Monday, January 31, 2011

Mail Bag - Getting Your Profile Noticed

DauntlessD again. Recently our lovely Kat was asked for some advice. A smart, dashing, articulate gentleman in his early 30s wanted to know how to make his on-line profile or ad as attractive as possible. How do I know he is smart, dashing and articulate? Well, upon reading his email I immediately felt a kinship and thought, "Hey, he's like me!" For this topic I am going to speak to Ashley Madison because it is what I am most familiar with; however, the same principles should apply nearly anywhere.

What is that? Do I hear some grumbling? Stuff like: Who is this guy? Isn't this the guy that wrote that post about "Nice Guys"? He didn't sound like all that! What does he know?!

To the naysayers all I can say is this: I lured our very own precious Prowling Kat to me with my profile. So take what I offer or leave it. It is up to you.

On Ashley Madison they have three sections with a slew of check-boxes, "Preferences and encounters I am open to", "What really turns me on" and "What I am looking for". In truth these headers are meaningless. When scanning profiles people do not even pay attention to them. This is also true of the check-boxes. I recommend leaving them all unchecked or only checking a couple on each section. Why? Because we want to emphasize the free form text areas where we can show our personality.

Rule #1: Be fun and playful! Do this through your whole profile. Most of us on the prowl out there want a little escape, don't you? Try something like this in the first section:
Holy cow that's a lot of check-boxes! Whew, I feel a little woozy. I'd better sit down and digest this for a moment. Now wait a darn minute! They don't have the check-box I want! Where's "Likes electrified heart melting passionate kisses"?!

Rule #2: Qualify. Show that you have standards that not just any woman will do.
What really turns me on... I like bright women, women I can talk to. Being playful is so much more fun with a little light banter, even if it's non-sexual.

Rule #3: Be yourself. Show your personality (in a gentlemanly fashion).
What I am looking for... Oh wow. That alive feeling of being out of breath with my heart pounding after that first kiss. How I can't help but smile at how cute your neck looks when your hair is tucked behind your ear. The euphoria of slow foreplay.

Rule #4: Have a photo. Something preferably a bit stylish that maybe looks like a postcard, like one that shows your back as you look off the bow of a boat. Prowling you likely do not want to show your face but that is okay, just have a photo. Use every little edge you can to get yourself noticed.

Rule #5: Highlight kissing in several areas of your profile. Intimacy always starts with a kiss and women love a good kisser.

All through your profile remember to spin everything positive. Do not say, "Weekends are off limits." Say, "Weekdays are best for me." Also, do not set the tone like you are speaking to an audience; avoid the term "ladies". Make it sound like you are speaking to the very woman you are looking for. You can see this in the above line, "How I can't help but smile at how cute your neck looks when your hair is tucked behind your ear."

Once again I need to give credit where credit is due. Many of the ideas above came from the infamous RiffDog. Read his post, Ashley and Me: A Sample Profile, for more ideas.

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This is good advice. Thanks.