Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Eye Candy

I was perusing blogs the other day and I came across one with the most delightful photographic eye candy.

Wallpapers by WWC features photos of beautiful people either fully or partially nude.  Eye candy, for sure.

Most of the images are photos of men, but there are some women, too, and they are all beautiful. Even if you are not into naughty photos, you will love the celebration of the human body that this site promotes.

Just as a teaser, here are a couple of the photos you can find there. Matching panties.  How cute!


Anonymous said...

I checked out the site, but couldn't stay too long - too many dudes, not my cup of tea.

But thanks for sharing!

Kat said...

Ponyboy - I told you that most of the images were of hot men, but there are still quite a few of women. The one at the top of the home page right now is a sexy woman. I wonder why it is easier for women to appreciate a beautiful woman's body than it is for men to appreciate a good looking man's body?

Anonymous said...


I admit I have poor attention to detail, this is probably not the last time I miss a detail...

Yeah that's a good question you pose, perhaps a good blog post for you?

The only thing I can offer from my own perspective, and I am not homophobic, so it has nothing to do with that, is that I find nothing attractive about the male body. A woman's body is soft and curvy. A male's body is not.

I would imagine like Kinsey said that there is a spectrum of sexual preference, with straight homosexuality on one end and straight hetero on the other. We all must fall somewhere on that spectrum, some more to one side than the other.