Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saturday Serial - Morning Heartache

I'll be honest. This is a bit of an experiment. Saturday Serial is going to be an ongoing story -- an amalgam of truth and fiction. Two characters are being introduced and the first two episodes are based on real events. Enjoy.

With a yawn Danny climbs out of bed and stretches, the quiet is disturbed by the pop of joints. He wipes the sleep from his eyes, picks up his mobile and shuffles out to the kitchen to make coffee.

After the coffee pot is started he sits down at the kitchen table to kill a little time, not ready to think about work. Twitter is still a bit new to him and he's taken an interest in it. After he sees a few good morning tweets and links to kinky photos he reads one that makes his eyebrows raise.

Just woke up at some guys house...I'm a fucking idiot I don't even know where he lives

Danny thinks, Wow, seriously? He had been only following the young woman for a short time and had not paid a lot of attention to her tweets.

<painedheart> Ok figured out where I is on the way...yeah not happy bout myself

Feeling voyeuristic he continues to read, he feels better that things seem to be back in control for the young lady. Then the heartbreak comes.

<painedheart> Gonna cry...wish I had a sister right about now :( :(
painedheart> Definitely hurting today...what did I do
painedheart> I used to be a good girl...what happened to me?

Typically unflappable and controlled, most of Danny's friends consider him laid-back, a person that keeps a cool head in the most chaotic situations. However he does have a weakness, a cliché, the Damsel in Distress; and the young woman's pleas strike him to the core. He feels compelled to act... but can't.

He sets his phone aside and heads for the shower and work. All day his mind returns to the young woman. Is she okay? Is she hurt? he wonders.

Initially to see if she is well Danny begins paying more attention to her tweets. Through the chatter with her friends a picture begins to emerge of a typical young woman, albeit involved in a bit of kink, facing life. However he detects something underneath he finds alluring, a special innocence... a sweetness about her. He decides to continue to follow her on Twitter.

<painedheart> Bartender likes me drunk

Oh, girl, you're not going there again already are you? he thinks. Suddenly he finds himself feeling protective. Is the bartender really trying to get her drunk? he wonders. The feeling to act is back, and this time he decides to reach out.

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Cara Janes said...

Took me a minute to figure out who wrote this, but now I'm intrigued. Saturday is a long time to wait to read more! :-)