Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Week of Prowling on Ashley Madison

I just deactivated my AM profile again after a week of prowling and exploration.  I was looking for something/someone very specific this time and I believe I found it/him.  That's why I shut down the profile.  Who needs a million unwanted messages?  Not me.

The whole experience was interesting, though.  Some things haven't changed.  The "Wanna Fuck?" Boys are still there in force, leading with a message asking for photos or skipping straight to, "wanna fuck?" I wonder, does that strategy actually work for them? Or are they just too stupid to adapt? If the latter is true, I am glad we're doing a service for the next generation of prowling women because at least those guys aren't getting sex and won't produce any offspring.

Another thing that hasn't changed is the massive amount of men who haven't taken the time to actually complete their profile and write something interesting about themselves.  Am I really supposed to make a decision based on location, age, height, weight, and ethnicity?  Really?  Uh, no.

What has changed since the last time I logged on is that there is definitely more creativity.  While some guys still haven't figured it out, some definitely have. One of these days, I'll share some of the best profile write-ups I saw.

So, what attracted me this time? I think my fascination with boy toys is finally over because I was definitely drawn to the older guys again. There really is a difference in maturity, ability to communicate, and how they treat a woman - even when it's just online and over the phone. There are exceptions, of course, but I like being treated politely and having my messages returned in a timely manner.  Call me crazy. I enjoy having a non-sex discussion that doesn't feel like it's just something he's trying to get through so we can talk about sex.

I can admit that what I want in this regard has changed recently.  It's not that I want sex any less (oh, hell no!), but that I want more than sex. And I think I deserve more.

I want friendship, intimacy, and great sex.

I want it all.


Ryan Beaumont said...

Uh, are we done talking because I want to start reading about some sex now! :)

To me the female side of the AM equation has plateaud, I have not seen much in the last few times I've been out there looking.

I guess I was prowling the wrong zip codes though, right!

Kat said...

Ryan - I want to start reading about more sex, too!!!! And by the way, you'll do better on AM if you search the zip codes where they have electricity and hot water. That's not a problem here in CA, but out in *your* neck of the woods...well......

Ryan Beaumont said...

Hey I only write about New Orleans I don't live there!

And whats with the insults about water, I have one fine crick in my back 40 so I'm never out of water.

All About Love And Sex said...

Understand! Besides sex, you also want the emotional connection!

Clem said...

AM sucks for men here