Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day for Prowlers

Valentine's Day is a little more complicated for Prowlers than for other couples. You can't just send your sweetie flowers or buy her some expensive jewelry. You have to go with things that won't be noticed.

But don't skip it!

I remember listening to JJ tell me all about what he did for his wife last year. It was sweet. Until it became clear there was no V-Day card or wish coming for me. That hurt.

Now don't be thinking negative thoughts about JJ.  He's pretty typical.  Lots of guys would think that their mistress would be ok not celebrating the holiday.  Ok, maybe not lots of guys, but definitely some. Besides, JJ is way too sweet and kind to be mad at him.

Anyway, here are a few tips about Valentine's Day for Prowlers:

  1. At minimum, send an e-card. It's reasonably safe and it shows you were thinking of her.
  2. Even better than an e-card would be to buy a real Valentine's card and write your own personal message inside - in your own handwriting! - and sign it. You can give it to her just like that, knowing of course that she'll have to throw it away after reading it, or you can scan it and send it to her electronically. The important part is that you write the personal message and that you go to the effort to select a card that conveys your sentiments.
  3. If you love her, say so!
  4. If you're going to buy a gift, go either with something cheesy that anyone could have given her or something that she can easily incorporate into her belongings without notice. Cheesy might be a little teddy bear that she can say one of the gals at the office gave her. An example of something that can be easily incorporated into her life might be some very simple, not-so-flashy jewelry. The perfect gift for me would be a colorful or funky flash drive. It would easily pass for something I would get for myself and every time I used it I would think of him. (I wanted to put those last two sentences in bold so they would be easily noticeable, but I decided that would be just a bit too obvious.)
  5. The point is to make it meaningful. The odds are good that she's not with you for your money, so you don't need to spend a lot of money to impress her. Touch her heart. That will impress her.  That goes for your wife, too, by the way.
I'll be going to the store later today to shop for some V-Day cards. Shopping for cards for my husband and boys is pretty easy. Shopping for a lover is harder. Do they have cards that say, "For My Favorite Lover..No one has ever done me like you do?" 

And it's even harder to find something appropriate for an online-only friend. "To the guy I really like a lot who I've never met in person but who has seen me cum via webcam a bunch of times...." I don't think Hallmark makes that card.

So, Prowlers, what are you doing for your sweetie for Valentine's Day?  Please share with the rest of us. 


Advizor54 said...

i discovered the "buy a card and scan it" idea a while ago when i got a card from my brother who is overseas. He sent me a birthday card so i, of course, twisted it around.

Another wonderful idea is to buy a gift card (with cash) from your lover's favorite store and then e-mail them the serial number and security pin so they can shop on-line.

Works great.

And when can I earn that last card you mentioned?

All About Love And Sex said...

Don't have any plans for this occasion. Just feel contented to spend time with my closed ones.

Ryan Beaumont said...

I didn't think I'd see her today so we went to a movie last week. It was a movie that I'd never go see but she had said she wanted to see it so I did. After all she had gone to see Hunger Games and a Will Ferrell movie for me. I gave her a chocolate rose and a Lavender plant (it's her favorite color) at that time. This week I sent an e-card and I did call this morning.

Now go visit my post and give me YOUR thoughts! :)

And Happy V-Day to you!

Ryan Beaumont said...

But my real sweeties are my girls and they woke up to a nice bouquet of flowers a big chocolate Kiss, a chocolate rose, and several other treats. I always say Cupid visited during the night, not sure if they still believe their silly daddy but they go along!

Krazy said...

You can also send a someecards online, and you can design your own!
I've sent a few of those...

I get sh*t from my lover, and flowers from my hubby. It's ok, I'm low maintenance.

Happy V Day!

Anonymous said...

I was fortunate this year to have been able to spend the afternoon on Feb 13 (mistress day) with my lover. His idea for Valentines was to write sweet nothings on my tummy. He took some pics and then the ink came right off with the massage oil that he had brought to give me a massage with. Those pictures are hidden away to remind us of the great afternoon we had. I emailed him a few of my favorites this morning for Valentines. What an amazing guy!!! I would love to share a picture with you of this special gift, if I could figure out how to email you. We love your blog, and often discuss your ideas and thoughts. ~ Xena

~McKPR said...

yet another timely and spot on post that resonates with me. my "jj" claims that he's not one to celebrate the day with his with his wife, but i suspect that's really his way of sparing my feelings. because of our mutual admiration society as well as my attachment to him. but frankly, it's his love for his wife and his hope that the two of them find themselves back to where they were once "good" is part if what i like about him. i digress, i admit that the secret, romantic in me would love to receive something tangible from him, whether it's a card or flowers delivered to work in part because we are separated by a continent and while we connect virtually with some consistency, our real life trysts are infrequent. but mostly, because it would just be something from him. i woke up this morning to a simple happy valentine greeting which made me smile just because it was from him. short, simple and accompanied by a few clipart hearts. me? i'm a gift giver in nature that respects his boundaries when it comes to no physical, tangible, and unexplainable gifts etc. so i put together a sleeve of naughty candy hearts with lusty, and heartfelt sayings along with a hand written card, put on the newest cami set i purchased last week for him (for our next tryst whenever that may be) took pictures and sent a digital pic to his private email and posted the candy pic on the public Tumblr blog that he lurks on.
hope that you had a lovely valentine's day all around...

Coltrane88 said...

I got zilch..didn't even say "happy valentine's"... from my married lover even though I did get to spend the 14th with him...still hurts a little bit.

Anonymous said...

just some friendly advice on number three and some of the comments. If a man "truly" loved you he would not be able to share you whether that be with your husband or other prowlers or whatever. I am sure they will say otherwise but they only say what you need to hear