Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Behind the Scenes at PWK

As you might expect, the Prowling with Kat (PWK) team is a highly organized group of very professional individuals (cough cough). To demonstrate that, we decided that we'd post the log of the 3 way chat we held this afternoon to finish planning some of the details of our 200th post for tomorrow.  Yes, that's right. We have reached another benchmark - 200 posts!

The plan was that we would each write 5 thoughtful and, hopefully, amusing things we have learned while doing the blog, and that the post would include a lovely photo of our sweet Cara. You know, the naughty kind of photo that we have come to love.

So, when you read about "4 or 5," we're talking about the lessons learned, and the references to the picture are all about a naughty shot of Cara with the Words "PWK 200th Post!" written in lipstick on her gorgeous body.

One more thing, as you read, remember that this is a chat transcript. If you're not familiar with chat, it might seem a little confusing and disjointed to you, but hang with it. Also, none of us obey the conventions of writing in chat, so you'll notice an absence of capital letters, etc.  Get over it.

Enjoy your little peek behind the PWK curtain......

DauntlessD:  Hello

Kat:  hi!

Cara:  Hi!

Kat:  woohoo! Threesome

DauntlessD:  somehow it's just not the same

Cara:  I wanna know the status of the picture and i asked Kat if i should just ask you
what's the story?
It's not the same? i wouldn't know...
so, do i need to re-take the picture, or can you photo shop it better?

DauntlessD:  I'm going to try and make the "Post" word just a bit bigger....turning it black and white and leaving the text color made it look pretty cool
I'm going to try again in just a minute right after I write number 5

Cara:  can i see it?

DauntlessD:  sure

Cara:  okay!
i thought we only had to write 4 things we had learned.

Kat:  5

DauntlessD:  oh...so Kat changed the rules on me? haha

Kat:  you only wrote 4
no no no
it's 5

DauntlessD:  I only wrote 4 because I got stuck

Kat:  Cara needs a 5th

Cara:  i thought we were only supposed to write 4

Kat:  no no no
It's 5!!!!!

Cara:  i didn't know.
okay, i saw the picture. it looks like someone wrote with a magic marker on the picture

Kat:  eewwwww

Cara:  did you see it?

Kat:  all in color it looks like lipstick

Kat:  that's what it looks like

Kat:  I agree, Daunt, now that she mentions it

Cara:  it should. as it is now, it looks like someone wrote on it

DauntlessD:  haha...well Cara offered to re-take I think
I thought it was kinda nifty... but maybe I was distracted hehe

Cara:  I will, but next time, I want better instructions the FIRST time so I don't have to keep retaking it. So... anything else you'd like me to change, or just make the words more bold?
Daunt, did you see the first one i sent her?

Kat:  yeah...drop your hands and give us a full nude, since you asked

you're funny!

DauntlessD:  Probably the brightest-reddest lipstick you could find and make the text bigger than you think it needs to be

Cara:  maybe YOU should take the pic

Kat:  I loved the first pic.....but want the writing on your belly

Cara:  but yes, I will make it bigger and bolder

DauntlessD:  I didn't see the first pic

Cara:  i thought the writing on the tummy was too obvious. that's why i had it on my arms

Kat:  Cara, we want people to stick around for the 300th post, silly

Kat:  heheh

Cara:  can you two help me think of what i've learned?
from pwk

DauntlessD:  eek... lovely photo!

Cara:  besides that kat's a dirty whore?
i have no waist
i don't like that photo at all
here's what i've learned. i look better with clothes on

DauntlessD:  yeah...but you women...you only see your own flaws....I ain't seeing what you see....I only see purdy

Cara:  i guess

Kat:  me, too!

DauntlessD:  I've told Kat I love the tease shots....like your school-teacher one

Cara:  ya?

me:  How about.."I've learned that I'm totally full of shit when I think that my body is not smokin' hot!"

DauntlessD:  oh yeah...feeling like your seeing something your not supposed to is a huge turn on

Cara:  interesting...
try again, Kat, i'm not *sure about about that one...

Kat:  In the first one yesterday, I LOVE that your hand is covering your woohoo, but you can see just a little hint of the fold between your leg and belly....mmmmmm

Cara:  it's too bad lipstick is not the easiest thing to put on and take off from one's body, because i could do a bunch and you could pick from them

DauntlessD:  right...that's the vibe...where you can almost see something but not quite
A sign or white board could work...

Cara:  oooOOOOOo, I like that!
i should have brought a white board home from work with me!

Kat:  No no no......

Cara:  maybe I can improvise!
i  like that idea!

DauntlessD:  No?

Kat:  (sigh)

Cara:  she LOVES the idea!

Kat:  (pouting) ok, whatever

DauntlessD:  I'd could still barely cover the naughty bits

Cara:  i can stratigically place it
yes, D, you're right!

Kat:  How about you do a full nude...and daunt pixelates out the naughty parts?

DauntlessD:  haha...sorry I was just brain storming
I think I better just sit silently and pray

Cara:  pray for ?

DauntlessD:  the answer that Kat wants

Cara:  oh!

Kat:  (mimicking Cara with exaggeration) Yes, Daunt...you're soooooo right...wiggle wiggle

Cara:  i was thinking i could have the thing written on my arse
or something

Kat:  me, too.. Isn't Beth coming over? Can't she help with the picture?

Cara:  Not until later.

DauntlessD:  it'll have to be close though to get the text big enough

DauntlessD:  it couldn't be a full body shot

Kat:  ok...go ahead and make a sign

Cara:  not a full body shot?

Kat:  a teeny tiny sign...heheheh
Oh...I want a full body shot
but I thought I was outvoted

DauntlessD:  you're butt isn't big enough to get the text big enough for a full body shot

Kat:  hahahahaha

Cara:  maybe Kat should take the damn picture

Kat:  There you go, insulting the size of my butt again

Cara:  oh, it is! i have a maximus gluteous

Kat:  Some men happen to love a butt the size of Ohio, ok????

Cara:  heeheheh
it turns out that the photos Kat has taken, the people LOVE!!!
notice that?

Kat:  no they don't
they love YOU

Cara:  are you kidding?!?!?!?
they LOVE your photos!

Kat:  Daunt, talk some sense into her please

Cara:  remember the one guy who like enlarged it so he (or maybe she?) could see you in the mirror?
it's true!
the people LOVE their Kat

DauntlessD:  haha....it's the same for both of you....you look at each other and see clearly...look at yourself and weird goggles get put on

Kat:  hahah....the people love READING Kat. They love SEEING you

Cara:  oh whatevs
um, did you not read your comments?

Kat:  take the picture!

Cara:  i can't

DauntlessD:  She's right though, Kat, that last photo you took was nice

Cara:  pay attention and keep up. Beth's not coming over until later!

DauntlessD:  well...the last one you posted

Kat:  ok...uuggghhh.. You know, the log of this chat would make a great post

maybe so, you should edit it and post it
that would be great

Kat:  I think I will! hehehe

DauntlessD:  hehe....some folks would love it....how organized we are
you'll have to filter for real names etc

Cara:  i love the idea

Kat:  of course....

Cara:  of course!!

Kat:  gonna work on it now. Cara, go finish writing your fifth lesson!


Tomorrow......PWK's 200th Post!!!


Ryan Beaumont said...

We gotta get this on C-SPAN!

Kat said...

Ryan - C-SPAN is a little too exciting for us these days.