how shallow this tub really was.  In fact, it was like a regular home Jacuzzi tub – nice and wide, but fairly shallow.  That’s ok, I though, not a problem. I lowered myself onto his cock.  Damn, he felt so good entering me.  I don’t think I’ll ever get over loving that moment of initial penetration with him. My focus was off the shallowness of the tub and back on his gorgeous cock, where it belonged.  I started moving on him and watching his face.  He moaned.  I kissed him, and grabbed onto the edge of the tub behind him. Whoops! My hands slipped right off.  I grabbed the edge again.  Slipped again. WTF?! The fiberglass edges were really slippery; there was nothing to grab onto. I held onto his shoulders instead.  Mmmm….nice. He has such strong shoulders. I started fucking him faster now, and a little wave stared building in that stupid narrow tub. Swish, swish.  It got bigger and faster.  Swish, swish, swish, swish. I thought, really?  This is how it’s gonna be?

Enough.  You know this was a serious distraction for me because I would never stop in the middle of “the act” if it weren’t.

I said, “Let’s get out of the tub, ok?”

“Sure,” said JJ (he’s always so sweet and accommodating), “Let’s try the sauna!”

We carefully stepped out of the tub and went into the sauna.  JJ sat on the bench and I stood in front of him, leaning over slightly to kiss him. He pulled me close again.  This was much better. He kissed my breast.  I ran my fingers through his hair. Then he kissed my neck and whispered in my ear, “I want to cum in your mouth.” Mmmmm….  I suspect many women would not love to hear those words, but whispered in the sexy and sultry way that JJ whispers them, I couldn’t slide to my knees fast enough.

I took his cock deeply into my mouth on the first stroke, listening to him moan as the head hit the back of my throat. I felt his hand on my head guiding me as I started sucking him slowly. I felt him get harder. He stopped me at one point and told me how he wanted me to do it.  I was so grateful for that because I asked him to tell me when he wanted something specific. That is so much nicer than trying out a bunch of things hoping I hit on the one particular thing that really makes him crazy.  I followed his direction as best I could, and I knew I was on the right track as he started thrusting his cock upward into my mouth and holding my head down and steady.  Nice. I heard him say that he was close, so I focused….tightened my lips, sucked harder, faster…. He groaned loudly as he exploded into my mouth.  I swallowed….again ….again….keeping his cock in my mouth until I was certain he was ready for me to remove it.  I lovingly licked and kissed it as he leaned back and caught his breath, stroking my hair gently.

I stood up and turned on the shower (also in the sauna, just a couple of steps away). I turned the water on to cool and stepped under in. Ahhhhh… felt amazing after enduring the extreme heat and humidity of the sauna.  JJ joined me. I put some soap in my hand and started soaping up his  chest and shoulders. I chuckled at myself because washing him gave me a good excuse to touch him, as if I needed an excuse. I washed him, he washed me.  Then we stepped out of the shower and dried off and moved to the futon.

We rested there for awhile just talking, kissing, touching each other. Ok, I thought, now I feel like I’m at a spa. JJ suggested I write a review of the spa for Prowling with Kat.  I agreed that was a good idea so we started discussing the various features of the place, and what we liked and didn’t like.

We kept kissing each other in between sentences as we talked – that’s one of the things I absolutely love about him – and it wasn’t very long before he was hard and ready go again. I reached down and started stroking him. He asked me what I wanted.

“You know what I want,” I cooed.

“Tell me,” he demanded quietly.

“I want your cock inside me,” I replied.

“How?” he asked.

I rolled over and got up onto my knees and leaned forward onto my forearms.  JJ smiled.

He moved behind me, grabbed my hips, and pressed his cock inside me as he pulled me back onto him. I gasped and pressed back against him. There’s that amazing feeling again. I moved with him for awhile until he just took over control and started fucking me hard and fast. I grabbed the edge of the mattress to hold on, trying to push back against him as he pounded me, pushing me forward with each thrust.

The wonderful part about being with someone over time is that you get to know each other, and JJ definitely knew exactly the spot to hit as he fucked me. I started to squeal and shake.

“Cum for me, Baby,” he said breathlessly.

Then he did something he hadn’t done before.  He brought his hand down hard on my ass, spanking me. That’s all it took.  I came hard - moaning, squirming and shaking.  He groaned and then I felt his fingers tighten on my hips, digging into my skin as he initiated one last flurry of thrusts before exploding into me. He held me on him like that for a while as we both enjoyed every last pulsing sensation.

He finally released me and reclined next to me. We kissed, then we just laid there, holding hands and catching our breath.

A woman’s voice interrupted the soothing sound of the music and we rested in silence, “This is a courtesy notice.  You have 15 minutes remaining.”

We both groaned.  Ok, he groaned.  I whined.  Was our time over already?  How come it always went by so quickly when we were together. The difference was that this time, we didn’t have to leave each other.  Sure, we had to get up and get dressed and leave the spa, but we still had 20 hours of our 24 hour date left.

This was only the beginning….

This is the first in a three-part series.  The remaining posts in the series are:

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Ryan Beaumont said...

I am writing this after reading the whole encounter so I feel better about poking some fun here.

When I first read this I was thinking it was going to be really good. Then I read "our drive to Oakland." OAKLAND??? I have flown into Oakland twice and I'm sure its a nice town and all but romance capital of the world it is not :) I was thinking drive up to Sonoma or even better down to Monterray, Carmel, or even Big Sur!

Oh well, it obviously turned out great and you know I'm an ass!

Mr. Dryden said...

Very nice! I think the swishing wave of water was hilarious. We've all been there, sex in water doesn't always work out. Hot post. ;)

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