Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Best Sex of My Life

I met J on the Ashley Madison website several months ago. I liked him immediately. Sometimes it takes a while to feel comfortable with someone online, but I was at ease with him right away. I don't know exactly what is was that made me feel so comfortable with him, but he had a sense of normalcy about him. He wrote plainly (and he spoke directly when we finally chatted by phone). He was happily married, and looking for some passion and sexual excitement, just as I was.

There was also a bit of mystery about him, but it didn't feel like he was intentionally hiding or withholding anything. English was not his first language, so he spoke with an accent, which always lends a sense of the exotic.  He had all the characteristics that immediately catch my attention- he was very bright (I love smart men!), polite, committed to his family, adventurous, confident yet humble, and very normal.

We agreed to meet half way between his home and mine. We live about 90 miles apart, so splitting the drive for that first meeting seemed to make sense. I picked the hotel and got there first. I was waiting for him in the room when he arrived.

I was more nervous than I expected when I heard his knock on the door.  We had shared pictures, of course, but that doesn't really help with that first face-to-face moment because it's rare that anyone looks exactly like a photograph, even if it was taken very recently. As I opened the door and saw J for the first time, I was very pleasantly surprised. His pictures didn't do him justice at all!

J was most definitely a handsome man. He stood confidently at 5'9" or 5"10 and he smiled almost shyly - and briefly - as our eyes met. His retro-style glasses hid his gentle eyes at first, but they beamed later when he removed the glasses. Light, very closely shaved hair hid what was thinning and called attention to his strong jaw and expressive forehead. He was 43, but he looked both younger than that and older than that, and I remember thinking how unusual that was, almost as if he were ageless. I couldn't tell much about his body at first sight because it was hidden under jeans and a jacket, but I knew he was athletic. I also knew immediately that I wanted to get him out of those clothes soon.

He stepped into the room quickly, dropped the bag he was carrying as the door closed behind him, and wrapped his arms around me, pulling me to him and kissing me. There was nothing tentative or hesitant about that kiss. It was both gentle and urgent.  His hands began undressing me as we kissed, but I barely noticed because I was so focused on his mouth and his tongue. He was an amazing kisser- something I had not expected for some reason.

Soon, we were on the bed and his hand was between my legs. By then, I was quite wet and tilting my hips upward, reaching for his hand, as he slowly slid his fingers inside me. I heard him moan lightly into my mouth (he hadn't stopped kissing me, which was hot; I have come to believe that that man could do just about anything while kissing) and it took him only a few seconds to find my clit and begin circling it and flicking it with his finger perfectly. It didn't take long for me to cum that first time. I felt him smile ever so slightly as I was moaning, almost screaming, into his mouth and writhing with pleasure at his touch.

Then he reached over to the nightstand and grabbed a condom (the first of several; when did he put them there?). He kneeled between my legs, pushed my legs wide open and back by my shoulders, and he entered me forcefully, roughly, deeply.

The next 30 minutes were a blur of pleasure. It was almost as if he were a boy in an amusement park who couldn't decide which ride to enjoy next. He'd fuck me in one position until I came and then he'd roll me over and try something new, sensitive to exactly what was going on with me, but taking what he wanted anyway. At one point, after I had cum for the third time, I remember thinking, "How much longer can he do this?" That's about when he put me on my hands and knees again, knelt behind me, and pressed his cock into my ass. I squealed, and he responded my reaching up and pressing my head down into the pillow as he continued penetrating me slowly but forcefully. He moved slowly until my squeals turned into submissive moans, and then he grabbed both of my hips firmly and fucked me hard and deeply. Never before had I been fucked so hard that felt the vibration in my throat; it was a new and very raw experience for me.

He came without making much sound at all, but he reached up and grabbed my shoulders, pulling me back onto him. After, he collapsed on the bed next to me and just laid there in silence while we recovered. I caught my breath and watched him closely as he laid there with his eyes closed, noticing again what a handsome man he was.

A few minutes later we chatted a bit, making small talk. He started tracing his fingers on my chest as we talked, and it was only a matter of  minutes before I felt desire rising again.

I started kissing my way down his chest while he talked. By the time I reached my destination, he wasn't talking anymore and he was hard again. I took his cock into my mouth gently and sucked it deeply for just a few strokes. Then I stopped and licked down a ways, sucking on his balls a moment, then licking some more. As I licked I grabbed his calves and bent his knees, giving me better access to lick around his asshole slowly, circling it slowly and then sliding my tongue in and out while I held his cock, stroking it firmly. When I felt him shaking, I knew it was time to take his cock into my mouth again, sucking it all the way back into my throat on each stroke. In no time, his hands were on my head pushing me down while his hips were thrusting upward,  and he was moaning and begging me not to stop. He came deep in my throat so much it was difficult for me to suckle and swallow it all fast enough, but I managed.

This time as we rested, he was the one catching his breath. Silence for a while. Then more small talk. Then he was ready to go again...and again. The detail of the rest of our session is just for the two of us, although I have no doubt that I'll share in another post about how he fisted me so perfectly that I was begging for more.

I lost count after my 5th orgasm (Seriously, after that many, does the count really matter? I don't think so) and I counted three for him by time we both had to go, almost three hours from that first knock on the hotel room door.  My knees were weak as we were getting dressed after. I smiled when he asked, "Well, should we try this again?" What came out of my mouth was something appropriately demur like, "That would be nice. I would like that very much." On the inside, though, I was shouting, "Hell yes we'd better do this again!"

He kissed me some more before we left the room. Then we walked down the hall together and out to the parking lot. He kissed me sweetly again before we got into our cars and he left with a casual, "See you later," and a flash of one of his rare but gorgeous smiles.

I got into my car gingerly, very pleasantly sore from the activity of the last few hours. It was, without a doubt, the best sexual experience of my life. It was surpassed, though, by my next meeting with him....and the next...and the next.

Just in case you couldn't figure it out, I'll explain in my next post why sex with J was the best I've ever had. Why do you think it was?

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JerZey Girl said...

Too funny. I just had a very similar encounter. Could it be that we encountered the same foreign man??

I want to try that ass licking trick. It's a risky one but may be worth it.

Thanks for the tip!